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Lost Ark: When & How To Use Esther In Valtan Legion Raid?

Posted: Apr 07, 2023

We’re going to learn when to use Esther skills in Valtan Legion Raid. We know some players are afraid to become the party leader, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

Furthermore, someone has to be a party leader and what if the party leader dies during the raid? Someone has to take it over. Or, what if you’re the last survivor? That’s why we think it’s better for everyone to know when to use Esther skills.

During Valtan Legion Raid, the timing in which you should use Esther skills differs depending on party DPS.

Lost Ark When and How to use Esther in Valtan Legion Raid

Gate 1 - Party DPS Is High/Average

When party DPS is high or average in Gate 1, you can only use it once when party DPS is above average. You have two choices: Thirain or Wei.


Normally, first Esther bar charges as you solve the first marble pattern. The boss falls into groggy for a few seconds and teleports to a random position. Watch the mini map and use Thirain toward the direction and clean Hit.


Second, Wei. Don’t use Esther skill and use it as soon as the second marble pattern begins. In this way, party members do not have to worry about staggering the boss because Wei staggers most of them.

Lost Ark Thirain

Gate 1 - Party DPS Is Low

If Esther bar charges before the first marble pattern, it means that party DPS is low. There are two choices:


First, Wei/Wei. It’s a mechanic based method. Use Wei for both marble patterns. Benefit of this method is the difficulty of solving main mechanics reduces. Commonly used in tryout parties.

However, players must survive from basic patterns the boss uses.


Second, Thirain/Thirain. It’s a survival based method. Use Thirain/Thirain on the boss as soon as it charges and quickly move on to the main mechanic.

Timing can be difficult to decide. Wait for basic patterns that the boss uses for a long period of time. If you really cannot decide when, just keep it and use as the boss teleports.

Lost Ark Wei

Advanced Version: Thirain/Wei

Let’s pretend that you use Thirain on the boss, but half of your party members are dead before the second marble pattern.

Then you should use Wei instead of Thirain to solve the mechanic.

Gate 2 - Party DPS Is High/Average

When party DPS is high or average, use Balthorr twice.


At 130, the mechanic comes out. Use the first Balthorr right before 130.

At 15, Valtan teleports to center and attacks four directions. Use the second Balthorr as the pattern begins. Watch the boss to create a beautiful circle.

Lost Ark Balthorr

Gate 2 - Party DPS Is Low

If you cannot enter ghost mode, using Balthorr twice. It means that party DPS is low. And then you need to consider using Thirain.


At 130, the same as before, use Balthorr. From second Esther skill, use Thirain.

Just like Gate 1, wait for basic patterns that consume a long period of time. Benefit of this method is that you can finally enter Ghost Mode Valtan even though some players died.

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However, the drawback is that party members cannot get Balthorr buff at 15. Players must use Time Stop Potion or solve the mechanic by themselves without Balthorr. By the way, you can easily get any kind of Time Stop Potion you want by using Lost Ark Gold.

There is a difficult way using only Thirain during Gate 2, but we decided not to introduce it as it’s only used in solo bus.

We learned when to use Esther skills at an appropriate moment in Valtan Legion Raid. Now, we can proudly become the leader of your party.


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