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General News

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Tempering, Enchanting And Upgrading Gear The Most Comprehensive Guide

    Posted: May 25, 2024

    Hello, everyone. I hope you can upgrade items during the leveling process in Diablo 4 Season 4. The following information in this guide will be useful for you before you reach World Tier 4.

    If you start to your endgame build tinkering, I will explain what tempering is and how to use it in the game. We will also discuss enchanting your gear.

    When it comes to Tempering or Enchanting the gear you own, investing in Diablo 4 Gold will make your gear even more perfect.

    And lastly, I will share with you my logic when it comes to the order of upgrading mechanics. Make sure to check out this last chapter of this passage so you don’t waste tons of gold in the process.

    So let’s get into it.

    How Tempering Works in Diablo 4?

    First, what is tempering? Diablo 4 Season 4 changed a lot of stuff around the loot stats and upgrading items. One of such changes is the addition of tempering, which is a new system of upgrading your items.

    Prior to Season 4, you would find loot with all the stats already available on the item. And then you would just change one single stat through the enchanting process and upgrade the item to make the stats higher.

    In Season 4, however, you drop items with less amount of stats available on them than before. Rare items have 2 Affixes, 3 legendaries, and 4 Uniques but then you can add powerful Affixes on an item with tempering.

    So what tempering does is basically add up to two new powerful affixes to item. However, before you reach World Tier 4 and start dropping in Ancestral item Rarity. You will be able to add only one Affixes.

    The number of times you can temper an item is limited. And depends on Rarity of the item. Early items will have a limit of three attempts and then we have Ancestral items which drop at World Tier 4. And those allow us to temper 5 times. Important to note is that tempering can be done only for rare and legendary items.

    Uniques cannot be tempered also bear in mind that when you roll tempered Affixes, you do not have an option to keep the old one. The new Affixes always override the old one. And so there is a risk factor here, especially when you are on your last temper attempt available.

    So starting the tempering process, you have to go to Blacksmith and click the first tab. The process does not cost any gold but requires a couple of materials. You will get tons of necessary materials as you play the game.

    I salvage most of my rares and Legendaries I also temper a lot so far. And I was never short on materials for tempering my gear. Whenever I wanted to change my stuff during the leveling process, besides materials, you also need manuals, which are a list of few stat outcomes for tempering.

    One of the Affixes from the manual will be randomly added during the tempering process. You find manuals by just simply playing the game. They drop just like any other loot. These manuals have different Rarities. And these Rarities is impact the range of values of the stats available with the manual.

    Basically, the higher Rarity of manual, the better the stats possible manuals are also split into six categories. And these categories work like categories of aspects. Every item type has different possible tempering categories. So for gloves, you can add a utility or offensive category. For pens, you have only defensive or utility categories and so on.

    The good thing is that once you find the manual, it’s unlocked permanently. So you don’t need to search for it again and again, which is neat.

    Enchanting in Diablo 4 Season 4

    Now let’s briefly discuss enchanting your items. Enchanting is a process which modifies one Affixes available on your gear. To this process cannot change the row-based stats of item like damage dealt on weapons or base armor on gloves. Affixes to be changed are marked with dots and are located under this horizontal line.

    To enchant your item, you need to go to the occultist and click on the fourth tab. Once you put the item you want to enchant, you can click the icon in the top right corner of enchanting window. To see the potential outcomes of the process. This is super useful to help you understand what stats you can actually get and what are the ranges.

    When you enchant any item, you get three choices, two new stats and an option to retain the initial Affixes. The enchanting process takes few materials and a substantial amount of gold, the tricky case that every time you enchant the same item. The cost of the process increases, the price of gold can reach insane amounts. So be mindful of it.

    Upgrading Gear Efficiently During Leveling

    And let me explain the thought process I use for upgrading any item that I want to use. I think applying this logic may save you a lot of gold during the leveling process. Since we can modify our gear a lot in Season 4.

    I look mainly for Legendary item drop with good base row power and two out of free stats that are fitting my build. I don’t care for Legendary Power since I can change it easily now with Codex of Power.

    By the way, the aspects are now permanently unlocked when salvaging an item. And the highest value salvaged will be always available in a Codex of Power, not just the lowest base value like before.

    I also don’t need perfect free out of free stats because I can swap out one Affixes with an enchanting process. I will always start the process of tinkering an item with tempering. This is because we have a limited number of tempering attempts and the stats available through the tempering process are particularly powerful for build crafting.

    So if we don’t get the stat from the manual that we wanted with tempering, the item is potentially a bust. This is especially the case for weapons and other item types with offensive category manuals available on them. They are game changers for items, at least for my build.

    So now let me give you a specific example to showcase this process. I am playing a Frozen Orb build with my Sorceress. Let’s say I found gloves that I want to use that have two good stats on them. First, I go to Blacksmith for tempering.

    On gloves I can put stats from either utility or offensive category, I found a manual from offensive category called Frost Finesse which has amazing damage boost potential for my build. Especially cold damage and vulnerable damage are very good stats for me. Since Frozen Orb has a 40% chance to make enemies vulnerable and is, of course, cold-based skill.

    So if I don’t manage to get either of these stats with tempering. I would not use those glows. Similarly to weapons, I want to get a specific stat in tempering that gives me a chance to cast Frozen Orb twice. So by not enchanting nor swapping Legendary Powers first. I potentially save a lot of gold on an item that I wouldn’t use, anyway. But let’s say, I get the tempering that I wanted.

    I start with the enchanting process to try to get the first start on gloves to improve my build. In case I have bad luck and enchanting gets too expensive. I have done three options.

    First, I can settle for the sub powerful stat. Next, I can just continue investing gold or I can just stick to gloves that I already have.

    And lastly, if I get the stats that I wanted on the item. I swap the legendary power to the one I want. Modifying legendary powers should be done last. As it involves no RNG and it’s quite an expensive process to begin with.

    These are my detailed instructions on how to do Tempering, Enchanting and Upgrading Gear in Diablo 4. I hope these are useful to you.

  • Diablo 4: These Essential Attention You Should Not Miss When You Play

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    Hello everyone, today I want to introduce to you 10 details that you cannot miss in Diablo 4 Season 4.

    Whether it is for old players or new players, it is a very friendly gaming experience.

    In fact, if you top up Diablo 4 Gold heavily, those enemies will no longer be your match.

    1. Helltides

    Helltides have been reworked. So they have significantly higher monster density. They also start all the way at World Tier 1. So because of this you can do them literally from the start of the game and also they’ve previously been reworked to be up. All the time with except just 5 minute gaps. So for that reason they have more mob density. They’re faster than the level.

    You can access them earlier and they’re up all the time. Because of all these reasons, Helltides are now actually arguably the best way to level in all of Diablo 4 while you’re actually acquiring those lost materials,etc through the leveling process.

    So it double dips in efficiency you probably just want to skip the campaign and farm Helltides.

    2. Unique Items

    All unique items in the game that are not Uber unique items. Now we’re going to drop in World Tier 3 or higher. That means more important than it ever has been to rush to World Tier 3 so that while you’re completing your leveling process. Perhaps in Helltide that we just mentioned, you have the opportunity to acquire some of those build defining Uniques.

    You’re going to need for your in-game build. On top of it, do not forget unique items are now the only items in the game. That actually has four base Affixes as Legendaries. Now their base Affixes are three and you can add two more on for tempering. You can also have greater Affixes onto unique items and can masterwork them.

    So while unique items maybe not have five total Affixes like Legendary items can have after tempering. They’re still going to be pretty strong because they have four base can have multiple greater Affixes on those four base. And then also can be masterworked while also dropping earlier in the game.

    3. Trading

    Utilizing trading if somebody who does not prefer the solo experience. Trading in this game is going to be better than any of the previous Seasons. Unique items can now be traded Legendary items can be traded anything, any item in the game basically that has not been tempered or masterwork can now be traded as long as it’s not in Uber unique.

    As those are the only items that cannot be traded. For that reason, if you get a drop that’s either valuable. Maybe for a build that’s not the one you’re using or if you need to acquire an item. Don’t forget to get or sell your items as they now have a use. You can also trade boss materials in the game, meaning if you’re going to farm for those Uber unique non-tradable items.

    You can use the goal you got from selling some of the items you’ve acquired, including the unique items. And then get those boss materials for the gold, you have gold will be needed in Season 4, because masterworking is going to take a significant amount of gold to accomplish. For all these reasons, trading is going to be better in season 4.

    4. Armor

    Blizzard has changed the way in Season 4 that armor works. There’s now a maximum physical damage reduction of 85% and this is capped at 9,200 and 30 armor. Because there’s an aspect in the game called Juggernauts Aspect. That will give you more armor at max level than you even need to hit the cap.

    You now can, with just one aspect, max out all the armor your character will need. After that you just have to worry about the other defensive layers like Resistances Barrier and Fortify, for instance. So with just this one aspect, you’ll never have to worry about armor again.

    5. Uber Unique

    Craft any Uber unique you want, regardless of which Uber unique you got as a drop. Let me explain it to you. So, for instance, this Iron wolves theme, this is a reputational system, one of the rewards for doing this in season 4 is going to be getting a Resplendant Spark. You get a second Resplendant Spark from killing tormented Echoes, the new higher tier of the boss, and you get a third Resplendant Spark from killing Lilith herself.

    This means that’s three Sparks, you get that, plus you get an Uber's unique drop from killing any of the other Uber bosses continually until that happens. You will still be gated by the RNG,so you require Uber unique.

    You salvage that you get that gives you four total Sparks. You can now craft with those four total Sparks, an Uber unique of your choosing. So because of this, as long as you get a singular Uber unique drop, you can turn it into any Uber unique in the game that you actually want.

    6. Leveling Build

    Use a leveling build when you’re starting out. This will make it easier for you to level as you’re progressing through the game.You compare this with the fact that once you’ve leveled with the leveling build.

    You can use one of Scrolls of Amnesia. You’re going to get during the seasonal Journey which allows you to reset all of your skill trees, Paragon Boards, etc. For free and then swap to an in-game build with the items that you have acquired. Now, if you remember from one of the previous tips, all the uniques drop from World Tier 3 going forward.

    So by time to time you hit the level 100 and you finish the leveling process, you have a much higher chance now. To have everything you need stored within that New Codex, which is a new quality of life where you can store all your new aspects within Codex, even your highest power aspects.

    You find throughout the game and you have a much higher chance of having the unique items Etc. you need. Then you can switch to your in-game variety of the build.

    7. Switching Builds

    Now Feel free to do it if somebody that just wants to learn in-game build from stage one. I totally understand that logic, but this would just save you some time. If someone who’s limited time, you want to level faster and then swap to another build. So this is more of an efficiency thing. That’s not required to do.

    8. Legendaries

    Legendary and unique items that you do not pick up will go back to your stash, anyway. This has a cap of 10 but in Season 4, they have reduced the amount of drops. That are legendary and unique that we’re actually going to be receiving. For this reason, it is harder to fill up this cap, meaning if you don’t want to stop and just pick up gear all the time.

    And we already know that 925 gear is guaranteed at level 95 plus, meaning you don’t have to sit there and identify Legendaries as much. Anyway, you can just go through a Dungeon go back to town after it, see what items actually dropped, look at them at that point and save yourself some time of constantly stopping. Throughout the Dungeon all the time.

    9. Equipment

    Equipment, this isn’t Odie but goodie. If you look at your equipment and it looks like this, it just shows you the stats go to options. After that, what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to gameplay.

    Advanced tool tip compares and advance Tool tip information and turns these on. Go back and look at your items. It’s now going to show you the role that this item is. This will allow you to know if your item rolled very well with its Affixes or fairly poorly.

    This is even more important in season 4 because you’re only going to have three base Affixes. And so you’re going to want to know what that role looks like. Of course, you’re looking for greater a fixes that are going to be 150% of the max row. Anyway, but until you get those, this is going to be important.

    It also lets you compare with advanced comparison as well. Holding shift, it will show you the plus or minus that we’ll acquire if you actually change your equipment pieces between the two you’re comparing. This will very quickly help you know which piece of gear is better.

    10. Boss Ladder

    Boss Ladder has changed since PTR. It used to be you need 5X of the resources to summon one of the tormented level 200 versions of the bosses from the boss ladder. Now it’s only you need 3X of the material, but it still rewards 5X of the boss drops. It means it is much more efficient to use the 3X version summon to get a 5X payout.

    For this reason, you might want to save your boss materials until you’re strong enough to actually take on these level 200 variants of the boss. If you just want to be as efficient as possible with your materials, that’s it.

    Finally, this is what I want to remind everyone. Hope you guys have a great time playing the game.

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: The Most Complete Guide To Kill Tormented Grigoire

    Posted: May 24, 2024


    Welcome to this guide. In Diablo 4 Season 4, Blizzard has added a new mechanism - Torture Bosses. These Torture Bosses are all level 200 versions, which will have higher damage and more health than the previous normal versions. You can also get higher rewards for defeating them. Therefore, if you see Torture Bosses in the game, you will definitely want to look for those level 200 ones. After all, everyone wants higher rewards.

    Now that we are talking about this, you must understand some mechanisms in advance. This guide is extremely important for you when your build isn’t that powerful and can’t defeat it in seconds.

    Before reading this guide, I need to remind you that you can use Diablo 4 Gold to have items, repair equipment, and upgrade gear from within the game. It is an important resource for players to progress in the game and obtain better gear.

    Torment Debuffs

    The first thing we need to know about Torture Bosses is the new Torment Debuffs.

    You can see those red ones in the game, that’s the skull debuffs. This is a mechanism that every boss has. What it does is that when you are hit by certain abilities, the skull debuffs will increase the damage you take in the subsequent battle. It’s non-threatening, unless you’re hit by certain spells and you make a mistake, in which case it does a lot more damage. Based on my previous experience, if you have enough defense and sustain, one or two layers is usually enough, otherwise one hit kills. So you must be wary of these damaging stacks, as you may start over if you are not careful.

    Lightning Maze

    For Grigoire, we can use two abilities reasonably to form stacks with maximum effect. First one is Lightning Beams. Every 30 seconds, it produces a lightning beam like this from Ancient Obelisk. Because they will move from any Ancient Obelisk to walls or between any two Ancient Obelisks, we will see a lot of random patterns in the game. When this phase starts, there will be a little warning pattern that will look like an animation. You’ll see it zoom out here, and then you’ll see the beam come down, and you’ll see the connections happen basically one by one.

    You have to make sure you get moving when this phase begins! Don’t stand stupidly between two Ancient Obelisks or between an Ancient Obelisk and a wall or even next to a wall. In this arena, you can see that some borders do not have Ancient Obelisk, and you cannot stand next to the wall at this time, because it is very likely that you will also be hit by Lightning Beams.

    If Grigoire activates Knockback Attack, everything becomes easy. Grigoire has a frequently used Knockback Attack of its own, which will send you across the entire arena and raise your left arm very far on its own, then unleash Lightning Beams. If you can withstand his Lightning Beams this time, that would be the best. But be careful. When you see it preparing to raise its left arm, it will start Knockback Attack. Make sure you won’t be hit, at least not hit.

    When Grigoire activates Knockback Attack, you can either dash and evade a Teleport or use your Unstoppable. In fact, this damage is not enough to kill Grigoire, but it can knock it back and let your damage stacks accumulate. There are multiple ways you can get Unstoppable on demand and ignore this mechanism entirely. Grigoire still slams very frequently, so you also have to cannot apply it very often.

    Ground Tiles

    So the second ability that makes you suffer from stacks is Ground Tiles. In the later stages of the battle, when Grigoire’s health drops below 50%, there will be an interval before Grigoire disappears. At this time, Ground Tiles begin to light up, and they also have random patterns like Lightning Beams.

    But be careful! Lightning Beams haven’t disappeared yet, so you’ll have to keep moving around to find a safe area. There are nine Ground Tiles in the arena, of which two Ground Tiles will remain safe at a time, and they are also random and may be adjacent or opposite. I haven’t found a complete rule yet, and I hope that future players can crack this rule. But what I am sure of is that it is very difficult to avoid these Ground Tiles on foot.

    So having something like a teleport or a dash, or like an immunity that lets you go through them like a blood mist, is also really helpful for this stage. Because sometimes you’ll get confused and you’ll hit a direction and then everything around is filled. You have to go to the exact opposite side to get to the safe zone for this to happen, in which case if you don’t have anything prepared, then you could be in a really bad situation. Because these ground tiles will actually kill you so quickly compared to those lightning beams, they’ll do high damage, and they’ll also give you stacks very quickly, so basically I don’t know once a second or every second Twice you’ll get one of these stacked.

    So if there is something like a teleport or a dash or you are immune, you can pass this level safely. Sometimes you may be confused. For example, when you stand on a certain Ground Tile, you are surrounded by danger zones and another safe zone is on the opposite side of you. Here, if you don’t have the above things, you will be in a dangerous situation. Ground Tiles do more damage than Lightning Beams and will kill you faster.

    I usually go into the middle first when faced with this situation and then wait for the first Ground Tile to appear. You have to start reacting to the next safe zone. For example, I see that the upper left corner of the arena is slowly filling up, so I have to go to the right. What should be noted here is that you must not think fixedly, because it is a random direction, and you can see in all directions.

    Other than that, Grigoire doesn’t have a lot of mechanics and just slams you in the face with extra lightning bolts or other similar things. None of this is that important, as its auto-attack damage may be enhanced in subsequent expansion packs.

    At least on PTR, he doesn’t pose an actual threat to you yet, and the only two mechanics that really matter are Lightning Beams and Ground Tiles. But if you suffer a lot of these debuffs, you need to pay attention. These debuffs may become fatal dangers in your future game play. Next, keep in mind that if you take two or three stacks during a fight and lose the fight, those stacks start to do actual damage. This means that in future games, you will need to dodge even the most common attacks.


    Hopefully, after reading the entire guide, you will defeat Tormented Grigoire more easily and take down that Tormented version easily. Good luck in season 4 and see you next time.

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Mastering These Resplendent Spark Farming Methods Will Earn Uber Uniques Faster!

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    Diablo 4 Season 4 is in full swing, and players are getting an exciting endgame experience with the new and improved Helltides.

    A carefully tuned new crafting system has allowed players to craft the best builds of the season. Of course, completing these extremely powerful builds requires some special gear.

    Like the name of Diablo 4 Season 4, Loot Reborn, this season is centered on loot. And that special gear will come in the form of Uber Uniques, which have Aspects that are enough to define a build.

    Unfortunately, the natural drop rate of these Uber Uniques is very small. But Resplendent Spark in Diablo 4 can be used to craft these Diablo 4 items and solve their annoying rarity problem. Here is a quick guide on the best ways to farm Resplendent Spark in Loot Reborn. Let’s quickly jump in!

    How To Farm Resplendent Spark?

    The good news is that there are multiple ways to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4. This means you can farm for them based on the type of activity you prefer.

    We’ve ranked these methods from easiest to hardest based on our own experience. That way, you can aim for some easy methods and accumulate those Resplendent Sparks early on.

    Advancing Season Journey

    First and foremost, completing Season Journey is definitely the easiest way for you to collect Resplendent Sparks. While it may take a little longer, Diablo 4 gives you a lot of different options to advance your Season Journey so that you can choose the path of least resistance. When you complete it, you’ll get Resplendent Spark as a reward.

    The best part is that every time you complete a Season Journey in Diablo 4 Season 4 with a different character, you’ll get the corresponding Resplendent Spark. This means you can absolutely complete Season Journey with multiple alt characters and be guaranteed to get a Resplendent Spark every time you complete it.

    Because stashes are shared, you can put them all in there and make Uber Uniques for your main character. You only need four Sparks to craft an Uber Unique, and this is undoubtedly the most reliable way to get them.

    Completing Iron Wolf’s Honor Rank Board

    You can get more than three Resplendent Sparks by completing Iron Wolf’s Honor Rank board on multiple characters. Each character you create will be able to complete all Honor Ranks and get the ultimate reward. Although it may take some time to get there again, pair it with your protagonist and you have a chance to get at least four sparks through this method.

    Challenging Uber Lilith

    The next type of farming we’re going to look at is challenging Uber Lilith. This increases the difficulty of farming to a certain extent, and Uber Uniques are difficult to come by. You can get a Resplendent Spark by defeating Uber Lilith for the first time, but it takes some effort.

    First, you need to unlock World Tier 4 to face Uber Lilith in Diablo 4 Season 4 and get your loot. Once you’ve tackled that, you can challenge her in Echo of Hatred Dungeon in Fractured Peaks.

    Before challenging her, though, we recommend hitting max level and working towards the armor and resistance caps. Also, focusing on defensive abilities that negate Shadow damage and provide immunity will help as well.

    Once you defeat her for the first time, you’ll get Resplendent Spark and your own random Uber Unique. This may help you to depend on how viable it is for your build. But if by chance this item is of no use to you, then we’ll explain how to salvage it in the next farming method.

    Salvaging Uber Uniques At Blacksmith

    Now, we’ve talked about how hard it is to get Uber Uniques. As mentioned before, many players are lucky enough to have items seemingly drop from the sky, but they’re of no use to your build, so how can we take advantage of it?

    In fact, unwanted Uber Uniques can be recycled at Blacksmith in Diablo 4 to get a Resplendent Spark. You only need four sparks to re-craft one. So if you’ve tried any other method and got an unwanted Uber Unique along the way, recycling it may give you a chance to re-select.

    Of course, this is a very unreliable way to farm Resplendent Sparks, as Uber Unique items are hard to come by.

    Killing Tormented Bosses

    Much like Uber Lilith, Tormented Bosses can be fought in World Tier 4. When you first defeat them, they will also drop Resplendent Sparks.

    The downside here is that you have to invest a lot of time grinding for the materials needed to summon them. They are variations on the usual endgame bosses in Diablo 4, but they require a lot of the usual resources and Stygian Stones to summon.

    If you enjoy fighting, this can be a good way to get more Resplendent Sparks, but it is by far the most time-consuming. And because these fights vary so much, we can’t offer any universal tips for beating them unless you’re at max level and have the high survivability perk.

    How To Use Resplendent Sparks?

    Once you have four Resplendent Sparks, take them to an Alchemist and craft an Uber Unique item. Every Alchemist vendor in the game can make a transfer, open their shop and scroll to Transmutation section. Under Transmute Sparks tab, there will be another drop-down menu with all seven Uber Unique items currently in the game.

    If you change your mind about Uber item you selected, you can deconstruct it like any other item. However, you only get one Spark. So choose wisely each season.

    Regardless, these are the best ways to farm and use Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4. Hopefully, you can hit a few of these and craft Uber Unique items your ultimate build desperately needs. Have a great day!

  • Diablo 4: Don't Fall Into The Trap Of These 3 New Systems In Season 4

    Posted: May 23, 2024

    Today, I've compiled some major mistakes that you're likely making in Diablo 4 season 4 newly introduced systems. These errors can not only significantly hinder the leveling and gearing process for your character but also result in a considerable loss of power and damage potential.


    Efficiently navigating the Pit is crucial in Season 4, especially considering the significant cost of Masterworking gear. Masterworking enhances gear by up to 25% at levels 4, 8, and 12. Therefore, running the Pit efficiently is more advantageous than spending 15 minutes per run. Continuously striving for higher Pit levels is essential, as long as efficiency is maintained, for a specific reason.

    When Masterworking gear, it's advisable to bring all pieces to Level 4 first to benefit from the substantial 25% bonus across the board. Only consider pushing a piece to Level 12 if it's a perfect best-in-slot item that won't be replaced. However, if higher-level materials are obtained while progressing through the Pit, it's beneficial to continue pushing higher levels.

    These materials can be used to upgrade lower-level pieces by exchanging them with an Alchemist. This process significantly increases efficiency as it allows for the simultaneous upgrade of multiple pieces of gear. Leveraging the Alchemist for material exchange and focusing on pushing high-tier levels efficiently ensures optimal gear progression, minimizing both time and resource wastage.


    The next significant mistake you can make is either tempering your gear too early or not tempering it at all. The key to optimizing your gear progression lies in strategic Tempering. Before reaching Level 35 and transitioning from World Tier 2 to World Tier 3, it's not imperative to temper your gear immediately.

    However, if you come across Tempering Manuals, it's beneficial to apply them, even in World Tier 2, as it can significantly enhance your gear's effectiveness. As you progress and unlock higher World tiers, you'll gain access to more potent tempering recipes, culminating in legendary recipes with superior AIX values.

    Once you acquire desirable tempering effects for your class, prioritize tempering your gear as soon as possible, even if you have limited materials initially. For example, if you're playing a Dust Devil Barbarian, adding Dust Devil AIXes to your gear can substantially boost your damage output, accelerating your leveling process.

    Even on normal sacred rare Diablo 4 Items, tempering costs are minimal, making it a worthwhile investment for power progression. Even if you plan to replace certain gear later on, applying tempers can still provide significant benefits. By the time you reach higher World Tiers, you'll have accumulated abundant resources from salvaging, rendering early material usage inconsequential.

    Iron Wolves Reputation

    The last significant mistake players can make involves the Iron Wolves reputation system, primarily earned through participating in Hellides. As you accumulate more reputation or honor, you advance in ranks and unlock various rewards. Here are some key considerations to maximize your benefits:

    Firstly, prioritize completing Helltides to accrue the maximum amount of honor. This approach yields several advantages, including the swift acquisition of legendary and unique gear. Season 4 offers the opportunity to swiftly obtain such gear not only from Helltides but also from reputation rewards, providing a substantial early-game boost.

    Secondly, avoid delaying the claiming of reputation rewards. While it may be tempting to wait until reaching the highest rank to claim a Level 100 unique item, it's more advantageous to claim rewards promptly. These rewards often include valuable resources, XP potions, and other items crucial for character development.

    Additionally, take advantage of reputation rewards to enhance your character's capabilities. For instance, utilize legendary items offering maximum movement speed, to temper movement speed onto different gear pieces or enchant them to imbue movement speed. By strategically incorporating movement speed bonuses into various gear slots, you can significantly enhance your mobility and expedite leveling.

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Five Things And Two Bonuses Are Crucial Before You Start

    Posted: May 23, 2024

    Everybody, we are covering 5 things and 2 bonuses. I wish I’d known before jumping into Season 4 of Diablo 4. It is an absolutely incredible season. Now, the tips here are going to be things that I found very pleasantly surprising.

    In order to better enjoy Diablo 4 Season 4, purchasing Diablo 4 Gold in the game is your best choice.

    1. More Mystery Than You Can Handle

    Let’s start off with the very first thing. We are very much dominant in Helltides, and one of the coolest things that we are able to actually level early game with Helltides alone is they’ve also made some changes to Mystery Chest. And it is super cool. It’s a great early game focus, and it can help with all the key elements that you have going on in your season.

    So we are, from the very beginning, going to be collecting this.

    And they are cheaper in the early game. So there are 100 Cinders to open these. I thought that was a really cool change. But what was super exciting is that how much they actually impact our early game, because it’s not just the gearing that we know we’re gonna get out of those, but a major boost in XP when we open them and a major boost in the Wolf’s Honor, which is the key function for the Season mechanic.

    So you gain more honor and you unlock cooler and cooler things. Now because they are so crucial. It’s really a great thing just to target. How many can you get in a single Helltide?

    Every time we get 100, we want to run over and get those Chests and just keep moving up our leveling and our gear and everything and the honor with the wolves.

    I think it’s like at 50 minutes in every hour. Then they’re going to stop Helltides, and then 10 minutes later they launch again. But Cinders do go back to zero, as they’ve always done.

    You want to target events like normal because the events drop a ton of Cinders, but they’re also dropping a ton of Obols, which have become far more important in this season than ever before.

    2. Big Money, No Whammies!

    So we have jumped over here to Purveyor of Curiosities. Because gambling has become crazy important in this season. That’s why we’re collecting those Obols. And why it’s so important is because for the first time, we have a Codex of Power that whenever we get an aspect on any item and we break that item down.

    It goes to that Codex of Power. Gambling has increased the ability to drop higher quality items for it in general. So it allows for us to actually target all those aspects and start building up a strong Codex of Power. So by endgame, we are actually looking at the ability to put our build together very fast.

    Now, the targeting has always played a major role in that you can pick which items you want. I recommend early on when you’re building up your Codex of Power that you actually gamble for the cheaper items as much as you can.

    Obviously, we do want the weapons, even though they’re a little more expensive than armor. Because we do want offensive things to still roll. And so it’s these items or these one-handed weapons as well as any of the armor pieces. We want to gamble more because we have higher chances to get those Legendaries. Now, save your Obols in an early game until you are naturally dropping Legendaries.

    So as Legendaries start to drop for you, just out of chest and Tree of Whispers or just on the ground when you’re fighting monsters. Then that’s when it’ll finally be available to you to start then gambling for those and getting those aspects and collecting them up.

    So Obols are so important that they actually did another thing. And I’m so glad that they did.

    3. These Obols Are Smoldering!

    I don’t know how many people make sure that they do this early in the game, but we’re looking at Season Blessings where we get the Smoldering Ashes.

    With the Smoldering Ashes, we can put into points to get different things. Well, they have added the ability to get more Obols from Helltide Chests. So because Obols are so important and because we’re building up that power, I would highly recommend this. I’m not going to put my points here first. I’m going to always make sure it’s XP when I’m leveling, and then I’m going to bring it over here to start doing that.

    So I just like that they’ve added this. Because this is also not the only reason that Obols are important is for the gambling.

    They’ve done something even cooler this season. So it just keeps adding more and more to the game in a way that I think is making stuff that’s always been in there. Just far more useful than it’s ever been. So what is cool here is the apothecary has added a new set of seasonal elixirs.

    4. Oblo-Powered Elixirs

    These are Elixirs that do some crazy things and can do a ton of damage. They have a percent more experience than if you’re just running a regular elixir. But they cost Obols, or murmuring Obols to buy, so it’s 350 to buy one. So I could buy one of these if I wanted. I’m not using them.

    It’s 5 Rawhide and 2 Veiled Crystals, and I have plenty at this point. So definitely something that you’re not going to want to sit on. Do this early.

    So, but what’s really cool is they have the ability to clear monsters a lot faster. So after killing an enemy, increased movement speed. So this is moving you around faster. And the other one is shooting out holy bolts. Let’s float over that. Shooting out holy bolts of fire from the corpses of that enemy. So every after you kill an enemy, that corpse drops and then shoots out a bunch.

    It just clears everything like mad. So it’s for the time that you’re running this 15 minutes. It’s just really fun. I think that’s half time for what the regular Elixirs do. But if you are just looking to clear through Helltides like crazy, level up super fast.

    Using some Obols to do here or to do this can actually level it up very early. I thought this was cool. I’ve been finding them. I have not bought one yet. But the fact that you can do this, I thought, was really neat.

    Early on, I still want to go to that gambler and make sure that I’m doing that. So we are going to be spending a lot of time in this camp right here, Iron Wolves Encampment. This is where we turn in all of our seasonal stuff and where we’re starting to build up the honor of getting special items.

    Now, what was absolutely crazy, and this was so exciting? I didn’t know it was going to happen. When you come in here and you’re talking or you’re doing these little quest things, Two Wolves. As you build up more Reputation, you unlock these things like we’ve seen in previous seasons. This item right here, Traces of the Maiden.

    5. Fastest Uniques Ever

    This is a special, unique Reputation Cache, which I didn’t know when I picked it up and opened it up, but it dropped two uniques, I’m in an early game. I’m level 30 right now, and I already have Howl From Below and a ring of Mendeln.

    The ability for us to mess with unique early. I think it’s amazing for anybody who’s really a casual player that isn’t blasting to the end all the time. They can experience some of the really neat parts of this game, which are the uniques of the system.

    So this, do not sit on this. As soon as you can, you can build those up and you just do it by grinding in Helltides and doing what the seasonal quests say. And you’ll get there pretty fast. It was, it was shocking how quickly this happened. But I do have 2 additional bonuses that didn’t make it on the base list. But they are super important.

    Obviously in the early game, because they have changed the game so much and you’re doing a lot of grinding. You still want to get those Legendaries early because you can add them to break them down for the Codex of Power or you just get more powerful.

    And I just want to talk about where though the best places, even before I was like naturally dropping those. Where they were a kind of landing, I kill a monster and they fall on the ground.

    6. Bonus: Legendary, Head-To-Toe

    There are places where I was basically head to toe already in Legendaries by, I think, like level 20. The first thing that is really a great way to do that is these Season Journeys. If you haven’t focused on, I’ll move my head out of the way a little.

    So each of the chapters has certain objectives. If you’ve done any seasonal stuff, these caches as you unlock. I’ve already unlocked two of them, are one of the first places that I got solid legendary and solid gear that I’ve been holding onto.

    Now, the second place, and we just looked at it a second ago, is obviously. If it’s given out Uniques, it’s giving out good stuff in general. So is just completing these. As you naturally do the seasonal quest, you are going to get very solid aspects or Legendaries very early and the great aspects to start building up your Codex of Power.

    So this is just an awesome way to get your legendary gear on point very fast.

    Now, the other thing. And this is something that I thought they were going to make it like a lot more prohibitive to use in the early game, but they did not.

    7. Bonus: Temper Temper

    The cost of coming here and tempering early as you start to get recipes as you unlock them in Helltides, they drop these recipes for special tempering. And in these so we have the different types we can we start collecting and then we can finally show things here that allow us to add in early game even Legendaries.

    I think you can only add Select Recipe Category, you can only do one Tempering on it. So it’s not 2 like it is an endgame, but it was not expensive at all. So I’ll choose Mobility and Necromancer.

    Hopefully, these tips will help you in the game.

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Why The Elixir Of Holy Bolts Is Game-Changing?

    Posted: May 22, 2024

    Hi, all gamers! As we all know, there are some new type of Elixir consumables coming to Season 4. Among them, the discovery of crafting the Elixir of Holy Bolts has sent shockwaves through the community, providing players with a game-changing strategy for Pit farming. So in this guide, we're going to take a closer look at this new Elixir.

    Elixir Of Holy Bolts Explained

    As for the new Elixir of Holy Bolts, I think this is highly underrated because it could completely change how some builds, especially those focused on speed farming endgame content. It can last for only 15 minutes, but after killing any enemy, it fires from their corpses, creating an Artillery Shrine-like AoE effect. Plus, you get a 6% bonus XP, making it even more valuable.

    How To Get This Elixir?

    In Diablo 4 Season 4, players can continuously farm this item by actively engaging in various in-game activities. As you progress through the Season 4 quest lines, you'll encounter numerous enemies that have a chance to drop this valuable item.

    Additionally, testing your mettle in the challenging Helltides can also yield these drops. Whether you're slaying demons during the quest line or battling through the intense waves of enemies in Helltides, there are ample opportunities to acquire this Elixir and enhance your gameplay experience.

    Why It Is Game-Changing?

    When it comes to why the new Elixir of Holy Bolts is a game changer, I'm going to break down the reasons below.

    Change Farming Dynamics

    The introduction of an unlimited supply of Elixir of Holy Bolts has revolutionized farming dynamics in Diablo 4. Previously, players had to rely on sporadic drops and unpredictable loot to enhance their farming efficiency.

    Now, with the ability to craft these powerful Elixirs at will, players can consistently optimize their strategies, ensuring they always have the upper hand in their farming endeavors. This newfound reliability means players can focus more on refining their techniques and less on worrying about running out of essential resources.

    Boost Pit Clearing

    Elixir of Holy Bolts significantly boosts the efficiency of pit clearing, allowing for swift progression through some of the game's most challenging content. When used, these Elixirs release powerful Holy Bolts from enemy corpses, effectively acting as an artillery barrage that devastates nearby enemies.

    This added firepower dramatically reduces the time needed to clear out dense groups of enemies, enabling players to move through levels more quickly and with greater ease. The result is a smoother and faster path to leveling up and acquiring valuable loot.

    Provide Strategic Advantage

    In mob-heavy areas, where enemies can quickly overwhelm even the most skilled players, Elixir of Holy Bolts offers a crucial strategic advantage. The AoE damage from the Elixirs ensures that large groups of enemies are dealt with swiftly, preventing players from being swarmed and overrun.

    This strategic benefit is especially valuable in high-density zones and during events where rapid enemy respawns can otherwise hinder progress. By incorporating Elixir of Holy Bolts into their gameplay, players can maintain control over the battlefield and achieve their objectives more efficiently.

    Impact On Gameplay

    Player feedback has overwhelmingly highlighted the significant impact that Elixir of Holy Bolts has on gameplay. Many players report that these Elixirs have become an indispensable part of their farming routines, transforming previously tedious tasks into more manageable and enjoyable experiences.

    The community has praised the Elixirs for their effectiveness in boosting experience gains and enhancing overall combat efficiency. This positive reception underscores the importance of the Elixirs in the current meta, proving their status as a vital tool for any serious Diablo 4 player.

    Hope you find this Elixir easy to discover and benefit from it in your Diablo 4 Season 4!

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Rogue Remains A Worthwhile Class To Explore With Exciting Updates

    Posted: May 21, 2024

    Today, I have some exciting news for the Rogue players in Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn. Turns out, they're even more powerful than we expected. Specifically, there are new Tempering options that give Rogues a slight edge compared to other classes and builds.

    It turns out there were some options that Blizzard added in the Season 4 launch that weren't possible before on the PTR, namely vulnerable damage and crit damage on Tempering. Get enough Diablo 4 Gold ready and let's get started!

    Cutthroat Finesse

    On the offensive slot, there is the Cutthroat Finesse recipe that has vulnerable damage, and vulnerable damage is the most important stat for Victimized builds, which is one of the strongest archetypes in the class right now with the Heartseeker build, possibly the Shadow Step build, and Penetrating Shot build. This used to be just Cutthroat damage or something like that, and for some reason, they converted this to vulnerable damage.

    Marksman Finesse

    Likewise, we have the Marksman Finesse, which has critical strike damage and is great for Precision Rogues. Any Ranged Rogue that is not already a Victimized build can also run this instead and benefit from this critical strike damage. So, we have 2 of the main Rogue archetypes buffed by those stats directly because we have this that scales with vulnerable damage and Precision that scales with crit damage, and now you can get a lot more of it.

    Previously, we had to rely on things like damage per combo points spent or something like that, which wasn't really all that great for the Rogues. But now, you can also move your stats around a bit to roll other stats on your gear instead of trying to get as much vulnerable damage as you can. You just temper the vulnerable damage and get something else instead.

    Natural Finesse

    After doing some rough calculations, it seems that the new Tempering options have significantly boosted the DPS of Victimized or Precision builds by around 20 to 30%. This is great news for Rogues. However, these changes don't particularly benefit melee builds, as damage to crowd-controlled enemies was already an option, especially evident in Close Quarters Combat with the Natural Finesse key passive remaining unchanged.

    While melee Rogues like Twisting Blades and Close Quarters Combat benefit from increased damage against crowd-controlled enemies, they don't gain any additional advantage compared to what was expected from the PTR. Ranged builds, particularly Victimized and Precision build, seem to be the more favorable choice. The exception may be the Shadow Step Rogue, but its effectiveness remains to be seen.

    With Momentum becoming obsolete because of other easily accessible options for energy regeneration and movement speed, and Exposure mainly relevant for specific builds like the Poison Barrage Death Trap or Flurry Grenade build, the focus shifts more towards the dominance of the Victimized and Precision key passives in Rogue gameplay, further amplified by the recent Tempering changes.

    Final Thought

    It's my hope that Blizzard will take note of the current state of melee Rogues, which are clearly not on par with their ranged counterparts. Perhaps in the next season or mid-season update, there could be some rebalancing to elevate them a bit. Hope you enjoy this breakdown and good luck with your Rogue. Hope you enjoy your journey in Diablo 4 Season 4. See you next time!

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Tips You Must Know To Start Running Helltide Reborn

    Posted: May 18, 2024

    As we all know, Helltide Reborn, as one of the core contents of the Diablo 4 Season 4 update, has brought us vast changes. The XP, loot, and materials brought by this Helltide Reborn events change are crucial to the advancement of each player’s game progress, and everyone needs these to successfully reach the level cap.

    Therefore, in this guide, we will talk about how Helltide Reborn event works and share some tips to help you maximize your benefits. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    Why Try Helltide?

    Whether you are currently playing in Seasonal Realm or Eternal Realm, participating in Helltide events and winning rewards is very necessary.

    Killing monsters during these events will earn you a lot of XP and allow you to obtain unique currencies to unlock treasure chests filled with loot and valuable materials. Because of this, Helltide is also the best way to level up in Season 4 Loot Reborn.

    Additionally, some of Diablo 4 Items you get from Helltide events can be used to summon bosses, which drop Uniques and Uber Uniques. You can also earn Murmuring Obols by completing events there, which allows you to gamble at Purveyor of Curiosities. Helltide is the most profitable event in the game, as long as your character can defeat high-level monsters.

    Unlocking Helltide Reborn

    Helltide Reborn event will only appear on your map after you complete or skip Diablo 4 campaign. If you’ve never played Diablo 4 before, you must first complete the prologue of the story until you reach Kyovashad city. You can then skip the campaign on the character selection screen or when creating a new character.

    You can then join Helltide, starting at level one in all World Tiers, though, Nightmare and Torment World Tiers have more monsters and Tortured Gift chests.

    How Does It Work?

    Your goal in Helltide is to collect as many Aberrant Cinders as possible to open Tortured Gift chests and get loot.

    However, Aberrant Cinders you collect are not permanent. You lose 50% of them when you die, and you lose all of them when Helltide event ends. They don’t disappear when you teleport to town, but you can’t keep them in the next Helltide.

    Note that Helltide monsters are always three levels higher than you, but never higher than level 50 in Adventurer and Veteran World Tiers.

    As you defeat them, Threat meter on the right side of the screen gradually fills up. As your threat increases, monsters will periodically ambush you. When Threat meter is full, a series of ambushes will occur, culminating in a confrontation with a particularly powerful enemy, Hellborne. Threat meter will only reset after Hellborne appears or you die.

    Spawn Time

    Helltide Reborn events periodically take over one of five areas of Diablo 4 world map for 55 minutes and fill up with high-level monsters. Then, after the event ends, there’s a short five-minute break before another event pops up in a new area.

    This means you have a limited time to acquire Aberrant Cinders and spend them on treasure chests before they disappear. If you want to know when the next Helltide is, I recommend checking Helltide event tracker ahead of time, so you know exactly when.

    Read More: 5 Essential Points To Note For Necromancers In Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn

    Blood Maiden

    Just like Blood Harvests in Season 2, you can use a new Helltide-specific material to summon Blood Maiden, a new boss that drops a ton of valuable loot.

    To summon Blood Maiden boss, you need to place a Baneful Heart on each pedestal in an Accursed Ritual location. You need three Baneful Hearts total, but other players can also activate pedestals. Anyone who spends the material to summon Blood Maiden will get bonus loot.

    Tortured Gift Chests, Hellborne, and Doomsayers all drop Baneful Hearts, which you can use to perform an Accursed Ritual at locations marked on the map by a white-horned demon icon, which appears orange to indicate it’s activated.

    Blood Maiden generally drops a lot of loot, but she will drop Exquisite Blood specifically for summoning Lord Zir, and has a chance to drop summoning materials for random other bosses in Torment World Tier.

    Farming Aberrant Cinders

    To maximize the benefits of each run of Hellborne, it’s essential to collect more Aberrant Cinders during the process. To achieve this goal, all you have to do is kill monsters, complete events, and interact with various objects in the environment to obtain Aberrant Cinders.

    They’re everywhere and impossible to miss, but there are a few ways you can try to get them as quickly as possible. Next, we’ll talk about the best strategies for farming Aberrant Cinders efficiently.

    To start, focus on killing large groups of monsters and elites, and completing every local and small event you come across while ignoring stragglers. Keep in mind that your farming goals are focused on densely packed parts of the map rather than open areas.

    Click on every glowing Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul, and Helltide Ore veins you find. Don’t forget to kill the monsters marked with skulls on the map for extra rewards.

    Also, avoid fighting Blood Maiden boss at low levels so you don’t lose too many Aberrant Cinders to accidental deaths. Likewise, avoid the wandering boss in Helltide, Kixxarth, unless you can kill him quickly.

    It’s important to note that you should skip opening chests until the last 15 minutes or so to avoid out-leveling monsters and reducing your XP gains.

    Well-equipped level 100 players should prioritize speed and AoE damage, even if it means you need to switch skills in order to run Helltide.

    That’s all you need to know about running Helltide Reborn in Diablo 4 Season 4. If you want to achieve fast leveling and experience the endgame as soon as possible, then don’t miss it!

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Top Strategies For Surviving Higher Levels Of The Pit Of Artificers

    Posted: May 17, 2024

    With the Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn starts only a few days, there are many players curious about how to survive in the newly introduced Pit of Artificers. So, I wanted to make this guide to show you how you can survive in the higher Pit levels, as this will be the new endgame dungeon system.

    Max Armor

    Reaching certain breakpoints and caps in your survivability stats is essential, so let's get started with the armor. The armor in Season 4 of Diablo 4 has been completely reworked, and armor is now working pretty much like physical resistance.

    All you really need to know is that in the endgame, no matter how high level the monster is, you just need 9,230 armor. And this is also much easier now to achieve since it's very powerful if you're the Juggernaut, you can have additional Armor Affixes on your gear.

    But to play the Pit of Artificers dungeon system, it's definitely highly recommended to reach this armor cap again, 85% physical resistance. There is no more monster level scaling. You can fight in the hardest Pit level with 300 monsters, and all you need is 9,230 armor.

    See More: Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4

    Max Resistances

    The next crucial aspect to consider is your resistances. Maxing out your resistances is imperative, aiming for at least 70% in all resistances. There are various methods to boost your resistances.

    Instead of stacking all resistances, which are less efficient, we focus on stacking a single resistance roll onto each gear piece. We aim to diversify the resistance types, typically focusing on Lightning and Fire Resistance. You can try to incorporate these resistances wherever possible, whether it's on pants, chest, gloves, or boots. Additionally, gems now provide a 45% boost on resistance.

    However, I find pants to be the optimal slot for stacking resistances, as there are usually fewer competing stats. By acquiring double resistance rolls on pants and complementing them with other resistance types like Poison, Shadow, and Cold, you can effectively max out the resistances.

    For instance, the pants have a Fire Resistance roll and a Lightning Resistance roll. With the rework, these rolls have become quite substantial, reaching up to 50 Lightning Resistance. Moreover, you can Masterwork and upgrade these rolls further.

    Furthermore, the Implicit Affixes on items have been enhanced, with amulets providing more all resistance. Additionally, there are some beneficial Paragon nodes available to further boost your resistances. Achieving a 70% resistance threshold is crucial for your survivability in the Pit.

    High HP

    Then, the third thing to pay attention to is your HP. There are numerous ways in the new patch, with the new itemization, to acquire a significant amount of hit points. For example, as a Barbarian player who focused on Thorns, you can have 155,000 health on their Barbarian. And the Masterwork Doombringer provides an additional double Life multiplier, allowing you to reach well over 300,000 Life.

    Therefore, I recommend having at least 50,000 Life, especially if you're tackling very high Pit runs. Prioritize Life on your Diablo 4 Items, particularly on defensive pieces. Additionally, as a Barbarian, you can acquire also Life on your weapons. By stacking maximum Life bonuses on various gear pieces, including weapons, you'll increase your base Life.

    It's crucial to include Life percentage nodes in the Paragon Board because they provide separate multipliers. So, if you have 10,000 base Life with your gear, and you start multiplying it with nodes providing 2%, 2%, and 4% Life respectively, it scales multiplicatively. The more Life percentage you have, the greater the value you derive from it.

    Damage Reduction

    Damage reduction has been significantly altered in Season 4. Previously, players could accumulate various types of damage reduction through armor pieces, but this has been largely removed from rare and Legendary items. Now, substantial damage reduction can mainly be acquired through unique pieces and the Paragon Board.

    Additionally, the Flawless Technique provides CLA damage reduction, and there are further reductions from bleeding enemies. By using your Marshal glyph or other glyphs in range, these damage reduction nodes multiply, making your character significantly tankier - potentially 4, 5, or 6 times as much.

    Moreover, in the endgame, you have the Harlequin Crest, which grants an extra 20% damage reduction. However, since normal damage reduction is now very limited, it's crucial to prioritize damage reduction nodes on your Paragon Boards. If you find damage reduction on your gear, it's highly valuable to Masterwork them as well. The more damage reduction you have, the better your chances of surviving the Pit.

    If you follow these guidelines and stack these 4 different stats - resistances, armor, life, and damage reduction, you can become an unkillable tank in Diablo 4 Season 4!

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