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  • Lost Ark: Whistle Emote Acquisition Guide

    Mar 13, 2023

    MMORPG Lost Ark is the most popular with players for its rich game content. With rich characters, numerous primary tasks and some skills that can be expanded, Lost Ark makes players feel very fulfilled in the game. 

    Among them, different expressions have an impressive effect on completing tasks and enriching the storyline. Players can use different emotes to interact with the world and inhabitants of Arkesia.

    Sometimes, players use certain emotes to make tasks easier to complete. But at other times, emotes are often just a way for players to express their emotions. 

    In this way, players can increase the favorability of NPCs, help players complete tasks smoothly, and sometimes even unlock some unopened areas

    Emotes also have some other uses, especially Whistle Emote, which has a vital impact on improving NPC favorability. At the same time, this emoji looks hilarious, sure to look really fun in your action collection.

    Azure Wind Island Mission

    If players want to get any Emote, they must first meet the requirements of Level 50 and Item Level 840. If the player has not reached Level 50, they are not even eligible to complete this Emote task.

    After players reach Level 50, they can go to Azure Wind Island to receive tasks. Azure Wind Island is located on the west side of this Lost Ark map, which is very close to Coast of Yorn. If players want to land on Azure Wind Island, the only way to go is Arutus Sea, and they can only go to Azure Wind Island after transit. 

    Players must complete some tasks to get these emotes, which players must receive from an NPC named Sanar. Sanar is on Azure Wind Island, so it’s easy for players to find it. After the player finds Sanar, they will receive the first quest called ‘Dying Horse’. 

    Among them, players have to complete 4 tasks on Azure Wind Island. Until the player reaches ‘The Mane of Azure Wind’, completes some errand tasks issued by High Priest Steppekeeper to successfully get Emote.


    After the player completes these tasks, the first thing to do is to take the adventure task bar. The player can then click on ‘Una’s Tasks’. Players can get some daily tasks in Una, which can help players improve Reputation

    These Reputations are very important for players to complete tasks and get emotes. Because under normal circumstances, players can only get emotes when they reach Level 3 Reputation. Although there are many tasks in Una, it will only reward players with Reputation if they complete the daily tasks

    Players can get 3 daily tasks here every day. Until the player completes enough quests to reach Level 3 Reputation. This will help you a lot in getting Whistle Emote.

    Other Emotes

    There are also some emotes that players can get through reading and learning. In the menu bar, players can choose to read some books, which will also allow you to use emotes at any time. 

    Whistle Emote is not only good for players to increase their favorability with NPCs, but also for completing some tasks. But in addition to these functions, Whistle Emote is also a good way for players to express their emotions

    If you want to try it out, you can redeem it by completing missions or getting enough Lost Ark Gold. Hope this will be of great help to your gaming experience.

  • Lost Ark: Differences Between Gate 1 & 2 In Brelshaza Hard Mode

    Mar 04, 2023

    Today, we’re going to go over the differences in Brelshaza hard mode, gate 1 and 2. In this article, we’re only going to tell the differences, so you need to know mechanics in normal mode. 

    Basic Term

    Before I describe the differences, you should know all the gates in hard mode hurts a lot. 

    Brelshaza normal mode was fine with supporters, but not in hard mode. You’ll know which patterns are dangerous as you try hard mode to dodge many basic patterns as possible.

    Gate 1: There are three major changes. Changes are not that big.

    Stagger/Reflect Pattern

    First, the Stagger/Reflect pattern is added. It’s a new basic pattern we should remember.

    The boss with the hammer uses stagger pattern and the boss with the bow uses reflect pattern if the boss with the hammer shows an orange shield and stagger bar appears, stagger the boss. If the boss with bow shields, white shields and prepares reflects, don’t attack the boss.

    Pattern failed? The boss slashes players nearby. Supporters should give party members a shield to protect the allies if they think a pattern is going to fail. 

    After the fusion, the boss randomly uses stagger or reflect pattern. So, watch the color of the shield to decide whether you will attack the boss. By the way, if you want to kill the boss more easily, you can use Lost Ark Gold to equip yourself.

    85) 1 Man Safe Zone Pattern

    Second, you need to stagger the boss before the first remain pattern. 

    At 85, a man safe zone pattern comes out. In normal mode, you can run straight to your positions and get inside your safe zone. However, in hard mode, players must stagger the boss in the middle before they have run to their positions.

    Safe zones do not appear when players don’t stagger the boss in the middle, so don’t forget to stagger at the boss before you head to your positions.

    45) 6 Counterattack Pattern

    Third, you cannot repeatedly counterattack the boss during the second main pattern.

    At 45, 6 counterattack pattern begins. In normal mode, players who successfully counterattacked the boss could counterattack the boss again.

    However, in hard mode, it’s not. Players who counterattack the boss get silenced and cannot use skills again before a pattern ends. 

    Therefore, 6 different players must counterattack the boss to solve the mechanic. Furthermore, clones appear and shoot arrows toward the boss during six counterattack patterns. Players, who got silenced for counterattacking the boss, must block those arrows.

    If the slow arrow reaches the boss, explosion triggers and pushes all players away from the boss. Also, slow debuff is given. In other words, it’s almost impossible to counterattack if the arrow reaches the boss. 

    Therefore, players who got silenced must block arrows. Players who did not counterattack the boss can also block arrows, but they’ll get massive damage.

    Advanced Basic Patterns (Inside)

    Let’s move on to Gate 2. I’ll explain changes of Prokel first.

    Poke and slash. Prokel is randomly immune to two types of abnormal status during “Poke and slash” pattern. You can know which abnormal status is not effective by the look.

    • Head: immune to fear & immune to sleep
    • Arm: immune to Stun & immune to freeze 
    • Leg: immune to Earthquake & immune to shock 

    One each is from two selections. For example, Prokel is immune to fear and stun, not fear and sleep. You can memorize them, but there is really no need. Just take a sleep bomb and freezing grenade if you have a stun. Take a sleep bomb and flash grenade if you have a freeze. 

    Knight of surreal. In normal mode, the knight only came out at 40 and Prokel became invisible until the knight was down. However, in hard mode, the knight comes out twice.

    At 150 and 40. Outside members must kill the knights as fast as possible.

    Spear combo. The boss gets on top of the spear and attacks. In normal mode, the boss stunned the player and slashed several times. However, in hard modes, one more combo is added.

    If you’re close enough to the boss, Prrokel stuns players nearby and the outer zone explodes. If you stay far, the same combo you saw in normal mode comes out.

    Pizza. In hard mode, the boundary line appears and prevents you from running away. You need to dodge inside the circle.

    Teleport and dagger. In the hard mode, spinning knives are added during the pattern. When you get hit by those knives, you get a darkness debuff for 10 seconds. Do not counterattack the boss.

    270 degree explosion. In normal mode, the explosion triggered once. In the hard mode, Prokel turns around and triggers an explosion once again toward the player. Run to the opposite side after the first explosion.

    Reflect. The boss creates a red shield around him and prepares to reflect. If you attack the boss, the boss stuns the player at the front. Wait until the shield disappears.

    Throwing Spears. Trajectory lines appear and two lines follow the player. Soon spears attack following lines. It stuns the player, who got hit. So, get away from trajectory lines and that’s it for Prokel.

    135) Orange Marble Pattern

    Then, what are changes of the skull, the boss outside of the room?

    There are some major differences.

    At 135, orange marble pattern. In normal mode, it was not an obligation to destroy all turrets, but you must destroy all three turrets. In hard modes, seven outside members are dead as terrorists are not destroyed.

    If debuff got erased, wait for it another orange marble will spawn from each turret. Regain the debuff and run toward the turrets.

    110) Red And Blue Pattern

    At 110, red and blue pattern. There is no big difference. Do the same to solve the mechanic. 

    However, if you eat the last marble that appears from nine o’clock, you get a yellow mark above your heads. Player with a yellow mark must stay outside of red or blue circles to survive.

    80) Stagger & Destroying Marbles

    At 80, stagger and destroying marbles. And there are two changes. 

    First, there was only one black marble in normal mode, but there were three black marbles in hard modes.

    Gather black marbles in a row by pushing them and then destroy all three with one laser. If there is a Bard, use a Frozen core tripod to easily gather them. If there is an Artist, use Bottomless swamp tripod. If supporters don’t help, player with target mark must gather black marbles by normal attack.

    Second, small purple marbles spawn around the map during the mechanic and those purple marbles explode after the mechanic and kill players nearby. Get away from purple marbles after the pattern.

    45) Bunker Pattern

    At 45, bunker pattern. In normal mode, bunkers spawn at 3, 6, 9 and 12. In the hard mode, bunkers spawn a random position. 

    However, it’s not that far away from original positions, so just do the same and pin the spare.

    Advanced Basic Patterns (Outside)

    Knight of surreal. Powerful knight comes out once more at 150. In common, the knight appears as soon as a single player went inside the room. Quickly kill the knight at 150 and 40. 

    Reflect. Reflect pattern is added in hard mode. The skull charges energy and prepares to reflect. If someone attacks the skull, the skull spits on aggro player twice. Players, who got hit by the boss, turn into a stone, so try to dodge them.

    Use sacred charm to save them. If no one attacks the boss, the outer zone explodes, so get close to the boss.

    Spinning spheres. In normal mode, small spheres ran around the map. However, in hard mode, giant black spheres follow several players, too. If you get hit, it gives you massive damage. Therefore, use time and stop potion if you think you’re going to get hit by the giant black sphere.

  • Lost Ark: What Is Gatekeeping?

    Feb 27, 2023

    Gatekeeping? You hear this term being thrown around people complain about it on Reddit. You’ll see it in a game many people that want Lost Ark to be a “dead game” always throughout this term. By the end of this article, you’re going to get a better understanding of what gatekeeping is and you’re going to roll your eyes so hard the next time someone mentions gatekeeping in 99 of situations.

    First, let’s look at gatekeeping as a spectrum. So, if there’s no gatekeeping at all at the one end of the spectrum. You’re going to get people that apply to your parties with complete rainbow stats. So, the order of importance goes like these Engravings (which you can get by using Lost Ark Gold) and stats.

    Engravings and stats is the bare minimum and it just shows if the person can do a simple Google search. You’re trying to find life in that barren wasteland of a brain and then gems and quality shows how much they care about the character really relative to their economy. And finally, if you’re really sweaty, you can invite them to your party and ask them where their bed faces in their bedroom to determine their Feng Shui to guarantee you’re clearly there’s always content where gatekeeping doesn’t matter at all.

    Let’s say I take my 1500 character into Argos and I blast it with another 1500 eye level friend and bada-bing bada-boom would take any of the Coco’s.

    However, we’re going to take Rainbow Lucky Charms, but in content where people have to kind of carry their weight. You will not take the next precise dagger one. That’s just not how it works. It’s because we are all playing a MMORPG and you expect a certain level of effort from every player in your raider.

    If one person slacks, someone else in the raid has to pick up that slack. No one is saying you can’t do the raid or you don’t know the raid. People just expect to do it at a certain speed and they want to clear it as quickly as possible. So, as the content gets harder, the requirement and gatekeeping also goes up as a funny little exercise.

    Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. The other extreme end of gatekeeping is someone who is only looking for max eye level people 5x3 plus one led to Salvation 30. I wouldn’t get into these groups because I’m not 1580. I parked most of my characters around the 1540 sweet spot for ancient bracelets, so ultimately, gatekeeping is a slider where the center of the slider is.

    What you need for the end game contents and the easier the content is, the more the slider can move towards the side of Nokia keeping at all. So, I would consider this the horizontal spectrum of gatekeeping. One thing is a lot of scenarios where people get the knife from the party is. This is because of anything on the spectrum at all. It’s the way party finder works in Los Ark because many people don’t want to make their parties.

    So, if you make a party, your applicant pool is going to fill up quickly, especially if you have support friends. A raid only has eight slots. So, whoever makes the party takes up one of them. There’s only seven slots to go and there’s way over seven people applying, especially if it’s looking for DPS. So, the average Joe applies, but then better Joe applies.

    They’re probably gonna just take the better Joe in 99 of cases. I mean, at that point, were you really a gatekeeping? No, it’s just someone’s better.

    That’s when you just work on yourself because the way things work, Lost Ark is actually a PVP game disguised as a PVE game. You’re always against the competition, which is why they don’t make support like they don’t solve the support issue because then you’re motivated to swipe to increase your character power to get into parties better, etc.

    *What is a player to do in without succumbing to these predatory monetization schemes? Try joining a party early. You see, one out of eight, two out of eight and three out of eight. You have a better chance of joining those than, say, six out of eight. That’s looking for one support in the support’s friend.

    *The second thing you can do is engage in one of these online communities. There are discord groups. There are also streamer groups. So, if you ever see a streamer making a party like TTV and party finder, that’s a perfect place to get started.

  • Lost Ark: Anniversary Update Guide

    Feb 24, 2023

    Lost Ark is a MMORPG from Smilegate in Korea. Two years after Lost Ark launched in South Korea, Amazon Games is bringing it to West. 

    Lived up to expectations, Lost Ark has also successfully become one of the most popular MMO games in the world, setting a record for the number of simultaneous online players on Steam, and has also received praise from many players.

    Within a day of its release, Lost Ark had a staggering 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam. It also became the second most popular game of all time on Steam, an achievement that surprised even Amazon Games.

    Amazon Games Franchise Leader Soomin Park told GLHF that the main reason for the success of Lost Ark is their superb polishing, followed by the powerful game cycle of Lost Ark itself. Most players who like different types of games can find their own in Lost Ark plates.

    Both Park and his team say they launched Lost Ark with confidence that it would be a hit, but players love the game far more than they expected. 

    The game has attracted a loyal fan base who are open about talking about the pros and cons of Lost Ark. Park said that he can continue to improve through the real feedback of these players and promote the rapid development of Lost Ark.

    At the same time, he also said that Lost Ark has a high degree of discussion in the community, and players continue to share some surprising content such as role-playing and artwork in the community. Through the detailed guide and game introduction of old players, new players can also integrate faster and play more easily.

    Lost Ark is not a direct port of the original game, and Amazon Games has put a lot of effort into making Lost Ark suitable for Western players. Among them, the change of the game currency structure is a very critical move. The updated Lost Ark Gold also played a big role in retaining existing players. These changes will suit Western players well, Park said.

    In addition, Amazon Games has created more and richer character types, and has a new event specifically for Western players, such as Arktoberfest. The team has also been working on improving the experience for new players, and Park says Lost Ark isn't quite there yet.

    In Lost Ark's second year in the West, Amazon Games wants to continue to expand Lost Ark's game content, making it closer to the Korean original game. 

    With updates for new classes, raids, stories, and even new lands, the all-new Lost Ark is waiting for players to explore. Park said that the new main story has ushered in a new chapter, and it is ingeniously connected with the main story of the previous story, successfully opening a new story.

    Amazon Games will also hear from some console players that Lost Ark is no longer playable. However, Park has been emphasizing that the team will look at the player's feedback and try to meet the player's request as much as possible.

    In Lost Ark's second year in the West, the momentum of the game has also become better than before. Based on the sound game foundation of Lost Ark, the team updates some new activities or functions to attract more new players.

    To celebrate Lost Ark's one-year anniversary, the game team will be hosting special events throughout the month. At the same time, it also provides rich Lost Ark Gold rewards and anniversary gifts for players.

  • Lost Ark: A Quick Guide Of Hanumatan Guardian Raid

    Feb 23, 2023

    This article is a quick guide of Hanumatan, the angry monkey. We’ll go over mechanics you need to know and give some tips. Learn various tests reading the article. Let’s get into it.

    Battle Items

    You should prepare these battle items:

    • Number 1: Flare
    • Number 2&3: Pheromone Bomb
    • Number 4: Destruction Bomb

    Buff Stacks

    Before you meet the monkey, you should know that you can get buff stacks up to 40. It can be gained by hitting the monkey, and it can be lowered by getting hit by the monkey.

    This buff gives you a more crit chance and lowers your cooldowns, so dodge attacks to sustain the buff.

    Also, using pheromone bombs will allow you to sustain the buff you already stacked.

    Three Part Destruction

    Fighting Hanumaten, a total of three destruction has to be done to prevent dangerous attack.

    Destruction moments appear after specific patterns, so you need to know which one comes out before the destruction timing. You don’t need to memorize them at all, so don’t worry.

    As you encounter the boss, stay behind or beside the boss to dodge basic patterns. By the way, if you want to kill the boss more easily, using Lost Ark Gold to equip yourself will help you a lot.

    1st Part Destruction

    First part destruction: the boss slams the ground and the blue effect comes out. Counterattack the boss. Then the destruction mark appears. First destruction requires low destruction rates, so just use one or two skills that has destruction effect on it.

    If your party has failed destruction or not, a second chance is given. If the boss reaches a certain HP, the stagger bar appears below the boss and the boss attacks four directions. Stagger the boss for free DPS, soon the boss leaves.

    So, number two should throw pheromone bomb as stagger begins. Using the pheromone bomb, Hanumaten comes back, slamming the ground. Get out of the fog and then come back in.

    2nd Part Destruction

    Moving on the second part destruction. The boss charges energy for a skill that looks like soulfists ult. Don’t attack the boss as it’s a reflected pattern.

    Soon, the blue effect comes out. Counterattack the boss and destruct the monkey. Second chance is given afterwards. The boss creates dangerous zones with wind, ice or flame.

    Dodge those attacks and stagger the boss. Counterattack right after the stagger. Then a second chance is given.

    3rd Part Destruction

    Third part destruction. The boss roars and grabs players at front. If someone got grabbed, counterattack after three normal attacks. Keep some distance before three normal attacks. Destruction mark appears after the counterattack.

    Number four should throw the destruction bomb right away. If destruction is done well after the grab pattern, the next pattern becomes a lot easier. Three punches in a row and counterattack

    However, if you failed the grab pattern or if the pattern was skipped, this happens. The boss punches five times in a row with flame or ice. Run toward the front doging flame or ice. Counterattack the fist after the fifth punch for free DPS timing.

    Last destruction must be done to safely defeat the monkey. Number four must throw the destruction bomb if the grab pattern was skipped.

    Related: Lost Ark Five Estoque Crew Members: Which One Is Better?

    Turn White

    Then, the monkey will turn white. Smash spacebar to solve the imprison pattern and kill the monkey.

    If party DPS is above average, there will be no other mechanics, but basic patterns.

    Green Symbol Pattern

    However, if DPS is low, one simple mechanic is added. White monkey draws green symbol that move around. Step on the moving symbol to survive.

  • Lost Ark: How To Complete Fragrance And Fish Quest

    Feb 22, 2023

    For now, Lost Ark is still trying to stick to more "lore-friendly" cosmetics, and will allow you to devise some astonishing outfit combinations. Note that we are ignoring the infamous Penguin Suit here. Of all the MMOs, Lost Ark is probably one of the few that's still experimenting with this kind of stuff. If you have a keen interest in Lost Ark fashion, and want to acquire the materials needed to craft these unique outfits, you'll need to complete certain quests.

    If you want to get those rare materials, completing quests is a great way to do it. There are many quests in Lost Ark, one of which is Fragrance and Fish, which rewards you with much-needed resources and Lost Ark Gold. So, you should want to get this quest done as quickly as possible.

    What To Do To Complete Fragrance And Fish Quest?

    If you want to start the Fragrance and Fish quest, you first have to sail to this place: Panda Island in the north of Anikka, also east of Pleccia.

    After you reach Panda Island, you will find that there are two NPCs, one is Chungshu from the eastern area and the other is Puppa from the northern area. Since you're about to get the Fragrance and Fish quest, you'll want to head to Chungshu. Next, a mysterious Stone Tablet will appear for you to read. And this Stone Tablet will also guide you to visit the following three secret locations, which are a place behind a Stone Lantern, a place past the panda, and a place that crosses with the cliff. Here, there is a little secret, that is, you can use your mount, if you want to shorten this quest.

    1. A Place Behind A Stone Lantern

    First of all, the first hidden location you must visit is "behind a Stone Lantern." This Stone Lantern is very mysterious, and it is in the northeast of Chungshu. If you look at it from the world map above, it's actually a dead end. It doesn't matter, as long as you keep going along the path past the Stone Lantern, you will be able to meet a NPC.

    2. A Place Past The Panda

    If you're going to find this secret area called "past the panda," you'll need to get to the west side of Panda Island first. Once you reach this location, near some trees, you'll find a lonely panda cub there. Then you just have to walk past the panda cub and into the woods, you will complete the next part of the quest.

    3. A Place That Crosses With The Cliff

    Just south of the panda cub is the final location, which will lead you to a second hidden location. However, you will only be able to successfully reach the final secret area if you make the jump. In Lost Ark, there are many hidden mechanisms, and this is one of them. After you've reached the last secret area, it means you're about to complete the Fragrance and Fish quest. If you complete the quest, you'll get the following rewards, which include 6x Epic Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest, x12 Epic Splendid Shard Chest M, 22x Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest, 405 Experience, and 8,273 Silver.

  • Lost Ark: Is It Still Worth Playing In 2023?

    Feb 21, 2023

    Over time, MMO genre has lost much of its player base. This is mainly because MMO starts off with annoying “fetch’em” missions, and it doesn’t open up other new content, which makes players lose the novelty and don’t want to continue playing.

    Lost Ark is also one of many games in MMO genre. Even though it has been frequently and unfairly banned for lack of player activity, it still maintains its remaining player base.

    That’s because Lost Ark has a lot of content to keep players hooked for hours on end, while the game also has endless quests to keep players engaged. It is difficult for players to complete a lengthy mission, especially Many Islands, One Legend, because the player is required to travel to various islands to complete the mission.

    The Start Of Many Islands, One Legend Quest

    Before starting to do the task, the player must go to a small island called White Wave located west of Arthetine.

    After the player reaches White Wave Island, the player will see an NPC named Stranded Temma. Players must try to interact with this NPC and accept a quest called Lonely Island. Lonely Island is a quick quest that requires the player to talk to a Temma stranded on the beach, which will be completed much faster than The End Of The Trials quest.

    Talk To Treasure Hunter Igran

    Players need to go to Peyto Island alone, find Treasure Hunter Igran and ask for information about it, so that players can continue to complete the task of Many Islands, One Legend.

    Peyto Island is on the west side of Anikka Island or the south side of Pleccia Island. No matter where the player starts from, he can find a suitable route. Treasure Hunter Igran is on Ship Deck Location on Peyto Island. Players need to find three hidden maps in order to talk to it.

    Of course, if you want to find the three hidden maps as soon as possible, you can also get enough Lost Ark Gold from IGGM.com to upgrade equipment as soon as possible, complete tasks, and improve the game experience.

    Find Hidden Map

    The first hidden map is on Little Luck Island, and this small island is in the northwest corner of West Luttera. You can quickly find it on the map, it is just above the words “North Luterran Sea”. When players arrive at Little Luck Island, they need to simply interact with the palm trees on the island to get relevant information and dig out the map.

    The second hidden map players can find on Outlaw Island. This island is in the northwest corner of Rethramis. Intuitively, it is located directly below the words Whispering Sea.

    Players must conduct a comprehensive search of the island, until the prompt “Dig” pops up on the screen, the player can find it smoothly. Besides searching the map, players can also harvest some system rewards Loot Chests, which may be Harmony Shards that drop with a tiny chance.

    And the third chapter hidden map is on White Wave Island, where many players first saw Stranded Temma. In the same way, players must conduct a thorough search on White Wave Island until the prompt “Dig” pops up.

    Mission Accomplished

    After completing the hidden map collection quest, the player can talk to Stranded Temma. Through a brief conversation with her, the player can learn how she came to White Wave Island, and the player can also get the following rewards:

    • Epic Splendid Shard Chest M x4
    • Epic Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest x3
    • Epic Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x3
    • 85 Lost Ark Gold
    • 190 experience

    The abundance of Many Islands, One Legend and other missions in Lost Ark has exploded players’ interest in it, and maintained the game community of Lost Ark. It proves that Lost Ark is also a game that players cannot give up in 2023.

  • Lost Ark: Brelshaza Gate 5 - Three Minutes Guide

    Feb 20, 2023

    Today, we will go over to Brelshaza in three minutes. Gate 5 is a lot easier than you imagine, so don’t worry.

    For battle item, prepare Time Stop Potion, Potions, Swiftness Robe and Whirlwind Grenades, which can be got by using Lost Ark Gold

    180~140) Figure Pattern

    At 180, the figure pattern begins until 140 white and black figures spawn per five health bar. Party 1 is white, and Party 2 is black until 140. You need to eat these figures for a party number x2 amount.

    For example, if you’re a number 4 in Party 2, you need to eat 8 black figures. You can check your stack above and your Mana bar. Opposite color figure can lower one stack of yours, so carefully fill your amounts. 

    Around 140, stop attacking the boss and check your stacks dodging figures. As Party members, fill the appropriate number of figure stacks and attack the boss.

    When boss’s HP gets lower than 140, run to your number x3 positions. Soon, two players get connected and a giant figure hole is created underneath the player who ate the black figure. Point of view changes and white meteor mark is given to random player for four times. Aim the right figure hole to solve the pattern. Feeding the right figure hole, you must avoid to the giant laser Brelshaza shoots.

    110) Stagger Pattern

    At 110, stagger pattern. Brelshaza teleports to middle and two black spheres spawn at left and right. P1 left and P2 right. And she shows the order to let us know which one to stagger first. 

    For now, it’s left-right-middle. Following the order, Party one stagger the sphere and press emoji to let Party 2 know it’s their turn. Then Party 2 stagger their sphere, and all members stagger the boss in the middle.

    Staggering the boss in the middle, two Brelshaza clones appear. One in north and one in South. Clones try to silence players, so players must counterattack clones to stop them. Choose one player from each Party, who will counterattack clones. Then 6 players will stagger the boss in the middle. All did? 

    Two portals spawn at left and right. Party 1 joins the portal at left and Party 2 and 3 members join the portal and a single player must dribble the boss until they rejoin.

    Inside the portal, you’ll meet the small version of the cube you met in Gate 4. When cube’s HP reaches 10, stagger bar appears. Stagger the small cube for more buff marbles. Four members in Party 1 eat 3 buff marbles each. 

    Single member in Party 2 should eat 12 buff marbles. You did? Kill the cube and quickly get out. Soon, the boss moves to center and shows yellow lines. Break the shield and stagger the boss following yellow lines. After the stagger, find a safe zone that matches directions you saw.

    85) Second Figure Pattern

    At 85, second figure pattern. Do the same until 54. Check your stack and reach 50 for the pattern. Run to number x3+1 to create a figure hole. Dodge explosions and feed the meteor at a right hole and that’s it for Brelshaza Gate 5.

  • Lost Ark: Brelshaza Gate 6 - Three Minutes Guide

    Feb 17, 2023

    Today we'll go over Brelshaza gate 6 in three minutes for battle items, time stop potion, potions and grenade between darkness and whirlwind. Let's get into it.

    220) Tornado

    At 220, tornado Phatasm fantasy buff is given to seven random players. Buff gets your race if you get hit by the tornado, so dodge tornadoes and destroy the yellow black marble if you get inside another dimension.

    212) 1st Shape Dimension

    At 212, first ship dimension. Stand in the middle of line behind the boss to easily dodge attacks. Of course, if you want to kill boss easily, you can use Lost Ark Gold to get good weapons and equipment to imrove yourself. Write down the chat about the shape you see on your screen. Soon, the boss shows safe floors for three times. Run to safe floors for three times.

    At first and third run, you need to click the opposite side because of phantasm confusion debuff. Then write a chat again about your shape and numbers that indicate the order of safe floors. As the boss appears in the middle, you can see one specific shape when you get close to the boss. If it's yours, scroll your chat again to let people know the order of safe floors. Together, head to safe floors for three times again.

    188) 8 Meteors

    At 188, 8 meteors. Cut scene comes out and everyone gathers at floor 12. Number 1 with yellow meteor at floor 12 edge, number 2 and number 3 at floor 12. Number 4, 5, 6 at floor 11. Number seven and eight at floor one. Quickly get out as soon as meteor mark disappears. Soon floor 11,12 and one will crumble. 

    From now on, blue meteors appear per one minute and total of four yellow meteors appear as a main pattern. Just like Kakul Saydon bingo pattern, you must know how to handle your upcoming meteors per one minute because game's over when over four floors are gone.

    I'll show you the summary of the most common method people use in KR.

    138) Yellow Meteors

    At 138, yellow meteor. After watching floor 11, 12 and one, resurrect after 1 minute and 40 seconds, aim the yellow meteor at floor 6 edge and quickly get out.

    113) Worship

    At 113, worship pattern. After a blue meteors, move on to worship pattern, Q1 number x3, P2 number x3+1. If you see a bunker on your floor, you are team outside. No bunker? You are team inside. Outside players eat two yellow marbles and get close to the bunker when it shivers. 

    Then find the clones that are different. If screen turns orange and clone turns around, ping the floor. Find total of four different clones.

    Inside players a two yellow marbles and gets dragged inside. Head to the floor with ping. Counterattack or stagger the clone to get shield of light. You got it? Mechanic solved.

    88) Yellow Meteor

    At 88, yellow meteor. Probably a floor 12 edge. 

    62) Tornado

    At 62, tornado pattern again. At 38, a yellow meteor and floor six edge. 

    28) 2nd Shape Dimension

    At 28, second shape dimension. Use Inanna to get rid of phantasm confusion debuff and run to save floors. Write your shape and order of safe floors to solve it. 

    25) Fall Off

    At 25, fall off. Floor 3, 6, 9 and 12 crumble. You can fall off the stage, so be careful. That's end of gate 6.

  • Lost Ark: Most Complete Guide To Artist In 2023

    Feb 14, 2023

    The newest artist class is going to be released in March and as this is a brand new supporter class after a year, we guess many players are interested.

    Today, we are going to talk about topics players keep asking, such as should Artists use swiftness instead of specialization or what are purple builds you can choose before 1490 or are there changes in build depending on skill points. Before I move on, let's take a look at the identity Artist uses.


    Artists are similar to Bard. Meter can be filled up with three. Pressing Z, Artist consumes two bubbles and gives 10% increase of DPS for 10 seconds. Pressing X, Artist consumes one bubble and creates a marble.

    Players can recover 25% of HP for eating the marble. This marble can last 60 seconds and maximum 3 marbles can be created.


    Now, let's talk about stats. Normally, Artist class takes swiftness as a main. Artists use the swiftness to rotate two buff skills.

    Before 1415 the level you can wear relic accessories which you can get by using Lost Ark Gold. Just take many swiftness stats as possible.

    After 1415, take at least 1600 swiftness until your cooldown gems are over level 7. If you have at least 1600 swiftness with level 7 cooldown gems, two buff skills rotate and buff can be given to players infinitely.

    Then some can ask," Can we use specialization?" You can, but you need to remember two things.

    First, 1600 swiftness is better than 1600 specialization. Full specialization can give more powerful buff. However, it's critical that above scales can now rotate infinitely and there's really no difference failing identity. Also, skills that artists users commonly have delays. So, it's a lot more practical and efficient to use swiftness and specialization.

    Second, you can decide to give extra 100 to 300 specialization depending on your gem level. When your cooldown gems on these two buff skills are level 7 or lower, 1600 swiftness is a must. You can infinitely rotate two buff skills with the given setting. On the other hand, when you have level 10 gems, you can give extra 100 to 300 stats on specialization. Your character becomes slower, but still two buff skills can rotate infinitely. If you prefer more reduced cooldown with extra attack speed, use full swiftness regardless of your gems. If you're fine with slower attack speed with level 10 gems, give extra 100 to 300 on specialization.

    In KR, we just use full swiftness as players normally don't give level 10 gems on supporter classes. Also, players just think that you bought a cheaper setting for your Artists because they don't know well about it. If you just want a cheaper setting, you can consider half and half or 1400 swiftness with 700 specialization.


    These are Engravings you should use as a supporter. Full Blossom, Experts, Awakening and Heavy Armor. If you want to add one more, you can use Increased Max MP or Vital Point Strike.

    For the end setting, add level 1 Drops of Ether.

    Skill Builds

    What are the skills Artists class should use? Seven skills are fixed. Brush: Ink Splash, Brush: Ink Hop, Brush: Ink Launcher, Ink: Drawing the Sun, Ink: Sea Conch, Ink: Kol Pond and Ink: Phantasm Gate.

    For last one, you can choose between Brush: Ink Strike and Ink: Silk Road. These two skills have "Ink Mark" tripod, which gives extra damage on the foe.

    Ink strike has low cooldown with more sagger. And Silk Road can give extra attack speed to party members. However, Silk Road can be canceled when you get hit by the foe, so choose it well.

    In my opinion, use Ink Strike until you get used to it. Furthermore, don't use Ink: Dream Butterflies instead. It's a PVP skill. If you don't have enough skill points, use the build below. It's the same build with lower skill points.

    Artists is a class focused on protecting party members (shield, purification,heal). Benefit of this class instead of other classes is that you can immediately fill your identity bar quicker. If you want a cute looking supporter class, Artist is the one.

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