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About Albion Online Silver

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Albion Online Guide- You Are Invited To Join The Battle Of Caerleon

Invasion and struggle never stop in the world of Albion, it has been only a few months to keep silent since the Avalonian Invasion, some new enemies are stalking the Outlands, creating new threats to the land and focusing on the crown jewel of the Royal Continent: Caerleon. Under the condition, the battle for defending the Caerleon is about to start.During the battle, the fighters would encounter a powerful and mysterious Baron of Caerleon to stand in their way, also known as the Don, who is the underworld boss running the Black Market. His economy fortunes are intertwined with the Caerleon, so he will not put the city in danger.In order to join the fight, everyone should learn about the following.Release date: the Battle for Caerleon was set to take place on January 19, 2020, and the specific time is 9 PM UTC.What will happen? Until then, the attacks from the Avalonian might threaten the other Caerleon Portals from one of the Caerleon Outland Portals, which will throw the city into panic, and the Baron of Caerleon will provide the players with limited free gear sets as rewards when defending the city.End time: it won't stop until January 20, 10 AM UTC, before the major upcoming Queen Update releasing, at that time, the Outlands and Caerleon will be forever changed.This is not one of the significant updates of Albion Online, but it still provides a short period for players to complete the challenges and gain unique rewards.Mentioned the Queen update, it will come to Albion Online on January 20, along with a series of content updates and huge changes, which features what developer Sandbox Interactive is calling the largest overall update since its launch in 2017. So, almost all players are looking forward to the update to play.We are waiting for the new wardrobe skins, enchanted stone, maps and more items in the Queen update, and then we will show all Albion Online Items on IGGM, surely, it is a game with in-game currencies and equipment of multiple MMOs, providing rare items that are hard to gain in the games, as well as Albion Online Silver used directly to buy advanced equipment.It is the producer, not a seller. So its Silver is cheaper and safer than other third-party markets. When searching IGGM on Google, many consumers who have bought from the site will tell you the enjoyable shopping experience, you'll be one of them soon.

Albion Online Latest Queen Update Guide: Release Date, Features, Area,...

After waiting for a long time, Sandbox finally released the Queen update in Albion Online, bringing a series of new content, including the complete rework of the Outlands continent along with fully revamped open-world territory control, Hideout system and more. Until January 20, 2020, Queen will appear in the public's field of view as the largest content update of Albion Online since 2017, adding a lot of features, dungeons, as well as a new era.The Outlands continent in Albion Online is what makes up the landmass north of the Royal Continent, making up entirely of Black Zones, which is also known as "The Black Zone". With the Queen update, the Outlands will be reworked a lot to allow guilds of different strengths to complete at their own levels. Beyond that, it also introduced an all-new Hideout system, letting the guilds place their own bases in the open world and provide more opportunities for large-scale combat. With the system, everyone in the guilds can find their own strength and progress. In addition, a new Crystal League has also created opportunities for players of all levels to engage in 5v5 combat and obtain huge rewards. That is, a new era of Albion’s Guilds will start with the release of Queen update.This is not enough, this update also brings a new Elite Randomized Dungeons, along with new challenges and incredible rewards to groups of 15-20 players, where everyone might encounter a new faction, the ancient and powerful Avalonians, never underestimate them to complete the challenges, you must first defeat these elite enemies.Outside these remarkable features, the Queen Update also brings some improvements and changes in some small aspects, like the wardrobe skins, cursors, icons, keyboard and more. Anyway, everything is worth looking forward to, and the countdown of Queen update has begun, hopefully I can see all of you there by then.Full details of Queen can be checked on official site of Albion Online.In Queen, Albion Online Silver could help you build the settlement of your dreams, this is an indispensable investment in the game. IGGM is a store that can always provide cheap in-game currency, it has the production technology of Albion Online Silver and sells them to consumers directly for less than other stores, which allows you to spend less and get more. It’s hard to find such an excellent store again, so you are recommended to give a try, and you will come back with satisfaction.

Albion Online Uncle Frost And Fame Boost For Christmas Season

As Christmas season approaches, the Yuletide Challenge of Albion Online returns, letting the players complete the quests and unlock fantastic rewards including Avalonian Energy and the Snow Husky.Currently, the Yuletide Challenge is in full swing, and there are a lot of Christmas trees and presents everywhere, and if you think this is not enough, more events will run throughout the entire holiday season, such as Uncle Frost.It is a separate game related to Yuletide Challenge, you'll encounter a fearsome fiend in rare Keeper dungeons, where there are many Christmas trees at the dungeon's end, once defeating the fiend, you could obtain the Snowballs, Decorated Trees, and even the rare Yule Stag mount skin.The Uncle Frost will last from now to January, during the period, you can gather up these themed-Christmas gifts by logging into the game every day, and they will be sent to you by email, please check them carefully.Beyond that, Albion Online also wants to make a perfect end to the year through a Fame Boost. From December 25 to January, there are 8 days to get the automatic Mists of Albion buff, which could grant an additional 25% Fame for all activities. As long as players log on to the game on time, everyone could get the reward.All in all, the entire December is very busy in Albion Online with various major events, which includes the year-end wrapup of 2019, and even hints at what will happen in the next year.Albion Online is an influential MMO, it has been attracting more and more players with three major features:Cross Platform: Albion Online is available on multiple consoles, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Macintosh operating systems, and the game on all platforms is crossable to play.Player Driven Economy: In Albion Online, the players can decide what they are playing, that is, they craft all of the in-game items and buildings.Fight Across 800 Territories: The guilds are able to fight around the world and conquer territories for resource advantage without geographical restrictions.Albion Online Silver is an in-game currency that players control independently to meet the players' need for equipment. Since IGGM has the production technology in Silver, it can be sold to customers at lower price without the cost of intermediate links, which can solve your endless farming every day.

Removed And Reserved Players And Items In Queen Update Of Albion Onlin...

The developer of Albion Online discussed to add the Queen update and made some adjustments, including some feature changes in the New Outlands Map, Hideouts, Open-World Territory Battles, Expanded Crystal Realm Battles, Zerg Debuffs and the Smart Cluster Queen. #Albion Online Upcoming Update Queen Leak: Change, Game Mode, System And Release.#The Queen update is set to release on January 20, 2020, and Sandbox also revealed related changes in advance, the Outlands will be completely reworked, all territories and siege camps in the Royal Continent will be removed with very few exceptions. In order for you to be able to figure out all the changes, here is a list of the players and items migrated for Queen's update.Removed players:All in the Outlands will be removed to the cities with the portal closest to them.The ones who are in affected zones in the Royal continent will be removed to the nearest zone entrance.Removed islands:The personal and guild islands created before Queen update will be removed before February 20, 2020.Removed items:All personal items in banks and battlevaults will be removed to the Royal City that is closest or has the closest portal.Guild banks in territories will be removed to the owning guild's Guild Island Bank.The Guild without any island will be destroyed.The Farmable items and building left in territories will be removed and be unavailable.Reserved items:All currently for sale or in the completed tab of marketplaces in Guild Home Territories.All placeable chests, the content inside them, and placed furniture items.All in all, if you may use these items above in Albion Online, you'd better look at each one carefully to prevent item loss.What you are concerned about is still the in-game currency, Albion Online Silver, which can buy almost everything to make you upgrade.IGGM can provide you with cheap AO Silver at any time, it is an excellent producer without any supplier, which could not make you spend too much or wait too long. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.