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Lost Ark: Rookie’s Guide To Azure Wind Island

Posted: Apr 10, 2023

Posted: Apr 10, 2023

Source:  IGGM

There is a very important open world in Lost Ark, and there are many beautiful and unique places here. Even if players explore it for a few days and nights, they may not be able to browse all the unique places in Lost Ark. This is also an important reason why the popularity of old players and the constant stream of new players has continued since it released Lost Ark.

However, it is worth noting that, in the process of exploring the map, players still have to give priority to enter places such as Azure Wind Island. This will have a great impact on the player’s next exploration process.

Players can learn how to complete Azure Wind Island quest in Lost Ark by studying the guide below in detail. This guide also outlines in detail how players can find it, how to complete that Azure Wind Island mission, and what rewards they will receive after completing the mission, helping players have a clear direction during the game.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Guide

Location Of Azure Wind Island

In fact, Azure Wind Island is very inconspicuous on Lost Ark, its footprint is tiny, so many players usually don’t notice this place when they play the game.

Azure Wind Island is in the lower left corner of the map, on the verge of Yorn continent. Because, before players go to Azure Wind Island, they often pass through Yorn continent.

After the player reaches Yorn continent, they can try their best to make the ship go to the northeast corner, which is also the fastest way for the player to reach Azure Wind Island. Although this process is very long, its results will definitely satisfy players.

It is very important that not all players can successfully enter Azure Wind Island. Players need to reach at least item Level 840 to be allowed to enter. Therefore, it is often difficult for players to quickly land on Azure Wind Island in the early stages of the game.

Of course, if you are very urgent to experience this task, you can also use enough Lost Ark Gold to help you quickly upgrade to item Level 840.

Azure Wind Island Guide

Azure Wind Island Tasks

In addition to the beautiful scenery and unique story line on this Azure Wind Island, there are also some challenging tasks. Here are all the questlines that players need to complete here:

Quest Quest-Giving NPC
Dying Horse Sanar
The Mane of the Azure Wind High Priest Steppekeeper
Once filled with Flowers Manarim
The Meadow Fairy Arone

In addition to these mainline tasks, there are 15 Sprint Tasks, 7 Puzzle Tasks, 6 Riddle Tasks, and 7 Music/Emote Tasks on Azure Wind Island. There are many tasks on the island, and players have a wealth of content to explore, and they will hardly get bored.

Among them, the last task that players need to complete on Azure Wind Island is “Returning the Flowers.” Although this task may not bring enough rewards to the player, only when the player ensures 100% completion of this side task can the task be brought to a successful conclusion.

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Rewards For Azure Wind Island

After completing all tasks, players can receive all rewards, which is also one of the most concerned things for players here. The following are the contingent rewards that players can get on Azure Wind Island:

  • 139 Splendid Guardian Stone Chests
  • 98 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests
  • 51040 Silver
  • Mount: Cloud Steed
  • Courage Potion
  • Kindness Potion
  • Wisdom Potion
  • Charisma Potion
  • 2 Crates with Leapstones
  • Horse Mount

These rewards can help players quickly upgrade their character levels and have a better gaming experience. If you also want to experience it, don’t hesitate to come and try it!


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