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New World Coins

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IGGM New World Coins US West El Dorado 30K

About New World

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, belonging to MMORPG category.

What are New World Coins?

New World Coins are the main currency in New World, which can be used to buy many useful items, including weapons, armor, potions, etc. It plays an extremely important role in New World and is a necessity for every player who pursues great achievements.

How to get enough New World Coins easily?

There are many ways for players to obtain New World Gold Coins in the game. They can earn a lot of New World Gold by completing tasks assigned by NPCs, exploring treasures, killing monsters, selling rare equipment, and crafting trades. These methods are indeed very practical, especially for New World beginners. But for those players who are already very skilled, their demand for New World Coins is greater, and the above methods are no longer able to support their needs for follow-up activities. And, those ways also consume their time and energy and affects their normal game progress. In other words, the efficiency of players getting RPG New World Gold Coins from the game is far from enough. Therefore, more people now prefer to New World Coins buy directly from suppliers.

Can you get banned for buying Coins New World?

Now the Internet is flooded with many New World Scams, and it is easy for players to lose their own money. Everyone want to buy New World Coins should make sure that the site they want to go to is really legal. Look, IGGM enjoys an excellent reputation and will never let any customer who comes here suffer. We have an absolutely secure online transaction security protection system, support a variety of payment methods, any choice is possible, and a professional customer service team online around the clock, paying attention to the player's order status until the delivery is completed. All New World Gold Coins For Sale on every servers are 100% legit. Therefore, you will not be banned for buying Coins New World at

Is it cost-effective to buy New World Gold Coins at

There is no doubt that enough New World Coins can help players get a better experience in the game. Because players can buy New World Gold Coins to get powerful weapons and equipment to strengthen themselves quickly. In addition to ensuring the absolute safety of the entire transaction process, IGGM has the following advantages.

1. Cheapest Price, which allows you to spend less money to buy more New World Coins and help you save money. We will also give players a large amount code or coupons during holidays and holidays. If you become a VIP member of IGGM, you can also enjoy Up to 5% discount. When you buy cheap New World Coins, you will find that the money you pay will be much less than buying at other sites.

2. Fastest Delivery, so that you can receive cheap New World Coins you bought in a short time, and reduce the impact on your game process. We promise that more than 90% of orders can be completed within 15 minutes. Sufficient inventory allows us to have full confidence to meet the needs of customers for any number of RPG New World Coins in different servers.

3. Best Strategy, many beginners don't know how to start their first steps with MMO New World Coins in New World. IGGM will give every player who comes to patronize a practical game guide for free to help you get a good start in the game.

Choosing as the best place to buy New World Coins is a smart decision. We will do our best to help players to get cheapest New World Gold For Sale to develop better in MMO New World. As long as we have enough cheap New World Coins and skills, we can achieve those great achievements more easily. We look forward to seeing you! Welcome to buy New World Coins at!



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New World: The Best Strategies To Earn Gold Every Day In Season 3!

New World: The Best Strategies To Earn Gold Every Day In Season 3!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the brand new New World guide. Today I will introduce to you how our level 65 players can get more gold coins in New World.

We all know how difficult it is to farm New World Coins at high levels. Especially after we completed all the side quests like Main Story Quest, it left us with almost no tasks to complete. Unless you’re into some kind of trade, it’s hard to make more money.

In this guide, I will tell you how to earn coins without trading. But you can still do it part time for extra gold.

Corrupted Breaches

First, you can earn 250 New World Coins by completing Corrupted Breaches every day in New World.

Corrupted Breaches of New World are the portals through which Corrupted invade the area and cause it to deteriorate. They spawn in different areas and you have to clean and destroy them to get rid of corruption. They come in different types, and by destroying these branches, you can get valuable rewards.

To start clearing Corrupted Breaches in New World, you need to be level 20 or above. So make sure to level up your character of whatever activities you’re passionate about doing in the game.

Another thing is Azoth Staff. If you don’t have this staff equipped, you can’t actually close the portal. Azoth Staff has the level required to close certain levels of portals.

Usually, players perform Corrupted Breaches in New World to gain experience points and gold coins faster. Your rewards will depend on the level of Corrupted Breaches. The higher the level, the better the rewards will be for you.

Show Of Strength & Mountain Home

In addition, completing daily PVE and PVP tasks can also help you gain maximum income from Faction reputation and gold. And PVE missions usually provide more gold rewards. While PVE does give you more gold, the difference isn’t huge, so you can choose to do whatever you want.

Completing Show of Strength mission and retrieving Mountain Home’s assets is the easiest way to earn New World Coins.

We can earn 120 gold by retrieving the pre-retrieved Marauders asset from the cliff, and the return area is very close. It’s actually on the way back to this location, so it’s easy.

Then we can complete Show of Strength mission, where you have to find or stay in this area for a certain amount of time, one and a half minutes, and then you can get 40 gold coins. It’s just an easy way to make money.

Of course, there is another mission in Mountain Home. You must retrieve five assets within an area, i.e. search five chests and return the one that gives you the most gold coins. Once completed, the top of the screen will appear.

Elite Chest

Next, our Elite Chest will give us access to Concealed Vault. However, Concealed Vault may not be available in every Elite Chest.

You can only get these from Elite Chest, and I showed you where to find these Elite Chest. So if you open them, you can get 50-200 gold.

Of course, you can also kill and skin the beasts around the treasure chest to make money. You just toss them into the trading post. Everyone can earn this money as an extra income.

Seasonal Events

In New World Season 3, you can also earn 100-500 gold coins every day through Outpost Rush, Expedition Run, Turkey Terror Event, and some Seasonal Events.

New World Turkey Terror Event is a Seasonal Event that takes place in Aeternum every November. During the event, a giant Turkey will spawn around Aeternum, requiring multiple players to take it down. Once Turkey is killed, players will receive Turkey’s Treasure and can earn 50-200 gold coins every day.

Note that it limited some items you can get to a certain amount per day. This daily limit resets every day on the server’s cooldown reset time.

Winter Convergence Festival

Finally, New World’s Winter Convergence Festival will generate trees in settlements, with 12 places. There you can get gifts containing gold coins. It is possible to earn 1100-12200 coins per day. They encourage the community to work together to find other ways to make money in the game.

These are the ways I’ve found so far to consistently earn gold in New World Season 3. If gold troubles you, then you must not miss this guide. Good luck!

New World Season 3: Best PVP Healer Build - Gear, Skills & More

New World Season 3: Best PVP Healer Build - Gear, Skills & More

Hail Warrior, the healer, is an essential role in combat. As a healer, your role is to keep players alive while you keep off the enemy players and stay alive as well. 

This build will make you very tanky, evasive, and overall very survivable while providing as many buffs and heals to your team. I will go over everything you need to know about the best PVP healer build in the New World Season 3

Please note that any build is inseparable from the support of New World Coins

Armor & Perks

First, I will cover the armor and the perks you want to focus on. You need to have the following perks:

The first perk that is good in all situations is Health. It increases your maximum HP, giving you more time to evade enemy attacks.

There are two perks that you need to have at maximum stacks: Refreshing & Invigorated. Refreshing will allow you to have lower skill cooldowns, allowing you to heal more often. I pick Invigorated because with disease debuff being your counter, you will want to have its uptime reduced to as little as possible. With four Invigorated perks, you will have up to a 60% debuff reduction.

The gear I have picked is very easy to get, as all non-artifact gear is from Gypsum Kiln, making it the cheapest best-in-slot build in New World. Most of the material that is needed to craft can be gained from the free Season Pass

The armor artifact of choice is Featherweight. That lowers your equipment weight, which allows us to wear heavy armor pieces. And with that, you can have more armor, making you 30% tankier than other light builds. As a third perk, I would take Health.

The heavy helmet I have picked is Reverend Earth, which has Health and Thrust Conditioning as primary perks. And as a third one, I would pick Invigorated.

The light gloves I have picked are Empress Zhou’s Embroidered Claws, which have Health and Refreshing as primary perks. And as a third one, I would pick Invigorated.

The light pants I have picked are Empress Zhou’s Embroidered Pants, which have the same perks as the previous one.

The heavy footwear I have picked are Woodqrain Sabatons, which have Health and Elemental Aversion as primary perks. And as a third one, I would pick Invigorated as well, giving a cap of four stacks.

Jewelry Selection

For jewelry, I would pick up the following named gear:

The amulet is called Acorn, that has Health and Divine as primary perks. And I would take a must-have Stamina Recovery perk as a third one.

My favorite ring that I love using is Vivify. It has Refreshing and Healing Breeze as its primary perks. When it comes to picking the third perk, you can pick between the Hearty or Sacred perk. Hearty gives you one more dodge before you run out of Stamina, making you much more evasive and harder to kill. And Sacred gives you more healing.

My jewelry preferred artifact is Endless Thirst. I love the feeling of a big potion drink that just fills your health bars in needed situations. As a third perk, I love taking Healing Heart, as it gives you healing each time you use the heart rune.

On the topic of heartrunes, I like taking the Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform, as it gives me healing each time I use the skill. I recommend using it when you are being pressured the most.

Primary Weapon

The main weapon of our choice is an absolute best-in-slot. It is called Corrupt Progenitor Life Staff, which already has Blessed and Refreshing Move as its primary perks. The third perk is totally up to you. 

The most commonly used third perks are Fortifying Sacred Ground, Refreshing, Divine Embrace, or Purifying Breeze. All of them are good in their situation. I prefer Sacred Ground, as I like playing OPR, and it is also useful in PVE as well.

Primary Skills 

When it comes to skills for Life Staff, you have a lot of options.

I would recommend using an AOE healing build, but I would change skills around depending on the situation. The AOE (area of effect) skill setup looks like this:

Your main skills are:

  • Sacred Ground: Many melee builds that try to stand in the front line and rely on this skill.
  • Orb of Protection: It gives fortify and an overtime heal.

These two skills I would use in any build, no matter the situation.

The third skill you have a few options:

  • You can use Beacon for even more AOE healing.
  • You can use Divine Embrace for a strong single target heal. I would recommend using the perk for it as well. It simply reduces the cooldown and restores Mana on use for infinite usage.
  • You can use Splash of Light. It is a cleanse that removes a debuff from your ally.

The third skill that you can use is very flexible, depending on the situation and your play style.

Secondary Weapon

As our other weapon, I will always pick the Rapier. This weapon gives us such good mobility and survivability. I would say it outweighs all of the artifact options you have.

My favorite is Commandant’s Rapier. It comes with Lifestealing and Leeching Flurry. What is special about the Flurry perk is that it gives you one second of damage immunity when you use Flurry, making us unkillable. 

As a third perk, you can honestly pick anything you like. I have taken the Thwarting Counter perk, as it gives us a bit of damage boost against grit raging enemies that will try to hunt you down.

Secondary Skills

You already see that with only Rapier perks, you are very evasive. And what makes this build even more insane is its other skills. You can use:

  • Flurry for our one second immunity when someone jumps on you.
  • Riposte for more damage negation.
  • Fleche to spin away from the enemies.

All these three skills give us such good mobility and evasiveness that most enemies will quit before they will be able to deal damage to you.


Overall, with high invigorated, more armor than any other light build, and high evasiveness and mobility, this build can truly survive any attack coming its way. 

Plus, it’s easy to get, as most of them can be crafted with material in a Gypsum Kiln. This was my flavor of the best healer build for PVP in New World Season 3.

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