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New World Season 5: Follow This Guide For The Fastest Way To Unlock 8 New Artifacts In Season Of The Guardian

Posted: Apr 10, 2024

Artifacts are rare items found in New World. These items provide unique perks that can change the way you play the game. With the arrival of New World Season 5, 8 new artifacts have been added to the game. These Artifacts can be found in Expeditions, Open World, PVP Reward Track and more!

In this guide, we’ll cover the fastest way to find these 8 new Artifacts in Season of the Guardian, and explain the new method of obtaining Artifacts on Season 4 Reward Track. Let’s get started now!

New Way To Get Season 4 Artifacts

First, let’s review some of Season 4’s Artifacts, which now have new ways to obtain them.

Winged Leather Shoes

The first thing we want to mention is Medium Footwear, Winged Leather Shoes, which increases your base haste duration by 50%. This artifact now drops from Open World boss Helianthus, who can be found in Wild Legion.

Quickdraw Gloves

And then we also have Light Gloves, Quickdraw Gloves. This glove enhances your reflexes and allows for quick weapon draw and lightning-fast reactions in combat. This Artifact now drops from Open World boss Ipomoea, who you can find in Elysian Wilds.

I need to remind you that if you hope to defeat these Open World Bosses and get artifacts as quickly as possible, it is crucial to spend some New World Coins to get a decent gear!

New World Season 5: Follow This Guide For The Fastest Way To Unlock 8 New Artifacts In Season Of The Guardian

Pity System

It is also worth noting that a new Pity System has been added to artifacts this season, which guarantees a certain number of kills to obtain artifacts. This is a great new addition for those less fortunate players out there. However, the exact number used by Pity System has not been disclosed.

How To Get All New Artifacts?

But now let’s take a look back at 8 Artifacts featured in New World Season of the Guardian.

Free Version Of Season 5 Season Pass

First, we will have the two artifacts that can be obtained from the free version of Season 5 Season Pass.

Creed Boots: First up, we have Light Footwear, Creed Boots, which deal 15% extra damage and 25% critical chance as long as you don’t hit the target within 20 seconds. It drops at level 20 in the free version of Season 5 Season Pass. But a new way to get it will be revealed in Season 6.

Phoenix: And then we also have Amulet Jewelry, Phoenix. When you take fatal damage, it will help you avoid death and become invincible for 4 seconds, after which you die. It drops at level 80 in the free version of Season Pass. Likewise, new ways to obtain it will be revealed in Season 6.

Trial Bosses

Next we have some Artifacts that will drop from Trial Bosses in New World.

Nature’s Wrath: First up, we have Medium Chest Armor, Nature’s Wrath, which makes empower expires 200% faster but deals 20% more damage. This artifact is dropped by Zygoramet boss in Spriggan Arena.

Venom: Next we get Venom Spear, which lets you inflict poison on enemies when making a melee attack with either weapon, and increases weapon damage by 20%. This artifact is dropped from Siren Queen boss in Siren Queen Trial in Spire of Melpomene.

Gilli’s Gravity Gauntlets: Then we have Heavy Glove, Gilli’s Gravity Gauntlets. Whenever you take damage, you gain an empowerment charge, increasing the damage of your next attack by 3%. Avarice drops this artifact in Eternal Pool Arena.

Other Methods

Finally, we look at Artifacts that can be dropped in different ways.

Sin: First, we have Sin Hatchet, which will increase the duration of your debuffs by 25% and increase the damage done to the target by 2% for each debuff. This artifact is dropped from Open World Boss, Colossus of Memnon, located in Brimstone Sands.

Ironheart: Next we have Heavy Legwear, Ironheart. When not in heavy load-out, it increases your maximum health by 20%. This artifact can be obtained at the third checkpoint on PVP track as long as your track level reaches 29.

Tempest Fury: Finally we have Great Axe, Tempest Fury. It gives you 3% movement speed for 3 seconds after a successful attack. Also, Whirlwind no longer needs to hit a target to continue spinning, and can spin up to 12 times. This artifact is a reward for completing Winter Rune Forge Trial and can be obtained up to twice per week.

All in all, this guide covers all the new Artifacts dropped in Season 5. What are your favorite new Artifacts? Happy gaming!


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