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News Guide

  • Diablo 4: Top 7 PvP Tips Everyone Should Know

    Posted: Sep 01, 2023

    Are you tired of losing in Diablo 4 PvP or maybe you’re too intimidated to even give it a try or you’re a completionist and you want to get the hatred’s chosen title?

    Whatever the case may be, I have seven PvP tips that everyone should know.

    Tip 1: These Stats In The Game Are Lying To You!

    It’s been widely confirmed that in PvP, there are some different soft caps in the game. For example, there is a cap on how much critical damage you can stack or even armor before you get diminishing returns.

    What this means is that you need to make a PvP specific build and you can’t just bring any old PvE build into the Fields of Hatred.

    Things such as Crowd Control or Escaping Crowd Control suddenly become a lot more important. I would recommend aspects, such as the Eluding Aspect or the Protecting Aspect, otherwise known as the bubble aspect that you get from the main questline.

    Tip 2: Check Out PvP Builds & Guides

    Looking up PvP builds and guides are also going to level up your gameplay. And of course testing them out yourself and learning how they work are gonna provide you with the best experiences.

    There’s a lot of PvP builds running around and the PVP zones are not a fair place to fight. What I mean is that there’s a lot of different environments in the PvP zones, including high grounds, low grounds, tight corridors, open spaces, and of course places that have high mob density.

    For example, the Sorcerer’s Teleport is a very powerful skill that can allow you to bypass a lot of terrain. Being able to jump across usually unpassable terrain can give a huge advantage in PvP. And places with high mob density can, for example, help a Necromancer reset abilities or a Rogue build up stacks.

    So, it becomes quite important to know not only how your own build works but also how your enemies’ builds work.

    Tip 3: Get Familiar With The Alchemist

    In addition to that, you should probably also get familiar with the Alchemist.

    You can find an Alchemist in any of the main hubs. And if you walk over to them, you can check out everything you can craft from Elixirs to Incenses.

    There’s some crazy stat boosting incenses, like the Chorus of War that gives 40 to all stats for every nearby player and that includes yourself. And the Curative of Elixir is also really strong, especially for the current meta of Poison Rogues. Being able to reduce all damage over time effects by 50 will help keep you alive during those crucial PvP fights.

    And I have a bonus tip for you. You can actually equip your incenses and elixirs onto your emo wheel.

    Tip 4: Cursed Scroll Vendor

    The Alchemist isn’t the only place where you can get consumables. In each of the PvP area hubs, you can find a Cursed Scroll Vendor.

    You will find three different scrolls, each with different powerful abilities. But they tend to come with some negative side effects and with a cooldown.

    However, similar to the elixirs and incenses, you can also equip these on your emo wheel. Just be a bit more cautious when you use them.

    The Cursed Scroll of Tranquility grants you a bunch of damage reduction against players. But you do take a lot more damage from monsters. So, don’t go popping the scroll when you’re surrounded by mops.

    Tip 5: PvP Zones Location

    Now that we have the tools for the fight, we should get to know the PVP zones a bit better.

    There are two PVP zones in the game, one in Kehjistan and one in the Dry Steppes, but they are not created equal.

    The PvP zone in Kehjistan is a lot more open, and it also has a lot more mob density. This makes the area a lot more popular for people to farm Diablo 4 Gold and XP. So, that means more competition.

    Now, this might be a good or bad thing for you. It seems to be a lot more popular for PvP. And from my experience, higher-level players tend to flock there instead of the Dry Steppes. Though this may not always be the case, this is what I’ve experienced myself. Though you might want to check out both areas just in case.

    So, if you’re trying to pick a fight or find tougher competition, I would recommend Kehjistan. Otherwise, you might want to head to the Dry Steppes for PvP instead.

    Tip 6: Check Your Settings

    And now that we’re almost ready for PvP, we should check up on our settings.

    When I post PVP clips, I’ve gotten questions about why my opponent’s effects are all green. Forget about PvP. But Diablo 4 already has so many effects and particles going on that. A lot of the times, I have no idea what’s going on. So, this is why I would recommend players to check their settings and adjust things to help with their visibility.

    Since I’m playing Necromancer, I already have a lot of red corpses and red blood effects going on. So, I don’t need my opponents to also have red effects covering my screen.

    I recommend going into Options and then Gameplay, scrolling all the way down. You can see all the color effects. You can change enemy highlight color to whatever preference you have. And I would also recommend picking a player highlight color and then checking the player highlight box. And this is how I get that white glow around my character, so I can better see the animations. It makes things like knockdowns a lot more clear.

    Tip 7: Make Some Friends

    Now that you’re finally PvPing, I think it’s time to go make some friends.

    Go find some like-minded people to PvP with. What I mean is find some people you can duel with and practice your skills and test your new builds and joining a community, like a Discord, can be pretty helpful for answering your questions and staying in the loop for new information when it comes out. And if your friends are playing different builds, that can give you a larger perspective knowing the information that they know, too.

    If you’re new to PvP, don’t worry. There’s not actually four player parties that are running around ganking everyone. At least, I’ve never met them. If you haven’t tried PvP yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. And if other players are getting salty and mad at you, then you’re probably doing it right.

    And it’s also actually a pretty decent place to farm for Diablo 4 Items and gold. If you happen to have such a need, then act quickly!

  • Diablo 4: 3 Tips that Help You Clear Your Bag of Loots Quickly

    Posted: Aug 31, 2023

    Running dungeons in Diablo 4 can be super fun, but one of the biggest pain points has always been that:

    After clearing the dungeons, we have to deal with a full bag of loot that we need to spend a lot of time clearing the trashes while keeping the good ones. It is like we are required to do dishwashing right after having a nice meal, that I cannot have another one before finishing this dishwashing, which is super annoying.

    In this guide, I will share a few tips that I found most helpful in reducing my time to do the dishwashing. It takes me from 5 mins to 30s to scan through a full bag of gears, clearing the trashes while keeping the valuable ones.

    Tip 1: Compare & Mark as Junk

    I will start with the basics.

    First, there is a compare button that once it is enabled, we can compare the two gears side by side.

    If we find the one in the bag is worse, we can mark it through the “Mark as Junk” button. And if we go to the vendor or the Blacksmith, we can sell or salvage all junks in one click.

    Tip 2: Advanced Tooltip Compare

    But it still takes time to compare the stats one by one and it can take a few seconds to handle just one gear comparison.

    To make it faster, we can go to the “OPTIONS”, switch to the “GAMEPLAY” tab and enable the “Advanced Tooltip Compare”.

    Now, we can see what we are gaining and losing if we swap the gear highlighted with the gear equipped.

    One trick to make it really fast is to only look at what properties we are losing, and if there are 2 stats that are the same as our stat priority. For example, I put the helm stat priority from my Lightning Conjuration build on the left. We are safe to just mark it as a junk. Because the Occultist can only reroll one stat.

    Also, different builds have different stat priority and we may want to keep gears for other builds. That I am recommending to check against only the first 2 priority stats.

    Like for this weapon, I am losing only the Vulnerable Damage in the first two stats. Then, I will check the greens, and these two are trash stats, so it is a NO, too.

    Tip 3: Even Faster with the Sort Button

    We know the advanced comparison tips now, but can we make it even faster? Yes!

    There is a sort button that can make this process even faster without looking at the stats at all. What the sort does is that it sorts Diablo 4 Items by item type. And for each item type, it is in decreasing item power order.

    Since I already got a pretty good weapon, I am looking for a weapon that is at least above 800 item power for improvement. After sorting, I know that the highest item power for the main weapon is 803. I only lose Vulnerable Damage, but not Critical Strike Damage. Then, I check the greens and it has two trash stats, so it is a NO.

    And the item power of the next one is 781, which is lower than 800. That I can mark it as junk and the same weapons on the right without even looking at the stats.

    The same applies to the offhand type, too. Since the sort put items of the same type together, I can easily go through all helmets too through the same stat priority, which I can avoid switching stat priorities between random types without sorting.

    With all the tips above, I am able to scan through my full bag in around 30s.

    25% XP/Gold Bonus Event

    There is a 25% XP & Gold bonus this Friday till next Monday.

    From my experience in Diablo 3 events, this bonus is expected to be a global multiplicative bonus. So, XP earned from quests and monsters and Diablo 4 Gold earned from monster drop or selling, all get a 25% bonus, which will be very helpful for fast leveling and progressing.

    But this is Diablo 4, so it could be different. Let’s see.


    Hope the tips help you process your bag after dungeon quickly so that you can enjoy an efficient and fun farming experience without getting interrupted by the dishwashing too much.

    I hope Blizzard can give us a loot filter soon that we don’t need to do this.

  • Diablo 4: Is the Mage-Lord’s Aspect Good or Not? - Lightning Sorcerer Key Passives Deep Analysis

    Posted: Aug 30, 2023

    I got drops of the Mage Lord's Aspect recently. And I did a couple of testings to see if it is a good aspect in general. Let’s find out! 

    Mage-Lord’s Aspect 

    First, a bit of context on the Aspect itself.

    The Mage-Lord’s Aspect offers a up to 9% Damage Reduction if there is one enemy in close distance and up to 27% Damage Reduction if there are three or more enemies.

    Also, we will need to use the key passive Vyr’s Mastery to be able to enjoy the benefits. 

    One note is that, it offers Damage Reduction, not Damage Reduction to close enemies. This means that if I am surrounded by 3 or more enemies, I get the 27% Damage Reduction from distant enemies, too. 

    Close Enemy Definition 

    Second, there could still be confusions: What does “Close Enemy” mean? How close does this “Close” here refer to? 

    There are two common things to visualize the close distance:

    One, the range of the Frost Nova skill. It shows the full range of the close distance definition. Or two, the Stormbane’s Wrath from the nightmare dungeon also shows the full range of the close distance.

    Vyr’s Mastery Deepdive 

    Now, we understand the Mage-Lord’s Aspect and the close distance definition. The Mage-Lord’s Aspect also requires the key passive Vyr’s Mastery. Let’s take a look at what we can get from this key passive.

    First, the Vyr’s Mastery increases 15% damage to Shock Skills. And since Critical Strike is fairly often, we can treat it as a flat bonus of 15%*125% =18.75% damage boost to Shock Skills.

    But it only adds damage to Shock Skills, meaning that it won’t add damage to the Crackling energy, as it is not a Shock Skill. And it doesn’t increase damage to Frozen Orb or Hydra. So, if you are running hybrid builds through Chain Lightning, Frozen Orb and Hydra, it would not be that juicy as it appears.

    Second, the Vyr’s Mastery offers a 20% Damage Reduction to close enemies. And since Critical Strike is fairly often too, we can treat it as a flat bonus of 20%*125% =25% Damage Reduction. 25% Damage Reduction is a lot, it is as powerful as a defensive aspect already, like the Everliving or the Snow Guard.

    One thing is that it is specifically to close enemies. That, unlike the general Damage Reduction from the Mage-Lord’s Aspect, it won’t offer Damage Reduction for distant enemies.

    So in high tiers, I got one shot from distant enemies too, even with the Vyr’s Mastery.

    Mage Lord + Vyr’s Mastery 

    So, what does it mean to have both Mage Lord and Vyr’s Mastery?

    I switched one non-defensive aspect to the Mage Lord, trying to test how much tankier I can be. From my testings, if I am fighting against enemies 30 levels higher, it does feel much easier to facetank 3 hits from them.

    Ironically, I die a lot from this Death Pulse nightmare dungeon affix. Because enemies are gone that I don’t have the 27% damage reduction anymore. And if there is just a single enemy with a big hit, I still die before I have full disobedience stacks.

    For T90+, I am still not tanky enough that I can shut my brain off and jump into groups without dying. And the Skeleton Corpse Archer is still the worst nightmare. I still need to use Diablo 4 Gold to buy a lot of armor to increase my tankiness.

    Comparison with the Overflowing Energy 

    What if we use the other Key Passive, the Overflowing Energy? 

    Let’s go over the Overflowing Energy first. It reduces Shock Skill Cooldowns from the crackling energy. So, only Shock Skills, no Cooldown Reduction to Ice Armor or Flame Shield

    Let’s look at what it means for each Shock Skill. 

    First, Teleport. You can see that with the overflowing energy, the Teleport Cooldown is largely decreased, and sometimes you can even cast one teleport every 1 or 2 seconds. 

    As we usually run the shimmering teleport, it will be a consistent 30% Damage Reduction. And since we run the Protection skill, it also means more Barrier for further tankiness.

    Plus, with the Conceited Aspect, it means more damage, too. And with the Raiment unique, more Teleport means more Stun. 

    So, more Crowd Control damage amplifier uptime for further damage and less damage from monsters too as they are Crowd Controlled that they would not attack at all. If we have enough damage, enemies are taken down even before they can deal damage.

    Last, much more Teleports means we can teleport to safer places more often, avoiding tons of damage, too 

    Second, same for the Lightning Spear, where the Cooldown goes down extremely fast. So, more stun for further damage and more Crowd Control that you can take enemies down before they can attack you, which would not need damage reduction.

    And third, the Ultimate Unstable Currents. I collected a few data on the actual Ultimate Cooldowns with the two key passives. With the Vyr’s Mastery, it is 52s and with the Overflowing Energy, it is 31s. So, the Overflowing Energy kind of doubles the Ultimate uptime for further damage boost. 

    Also, in my opinion, this is better than the flat 18.75% damage boost from the Vyr’s Mastery as it offers a burst window to take down hard to deal Elites during the Crowd Control period, which will make the fight safer, too. The best defense is a good offense.


    In summary, if you like super casual play style, the Mage-Lord's Aspect plus the Vyr’s Mastery is the way to go for a pure Lightning build like a pure Chain Lightning build as it gives decent damage boost and decent damage reduction. It makes facetanking enemies within 20 levels higher much easier.

    By the way, if you don't know how to make your build, this site also provides Diablo 4 Boosting Service. We will try our best to satisfy you according to your needs!

    If you enjoy pressing buttons, twice as much Ultimate for burst windows, crowd control monsters and dodge monster attacks through skills, the Overflowing Energy will be your best pal. It is universally good and useful in T100 nightmare dungeons, too.

  • Diablo 4: Did Patch 1.1.1 Make Endgame Events More Fun? - My Personal Opinion

    Posted: Aug 10, 2023

    In the latest patch 1.1.1, Diablo 4’s endgame gives you some power fantasy that the game lacks. With this simple change, Blizzard managed to make Diablo 4’s endgame a lot more interesting.

    In patch 1.1.1, the creature density of Nightmare Dungeon and Helltide was greatly increased. This indirectly alleviated a lot of our complaints. Of course, I still wish we had more endgame events, but this is a first step in the right direction!

    Perfect Power Fantasy

    First, let’s talk about the most obvious aspect, which is dungeon fun. One of the main fun factors of a game like Diablo 4 is the power fantasy and how the game makes you feel.

    Before the patch, if you weren’t playing Sorcerer and trying to survive, Nightmare Dungeon would most likely bore you. And the complete loop is to walk for a while, reach a group of 6-7 mobs, kill them and harvest Diablo 4 Gold that drops, then move on.

    Also, it makes the game’s evil forces feel a little flat, which is a shame. But luckily, the character designs and models are great, evoking that sinister, dark feeling.

    Now, after the patch, I’m running another Nightmare Dungeon, and I’m having even more fun with it. Hordes of enemies rushed at me, and I smashed and sliced them furiously. It starts to give you the power fantasy you want in a game of this type. Not only does this help in that regard, but it also makes dungeons more engaging, since there’s less walking and more smashing.

    Earning XP Easier

    Another important aspect is earning XP from Nightmare Dungeons. This means that the more monsters you kill, the more XP you receive.

    Though I’m still a little disappointed that they nerfed XP gain of Nightmare Dungeons at the start of Season 1. But it’s a welcome change that offsets our previous XP loss. Of course, it would be even better to increase monster density and gain XP from preseason. But it’s a step in the right direction for the game.

    One thing I really hope Blizzard doesn’t do is change the drop rate for Diablo 4 Items. Because killing more monsters also means we get more loot. If you get more loot, you have more opportunities to level up. You’ll also get more Diablo 4 Gold because you have more stuff to trade and you have more resources to upgrade your items.

    Cinders Drop Rate Increased In Helltide

    Moving on to another major endgame event, Helltide. Before the patch, I usually had to ride around for a while, find a bunch of mobs, kill them, collect Cinders, and move on.

    Now, once we enter Helltide, there is a horde of demons rushing towards us. We no longer have to wander around on mounts and struggle to find monsters to kill.

    Also, I tested how long it took me to get 250 Cinders. It took me about 20 minutes. It took me about 30-40 minutes to get these Cinders before patch 1.1.1 came out. So it’s quite possible that Blizzard increased the drop rate of Cinders.

    Now, Helltide gets interesting, with a massive demonic invasion charging and destroying the land. We could get that power fantasy by jumping right into the middle of monster hordes and smashing them into pieces.

    So overall, I’m happy with this patch. It improves the player's experience and feel in the game. And the two main endgame events, Nightmare Dungeon and Helltide, are now even more interesting in patch 1.1.1. So what are your thoughts on the increase in monster density? Are you satisfied with the patch? I want to know your opinion. See you in the game.

  • Diablo 4: These Proven Strategies To Help You Level Up Quickly In Season 1!

    Posted: Aug 09, 2023

    Here I will tell you some effective strategies for quickly leveling up in Diablo 4 Season 1. In this leveling guide, the focus is on leveling up efficiently and completing the game quickly. If you’ve already completed the campaign in this Eternal Realm, the first step is to skip the campaign.

    Once we get to Sanctuary, we get some Renown rewards. That’s not much, and will get us to level 2 after logging in. If you have an idea for an upgrade, this is a great place to start.

    Typically, leveling builds prioritize powerful areas of effect with Core Skills, Passive, Damage Multipliers, and Movement Speed. After you’ve picked up any Side Quests near Kyovashad, you’ll need to identify Whispers region closest to you.

    Levels 1 To 30 - Focus On Large Groups Of Monsters

    From levels 1 to 30, your goal is to focus on taking down any hordes of monsters you can find. So you just need to move towards Whispers target and cultivate any enemy groups in between. 

    This will be a rinse and repeat process. Get on your mount, follow another marker towards Whispers, and stop to look for any groups of enemies along the way.

    If you see an event where there are groups of elites and thugs, you need to stop and defeat them. This will be our main and most important source of XP per hour. Anything that prevents this will result in a loss of XP. This includes opening your inventory and trying to read every Diablo 4 Items, as well as opening your Skill Points menu and reading everything.

    If you spend 30 seconds every time you pick up that gear or look at Skill Points menu every time you level up, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to farm XP. Only try to do this if you can no longer clear the mobs with an attack or two, otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

    Complete Grim Favor Or Side Quest

    Every time you complete a Grim Favor or Side Quest, you get another XP boost in addition to what you’ve already done.

    At level 11, clearing 2 groups of mobs gave me 1,000 XP, about 3% of my level. Clearing Whispers of The Dead gave me a 1,200 XP bonus. That’s another 3% of my level. Completing Side Quests also gets the same amount, about 3% of my level.

    Reduce The Number Of Recalls

    Another time waster in early leveling is recalling. We should do filling up your inventory and returning to town as little as possible. Typically, you should be able to hit level 20 to 30 within an hour, at which point enemies can become harder to kill. But this is where we change our strategy.

    Also Read: How To Target Farm Specific Diablo 4 Unique Items And Double Unique Drop Chance?


    You’ll need to identify nearby dungeons that offer Aspects that increase your damage based on your build. You can set a marker and make sure to kill every pack of mobs in between here and there, reaping all Diablo 4 Gold rewards faster.

    Because we know that there will definitely be elites and a lot of enemies. So we can speed up our clearance time by unlocking an Aspect in this Codex of Power.

    At Occultist, make sure to get these Aspects stamped on your accessories like rings and amulets. Because putting one of your most effective Aspects on the rings gives you a 50% bonus.

    Rare Or Legendary Gear

    You also have to be prepared to pick up some rare or legendary gear. On armor, you’ll look for things like Main Stat, Cooldown Reduction, Damage, Crit Chance, Movement Speed Rank. Especially Core Skills of gloves.

    Your weapons will depend on your build, but you’ll also want to focus on weapon stats that apply to your build, including:

    • Crit Damage
    • Vulnerable Damage
    • Overpower Damage
    • Damage vs
    • Main Stat
    • Core Skill Damage

    The accessories focus on Crit Chance, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, Vulnerable Damage.

    It doesn’t matter if a piece of armor or a weapon has +2 damage, what matters is that these affixes multiply the type of damage you’re doing. Doing this as well as giving your build the proper Aspect will get you cleared faster, which also means you gain XP faster.

    Level 30 To 50 - Complete Strongholds

    At level 30 to 50, keep doing what you were doing before, but start including Strongholds. Strongholds have a high density of mobs and sometimes a lot of elites. But just remember to keep clearing the hordes of mobs along the way.

    If your build is going strong, you can also head to Hawezar and Kehjistan for the challenge. In Hawezar, monsters can reach up to level 40, while Kehjistan can reach level 45. Just make sure your removal speed isn’t affected. Mobs give you an extra 1.5% experience per level above you. Up to 10 levels above you.

    Also, Malignant Tunnels, which are exclusive to this Seasonal Realm, will grant even more XP, based on what we learned in a developer update. Don’t forget to use Elixirs and team up with friends for an extra 15% XP. 

    That’s it for my leveling plan. Hope these tips and tricks help you level up quickly and efficiently in Diablo 4. See you in the game.

  • Diablo 4 Season 1: Five Dungeons That Can Help You Level, Loot & Upgrade Your Glyphs

    Posted: Aug 05, 2023

    Here, I would like to introduce you to some dungeons that are especially good for leveling, looting, and upgrading your glyphs. Of course, there are several more, which are not bad either. But these are my favorite ones.

    Sarat’s Lair

    Sarat’s Lair is a spider cave where you only have to destroy three targets and then complete a boss fight. The map is very compact and the layout hardly varies. The bathroom is always in the middle and outside around you’ll find some map objectives. 

    There are many Elite mobs in small space and those many small spiders are also great for getting XP. The tests are quickly done. And after the fight with a giant spider, the dungeon is completed. You’ll also get some random Diablo 4 Items for it. All in all, Sarat’s Lair is a nice dungeon in every aspect. 

    Hoarfrost Demise

    Hoarfrost Demise has very similar qualities. You only need to destroy three skeleton constructs and you get access to the boss chamber.

    The map is very compact, and you can run in a circle to destroy the constructs. So, you don’t have to run the same way twice. The monsters are mainly goat men and skeletons. Elite mobs often appear in groups. If you have a strong build, you’ll be able to harvest a lot of Diablo 4 Gold in a short amount of time.

    Uldur’s Cave

    I have already recommended Uldur’s Cave in my previous guide. And this season, it is even a Nightmare Dungeon. The tests destroy three barricades and then kill all the monsters in the last section.

    However, this is not a problem. As with the other two maps, the corridors are all very narrow.

    Komdor Temple

    The Komdor Temple is structured similarly to the dungeon Champion’s Demise. There are three arms in three different directions. Here, you just don’t have to drag around any blocks but only kill three targets, one at the end of each arm. 

    We fight against goat men again. So, in higher dungeons, you should be careful.

    Mercy’s Reach

    Unlike the other four dungeons, Mercy’s Reach isn’t quite as compact, but it’s still one of my favorite dungeons. Because it has masses of Elite mobs.

    After the first section, you come to the spot where you should place the Bloodstones. From there, two short ways either lead to the room where the stone is lying. Sometimes, the two paths are opposite to each other, sometimes at an angle.

    Already in the corridor, you often find a few Elite groups. But the real action is in the stone room. There are about 10 Elite monsters, maybe even more. 

    This can be a bit dangerous. You need a strong character. With my wolf, I do it like that. I lead the monsters from the corridor into the room and there I cast my ultimate to pull all the monsters together. When that happens, I move a bit to the side, cast some Tornadoes, and dash down the monsters with shreds. You can see the result pretty well here.

    Hurricane should also be active. And when standing in the crowd, you should have a finger on a bloodhole. In case of an emergency, it’s best to press it several times. Often, it doesn’t ignite the first time because you are interrupted by attacks. After the two rooms, there is only another short section and the boss fight. 

    With all the dungeons of course, the level should not overwhelm the character and also unfavorable affixes should be avoided if possible.

  • Diablo 4: How To Better Enchant Equipment? - Affixes & Stats Explained

    Posted: Aug 05, 2023

    Have you noticed that when you re-roll gear in Diablo 4, you tend to get the same result? Or are certain Affixes more common on certain parts, such as crit chance on gloves?

    This is because Affixes are specific to certain items and are weighted to have fresh chances of appearing. So stop wasting your Diablo 4 Gold. I’ll walk through each item type to give you the details. This way we have a better understanding of how enchanting works and how the game categorizes them.

    Category Of Affixes

    Similar Affixes can belong to the category of “family.” An example is Potion Capacity and Potion Drop Rate are indicated by scroll icons in this figure. You can only get 1 Affixes from a family on any piece of equipment. 

    Let’s say you’re trying to stack Dodge chance. You can’t get a Dodge chance on your pants and a Dodge chance on a close enemy because they are from the same family.

    However, you can pick up another Dodge chance Affix on your boots. It will effectively let you build your character in the direction you want. Some Affixes fall into another category called Priority, represented by a skull icon.

    Priority Affixes

    When re-rolling gear, the game checks to see if you already have priority Affixes. If not, the algorithm will force one to be generated in the next volume. This can create a very frustrating situation where you get the same Affixes repeatedly. 

    That said, you can still get multiple priority Affixes, but this can only happen when dropped. Once you have a priority Affixes, Occultist will never roll a second, third or similar Affixes again.

    Keep this in mind, because if you want to get multiple priority Affixes on that Diablo 4 Items, you’ll need to hunt for the drop. Next, you can click the cross icon on any Affixes you want to get. Remember again that you cannot have two Affixes from the same family or two priority Affixes.

    This will show your odds and expected gold and resource costs. Remember, these are just odds, it could show that you need thirty-two and you get it the second time around. For someone else, it might take sixty tries. These odds are just to help you make a more informed decision on whether it’s worth re-rolling your gear for something better.

    How To Increase The Chance Of Enchanting Equipment?

    Now, you’re probably thinking about how to get Affixes you want based on what I just showed you, and how you can use that information to your advantage. But I’ll go a step further and show you how to use this to increase your chances of enchanting gear.

    The first method works if you haven’t prioritized Affixes yet. Like I said before, when you re-scroll, the algorithm will enforce priority Affixes in this case.

    For example, your Rogue has a ring with Critical Strike damage, Vulnerable damage, and Poison damage. But none of these Affixes are priority. Since there can only be one priority Affixes on the ring, this means you have a 100% chance of getting a critical chance instead of Imbued skill damage. The latter has only a 4% chance.

    The second way to increase your odds is to select as many stats as you want. Here we have a Druid with Two-Handed Maces, Overpower damage, Critical Strike damage, Vulnerable damage, and all stats with Werebear skills.

    If we want to re-roll all stats. Ideally, his core would be damaged, but that’s only a 5.8% chance. You can get stuck thinking it has to be the exact stat you want. But in this case, Overpower damage and Critical Strike damage on Earth skill are almost as good as the core damage on my Pulverize Werebear.

    That’s all there is to it. Remember, don’t get distracted by Affixes on top of items, as well as any Legendary Aspects. Because we cannot re-roll them. Hope this guide helps you with everything you need to enchant gear like a pro!

  • Diablo 4: Speculation About The Pre vs Post Buff Monster Density Comparison In Patch 1.1.1

    Posted: Aug 04, 2023

    After the release of Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1, we discovered the developers made some changes to the monster density in some areas in Diablo 4. So here I want to talk about the difference in monster density between pre-buff and post-buff in the new patch.

    Increased Monster Density

    One thing that really bothers me right now is the lack of specificity in the monster density increase percentage this time around. We’re having trouble seeing a specific percentage increase in monster density in Nightmare Dungeons, and the increase in elite density is also vague.

    However, during the second developer campfire chat, they actually pulled an example of Nostrava Deepwood dungeon on screen. As part of the monster density increase, where they actually showed how the monster density changed before and after the buff.

    This shows the monster density once you enter Nostrava Deepwood dungeon. Of course, not all dungeons are like this. This is one example. Then in patch 1.1.1 it will change, so you can see more mobs here.

    Pre vs. Post Monster Density Buff Comparison

    Now, while we know that’s not necessarily the final conclusion, we’re not sure every dungeon will see the same increase in monster density. But what I really want to do is compare before and after.

    All the individual monsters and Animus Elites we can see count side by side, and they actually give us that image. So what you actually see on the screen is on the left. Here you can see the pre-gain before the Nostrava Deepwood change. According to calculations, the density of monsters in this area has reached 120, including Animus Elites.

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    Now, when we look at the image on the right, you can see that the total count is 181. But still in the same area. Right now, that almost means about a 50% increase in monster density. This also means that we have more chances to kill monsters and drop Diablo 4 Gold and XP, to achieve the purpose of leveling up quickly.

    Although this conclusion is not completely certain, and this is just a theoretical guess. But I still support the view that we expect to see a 50% increase in monster density in some areas in Diablo 4. I don’t think they actually show us there before and after visuals if you can’t artificially dissect them yourself.

    Monster Density Closing Thoughts

    Again, it’s important to note that we know this isn’t the final conclusion. We don’t know if it’s in every dungeon. But I think we might see some increase in cascading coverage.

    The only thing we know for sure is that we’re going to see a little buff in Helltides. We probably shouldn’t expect it to be as straightforward an addition as Nightmare Dungeons. Because they believe that certain Helltide sequences in certain areas are quite sufficient.

    Overall, I hope we see an overall increase in the number of elite and farmable Diablo 4 Items. But we’ll have to wait until next week’s official release on August 8th.

    Do you have any thoughts on the current state of this monster density increase? Is it possible that my guess about the change in the density growth of this monster will become a reality? Please share your thoughts, as I’d be interested to hear what else you think we might see in the form of monster density.

  • Diablo 4: Barber Heart Ruined & More Loot And XP You Can Get After Patch 1.1.1!

    Posted: Aug 03, 2023

    Barber Heart finally get nerfed, but it's actually a good thing, also can the changes to dungeons and the bosses make the game more fun. Let me iterate and Necromance aspects are vastly changing to make some of the builds even better than ever.

    Barber Heart Changed!

    What's happening to Barber Heart, fixed an issue where Barber malignant power would absorb damage from all other players and not just the players with it equipped. Remember doing a well boss and a dying a second with 200 million damage, this is a change that is not nerfing the power of the heart in your single playthrough. Even if you're playing with friends, but it's making it less annoying, because your friends has Barber and you stop seeing your own damage number suddenly, your lucky hits don't work anymore correctly, some of the builds just directly break.

    It's just super annoying to also not see that big damage number yourself, because your friend applied Barber and you didn't. So the nerf here is actually a buff to overall game fun, because this is how Barber Heart should work, it shouldn't absorb the damage of your friends. But your damage should do millions damage in Season 1, you're supposed to have something completely op going on.

    Also as a heads up, if you actually have the Urn of Bargaining online, then it's not increasing the enchant cost for items anymore, so rejoice with your points in earn of bargaining get more Diablo 4 Gold straight away.

    More Loot & XP

    Now in general, Monster Density in Nightmare dungeon helltides will be updated straight away, so that means more elites in the dungeon. Which could make the dungeons more challenging? Because right now sometimes you have three or four leads in the whole first part of the dungeon and another three or four in the second and then the boss, and you get a super easy run.

    Now with more elites, more XP, more item drops, more chance for uniques, but does that also mean more fun? Because it's going to be more challenging and I do think that will also lead to me enjoying a dungeon even more, if there's just more dudes that I can like more big packs, more challenging packs that I can take down. Especially depending on how good your build is, plus bosses at the end of the dungeon finally have more health up to 100% on level 100, not you level 100 boss level 100.

    So bosses level 80 already have 50% more health, I don't think that's an issue, it's just gonna make a boss fight take a little longer not if you have Barber Heart though. That's quite nice, because the end of the dungeon boss should be taking time or should be a challenge, it should just like a normal lead in the dungeon.

    Plus the most important thing, level 35 and higher boss monsters will now have a 100% chance to drop a legendary item. Treasure Goblins now have an increased legendary item drop chance from level 6 to 14, and 100% legendary drops starting at level 15. Legion Events are now rewarding a guaranteed legendary item starting at level 35.

    That's a beautiful change, because from level 35 on to level 50, you can do many Legion Events in that time span, that's six guaranteed legendaries with a Treasure Goblin, with a level 35 monsters as you do Tree of Whisper stuff. You're just finally gonna actually be legendaried out, aspected out, you get more aspects in general, until you actually hit like level 60, 70, so you're more prepared for nightmare dungeons to jump into World tier 3, the jump into World tier 4, all will be better and more convenient.

    Honest Real Talk About Season 1

    Nightmare dungeons might be a little bit more fun, the challenge might go a little bit up, the XP goes also faster, because now there's more elites and Dungeons and there should be more minions and dungeons, so you should level up faster in general.

    But if you don't enjoy this season and you like don't like the season mechanic, this is not changing anything for you if you didn't like Season 1 before you won't like Season 1 magically because of this patch 1.1.1, Sorcerer is going to get changed Barbarian is going to get changed there's quite some things happening.

    For me I'm a very simple man, I just see the changes to Necromancer I can experiment even more with Necromancer try out different builds and they nerf the respawn cost.

  • Diablo 4: Blizzard Needs To Fix This Season 1 New Massive Exploit As Soon As Possible

    Posted: Aug 03, 2023

    Season 1 in Diablo 4 just keeps getting a crazier and crazier the stuff just keeps happening, so I always promised you I would keep you in the know here on the things that I'm learning, behind the scenes or in the community or news or whatever's going on, I always said that I would do an article and keep you in the loop. 

    Wind In The Community

    Basically what I'm catching wind in the community is that, there is supposedly a way to bring in Eternal characters, which are non-Seasonal, this would be an Eternal character. There's a way to bring these in to Seasonal mode, which obviously, I don't have to explain to you why that's going to create problems with bringing in like gold and Diablo 4 Items from a different character, that's not intended to play in the season. 

    It goes both ways by the way. When I was being shown what's going on, I saw an Eternal character wearing a Malignant heart, which obviously is supposed to be exclusive to Season 1. You're not supposed to be able to have Eternal characters, wearing and using same Malignant Hearts and you're not supposed to be able to have Seasonal characters, that are interacting with Diablo 4 Gold from the Eternal Realm. All that they're supposed to be two completely separate things in terms of the Eternal Realm and Season 1 Malignant Realm. 

    Key Point Of Season 1

    If you're new to RPGs or anything like that the whole point of seasons is to have everything get wiped. Everybody start from scratch it can be a good opportunity for people to come in and come back after a break, and feel like they're on equal footing with everybody, in terms of playing the game and trying to progress and be on leaderboards. All that the whole point of the seasons is to keep the non-Seasonal characters out of there, and completely reset everything with a fresh start

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    Don't Do This!

    I kind of understand the gist of how the method works in Diablo 4, I'm not really going to talk about that in an article, because I don't want a bunch of people bringing in non-Seasonal characters into the season for obvious reasons. If you do find out how to do this I wouldn't recommend doing it. Because this is probably going to be something that Blizzard will consider taking action on players' accounts, if they're going to be bringing in in some of those non-Seasonal characters into the season, that's the type of thing that could get your account actioned negatively by Blizzard

    So what I'm gonna do is forward the knowledge that I have about learning of this method to Blizzard and then I'm gonna keep you in the loop on what is going on, as we learn more and more about this. I'm going to play some Diablo 4 and I'm learning about this crazy method, where people are able to bring in non-Seasonal characters into the season and I will do everything I can to keep you in the know of what is going on with that. 

    Thanks for your reading!

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