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About Albion Online Items

Albion Online Is An Attractive MMORPG Developed By Sandbox Interactive In 2017, It Has An Entirely Player-Driven Economy. While Albion Online Items Are All You Discover In The Game, The Materials, Resources, Equipment, Weapons And More. You Need Them When Collecting, Crafting And Exploring. Even You Can’t Do Anything Without Them.

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Albion Online: The Offseason Crystal Tournament Starts on August 22

Ahead of the August 29 Guild Season 19 launch for Albion Online, the Offseason Crystal Tournament is set to begin on August 22. The tournament will run during that weekend running August 22-23.Here are the rules:                            · Participants must use the same team that played the Level 9 match on August 9.                            · Each team must assign a Captain and provide names of participants plus one permanent substitute, if desired.                            · Battles will be full-loot and players must bring their gear.                            · All matches must be initiated via the Energy Manipulator in Martlock.                            Â· Matches will likely run on shorter timers, and teams should be prepared to play matches back-to-back.                            · The new Avalonian Weapons that will go-lives with the Rise of Avalon update on August 12 will not be allowed.And of course, the prize is also great:                            · First Place: Each player on the winning team will receive the extremely rare Sabertoot Rex Swiftclaw skin unlock item and 10,000 Gold.                            · Second Place: Each player will receive the White Tiger skin unlock item along with 5,000 Gold.                            · Third Place: Each player will receive 5,000 Gold.Of course, if you want to achieve good results in the competition and win prizes, the most important thing is your own gear. I believe this competition will also be very intense. If your team wants to stand out from all participating teams, you need to rely on Albion Online Silver. But if you don't want to spend too much money to buy Albion Online Silver, IGGM will be a perfect choice. The price of the products on IGGM is lower than the market price, and they will provide considerate service and the safest payment system, a 100% guarantee of the product Safety. What's more commendable is the delivery speed of IGGM. After you buy the product, you can have it in a short time.

Rise of Avalon Is Coming To Albion Online On August 12

Albion Online is not updated too frequently, so when Sandbox Interactive announced the exact release date: Rise of Avalon update, players couldn't wait to see its new features, including the Roads of Avalon, Corrupted Dungeons, Avalonian Weapons, etc.On August 12, the Rise of Avalon is coming and bringing Albion Online into a whole new era. In this update, it provides a whole new realm to explore where the players can find treasures, resource sites, new creatures and Avalonian enemies to encounter. On the way to Avalon, it offers a wealth of new options for travel, transport, trade and launching attacks, while some smaller guilds looking for a home away from the politics of the Outlands can even place Hideouts and live in the Roads of Avalon.Also, it added new dungeons full of demons, traps and corrupted beings, as long as they are defeated, the players can receive treasure and Infamy, and improve their rankings on the leaderboards. During the process, a new line of Avalonian Weapons are allowed to be used, and each of which has unique skills, including Lucent Hawk, Majestic Smash, Soul Link, which can be used to craft new artifacts and Avalonian Shards.There are many changes and improvements coming with the new update, along with an all-new Rogue Adventurer Skin bundle, reduced crafting times, further mobile optimization, and so on.Albion Online is an attractive MMORPG, and one of its biggest features is the entirely player-driven economy, the in-game virtual currency, Albion Online Silver can be used to buy almost everything, at least, it can make your journey more comfortable.In addition to farming, can always provide AO Silver to allow players to purchase advanced weapons and equipment. It owns the production technique for Silver, allowing you to cost the least to get the most.Shopping here, you can enjoy high-quality currency and fast delivery, giving your game a significant boost.

Albion Online Introduces Avalonian Weapons Coming With Rise Of Avalon

In a recent discussion, the developers of Albion Online chat the all-new Avalonian Weapon lines coming with the upcoming game content Rise of Avalon, which will be released in August, including 15 artifact weapons and 3 offhands, each will be available from T4 to T8, for a total of 90 new weapon models.The Avalonian Weapons are useful for a wide variety of applications and situations, allowing players to fight alone or team up to complete the battles in a new mechanic. The developer Sandbox has introduced several weapons with unique abilities and features, including Lucent Hawk, Majestic Smash, Inner Shadow, Line Breaker, Soul Link and more, and you can check their specific abilities on Albion Online site, each of which can bring exciting new opportunities to combat throughout Albion Online.In order to obtain the Avalonian Weapons, you must gather up the Avalonian Shards and forge, or you can buy directly from the merchants in Albion Online.In addition to these exciting new weapons, Albion Online will release the next update, bringing more content for the game, which would be discussed in next announcements.In order to occupy the main position in battles, you must survive longer than others in any game of Albion Online. Also, as we mentioned above, whether you buy Avalonian Weapons or other Albion Online items from merchants, you need Albion Online Silver to build your settlement. As an AO Silver supplier with production technology, IGGM will provide all fans with cheap goods and excellent services to better gather up the resource, craft and explore.IGGM is a top store in the MMORPG field with experienced staff, and it could treat every customer very well. Shopping here, every order can be completed within 30 minutes, and all the goods are safe enough made by 100% real men. You don't have to worry about anything when dealing with such a friendly store, why not try it?

Albion Online Guide- You Are Invited To Join The Battle Of Caerleon

Invasion and struggle never stop in the world of Albion, it has been only a few months to keep silent since the Avalonian Invasion, some new enemies are stalking the Outlands, creating new threats to the land and focusing on the crown jewel of the Royal Continent: Caerleon. Under the condition, the battle for defending the Caerleon is about to start.During the battle, the fighters would encounter a powerful and mysterious Baron of Caerleon to stand in their way, also known as the Don, who is the underworld boss running the Black Market. His economy fortunes are intertwined with the Caerleon, so he will not put the city in danger.In order to join the fight, everyone should learn about the following.Release date: the Battle for Caerleon was set to take place on January 19, 2020, and the specific time is 9 PM UTC.What will happen? Until then, the attacks from the Avalonian might threaten the other Caerleon Portals from one of the Caerleon Outland Portals, which will throw the city into panic, and the Baron of Caerleon will provide the players with limited free gear sets as rewards when defending the city.End time: it won't stop until January 20, 10 AM UTC, before the major upcoming Queen Update releasing, at that time, the Outlands and Caerleon will be forever changed.This is not one of the significant updates of Albion Online, but it still provides a short period for players to complete the challenges and gain unique rewards.Mentioned the Queen update, it will come to Albion Online on January 20, along with a series of content updates and huge changes, which features what developer Sandbox Interactive is calling the largest overall update since its launch in 2017. So, almost all players are looking forward to the update to play.We are waiting for the new wardrobe skins, enchanted stone, maps and more items in the Queen update, and then we will show all Albion Online Items on IGGM, surely, it is a game with in-game currencies and equipment of multiple MMOs, providing rare items that are hard to gain in the games, as well as Albion Online Silver used directly to buy advanced equipment.It is the producer, not a seller. So its Silver is cheaper and safer than other third-party markets. When searching IGGM on Google, many consumers who have bought from the site will tell you the enjoyable shopping experience, you'll be one of them soon.