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Lost Ark: Fastest Way To Get 20 Island Souls In 2023

Posted: Apr 15, 2023

Posted: Apr 15, 2023

Source:  IGGM

In this article, we will introduce the fastest way to get 20 Island Souls. If you want additional skill points, just do what I say and it won’t take more than 5 hours.


Race begins at Arthetine. Head to nine o’clock of Sterns and accept “The Perfect Gateway” quest from NPC. Then sail out to head Golden Wave Island.

Lost Ark 2023 Fastest Way to get 20 Island Souls

Golden Wave Island

At Golden Wave Island, accept the island quest and repeat opening boxes. Island Soul randomly drops from boxes you open. Keep doing it until you get one.

Slime Island

At Slime Island, you need to find the Golden Slime to get Island Soul. These are locations of the Golden Slime. They spawn in six to eight minutes, so kill the Golden Slime until the Island Soul drops.

Lost Ark locations of the Golden Slime

Also, you can do it on your own, but it’s better to create a party to farm Island Soul.

Crescent Isle

At Crescent Isle, you need to get 60 Crystallized Scale to exchange Island Seoul. Srystallized Scalel randomly drops from small rabbits you hunt. Hant small rabbits to exchange the Island Soul.

Fortuna Island

Break as many pots as possible, Island Soul randomly draws from those pots.


Before we move on to the next island, head to Peyto. Clear the purple roster quest. Then, talk to the Bartender until you accept “Island of Dreams” quest. You did? Sail out to Astella. 


At Astella, collect comets to get Island Soul. While you collect comets, accept the yellow quest for more rewards.

Giant Mushroom Island

At Giant Mushroom Island, accept yellow quest and purchase Red Cashew Juice to enter. Then cut mushrooms down until you get the Island Soul. It drops in random. You got it? Great!

Now, save Biyfrost Points in front of Tortoyk and repair your boats by using your Lost Ark Gold.

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Aiwana Island

At Aiwana Island, accept the quest from NPC Ronald and continue, you can get your Island Soul. Before you leave Aiwana Island, accept the quest from Ronald, which recommends you to visit Club Avenue.

Little Luck Island

Sailing to Club Avenue, visit Little Luck Island to check if there is an Island Soul merchant. If there is no merchant, head straight to Club Avenue.

Club Avenue (=Revelry Row)

Clear the quest you got from Ronald and accept “The Ultimate Cacation” quest.

Fomona Island

At Fomona Island, continue the purple quest. “The Lyre Of Love” you should be looking for is at 12 o’clock. Deliver it and you can get from Fomona Island Soul

Lost Ark Fomona Island

If you’re done, repair your boat in front of East Luterra and head to Serenity Isle.

Serenity Isle (1)

At Serenity Isle, accept the purple quest as you enter. During the “Stone Of Power” quest, you need to visit Tortoyk. 


Use Bifrost we saved and enter Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon. You don’t need to clear the dungeon. Kill small pebblings to reach the goal and use Song of Escape to get out.

Lost City

Lost City island quest takes time, so the island quest is not a must. Inside the island, there are fishing spots. You can get keys by fishing, so open up chests that appear around the map using keys. Island Soul drops in random.

Reminiscence Isle

Don’t go straight to Reminiscence Isle bypass the dangerous sea. 

Move on. If it’s your first time visiting the Isle, follow the drawing collecting my Mokoko Seeds. At the end, the dungeon appears. Interact first, second and third and the quest is done. Get out of the dungeon and you can get Island Soul as a reward.

Island of Time

At Island of Time, there are fishing spots. You can get two types of pots by fishing. One of them can be used to summon creature at a specific location. Creature randomly drops Island Soul, so repeat the work until you get one.

Lost Ark Island of Time

Serenity Isle (2) 

Now, head to East Luterra and defeat Thanatos and Morai Dungeon. Then, go back to Serenity Isle. Continue the quest to earn the Island Soul and additional skill points. We’re done here.

Use ocean liner to Punica or Southern Vern.


At Gravis, all you need to do is clear the simple quest. We already accepted the quest “The Ultimate Vacation”, so that’s it.

Naruni Island

At Naruni Island, you need to interact with a 100 Narunis to clear the island quest. There is a spot at the center where three Narunis gather. Wait Narunis to come and clear the quest. 

Distorted Island (1) 

Next island is Distorted Island. If you don’t have Cube Entrance Tickets, just skip it. If you have more than one Cube Entrance Ticket, find NPC for three times and accept “Secret of Cube” mission. We’re going to finish the quest later, so let’s move on to the next island.

Island of Mist

At Island of Mist, you need to find a total of six letters. Three letters can be obtained from the fields and another three can be obtained by defeating specific mods. These are locations of letters.

Lost Ark locations of letters

If you collected all six letters, purple island quest appears. Clear the island quest to get the Island Soul.

Promise Isle

Follow the road and there’s a shining object you can interact. Accept the quest and play Song of Reminiscence to obtain Island Soul. 

Repair Boat

Before I move on, we need to repair our boat if it’s not upgraded yet. Head to Ripple Support Ship or continent nearby to repair a boat and then head to Goblin Island.

Goblin Island (1)

As you arrive, use expressions to NPC to reach neutral level 2. Then, it will give you a rapport quest. 


Sail to Vern to solve the mission. Also, clear the cube once as you need Distorted Island Soul.

Goblin Island (2) 

You did? Go back to Goblin Island and you can get “To Hope Island” quest at the end.

Lost Ark To Hope Island quest

Before you leave the Goblin Island, exchange gocha boxes from the NPC. You can get Island Soul from gacha boxes, but 9 out of 10 will fail. Get rid of gacha, we’re moving on to Hope Island.

Hope Island

At Hope Island, continue the island quest. It takes time a bit, but that’s all you need to do.

Distorted Island (2)

We cleared the cube mission, so go back and continue the quest. It won’t be difficult.

Extra Islands

For those who do not have cube tickets are run out of life energy. These are islands you can get extra Island Souls: Little Luck Island, Turtle Island, Shadow Island and Outlaw Isle


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