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General News

  • Skull And Bones Season 2: Master These Tips To Get A Head Start In Chorus Of Havoc!

    Posted: May 30, 2024

    With the launch of Skull and Bones Season 2: Chorus of Havoc, the game will introduce new ship and weapon types, a new game mode, Helm gameplay, and an unknown threat to Indian Ocean.

    To celebrate the start of Chorus of Havoc, Skull and Bones will be hosting a free week from May 30th to June 6th, during which the entire game will be available. But if you need more time to kill Hubac Twins or take over more manufactories, you can also choose to get the game directly. Of course, all your progress will be carried over.

    Before you jump into the game, let’s take a look at some of the specific content brought to you in the new season to help you get a better start after entering the game!

    New Enemy: Hubac Twins

    La Peste may have been eliminated from your waters, but your pirate behavior has angered the megacorporations more than ever. As a result, Compagnie Royale has hired Hubac Twins to eliminate all pirates in the area.

    Their Chorus Fleet will wreak havoc on your operations, whether by using homing torpedoes, buoys that form whirlpools, or Twins singing as they attack your ships.

    Hubac Twins’ ships also have Wave Shield, a new armor consisting of removable plates that cover the hull of each ship. However, when the plates open to allow the ship’s weapons to fire, weak spots are exposed. Chorus Fleet will target trade routes and known pirate outposts in Indian Ocean, so keep an eye out.

    Preparing To Beat Hubac Twins

    To fight Hubac Twins, you’ll need to prepare some new Skull and Bones Items.

    Auxiliary Weapon

    Fortunately, the new Mine Springloader can help. As an auxiliary weapon, Springloader will fire buoys that create floating minefields, allowing you to create an explosive zone around your target.

    Best Ship

    Brig is a medium-sized ship designed to help you with Springloader. It’s also the fastest ship added to Skull and Bones so far, reduces auxiliary reload time, and will increase the effectiveness of deploying buoys after consecutive weapon hits.

    Don’t forget to equip your Brig with the brand new Armour: Rhapsody of the Deep. It lets you hold onto your mounts and unleash a sonic attack that damages nearby enemies, giving you the power to defeat them in the fight against Hubac Twins.


    There are two Springloader weapons that are worth your time, Little Grace and Infernal Maw.

    Players can earn Little Grace by completing seasonal contracts, but items like Infernal Maw and Rhapsody of the Deep are earned from Smugglers Pass. Pirates who complete Smugglers Pass will also receive Hermit Crab as an adorable ship-running pet.

    Upgrading Your Ship

    To further combat Hubac Twins, as well as some of the many other dangers lurking in the ocean, you can upgrade your ship with Shipwrights from Skull and Bones.

    Each ship will have 6 possible upgrade levels that improve ship stats, unlock new perks, and create additional furniture slots. With this feature, smaller ships can be upgraded to stand out in higher-level World Events, giving you more options when taking on missions.

    New Helm Mechanics

    Helm also introduces new game mechanics that change your smuggling operations on the high seas.

    Fleet Management

    One of these features is Fleet Management, which allows you to assign unused ships to automatically collect and deposit Pieces of Eight from your manufactories. The higher the level of your ship, the greater the chance that your loot will arrive safely at its destination, but the risk of your ship being damaged during the voyage will also be higher.

    New Ways To Get Manufactories

    Also, there are new ways to get manufactories. Now, besides Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heists PVP World Event, you can also obtain manufactories through Helm Leases and the new Buyout game mode.

    You can earn Helm Leases by completing seasonal contracts, striking a deal with John Scurlock or Rahma, or as a Smugglers Pass reward.

    There are three types of Helm Leases: Regional, Faction, and Worldwide. To use one, simply sail to the manufactory you wish to acquire and use a Helm Lease there.

    In Buyout, you will be asked to travel to an Outpost. There, Overseas Smuggler will ask you to help them collect items, which may include commodities, contraband, currencies, or equipment. If you can gather the supplies and deliver them to the Smuggler within the allotted time, you’ll be rewarded with a manufactory.

    Manufactory Defense

    Another new game mode introduced in Chorus of Havoc is Manufactory Defense, which adds an element of danger to the manufactories you already control.

    If you accept when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll need to travel to a threatened manufactory and defend it from waves of enemies. Be aware that each wave of enemies will be increasingly difficult than the one before, so be prepared.

    If your manufactory reaches zero health, you fail the objective, and the location will not produce any Pieces of Eight while it recovers. Instead, if you successfully defend your factory, you’ll be rewarded with Helm materials.

    World Events

    Chorus of Havoc also introduces several new World Events to Skull and Bones.

    Soleil Royal excels at area denial, explosive mini-ships, and ranged damage, but successfully sinking a warship will net you exotic rewards, including a ship upgrade kit on your first success.

    Admiral Rempah and Clan of Fara also add merchant convoys to the scenario, offering generous rewards to anyone who can sink them.

    Megalodon Lestari is a stealthy sea monster intent on sinking you to the depths.

    Dragon Boat Event is a limited-time event where players can win Regatta Chests by completing a series of checkpoint buoys. There will be three playable tracks, located on Red Isle, Coast of Africa, and East Indies.

    Additionally, there will be a Summer Fiesta event later in the season. During this time, Yanita Yara will ask you to steal imported ice from merchant convoys. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with Cocktails, a consumable item that provides buffs.

    These are some of the important changes and highlights worth noting in Skull and Bones Season 2. In any case, get ready to rule the high seas again in Chorus of Havoc!

  • Skull And Bones: Conquer Fort Plundering With The Ultimate Ship Build - Padewakang

    Posted: Apr 09, 2024

    For Skull and bones, this ship build I want to show you is ideal for effortless fort plundering. You can effortlessly solo plunder any fort that is Level 14 or lower and claim all the Helm Materials as your reward! Utilize these Helm Materials to craft gold, skull rum, and more, then sell them for substantial amounts of silver!

    Solo plundering any fort at Level 12 or below becomes a breeze with this plunder build. However, only 2 forts on the entire map pose a challenge: Megafort Oosten and Fort Premie. It's essential to easily vanquish these forts to obtain the significant Helm resources they offer.

    Ship For Plundering

    Firstly, we are using the Padewakang for its Detonate perk, which has 50% extra damage to structures, meaning the forts, and then an increased weapon damage radius by 12%, which is really good for destroying those reinforcing ships when they're grouped up. The cherry on top is the chance to trigger a bonus explosion that deals another 1,000 damage to all ships within 125m of the blast. 


    Up front, I'm using the Twin-winch Ballista. It may seem like an odd decision, but it does really high damage to the fort's weak points, and you can usually hit the weak points from so far away that the fort can't even shoot back at you. Always use the Twin-winch Ballista first to destroy all parts of the fort, especially the mortar towers first.

    On the sides, I'm using the Fire Bombard III. These are to kill enemy ships at longer distances, but not for the forts themselves. The Fire Bombards do significant damage, but we also use them to build the ablaze effect on the ships to always trigger the detonate perk explosion to hit all reinforcing ships with that extra 1,000 damage.

    On the back, I'm using the Dardanelles Gun for that high explosive damage that also helps to trigger the Detonate perk on the Padewakang. These are mainly to be used on enemy ships, but they can be used on the fort if you're in a tricky situation. In the auxiliary position, I use the Leopold 3. This is great to deal with reinforcing ships.


    For the hull armor, I'm using the Ouroboros. This is to repair any severe damage if any of the fort or ship mortars manage to do flooding damage to us. As you need as much health as possible to survive during these plunders, the little amount of healing you receive while bracing keeps me fighting for much longer.


    In the first slot, I use the major piece Scoping Station. This allows our Twin-winch Ballista to do such high weak spot damage. In the second furniture slot is the Front Powder Kegs to boost the Twin-winch damage by another 10%, which is always very helpful.

    In the third slot is the Gunpowder Bench, which increases damage to enemy ships with the ablaze effect by another 10%. In the final slot is the Port Powder Keg for a 10% increased damage to the port weapons. This just gives us more power to our Fire Bombards.

    Plundering Strategies

    With the build out of the way, I'll show you the best way to use it so you survive the plunder. Sail up to the fort while staying about 800m away to safely destroy its defenses without triggering reinforcements. Remain at this distance until all defenses are destroyed. Once defenses are down or you're comfortable with what's left, sail closer to trigger the plunder.

    Keep your ship at medium speed to make it harder for enemies to hit you. Avoid sitting still to prevent getting hit by long-distance cannons and mortars. Keep moving at a medium pace and aim to set enemy ships Ablaze to trigger your Detonate perk for explosive hits.

  • Skull And Bones: Unveil The Ultimate PvE Ship Build Featuring The Barque - Weapons, Armor & More

    Posted: Apr 07, 2024

    This is another Skull and Bones ship build guide! Today’s topic is the best PvE ship build that every player may be interested in. We’ll delve into the items and assess if this build can tackle all the PvE content. These tips and tricks should help you navigate through the PVE content effectively. So go ahead and set sail with confidence! Without wasting time, let's dive in!

    First and foremost, let’s delve into the set I selected: the Barque ship, obtainable in the full season pass upon reaching Level 45. We prioritize this choice because of its exceptional perk, which replenishes 0.5% of hull damage and 0.5% of overall health per second. This unique ability, when combined with a specific armor and defensive consumables, has the potential to render your ship almost impervious to sinking, ensuring formidable resilience in the face of enemy onslaughts.


    Speaking of armor, we’re utilizing the Black Prince. Apart from being one of the best armors in the game, its perk, Resolute, reduces damage taken by 50% when the whole health is less than 33%. Combined with the Barque perk, it significantly enhances durability. Alternatively, if you lack the Black Prince, you can opt for the Royal Custodian, which boasts another impressive perk called Refortify. When using any health repair kit, it applies the Fortify effect for 12 seconds, increasing armor by 35%.


    Moving on to weapons, at the front, we're using the Twin-winch Ballista, currently obtainable only in the Black Market. With its wide winds and high damage, it's perfect for targeting enemy ships' weak points. On the sides, we have the Fire Bombard III, acquired by reaching the Cutthroat rank and purchasing the blueprint. With its high damage and wide splash, it's effective against most threats. At the back, the Dardanelles Gun, also available in the Black Market, provides additional firepower.

    When it comes to auxiliary options, we've opted for the Termites III, although it's worth noting that you can easily switch it out for the Leopold III if you prefer. What makes the Termites III stand out is its remarkable perk, which enhances structure damage by an impressive 50%. This makes it a potent and strategic choice for bolstering your ship's offensive capabilities, particularly when engaging in fortified targets.


    Now, let's talk about the furniture. The Scoping Station applies the marked status when hitting a target over 320m away, synergizing well with the Twin-winch Ballista. Next, the La Potence Schematics I increase damage to weak points on enemy ships by 10%. Finally, the Bombard Works 1, and Ballista Works 1 increase elemental damage multiplier by 19% for respective weapons.

    Regarding the edit wheel, let's delve into its setup. Repair Kits 1, 2, and 3 are positioned on the top and right sides for quick access in case of damage. Meanwhile, the ragout, serving purposes of bracing mitigation and stamina regeneration, finds its place on the left for easy activation. Finally, the Tylosaurus occupies a slot, replenishing your ship's stamina by a significant 60%. When it comes to food choices, it's entirely up to personal preference.

    For those curious about Forts, there are several solvable one worth mentioning. Take, for instance, Grand-Fort, where you only need to destroy 2 sections and hold your position in that spot. Then there's Fort Harimau, which spawns a varying number of ships depending on the situation. Additionally, Fort Duister is another feasible option, where you simply need to navigate around the fort without much concern for its walls.

  • Skull And Bones: Farm In This Location To Maximize Your Magnetite Ingots Harvest - Grande Falaise

    Posted: Apr 03, 2024

    In Skull and Bones, there are many players curious about obtaining Magnetite Ingots, presumably because of the common use of Magnetite and Greenheart Plank in an array of gear and weaponry. I will provide you with some easy-to-gather locations and related suggestions to improve your gaming experience. Let’s delve into the process right away.

    Upon setting sail, combat is unnecessary. The Magnetite deposits lining the island walls present themselves as glowing spots. Take advantage of this abundance by circling both the inner and outer edges of the island, systematically harvesting the Magnetite Ingot.

    Magnetite Location

    The place I would like to recommend is Grande Falaise. This area serves as your primary Magnetite farming location. It lies within the Southern Basin, specifically south of the Southern Basin area. If the deposits are depleted, simply switch instances or explore alternative locations with Magnetite deposits.

    Consult the map for symbols indicating Magnetite locations, ensuring thorough exploration of all nearby deposits. Utilize high-quality tools to maximize extraction efficiency from each sample.

    As we journey ahead, numerous Magnetite deposits will emerge into view, each yielding a bountiful 27 units upon harvesting. We will proceed, guided by the radiant presence of the Magnetite adorning the walls of the island. Even at considerable speeds, the conspicuous glow proves difficult to overlook.

    How To Farm Magnetite?

    Occasionally, the glow may take a moment to appear, but rest assured, it will catch your attention. Despite we may only acquiring 14 units a time, the glowing rocks serve as unmistakable indicators of Magnetite’s presence. Regardless of speed or wind interference, the glowing markers guide our path to further deposits.

    With each harvest, the Magnetite reserves grow, ensuring a steady supply for crafting quality weapons. The most potent weapons often require Magnetite Ingots, making this farming process crucial. 

    If you’re aiming to gather more Magnetite, perhaps even aiming for a thousand of them, simply continue the same rotation-circumnavigating the island in a small loop. Ensure you circle around. While you can explore other areas if you wish, it may divert you from your intended path.

    However, that’s essentially the method for farming Magnetite Ingots. It’s wise to stock up, as I’m certain future weaponry will rely on this resource, too.

    Magnetite Ingot Refining

    Magnetite Ingots are integral in crafting the ships listed above. Acquire ship blueprints to unveil the additional materials necessary for constructing your desired ship. Similarly, you can utilize Magnetite Ingots in crafting the weapons. Seek out weapon blueprints to ascertain the other materials required for crafting your desired weapon.

    Let's make our way to the refinery located at Sainte-Anne. Upon arrival, you'll spot it near the ships, though you might encounter some server loot along the way. Continuing on, you'll discover the refinery nestled right beside the ship, adjacent to the Blacksmith's workshop.

    This is where you'll uncover the coveted Magnetite Ingots. Crafting each ingot demands three units of magnetite. Consequently, from our five-minute farming expedition, we can amass a grand total of 79 Magnetite Ingots. Such a plentiful supply ensures contentment for the foreseeable future.

    Final Thought

    Of course, looting other ships provides another way to obtain resources such as Magnetite Ingots. However, this method is not suitable for low-level ships. Therefore, you’re faced with 2 options: either embark on an extensive voyage to the southeast or prepare to confront formidable adversaries.

     If you are at a high level, you can try this method, but I think the best option is farming. Unless your vessel boasts sufficient strength to vanquish larger maritime adversaries!

  • Skull And Bones: Why The Enhanced Repair Kit 1 Is The Best Among Repair Kits?

    Posted: Mar 29, 2024

    There’s a significant number of players interested in the optimal repair kits to use in Skull and Bones. This guide aims to address this question and provide clarity on why I believe a particular repair kit stands out as the best option currently. Let's dive in!

    How To Get The Blueprints?

    Today, we’re going to go through which repair kits are the best to use. I know a lot of people run the Royal Custodian armor, so they’ll go with Repair Kit 1, but I just want to talk about the repair kits real quick so you can get the blueprints for the repair kits. When the Carpenter stops talking, you can get the blueprints for the repair kit.

    About Repair Kits 1, 2 & 3

    The Repair Kit 1 provides a modest 6,000 health restoration and boasts a relatively short cooldown of just 20 seconds.

    The Repair Kit 2 offers a significant boost, delivering a whopping 18,000 health restoration. However, this impressive healing power comes at the cost of a longer cooldown, clocking in at a substantial 60 seconds. Essentially, Repair Kit 2 triples both the health restoration and the cooldown time compared to its predecessor, making it a formidable but slower option.

    The Repair Kit 3, which takes healing to the next level by offering a staggering 27,000 health restoration. However, this formidable healing potency is tempered by an excessively long cooldown of 90 seconds. Indeed, the cooldown period for Repair Kit 3 is undeniably lengthy, posing a considerable drawback despite its impressive healing capabilities.

    Enhanced Repair Kits

    So, if we look at the Enhanced Repair Kits, the first to talk is the Enhanced Repair Kit 1. Now restores 50% whole health, and the cooldown in that is 40 seconds. Then we can get the Enhanced Repair Kit 2, restores whole health by 70%, but the cooldown on that is 80 to 90 seconds. The huge cooldown is just for an extra 20%. And then you can get the Enhanced Repair Kit 3, which is another 20%, which is 90%, and that does 120 seconds cooldown.

    To be able to heal for 50% every 40 seconds is the best bang for your buck because you can easily, with how long ship fights last and the maneuvering and how long it takes enemy ships to actually get you on target, you can easily re-heal if needed in a sticky situation.

    Now, a lot of people run the Repair Kit 1 with Royal Custodian, but even if you are popping that Royal Custodian buff, 6K health is going to disappear real quick depending on what kind of content you’re doing. So all in all, the Enhanced Repair Kit 1 is the one that you should be using.

    How To Craft Enhanced Repair Kit 1?

    Now, if you want to craft the Enhanced Repair Kit 1, you'll need 3 Repair Kit 1 displayed at the side of the screen. After obtaining them, you can approach the Carpenter, who will craft the repair kit for you.

    Once crafted, you'll need to add the Enhanced Repair Kits to your wheel for easy access during gameplay. To do this, press the square button on the bottom left corner of the screen. If you're playing on Xbox or PC, the corresponding button may differ.

    Next, select the triangle button to enter editing mode, and navigate to Wheel. Choose the slot where you want to place your repair kit. You can customize your wheel with various items, including cosmetics like symbols, or even food if you have it in your cargo. However, for most situations in the game, the Enhanced Repair Kit 1 is your best choice.

    In that case, you can opt for the regular Repair Kit 1. I prefer the Enhanced Repair Kit 1 because its quick cooldown can save countless times during combat situations. Even though 40 seconds might seem long, in the heat of battle, it passes quickly, and the 50% healing boost it provides is invaluable.

  • Skull And Bones: Uncover The Secret Of Rode Maangodin Ghost Ship In Season 1

    Posted: Mar 27, 2024

    The Rode Maangodin ghost ships serves as one of the mission bosses in Skull and Bones Season 1. Numerous players are intrigued by the quest to track down this elusive vessel. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of acquiring the latest Skull and Bones Season 1 cosmetics by triumphing over the formidable endgame boss known as Rode Maangodin.

    In the process of crossing the vast ocean, the mysterious temperament of the ghost ship adds an exciting sense of mystery to the game, prompting players to explore strategically and stay vigilant.


    First, we need to head over to the bounty board and select the brand new quest called Anguish from the Abyss, a brand new quest that is going to give us amazing new items, ship cosmetics and more. It will be a bit challenging. Hopefully, you can have some friends help you out or maybe some of the server. Head over to Khmoy Estate and head over to where we are going to fight the boss.

    Endgame Ship Build

    I’ll be utilizing the Sanduk for its formidable damage output, but perhaps the Snow would be a better choice for this encounter. If you’re in a group, the Sambuk is recommended, while solo players might opt for the Snow. Our objective is to farm the Rode Maangodin, and I’ll guide you through the process and the potential loot we can obtain.

    The Sanduk build comprises 4 Zamzama III and all-size cannons, accompanied by the Rocket freeze ability. I’m equipped with the Black Prince armor and furniture geared towards the Scrapper Station, providing 8,000 health restoration after a crew attack. This setup capitalizes on the Raider perk of the Zamzamas, boosting crew attack.

    We benefit from increased charge rates for Ablaze and crew attacks, enhanced Elemental damage on Demi-Cannons, and amplified damage to ships with an Ablaze effect. The Sanduk’s standard perk, Scorch, inflicts 5,000 burn damage when applying the Ablaze effect to enemy ships, further enhancing our damage potential.

    Ghost Ship Fight

    Now, let’s embark on our journey. After ensuring adequate provisions, including food in my ship inventory, we’ll first deal with La Peste and then confront the Rode Maangodin. Despite encountering some unexpected challenges with La Peste being eliminated before our arrival, we'll assess the loot found in the sea, which includes La Peste Locker, White Skull Rum, Silver Chest, and Serious Chest. It remains uncertain if we'll acquire any special items from this haul.

    The Rode Maangodin presents a formidable challenge, with its initial weak spots located prominently on each front side of its hull. These weak spots serve as the key vulnerability for dealing damage. Until one of these critical points is destroyed, the Rode Maangodin remains impervious to any harm. However, once a weak spot is obliterated, the Rode Maangodin emits a distinctive scream, signaling vulnerability and the opportunity for assault.

    Besides its defensive mechanisms, the Rode Maangodin utilizes a barrage of rockets and unleashes the dreaded Blue Spectre, also known as Sea Fire. This combination results in a relentless onslaught of fire and explosive damage, making it imperative for pirates to stay on guard. One strategic advantage for pirates is to position themselves towards the back of the Rode Maangodin, where it struggles to reach, granting an opportunity for more effective attacks.

    The Rode Maangodin possesses the ability to vanish into a heavy mist after a certain duration of combat. This temporary disappearance adds an element of unpredictability to the battle, as it reappears in a new location within seconds. The substantial fire damage inflicted by the Rode Maangodin can prove to be challenging for unprepared pirates, emphasizing the importance of strategic preparation and teamwork in confronting this formidable adversary.

    Rode Maangodin Boss Rewards

    Tarnished Ring: The Tarnished Ring serves as a contract item and a onetime reward earned upon defeating Maangodin for the first time within the Oceans Apart side contract. Upon victory, return to the Mysterious Rogue and present her with the Tarnished Ring to claim a reward of 600 Silver.

    Vengeful Essence: Vengeful Essence is a specialized material that drops from Maangodin and is utilized in crafting the Blue Specter weapon blueprint, available for purchase from the Mysterious Rogue.

    Ethereal Ashes: Ethereal Ashes are specialized materials serving as boss currency, exclusively used to trade with the Mysterious Rogue in the Oubliette for unique items!

    Dutch Merchant Company Loot: Being a ghostly Dutch Merchant Company warship, Maangodin also yields the standard loot found on Dutch-aligned ships, including specialized materials like the Precision Drilling Bit and Screw Mechanism, exclusively dropped from these vessels. Upon defeat, Maangodin drops a Mysterious Chest containing random high-tier rewards.

  • Skull And Bones: A Step-By-Step Guide To Investigate The Secret Of Turning The Page

    Posted: Mar 27, 2024

    There are quite a few investigations in Skull and Bones for players to explore, and players need to find clues to complete these unique missions, which can provide generous rewards and XP.

    Turning The Page may be the first investigation task you will encounter in Sainte-Anne. However, it is also considered one of the most challenging investigations in the game because of the many high-level ships you need to defeat. But don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll help you complete the task and reveal the truth in a few steps.

    Turning The Page is a profitable mission in many ways, so it’s worth taking the time to prepare the necessary Skull and Bones Items, increase your Infamy Ranks, and upgrade your ship before starting.

    Also, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, don’t forget to use Call For Help mechanic in Skull and Bones to increase your chances of success by completing tasks with other players.

    Start Missions

    To unlock Turning The Page, you need to bribe two pirates not far from the docks and Scurlock’s quarters for information.

    Next, you can look at the purple rumor icon on the map. This icon informs you to try searching Sainte-Anne’s Low Tide tavern for information on the whereabouts of Jacques Sorrel.

    After entering the tavern, collect the wanted poster-style leaflet next to the bar. Collecting this information will update the first page of your investigation log, which contains the first clue, a photo of Jacques Sorrel.

    While the clues don’t reveal much, check out Turning the Page objective in the diary for a clue as to what to do next: Jacques Sorrel is said to have lived in Sainte-Amelie, near the coast of Ile Royale.

    Plunder Sainte-Amelie

    Sainte-Amelie is located southwest of Sainte-Anne in Ile Royale region. Sainte-Amelie is a small settlement in the southeast of the large island in the region. You must then choose Plunder instead of Interact as you drive toward Sainte-Amelie to get the next clue.

    The first stage of plunder Sainte-Amelie mainly involves the destruction of two towers. The building on the left is easily defeated as it doesn’t have much defense. So if possible, I would recommend you to aim at the top of the tower with high-powered fire-based weapons like Fire Bombard I to destroy it faster.

    Note that the tower on the right is trickier, so don’t get too close. Fortunately, you can still shoot it from a safe distance to stop the fight and avoid taking any damage. This comes in handy for the more challenging stages.

    After completing the first plunder stage, you will get the next clue that you need to continue to complete the looting of Sainte-Amelie.

    Later, several waves of tricky high-level ships arrive, so shoot them down as quickly as possible and use Repair Kits to repair your ships on the fly. Before that, though, you’re better off sinking the smaller ships that hit, which deal with devastating damage on impact, and then take out the two larger ships.

    There are five waves of enemies in total, so be prepared for a potentially long battle. This will only become more challenging as more ships join the battle.

    Destroy La Plume Ship

    After you successfully plunder Sainte-Amelie, an objective marker will appear on the map, pointing to Southwest Passage. Sail there and use your spyglass to find a high-level ship called La Plume. You must then destroy La Plume to get the last clue in another challenging battle.

    Afterwards, you can use the fast travel mechanic at the outpost to return to Sainte-Anne, or return by ship if you prefer. After arriving in Sainte-Anne, talk to Anja Rakotomanga in the warehouse to complete Turning the Page. This means you’ll solve Kit the Tiger’s mysteries and get some hard-earned loot.

    Anyway, that’s it for this Turning the Page investigation guide. Grab your best ship and start the adventure!

  • Skull And Bones: Are Rockets Your Best Weapon Choice For Fort Plundering?

    Posted: Mar 25, 2024

    This time, we will discuss the most potent weapon for plundering Forts in Skull and Bones: the Rockets, also known as the Termites III. Rockets shoot out 30 projectiles per cycle, each dealing about 2k damage. When enhanced with Rocket Works, their elemental damage becomes astonishing.


    Our forthcoming experiment involves testing the efficacy of the Rocket Works enhancement on the Grand-Fort. The elemental damage infused by the Rocket Works is anticipated to swiftly dismantle the fortress - an aspect that has piqued my interest, particularly considering the notable augmentation it provides to the Rockets' potency.

    In alternative scenarios, such as engagements occurring beyond the fortified walls of fortresses, the Mortar emerges as a viable choice, with a preference typically leaning towards the poison-inflicting variant.

    As we draw to a close on our current venture, we've managed to procure some Tobacco Leaves, a tangible reward stemming from our recent triumph in disrupting the enemy's supply network. Our sights are now set on the Grand-Fort, awaiting our strategic assault.

    Implementing the Rocket Works enhancement is imperative for our forthcoming operation. This augmentation promises to amplify the elemental damage output by an impressive 19%, a difference that will undoubtedly be palpable. Our approach will involve initiating the assault with the Ballista, followed swiftly by the unleashing of the Rockets. A barrage of 30 Rockets shall be unleashed upon our target, poised to wreak havoc upon the Grand-Fort.

    About Termites III

    What attributes contribute to the formidable effectiveness of the Termites III in dismantling fortresses If we delve into its enhancements, we find a notable 50% increase in structural damage. This parallels the capabilities of certain bombards, which are poised to become integral components of the Fort raiding configuration.

    In the observations, Rockets have demonstrated a significant impact, dealing 2.2k damage per projectile. In practical terms, this equates to over 60,000 cumulative damage to a fortress when employing 30 Rockets, each inflicting 2.2k damage. However, it's essential to acknowledge that achieving similar results against Fort Oosten, MegaFort Oosten, and Fort Premie might prove more challenging. These fortresses are inherently more resilient, potentially fortified against such types of damage.


    When it comes to weapons, Rockets undeniably stand out as a cornerstone in the Fort plundering blueprint because of their unmatched efficacy. Moreover, my inclination leans towards incorporating Bombards into the Fort raiding setup, as they boast an equally remarkable 50% structural damage capability, echoing the formidable power of Rockets.

    In our pursuits, we've adopted a customized hybrid construction specifically designed for both conquering bosses and raiding Forts. However, through my thorough experimentation with a specialized Fort raiding build, I've observed a slight prolongation in neutralizing the ships that accompany the Fort plundering endeavor. This extended timeframe is unsurprising, given the dilemma of prioritizing either the Fort itself or the accompanying vessels, or strategizing a hybrid approach.

    Final Thought

    The Termites III, a formidable weapon, is sourced from the Black Markets. These Rockets, known as Termites III, specialize in dealing structure damage. However, it's crucial to note that while these Rockets excel in Fort assaults, they're not suited for every situation. Personally, I reserve their use solely for besieging Forts.

    Make sure when you are using Rockets you have a lot of ammo because it would just bleed through ammo like nobody’s business. I lost all my ammo rather quickly. Every single hit is on a weak point. Every single hit is a crit hit. Times that by the 30 Rockets, and that is well over 60,000 damage. And almost the entire wall is gone just from these Rockets. How powerful they are in this pludering!

  • Skull And Bones: A Delve Deeper Into This Mysterious Outpost In The World Of Pirates! - Poacher’s Cache

    Posted: Mar 22, 2024

    The world map of Skull and Bones is vast and full of dangers, which can make it difficult for players to find the exact location of a certain outpost or docked pirate ship. And most of the locations on the map aren’t unlocked until you discover them, which adds another hurdle when trying to find specific spots.

    For example, there are multiple outposts in the game, and they all have different purposes. Depending on NPCs found there, we can get some key tips and rewards, whether that's providing rare Skull and Bones Items, weapons and upgrades or completing unique quests.

    Among them, Poacher’s Cache outpost is also one of the key locations worth exploring in Skull and Bones, and it also provides the opportunity to purchase some valuable blueprints to upgrade your ship.

    However, since many outposts don’t have specific uses until mid-to-late game, getting one of them early on is very difficult, if not impossible. Navigating around to find this specific location can also be time-consuming unless you use the fast travel mechanic at the expense of Skull and Bones Silver.

    But don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to quickly find Poacher’s Cache outpost, and explain what rare gear is worth buying here to greatly increase your power.

    Poacher’s Cache Location

    To find Poacher’s Cache in Skull and Bones, you need to sail northwest of Sainte-Anne to Harufu region and then continue to Coast of Africa.

    This outpost is located on a small island opposite Bandari settlement. The settlement of Bandari is known for its trading opportunities and various activities that players can engage in. There you can purchase key resources such as Fine Sisal, Nickel Ingot, Casting Sand, and Snuff.

    If you haven’t discovered it yet, it will appear as a question mark on the map. However, once you’ve visited it at least once, it appears on the map and is a place you can freely fast travel to other outposts.

    Items Worth Trying

    Besides the usual outpost necessities like Storage Cache, Water Barrels to replenish Stamina, a Cookery, and Pirate’s Bonfire, you may also find several vendors to trade or chat with depending on how occupied the island is at the time of reset. Such as Ungwana Warrior, Corrupt Compagnie Officer, Overseas Smuggler, or Helm Liaison who unlocked his secret smuggling operation in Sainte-Anne.

    Among them, I strongly recommend you to check out Ungwana Warrior’s wares in Poacher’s Cache. He seems to be there regardless of land occupation. This vendor stocks the following valuable weapon, armor, and furniture blueprints:

    • Culverin III: It is described as a versatile cannon with good range, damage, and reload speed. The blueprint costs 910 silver coins plus 500 silver and other resources to create.
    • Demi-Cannon III: It can fire deadly shrapnel at short range, tearing ships apart at close range. Its blueprint costs 910 silver and an additional 500 silver coins to craft.
    • Layered Scales III: It is described as red-brown scales fused with iron. The blueprint sells for 1050 silver and the production cost is 570 silver coins.
    • Storage Compartment I: This will increase your cargo storage capacity by 10%. Its blueprint requires 790 silver plus 430 silver to craft.

    All in all, Poacher’s Cache provides players with a key waypoint for easy access to valuable resources and serves as a key stop for supplies and preparation for adventure. Finding it will be a crucial step in your world's exploration!

  • Skull And Bones: Take A Closer Look At The Details Provided In The 1.3 Patch Notes

    Posted: Mar 21, 2024

    Skull and Bones received a major update with the release of version 1.3 on March 19th. In this guide, we’ll delve into the patch notes for Skull and Bones, which encompass various improvements and fixes. Many of these changes have been long-awaited by players since the game’s initial release.

    The patch notes for Skull and Bones cover a wide range of aspects, including general gameplay adjustments, contract modifications, bug fixes, and enhancements to PvP mechanics. It’s anticipated that players will appreciate the additions and refinements introduced in update 1.3.

    Voice & Text Chat

    In this update, Season 1 has been extended by a week, now totaling 13 weeks instead of 12. Voice and text chat features, including group voice chat, group text chat, and World text chat, have been re-enabled.

    Gear Adjustments

    Following gear score adjustments, efforts have been made to facilitate reaching ship rank 12 with diverse builds. While not delving into exhaustive detail, key changes include increasing the gear score of Scurlock’s Long Nines and Rahma's Legacy from 110 to 120. Consequently, a series of alterations to the gear score have been implemented, coupled with a reduction in the threshold to reach ship rank 12 from 1670 to 1630.

    Open-World PvP

    The recent addition of open-world PvP provides players with a fresh avenue for engaging in PvP outside of traditional event modes. By raising their PvP flag on the set sails screen before departing from outposts and Dens, players can choose to opt in or out of open-world PvP. Enabling the PvP flag allows players to engage in combat with others who also have their flag raised, excluding PvP-based activities.

    In open-world PvP, players with their PvP flag enabled and a current kill streak are identified by a red skull icon beside their profile names. Friendly fire is enabled, meaning that hitting a group mate with PvP enabled will damage them, but players with their PvP flag off cannot deal damage to those with it on, and vice versa. However, in PvP activities like the Cutthroat Cargo, PvP is automatically enabled by all players.

    Despite ship rank being disregarded during open-world PvP combat, developers have fine-tuned mechanics based on player feedback and data gathered from activities. Matchmaking criteria have been updated to consider players' last selected PvP flag preference, ensuring players with similar inclinations are matched together. Adjustments have been made to PvP damage and repair mechanics, with UI feedback indicating when a player target cannot be repaired by another player.

    Combat Gameplay

    In terms of gameplay updates for combat, several adjustments have been made. The visual clarity of the rocket aiming reticle has been improved to enhance player accuracy. The duration of the torn sails effects for the Brigantine Bullhorn perk has been significantly reduced, from an 80% reduction down to 40%, marking a substantial nerf.

    However, the duration of Torn Sails for players has been increased to 10 seconds, accompanied by a boost in the slow multiplier from 0.5 to 0.66 seconds, potentially altering combat dynamics.

    UI Improvements

    They’ve made various UI improvements, such as activity invitations will no longer be shown when players are already in an existing activity. They’ve also added settings for hiding HUD elements, including quick action wheel widget, interaction prompt, stamina gauge, hostility indicator, and all the HUD. So, you can completely turn your HUD off.

    Activities & Events

    When it comes to activities and events, Cutthroat Cargo previously stood as one of the primary avenues through which players engaged in PvP activities. Accordingly, it was tailored to serve as an accessible PvP game mode. However, with the advent of open-world PvP, adjustments have been made to Cutthroat Cargo to maintain its integrity.

    Participants can only opt into the activity during the pre-activity countdown period, with no option to join once it has begun. Fast travel is disabled during the active phase of the activity. As a result, if a player joins Cutthroat Cargo in its final moments without sufficient time to fast travel closer to the map, it provides an unimpeded voyage to the outpost for existing participants.

    The destination outpost is now only visible to participants. Notably, the speed debuff for the Cutthroat Cargo carrier has been removed. Initially implemented to limit the Brigantine's speed to 14 knots, it has since been rescinded, allowing all ships to travel at their maximum speed. Similarly, the speed debuff preceding the carrier in Helm Wager has been eliminated, restoring the ability to achieve 18 knots in a Brigantine.

    Inventory & Trading

    In terms of inventory and trading, several enhancements have been introduced. The default open behavior for silver pouches and chests has been modified to open all pouches and chests in the stack. This change alleviates the inconvenience of having to open them one by one, especially when dealing with multiple chests.

    Adjustments have been made to outpost vendors' store inventories to ensure persistence across different servers and platforms. This change prevents players from exploiting server switching to access varying inventories and commodities.

    A new feature has been added, allowing players to cycle through inventory while in NPC shops. This functionality enables players to seamlessly buy and sell items directly from their warehouse, streamlining the trading process and enhancing overall convenience.

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