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Skull and Bones Silver

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IGGM Skull and Bones PC 500K

Skull and Bones Overview

Skull and Bones, an action-adventure game, developed by Ubisoft Singapore and published by Ubisoft in 2024, immerses players in piracy and naval warfare set in a fantastical rendition of East Africa and Southeast Asia during the late 17th century, the height of the Golden Age of Piracy.

The game made its debut on Amazon Luna, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S on February 16, 2024.

What is Skull and Bones Silver?

Skull and Bones Silver serves as the primary currency in Skull and Bones, an open-world action-adventure game centered on pirates. For every pirate in Skull and Bones, Silver holds immense importance. It's indispensable for acquiring various items like blueprints, weapons, and cosmetics for both your ship and character, making it a necessity for those aiming to dominate the seas as feared Kingpins.

How to farm Silver in Skull and Bones?

In Skull and Bones, there are various effective methods for farming Skull & Bones Silver:

  1. Attack enemy ships on trade routes to loot their Silver and commodities. Be cautious not to engage ships that overpower yours to avoid losing cargo and currency.
  2. Sell valuable commodities like Uncut Diamonds, Spices, and Ivory to merchants in Sainte-Anne or Telok Penjarah for Skull & Bones Silver. Avoid selling when prices are low.
  3. Undertake contracts from the job board at Sainte-Anne. These missions vary from escorting ships to hunting down enemies and offer rewards in Silver and infamy. Focus on high-paying contracts that align with your playstyle.
  4. Search for treasures using treasure maps obtained from various sources. Match landmarks on the maps with those on islands to locate hidden caches of Skull and Bones Silver and other valuables.

Besides, opting for a reputable third-party trading platform such as can expedite your acquisition of Skull & Bones Silver or enable you to buy it at a cheaper price.

IGGM Has Cheap & Safe Skull and Bones Silver For Sale

There are two main advantages to purchasing Skull and Bones Silver at IGGM:

First, it is very cheap to buy Skull & Bones Silver at IGGM.

  • As long as you become a member of IGGM, you will enjoy certain discounts, with a maximum limit of 5%. Every purchase you make accumulates, meaning the more Skull & Bones Silver you buy, the cheaper prices you get.
  • There are many stores selling Skull & Bones Silver in the market, and players may easily have trouble choosing. So, we will regularly observe market prices and adjust our prices to ensure that our customers can enjoy the cheapest prices.
  • IGGM will hold some promotional activities to reward users on holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas. For example, we can provide free coupons, hold lottery activities, provide some discount packages for a limited time, etc., to save your money when you buy your Skull & Bone Silver.

Secondly, it is very safe to buy Skull & Bones Silver at IGGM.

  • IGGM has very high scores and ratings on Trustpilot, and many users have given good reviews.
  • IGGM supports secure payment methods, such as Paypal, credit cards and more local payments. At the same time, an SSL certificate has been added to its website, which ensures that all user information will be encrypted during transactions. These two points can well protect users' property security and privacy security.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support. IGGM's customers are online 24 hours a day, which means that if you encounter difficulties at any time, they will help you solve them in time. They will also assist you throughout the entire process to complete your order, help you follow up on your order status, and notify you via email or Live Chat after your order is completed.

In short, if you want to buy cheap & safe Skull & Bones Silver, IGGM will be your best choice! Don't hesitate, come and buy it now!



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Skull And Bones: Conquer Fort Plundering With The Ultimate Ship Build - Padewakang

Skull And Bones: Conquer Fort Plundering With The Ultimate Ship Build - Padewakang

For Skull and bones, this ship build I want to show you is ideal for effortless fort plundering. You can effortlessly solo plunder any fort that is Level 14 or lower and claim all the Helm Materials as your reward! Utilize these Helm Materials to craft gold, skull rum, and more, then sell them for substantial amounts of silver!

Solo plundering any fort at Level 12 or below becomes a breeze with this plunder build. However, only 2 forts on the entire map pose a challenge: Megafort Oosten and Fort Premie. It's essential to easily vanquish these forts to obtain the significant Helm resources they offer.

Ship For Plundering

Firstly, we are using the Padewakang for its Detonate perk, which has 50% extra damage to structures, meaning the forts, and then an increased weapon damage radius by 12%, which is really good for destroying those reinforcing ships when they're grouped up. The cherry on top is the chance to trigger a bonus explosion that deals another 1,000 damage to all ships within 125m of the blast. 


Up front, I'm using the Twin-winch Ballista. It may seem like an odd decision, but it does really high damage to the fort's weak points, and you can usually hit the weak points from so far away that the fort can't even shoot back at you. Always use the Twin-winch Ballista first to destroy all parts of the fort, especially the mortar towers first.

On the sides, I'm using the Fire Bombard III. These are to kill enemy ships at longer distances, but not for the forts themselves. The Fire Bombards do significant damage, but we also use them to build the ablaze effect on the ships to always trigger the detonate perk explosion to hit all reinforcing ships with that extra 1,000 damage.

On the back, I'm using the Dardanelles Gun for that high explosive damage that also helps to trigger the Detonate perk on the Padewakang. These are mainly to be used on enemy ships, but they can be used on the fort if you're in a tricky situation. In the auxiliary position, I use the Leopold 3. This is great to deal with reinforcing ships.


For the hull armor, I'm using the Ouroboros. This is to repair any severe damage if any of the fort or ship mortars manage to do flooding damage to us. As you need as much health as possible to survive during these plunders, the little amount of healing you receive while bracing keeps me fighting for much longer.


In the first slot, I use the major piece Scoping Station. This allows our Twin-winch Ballista to do such high weak spot damage. In the second furniture slot is the Front Powder Kegs to boost the Twin-winch damage by another 10%, which is always very helpful.

In the third slot is the Gunpowder Bench, which increases damage to enemy ships with the ablaze effect by another 10%. In the final slot is the Port Powder Keg for a 10% increased damage to the port weapons. This just gives us more power to our Fire Bombards.

Plundering Strategies

With the build out of the way, I'll show you the best way to use it so you survive the plunder. Sail up to the fort while staying about 800m away to safely destroy its defenses without triggering reinforcements. Remain at this distance until all defenses are destroyed. Once defenses are down or you're comfortable with what's left, sail closer to trigger the plunder.

Keep your ship at medium speed to make it harder for enemies to hit you. Avoid sitting still to prevent getting hit by long-distance cannons and mortars. Keep moving at a medium pace and aim to set enemy ships Ablaze to trigger your Detonate perk for explosive hits.

Skull And Bones: Unveil The Ultimate PvE Ship Build Featuring The Barque - Weapons, Armor & More

Skull And Bones: Unveil The Ultimate PvE Ship Build Featuring The Barque - Weapons, Armor & More

This is another Skull and Bones ship build guide! Today’s topic is the best PvE ship build that every player may be interested in. We’ll delve into the items and assess if this build can tackle all the PvE content. These tips and tricks should help you navigate through the PVE content effectively. So go ahead and set sail with confidence! Without wasting time, let's dive in!

First and foremost, let’s delve into the set I selected: the Barque ship, obtainable in the full season pass upon reaching Level 45. We prioritize this choice because of its exceptional perk, which replenishes 0.5% of hull damage and 0.5% of overall health per second. This unique ability, when combined with a specific armor and defensive consumables, has the potential to render your ship almost impervious to sinking, ensuring formidable resilience in the face of enemy onslaughts.


Speaking of armor, we’re utilizing the Black Prince. Apart from being one of the best armors in the game, its perk, Resolute, reduces damage taken by 50% when the whole health is less than 33%. Combined with the Barque perk, it significantly enhances durability. Alternatively, if you lack the Black Prince, you can opt for the Royal Custodian, which boasts another impressive perk called Refortify. When using any health repair kit, it applies the Fortify effect for 12 seconds, increasing armor by 35%.


Moving on to weapons, at the front, we're using the Twin-winch Ballista, currently obtainable only in the Black Market. With its wide winds and high damage, it's perfect for targeting enemy ships' weak points. On the sides, we have the Fire Bombard III, acquired by reaching the Cutthroat rank and purchasing the blueprint. With its high damage and wide splash, it's effective against most threats. At the back, the Dardanelles Gun, also available in the Black Market, provides additional firepower.

When it comes to auxiliary options, we've opted for the Termites III, although it's worth noting that you can easily switch it out for the Leopold III if you prefer. What makes the Termites III stand out is its remarkable perk, which enhances structure damage by an impressive 50%. This makes it a potent and strategic choice for bolstering your ship's offensive capabilities, particularly when engaging in fortified targets.


Now, let's talk about the furniture. The Scoping Station applies the marked status when hitting a target over 320m away, synergizing well with the Twin-winch Ballista. Next, the La Potence Schematics I increase damage to weak points on enemy ships by 10%. Finally, the Bombard Works 1, and Ballista Works 1 increase elemental damage multiplier by 19% for respective weapons.

Regarding the edit wheel, let's delve into its setup. Repair Kits 1, 2, and 3 are positioned on the top and right sides for quick access in case of damage. Meanwhile, the ragout, serving purposes of bracing mitigation and stamina regeneration, finds its place on the left for easy activation. Finally, the Tylosaurus occupies a slot, replenishing your ship's stamina by a significant 60%. When it comes to food choices, it's entirely up to personal preference.

For those curious about Forts, there are several solvable one worth mentioning. Take, for instance, Grand-Fort, where you only need to destroy 2 sections and hold your position in that spot. Then there's Fort Harimau, which spawns a varying number of ships depending on the situation. Additionally, Fort Duister is another feasible option, where you simply need to navigate around the fort without much concern for its walls.

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