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Lost Ark: Guide To Get Song Of Resonance

Posted: Apr 04, 2023

Posted: Apr 04, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Players learning songs on Lost Ark is one of the important game content. This is also one of the important ways for players to unlock various areas and explore new content of the game.

There are many types of songs in Lost Ark, among which Song of Resonance is one of the most famous songs, which is also what players must master when unlocking Lullaby Island Quest and opening hidden passages on the mission.

Getting Song of Resonance is not a straightforward task, especially for some novice players. However, don’t worry too much. Because we’re here to tell you how to find Song of Resonance in Lost Ark and give you tips on what to look for when you’re looking for it.

There is only one way for players to get Song of Resonance, and that is from an NPC called Treasure Hunter Igran. And its location is on a cruise ship called Peyto, around the island of Pleccia in that Sea of Gienah. Players can find Pleccia Island in Anikka or in the coastal city of Changhun.

How to get Song of Resonance Lost Ark

After the player finds this ship, they can go southeast, so that they can find Treasure Hunter Igran smoothly. Players can exchange a range of items with him in exchange for Pirate coins. But to get Song of Resonance, players still need 16,500 Pirate coins to redeem successfully.

Therefore, players need to prepare more items in exchange for enough Pirate coins. You can also get the items you need by utilizing Lost Ark Gold.

The song system of Lost Ark is actually very simple. Players can use the corresponding songs to complete system tasks and advance the progress of the storyline to get task rewards. But getting the song is not enough, players also need to activate the song. Players must drag a song from the score options interface into their action bar, then click on it.

As the song finishes playing, its utility activates. In addition, the first song that players find early in the game can also be used to complete quests and unlock songs by talking to NPCs such as Prideholme and Sierra. Players can receive songs after completing missions. Players can start learning songs by right-clicking in the action bar.

guide to get Song of Resonance

But where is Song of Resonance going to be used? Song of Resonance tends to only be important in certain parts of Lost Ark, it doesn’t apply to every quest. But it’s also essential for certain missions, such as Lullaby Island Quest. Players need to acquire Song of Resonance before attempting to travel to the island.

There is also a very important place. Players will often find several secret entrances with treasures in the game. But these entrances are very hidden. They are usually hidden under the statues, and it is difficult for players to find them easily.

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However, they can be easily found by playing that Song of Resonance around them. In addition, Monoko seeds and other hidden items that can advance the progress of the game will be hidden in these secret locations, which will be very helpful for the completion of the player’s mission.

The above is a detailed guide on how novice players need to get Song of Resonance and how to activate it. Hope these methods will help your game process. Have a great day.


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