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New World: Flipping Trade Post Will Bring You Tons Of Gold Coins! - Gold Farming Guide

Posted: Mar 14, 2024

In this guide, we’ll share one of the best ways to make money in New World, and that’s by flipping any kind of item on Trade Post. We’ll walk you through it and give you some items to get started.

So far, I have introduced many ways to earn New World Coins. But today we’re going to explore what is probably the easiest and most effective way to make money. Because flipping a Trade Post is so easy to do, you can do it with almost any item.

But be warned, it can get boring after a while, which is why I often do other money-making things from time to time. To keep things interesting, what we’re going to focus on is how to find the flip items that work for you on your server, how to handle them, and effectively maximize profits.

New World: Flipping Trade Post Will Bring You Tons Of Gold Coins! - Gold Farming Guide

Refining Components

An easy and inexpensive way to start flipping is with Refining Components. Because these items are in high demand among crafters and they are easily available, many of these items are bought and sold in the market every day. But just look for Obsidian Flux, Obsidian Sandpaper, Aged Tannin, Pure Solvent or Wireweave.

Click on a buy or sell order to see if the sell order is much higher than the buy order. If there is a buy order, please buy as many items as possible and set the post time to one day to reduce trade tax fees.

I do this for every Refining Component that makes me a profit and put it into an order of 10,000 and wait until they are all bought. The entire process usually only takes a few hours and you can make a handsome profit.

Note that when selling, be sure to check your list of completed and expired purchase orders to see what price you paid for the item, so you know you will one day make a profit on your investment.

Often, the items you bought the day before may have dropped in price and the profit isn’t that high, but you can wait another day or two until the price rises again and then sell those Refining Components. Adding these to your daily routine can allow you to earn crazy amounts of gold every week.

In the past three days, I didn’t have time to play much, other than looking for Components alone, and only had time to place a buy and sell order each day.

I managed to buy 25,000 components for 2,290 gold and sell them for 6,650 gold. Taking into account Trade Post tax, which is worth about 100 gold coins, I made a total of 4,260 gold coins in passive profit. Not bad for a little work, you can actually go a step further.

Flipping Tips

If you are new to flipping and don’t have a large stash of New World Coins to start with, I highly recommend practicing by flipping these simple items and incorporating them into your daily life will do wonders for your gold stash.

Once you’re familiar with the concept of flipping, you can easily use it for almost any item on Trade Post. You just look for any item and check the buy and sell order price as before. If there are good enough profits to be made, then don’t forget to consider Trade Post taxes. So don’t try items that won’t generate much profit, it will just make you busy in vain.

New World Trading Post Explained: How To Buy And Sell Items With Trading Post?

Flip Cooking Materials

I also love using my Refining Components to flip cooking materials, especially those used for high-end food preparations. Because these items are in high demand among chefs, buying and selling them can bring in substantial profits.

All you have to do is look up five recipes on the market and see what ingredients they require, and look for those items one by one to see if you can profit from them.


If you know which PVE or PVP gear is highly sought after, you can also make huge profits by flipping those items. However, because of constant changes in metadata, the price of a simple gear will fluctuate greatly. This means that there are both rewards and risks for you to flip these materials.

You can also choose to check Trade Post frequently to see if there are decent equipment for sale. Since they are always popular and sometimes people are willing to sell them for very cheap, you can make a lot of money from them.

All in all, this guide covers almost everything there is to know about flip trading on Trade Post. Hope this helps some of you, good luck!


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