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Lost Ark: Rookie's Guide For Properly Participat In A Story Express Event

Posted: Apr 01, 2023

Recently, we found a Story Express Event as well as a Hyper Express Event in the latest big patch released by Lost Ark. At first, I didn't like Story Express Event, I would feel that its rewards didn't meet my needs.

But if you're a new player, it's a different story altogether. If you participate in this event, you will get a lot of good things here that you need to help you greatly improve your character level and create character builds.

Plus, with all the perks here, you'll also get all of those rewards when you reach the required item level in the shop. However, it should be noted that for more experienced players or even those who have been playing for a few months, these rewards are actually not very useful.

It is worth noting that the rewards for Punika Powerpass task of this Story Express Event include Huge Golden Egg that players are looking forward to. In the process of completing the quest, you must ensure that you don't transfer your character to a questline after Punika Quests you wish to perform. In just an hour and a half, you can use Lost Ark Gold to acquire Argos-level gear.

Lost Ark Hyper Express Guide

The wonderful part about this is that if you want to raise ALT characters and take advantage of this event, you may need to transfer a portion of the lore ability to the character. You need to transfer knowledge through North Vern Vista Locations, utilizing Yorn and Feiton.

However, once you get past Feiton, and your gear is upgraded all the way to item level 1100. At that point, you'll be heading to Punika and need to complete this questline. Once you've successfully completed this questline, you can quickly level up from item level 1100 to item level 1340 as usual.

However, you have to start doing Chaos Dungeons quest from level 1100 to get your level 1320 gear. And you need to convert this 1320 level equipment into a 1370 item level in various ways. Then you have to transfer the 1370 gear to Argos gear. Then at that time, your Argos will also appear here, and your optional equipment will also be at level 1370.

Lost Ark Progression Events Guide

With this, you can go straight from item level 1100 to 1340, skipping the early part of Tier 3 entirely, which is very handy for newbies. But in my opinion, I also leveled my artist class from 1340 to 1445 pretty quickly, and only used Honing Shard Selection Chest in the process, so not bad at all.

Novice players can also try out a Honing Shard Selection Chest like this, which really rewards you. Because that's why I was able to make the item leveling process for this character so fast without having to go to Story Express Event. So don't miss this one. And Huge Golden Egg will be one of the big reasons why you should attend this Story Express Event.

Players can participate in this activity for free, and its help to me and you will definitely exceed your imagination. That's all there is to know about how players can participate in this Story Express Event. Especially for novice players, I believe this guide can also help you quickly skip the early part of the third floor. If you want to try, don't hesitate to join in. Hope you all have a great day.


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