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New World Season 5: How To Obtain The Newly Added Phoenix Artifact With Ease?

Posted: Apr 12, 2024

Welcome to this new guide to New World. In Season 5, I recommend you focusing on farming all the new artifacts early on, and I have discovered a simple method to farm for the Phoenix artifact specifically. That’s what I want to share with you today. Let's get started!

In previous Seasons, it was often worth going for targets that have 2 mob types so you can check off multiple boxes in that regard. But now, you can often check off multiple weapon types at once or multiple stamps with a single weapon type, which I think is a lot more effective. In order to maximize that, you just need to kill quickly and have a lot of mobs around you.

New World Season 5: How To Obtain The Newly Added Phoenix Artifact With Ease?

Farming Location

Phoenix is on the Season Pass and requires you to get to Level 80. People have been using the usual farming spots, but I found that the ones that I was familiar with from previous seasons didn’t feel that effective for farming this season.

The place I chose is likely familiar for many of players - the Windsward. Firstly, it boasts numerous mobs that are easily visible from a distance, comprising 2 types: ancients and beasts. Moreover, there are additional beasts just outside the temple, so you can complete those 2 fairly easily.

Stamp Collection & Strategy

There are also 2 named mobs fairly close to each other in this area. Killing named enemies counts as a shield activity, so that’s the major way that we’re getting stamps in that regard. For the leaf stamps, we are going to use the Void Gauntlet. This one just requires you to get 10 mob kills with the Void Gauntlet.

You can also do this a bit quicker by just dropping an Oblivion on a mob and then using another weapon, so you can get multiple at once. If you’re extra lucky, you are asked to kill 10 enemies with a magical weapon because that one counts as a sword, but you can complete it at the same time as the Void Gauntlet one, so you get 2 stamps out of that.

New World Season 5 Void Gauntlet

The other stamps that you want to look for on the sword side are the one-handed kills, two-handed kills, and the ranged weapon kills, which include Blunderbuss, Bow, and Musket. This is also where you’re looking for ancients and beasts kill. Prepare a certain amount of New World Coins in advance can help you defeat them faster.


The flask or bottle stamp is the only one that takes a bit more preparation because one way that you can easily get this is by salvaging Tier 5 items. The mobs here don’t drop Tier 5 items, so you need to bring a lot of those with you if you want to be fully prepared.

If you want another method, but I’m sure you can also just grab the resources for Tier 5 consumables that can be crafted at your camp and craft some of those instead. I think it’s a bit more effort because you always have to go back to your camp.

Logging Axe & Skull Stamps

That still leaves us with the Logging Axe stamp and the Skull stamp. My approach was to pretend they don’t exist. You never need to complete more than 3 stamps in a row because you can just use a Wild Stamp at that point and clear out the fourth one, so mostly you just end up not doing them.

Though, there are some exceptions. If you’re really short on stamps and you get really unlucky with your rolls, then you might need to go for the 'Gather 500 resources' at some point and chop some trees nearby. I think it slows you down, but maybe there’s a situation where this is necessary.


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