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  • Final Fantasy 14: Some Players Can Get Stormblood Expansion For Free

    Posted: Mar 29, 2023

    Recently, new Final Fantasy 14 players can continue their adventures in Eorzea region by receiving a free limited-time expansion on almost all platforms. As soon as this news came out, it aroused heated discussions among players in the community.

    The developers of Final Fantasy 14 also explained the matter and said that they are preparing new updates according to the roadmap. Players will be able to see it in the near future.

    During this period, Final Fantasy 14 also upgraded some important servers in North American data centers. The main purpose is to change the way the game works, so that Final Fantasy 14 can ensure that the servers can still function normally when players flood in the future.

    The server upgrade and maintenance time will be scheduled from April 3rd to April 4th, and will last for 24 hours. At the same time, they will release together it with the new patch 6.38. Although it is not clear what specific impact this server update will have on players. But a recent piece of news about Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition has caught the attention of many new players.

    Final Fantasy 14’s second expansion, Stormblood, will be available for free until May 8 to players who have acquired the Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition on any platform. But this promotion is not applicable to old players who already have Endwalker or new players who are just in the free trial period. Among them, is to include the previously accessible extensions.

    Stormblood expansion was first officially released in June 2017. In Stormblood expansion, players can start adventures in Gyr Abania and Far East. At the same time, players can also play the roles of Samurai and Red Mage, rebelling against the dark reign of Garlean Empire.

    Stormblood also brings players a new character, Zenos, one of the most iconic villains in Final Fantasy series. Its main mission throughout Stormblood expansion is to fight Warrior of Light.

    Although there have been many Final Fantasy 14 players who have had significant differences because of the main storyline of Stormblood before, there have been quite a few conflicts.

    However, it is undeniable that there are also some impressive dungeon missions in Stormblood. Whether it is vibrant Shisui of Violet Tides or smoky Doma Castle, players have left many unforgettable memories here.

    And many stories in Stormblood can still provide new inspiration for the update of Final Fantasy 14. We believe that in this updated patch, players can experience more new content, including “Return to Ivalice” alliance raid series, part that Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy Tactics players can participate in.

    During this update, in addition to the free Stormblood upgrade, new players can also participate in the limited-time free login event of the return of Final Fantasy 14. Returning players can once again experience the four days of free play until May 8th. And you can get rich rewards, including some rare items that can improve equipment and some FF14 Gil.

    With the participation of new players and the return of old players, I believe this year’s update of the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 will be another grand event. If you are also interested, don’t forget to participate in time!

  • Final Fantasy 14: How Rookie Completes Labyrinth Of The Ancients Quest?

    Posted: Mar 22, 2023

    The Raid mission, the player’s first challenge in Final Fantasy 14, is to breach the Crystal Tower, enter the dungeon and discover its secrets. To do this, the first thing you need to do is travel through the Labyrinth Of The Ancients.

    The following is all the information about this Labyrinth Of The Ancients mission, mainly including the attack mechanism of each boss.

    Bone Dragon

    The first boss the player encounters in Labyrinth Of The Ancients is Bone Dragon. In fact, it is not difficult to defeat Bone Dragon, but they will resurrect repeatedly it, but in the process, he will not have any powerful attacks.

    Just be aware that Platinals may suddenly appear to attack the player during the battle. After they die, their bones will stay in place, and the Platinals will explode upon encountering the corpse, damaging all players present.

    If enough Platinals explode, you can even die from massive damage. To avoid this, you should get those Platinals off Bone Dragon early on. That way, when Bone Dragon revives, you’ll have enough time to avoid Platinals exploding when they encounter its corpse. Repeat the entire process a few more times and you’ll be able to kill Bone Dragon.


    The second boss in Labyrinth Of The Ancients is actually a group of Atomos. It will be difficult for the player to attack them at first, since a barrier will protect Atomos. To remove this barrier, four players must go to the arena entrance panel. Therefore, it takes the joint efforts of the three Alliances to lower the barrier to killing Atomos.

    After the players kill Atomos, they need to wait for Alliances to complete the task together. But remember to stay on the panel until all Alliances complete the mission.


    The third boss in Labyrinth Of The Ancients is Thanatos. Before the battle begins, Magic Pots around the arena grant Alliances Astral Realignment Buff. This buff will greatly reduce the damage the player suffers in the later stage.

    At the same time, you can also use this Buff to defeat the ghost-like boss, Thanatos. You don’t need to worry here, you just need to have the basic equipment.

    Allagan Bomb

    Allagan Bomb is the fourth boss you’ll encounter in Labyrinth Of The Ancients. In battle, each Alliance will encounter a Vassago. Each player can use the tank to lead Vassago to the edge of the arena, preventing it from attacking other players. Allagan Bomb also becomes extremely vulnerable when players kill all three Vassagos, which you can easily take out.

    King Behemoth

    The fifth boss you’ll encounter will be King Behemoth. A green marker will lock players throughout the battle, and Comet will randomly drop at the positions of these markers, causing tremendous damage to the player.

    King Behemoth will also use these Ecliptic Meteors to attack players. Players can avoid this attack by simply standing behind a comet until Ecliptic Meteor explodes.


    The ultimate boss the player encounters is Phlegethon. This boss has several telegraphed AoE attacks that players can easily dodge. But when Phlegethon has 50% health left, he unleashes an Ancient Flare in the center of the arena, an attack that does enough damage to kill all players at once.

    It also reactivated this attack when Phlegethon has 10% of health remaining. Some players may choose to try to kill Phlegethon before it uses Ancient Flare, but this is also a tremendous risk. They commit if not all players enough, everyone dies. You need to take your chances beforehand to ensure you have enough time to kill Phlegethon.

    The above are all the bosses of Labyrinth Of The Ancients. Defeat them and you can successfully complete the task. Don’t forget to take your loot. There will be rich points FF14 Gil and rare items to upgrade equipment. Try it out now.

  • Final Fantasy 14: Why The Classes Mechanism Can Always Attract Players?

    Posted: Mar 18, 2023

    The choice of different classes has always been the major attraction of MMORPG players. Players can find characters that match their play style. Whether it’s the brave Knight or the sinister Necromancer. Final Fantasy 14 has gone through decades of changing times, and there are still many different types of careers to try.

    Many classes of Final Fantasy 14 have exemplary significance, which is why it can endure for a long time under the competition of many games of the same type in MMORPG.

    Final Fantasy 14 handles classes differently than any other game. Therefore, many MMORPGs use Final Fantasy 14’s class operation mechanism as a source of inspiration.

    Each class in Final Fantasy 14 has its own suitable role, whether it is Damage Dealer, Healer or Tank. Also, they will have some specific skills to help their characters.

    Although some players who are used to using different character builds and skills will not like this design. But this will indeed help developers create a relatively stable class operation mechanism.

    Each class has a different skin, which is a test of the designer’s aesthetics, which is especially important for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 that use fashion as a label.

    In games like Elder Scrolls Online, healers and tanks have mostly similar skills, so their skins look similar. But in Final Fantasy 14, although there are many Healers classes, their skins look different.

    For example, White Mage, as an ordinary healer, uses staff to cast light-themed spells. Astrologian, on the other hand, uses constellations and tarot card-themed abilities to heal or buff his teammates. Some melee players may appreciate Samurai who is used to sword slashes and katana techniques. There is also Dragoon, who usually jumps quickly before a fight, attacking the enemy with a spear in the air.

    Every class in Final Fantasy 14 has its own unique aesthetic, and even the same character can feel different. If you also want to try these classes, you can use enough FF14 Gil to unlock them to help you get a different gaming experience.

    Because Final Fantasy 14 is part of a long-term change process, many of its classes use previous characters as references. Like Dragoon, which was first released in Final Fantasy 2 in 1988, its ability will remind many players of the very annoying “Jump” attack of the past. Of course, Dragoon is just one of them.

    A very important feature in Final Fantasy 14 is its ability to handle or replace characters reasonably. In most MMORPGs, players must recreate a new character in order to try a new class.

    But in Final Fantasy 14, players can switch characters at will anywhere except in the physical location of a dungeon or raid. As long as the player has passed the professional mission and successfully unlocked the class, the player can use it at any time.

    At the same time, these occupations basically do not appear repeatedly on other levels, so every time a player uses a new character, it is equivalent to restarting the game. But this will save players from having to create multiple characters at once and start the main Final Fantasy 14 quest from scratch.

    See Also: Is FFXIV Still Worth Playing In 2023?

    As demonstrated by the new classes Sage and Reaper in Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix still knows and keeps making all classes unique. Sage and Reaper also gave all Final Fantasy 14 players new gameplay and a different aesthetic.

  • Final Fantasy 14: Square Enix FanFest Ticket Handling Sparks Controversy

    Posted: Mar 16, 2023

    Final Fantasy 14 recently held a FanFest event in Las Vegas. Just the other day Final Fantasy 14 held a sweepstake for existing take part players.

    Players can use FF14 Gil to exchange for up to two tickets during this event. This also caused the tickets for this event to be sold out soon. Some players who want to take part in this FanFest event can only miss the opportunity.

    During the release of Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.35, players also discovered some new content in this Hildibrand Quest series.

    After the sweepstakes ended, Square Enix emailed some of the selected players. They can redeem up to two tickets to this FanFest event in Las Vegas this July. Most players quickly exchanged tickets at the window after receiving the notification, so the thousands of tickets that Square Enix had left today will soon be gone.

    42 minutes after the sweepstakes ended, Final Fantasy 14 and its developers said they were out of all remaining tickets for this FanFest event. Although some players still have the opportunity to exchange tickets at the window, most players are angry at the way FanFest tickets such as Square Enix are distributed.

    At the beginning, Square Enix had promised players that tickets would be distributed to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis. But in this FanFest ticket window, in order to effectively prevent scalpers or bots from grabbing tickets, Square Enix specially used today’s lottery to randomly disrupt the positions of some potential queue players a few minutes before the window opened.

    Although Square Enix did this to allow more actual players of Final Fantasy 14 to grab tickets, it backfired. This approach has not been understood by the players and has also caused dissatisfaction among many players.

    The recent controversy of Square Enix has not stopped. Not only because some players were angry with Square Enix’s FanFest ticket distribution method, but also that Lalafell Lifter added in patch 6.35 in Final Fantasy 14 was also criticized by many players.

    Not only that, but other players have publicly criticized Square Enix in the community for not only ticket issues but also the venue for this FanFest event at this Las Vegas Convention Center is still undecided.

    Mainly because this FanFest event is held in conjunction with two other events, but it is unclear how much space is currently available at this Las Vegas Convention Center. This situation has also worried many players. But these circumstances did not appease the anger of players who did not get FanFest tickets.

    Nevertheless, the developers of Final Fantasy 14 have also made timely adjustments to these problems. Some players who want to ask questions about this FanFest event or the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 update may have the opportunity soon.

    Next weekend, Final Fantasy 14 production director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida will be holding a presentation at PAX East. During the meeting, Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida will answer some player questions, including this FanFest ticket solving issues. It also requested all Final Fantasy 14 players to wait patiently, and hope that players can see a satisfactory processing result.

  • Final Fantasy 14: Player Displeasure With Lalafell Lifter

    Posted: Mar 13, 2023

    Some Final Fantasy 14 players are unhappy with the recent addition of “a chair for Lalafell characters” to the game. NPCs that appear in this part of the content are some short characters, which look very similar to Tarutaru in Final Fantasy 14, but are slightly taller than Tarutaru. 

    And Tarutaru is the dwarf race in Final Fantasy 14. They are usually small in stature and have long ears. Also dubbed by Square Enix as a race with “childlike countenance.”

    Nevertheless, this approach was indeed understandable by players at the beginning. Most of the furniture in Final Fantasy 14 from ten years ago was not suitable for use by characters such as Lalafell of the dwarf race, and was generally designed after most other playable characters in Final Fantasy 14. 

    Although this kind of insignificant problem is easily overlooked by developers in general. However, when players start to decorate their personal homes, this becomes an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Because decorations for everything from beds to musical instruments to plants will no longer be available for Lalafell.

    Therefore, it has been a long-term demand of Lalafell players to want furniture that suits their figure. Fortunately, Square Enix has addressed this issue to some extent in Final Fantasy 14’s latest patch 6.35

    But this new Lalafell Lifter is a custom-made chair for smaller characters, and it described Lalafell Lifter as “whether tired of feeling left out in conversation or out of reach of the edge of the table.” Especially Lalafell Lifter’s extended stool legs and shortened backrest. These problems seriously offended some players and caused dissatisfaction among players.

    Many Final Fantasy 14 players with Lalafell characters have protested the existence of Lalafell Lifter on the official Square Enix forums or other social media. Players said that this Lalafell Lifter has a strong “insulting.”

    Ironically, Lalafell Lifter is more like a toddler’s high stool than a decent seat. Especially the red and white color scheme of Lalafell Lifter makes people feel that they design this decoration for children. 

    According to forum user Pyshiro, Final Fantasy 14 has decent, mature furniture that fits the size of Lalafell, and players can see it when they look at Tomra. Players wanted more Lalafell appropriate decorations to decorate their houses, instead they received a child seat that looked out of place in their room. This approach by Square Enix also disappointed many players.

    For some players who own Lalafell character in Final Fantasy 14, the appearance of Lalafell Lifter will only inexplicably increase their resistance in the game. 

    In some forum posts, some players have been mocked by other players in the community for the matter, and have even been called predators because of their character choices. A Final Fantasy 14 player says he’s fed up with the childish attacks and prejudices he receives for his role as Lalafell. 

    What’s even worse is that the indifference of another part of the players made this matter worse.

    In any case, I hope that Square Enix can understand the dissatisfaction of players, and give timely feedback, so as to provide more suitable furniture for Lalafell players

    If you want to get other furniture or decorations, you can also choose to exchange them by getting enough FF14 Gil. I hope you can have a pleasant gaming experience.

  • FFXIV: Patch 6.35 Note

    Posted: Mar 08, 2023

    Currently, FFXIV's Patch 6.35 has been launched, which includes relic items, a new dungeon and the Loporrit tribal quests. In that way, you can have an enjoyable experience until the developer makes the next major update.

    Currently, FFXIV is in its after Endwalker's patches. Since the developer is constantly adding new content to the game, you are lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy a smaller, more frequent update that the developer brings to you. In addition to these, FFXIV's follow-up patches will gradually reach a climax, and the main patch will be the direction of continued efforts.

    Currently, Square Enix has released Patch 6.35, and brought you some new content. I'm sure you're looking forward to the update as much as I am.

    Release Date Of FFXIV's Patch 6.35

    Earlier, on Twitter, FFXIV announced the time to you. Patch 6.35 landed on live servers on March 7, 2023.

    Square Enix has also confirmed when the patch will be released. It has also been confirmed that the server will be shut down for maintenance.

    • GMT: 6 am – 10 am
    • PST: March 6th 10pm – March 7th 2am
    • AEDT: 5 pm – 9 pm
    • EST: 1 am – 5 am

    In general, there may be some variation in the completion time of maintenance. However, no announcement will be made until the scheduled end time.

    What's In Patch 6.35 Of FFXIV?

    1. Deep Dungeon: Eureka Orthos

    In FFXIV's Patch 6.35, the next Deep Dungeon called Eureka Orthos has been released. What are Deep Dungeons? You can enter the dungeon alone or in a group with others, and it's all about exploration and further adventures. Deep Dungeons will randomly generate a floor for you, and you need to pass through this floor, and finally defeat a boss. Only then do you complete each main floor. If you want your adventure to be easier, you can use FFXIV Gil to obtain more powerful equipment and weapons, which will improve your strength and allow you to easily deal with the bosses encountered in the adventure.

    As the second Deep Dungeon to be released, you'll embark on an adventure in Eureka Orthos, heading to an Allagan Laboratory beneath the Crystal Tower.

    2. Hildibrand Adventures

    In Patch 6.35, Hildibrand Quests will appear in the menu again. The Hildibrand Questline is fantastic and very easy for you to complete.

    To do this, you'll need to complete an original questline, which stems from A Realm Reborn. However, it may take you some time to be able to complete the entire questline. So, if you're interested in the quest, you'll need to complete the original game's quest first.

    3. Relic Questlines

    As exquisite equipment, Relics are available for you to grind for. Typically, relic items are used for transmogrification purposes or as charms. They can also provide you with a strong alternative to other weapons if you want to grind for them.

    Since the relics of Endwalker have some connection to Manderville, it can only be started after you have completed the questline.

    4. Loporitt Tribal Quests

    In Patch 6.35, Loporitts accept their tribal quests. These tribal quests allow you to invest more into a tribe. If you want to know more about them, you can do so through this questline. After the Omicrons in Patch 6.25, the Loporitts are the next tribe to receive their tribal quests.

    Read More: Final Fantasy 14: Dungeon Guide

    As your relationship with Loporitts grows better, you can use the currency you get for completing quests to exchange for different rewards, such as some cosmetic items and mounts.

  • FF14 Latest Topic: How About Karen's Dinner?

    Posted: Feb 20, 2023

    We all know what Karen is. There are white women who are always obnoxious, who always think they are right and better than anyone else.

    The most annoying thing is that they always like to force everyone to think she is right. You can always hear them asking to "speak to the manager", but the staff doesn't immediately give in to them.

    Of course, Final Fantasy 14 has its own Karens to deal with. However, this is only presented in a comedic way.

    Creator Chilifarmer is known more in FF14 community through his comedy. Also includes his brand new skit Karen of Eorzea, opening Karen's Diner on Aether in Jenova.

    Karen’s Diner is a low-class tourist restaurant, a 1950s tourist restaurant that is a combination of a jukebox restaurant and a low-class theme park restaurant,” Chili and I explained. The difference is that their servers are very unqualified, so when you decide to go to eat, you have to be mentally prepared.

    There are Karen-style characters in the restaurant, and they will come to you according to your costume and your order. Deciding whether to dump your food on the floor and you have to pick it up yourself.”

    Chili took inspiration from an Australian restaurant of the same name, which featured servers playing the role of rude, punishing any gluttonous customers.

    Chili wanted to integrate the restaurant with something like Eorzean in such a way that it would naturally make things like this work in a lighthearted game.

    Chili loves to take on challenges of all kinds. Chili does everything in the restaurant himself, from the selection of dishes to the design of the restaurant’s exterior.

    Anyone who has ever known FF14 will know that this is not a simple matter. Especially when you want to think outside the box and create something original.

    Of course, if you want to quickly realize the overall design concept of the restaurant, you can also achieve it by obtaining enough FF14 Items, such as Salon Server’s Dress Vest, Varsity Flat Cap, Conditional Virtue and so on.

    Chili also spiced up her restaurant’s ensemble by creating a themed space of a secret bread basket dungeon. Chili tailored the menu for this restaurant.

    Therefore, when you get some items, you will also trigger some special tasks that you need to complete. It’s a lucky thing that you can have a special pop-up dining experience on the weekend.

    Chili said there’s no timetable yet, but typically, she’ll open the restaurant on Saturday night. Also, she always likes to post in her Discord the week before the opening.

    And she always wants to add something new and interesting before her restaurant opens. So she rarely reopens unless she thinks something needs to be changed or edited.

    Normally, of course, you’d probably see many people at Chili restaurants, especially every time Chili reopens.

    Chili’s next opening will be for FishFest on February 18th and 19th from 4-6pm EST. This time it will be a huge pop-up themed restaurant co-designed by the organizers of Eorzea Museum Network and Eorzea Aquarium. And this Karen’s Diner will use fish as the theme of the restaurant.

    An aquarium is set up around the restaurant so you can admire the fish while you dine, with Karen staring at you next to you. You'll be able to catch Fish Fest on February 18-19. At the same time, my character Riku Mistwarden or Karen O'eorzea will also appear.

    You can find information about Karen’s Diner through Discord or the official website, or you can check Chili’s information through Twitch.

    At the same time, I highly recommend you to participate in this FishFest. In addition to Karen's whispers, there are also rich activities such as Panels, a dance performance by Esprit, Contests, etc. that are worth watching. You can also check out the full event on the official website. Hope you have fun.

  • Why FFXIV Can Be A Greater MMORPG As Well As Won the TGA in 2022?

    Posted: Dec 28, 2022

    With Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV)'s Patch 6.3 around the corner, players will definitely be playing the game again. This will most likely lead to non-players becoming interested in the game. If you are one of those players and are wondering if you should start your journey in this game, then don't worry. Here are reasons why you should try out and play the critically-acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV, from its gameplay to its story, to its free trial.

    Free Trial
    Whenever the FFXIV Free Trial gets brought up, it usually comes in the form of a spiel. Specifically, it comes in this form:

    Did you know that the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial up to Level 60 and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning expansion Heavensward with no restriction on playtime?

    In case you were wondering, I typed that from memory. This free trial is something FFXIV is really known for, and for good reason. I had friends who played FFXIV, and although they did not say this outright, the good points they listed down about the free trial were basically what I said above. You get to play the game for free up to level 60, you don't have restrictions on playtime, and you get to play both A Realm Reborn (ARR), the base game, and the first expansion, Heavensward (HW).

    Just to clarify, by the way, the"up to Level 60" part doesn't mean you can't play anymore once you reach Level 60. It just means you can't level up past Level 60 (the game's current level cap is 90). Not only that, but unlike most other MMORPGs, that's level 60 on ALL of the classes players have access to (from A Realm Reborn to Heavensward, which is 13 classes). Before I bought the full game myself, I had already spent at least 556 hours in this game. That was when I finished HW and hit 60 in a lot of classes. Even then, I could still play the game. What other free trial lets you do that?

    Low System Requirements
    Now, let's say that you want to try the Free Trial. You might be worried that such a game would need powerful computers to run. After all, some modern MMORPGs have system requirements that rival AAA games. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about that. Taking a look at the minimum system requirements, it's actually pretty tame.

    *OS: Windows 8, 10, 11, 64-bit
    *CPU: Intel Core i5 2.4Ghz or higher
    *RAM: 4GB or higher
    *Disk space: 80+GB (full game with all expansions)
    *Graphics Card: NVidia Geforce GTX750 or higher, AMD Radeon R7 *260x or higher
    *Screen Resolution: 1280×720

    These system requirements are a far cry from a lot of modern games, mainly because this game has been out since 2013. Thankfully, the game's system requirements still reflect that. This also serves to really help players get into the game. Also, if you have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you don't have to worry about the specs at all and just play on your console.

    Great Character Customization
    Let's say you've downloaded FFXIV for free, and you are now creating your new character. Final Fantasy XIV's character creation is not as extensive as, say, some Bethesda games or those with a lot of sliders. Even so, the game gives you quite a bit of freedom when it comes to making your character. You can adjust your character's height, bust size, hairstyle and color, eye shape and color, and more. If you're picking some of the other races, like the dragon-like Au Ra (best race) or the bunny Viera (which sadly needs the Shadowbringers expansion), you can even adjust the appearance of their horns and ears respectively. What's better is that your appearance actually matters in FFXIV.

    FFXIV isn't like a lot of games with character creation. You don't spend hours making a character, only to never see it again. You will see your character's appearance the whole game, and you will actually learn to love your character, much as I did.

    Cosmetics on Point
    Since we're on the topic of characters, let's talk about game cosmetics. A lot of FFXIV players consider cosmetics, or Glamour as the game calls it, as the true end game. Players can make armor take on the appearance of other armor (with conditions of course), which lets them spice up their looks. Do you want to be a Paladin with black armor and evil-looking weapons? You can do that. Maybe you want to be cute while wielding a scythe emanating with dark energy? That's also possible. Are you in the mood to look evil while wielding healing White Magic? You can make that happen. Glamour is such a huge part of this game, and is something you will have to experience for yourself.

    Welcoming Community
    What's even better is the community. FFXIV won Best Community Support during TGA 2022, as well as Best Community in the Golden Joystick, and for good reason. Toxicity is very rare in FFXIV. Sure, you will sometimes meet players who don't like how you play or think you should do things differently. However, they are a small minority of players. A lot of the players here love helping each other out. If you need help in a dungeon, chances are there is someone who will help you. If you don't know the mechanics of a raid, there are people who will take the time to teach you what to do. What's even better is that as a whole, players refuse to spoil new players about the story. We all know what it's like to play FFXIV and experience its story and gameplay for the first time.

    That's something we want our new players to experience.

    In any case, these are reasons why you should play the critically-acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV. If you want to try out FFXIV's Free Trial, you can check out the PlayStation Store or the official website (PC) to sign up. Hopefully, you will get to experience FFXIV's story, gameplay, and more for yourself. Once you're done with the free trial, you can buy FFXIV for yourself and play everything else.

  • What New Content Can You Expect In FFXIV 6.3 Patch?

    Posted: Dec 26, 2022

    On January 10, 2023, The FFXIV patch 6.3 will be released. Just a few days ago, the game director Naoki Yoshida and the community producer Toshio Murouchi launched a multi-hour live broadcast, explaining some of the contents of the patch in detail. Let's take a look together!

    First of all, we can know that the name of this expansion is "Gods Revel, Lands Tremble". The 6.31 patch will continue to be released two weeks after the 6.3 patch is released. In particular, patch 6.31 will usher in Ultimate Duty 5, also known as The Omega Protocol (Ultimate). In this new patch, you first need to complete Abyssos: The Eight Circle (Savage), a challenge also known in the community as P8S. Because of the difficulty of this challenge mode, Yoshida recommends that players prepare by practicing the Omega Savage fights.

    Among the many updates in the 6.3 patch, the related changes to the UI can be said to be one of the biggest additions. One of the reasons for this is that you can now see something called damage type in the combat log and floating text. This increase can be said to be more convenient for players. Because now players can easily see that you are facing physical, magic, or unique damage based on this data. In addition to this, the remaining time of buffs and debuffs will now be specifically displayed on the party list. If you think too much display content will make you feel visually cluttered, you can turn off the display options you think are redundant in the settings menu. In your menu, you'll also find a new HUD color setting. This setting is a lovely blue option for players who are tired of the gray or cream look. Yoshida also said that in the future, the FFXIV game team will introduce more color schemes for this option.

    The new patch will also usher in the new arena called Crystalline Conflict. Based on what the two presenters have shown, we can see that the arena has stage hazards such as flipping ground tiles. This means that if your characters stand on the ground tiles for too long, they will fly into the air and patrol Yojimbo-style dolls that will deal occasional huge bursts of damage in a circle slash around them. If you want To get limit break charge, you can also collect "limit break packs" during the competition.

    The two hosts then showed us a game called Euphrosyne the 24-player Alliance Raid. From the outside, the raid appears to be a gorgeous outdoor area, set amidst vast, rolling golden fields.

    Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi also revealed that a new Deep Dungeon called Eureka Orthos will be added in the 6.35 patch released later. To participate in this dungeon, you must first meet some basic requirements. First of all, your level must be raised to level 81. Second, you have to prioritize completing Endwalker's main quest and reach level 50 in Palace of the Dead. After you meet these basic requirements, you can go to Koh Rabntah in Mor Donah to pick up the tasks you need to complete. After you complete all the tasks, you will have a chance to get a new hairstyle.

    There are also some new mounts that will be introduced in patch 6.3. The first mount is a flying pink elephant that Yoshi-P affectionately calls "Pinky." On it, you can see various lights and decorations. There is also a mount that looks like a one-man propeller plane, so it seems quite dangerous to ride.

    Of course, if you want to better experience the new content in the 6.3 patch, it will be a good choice to prepare some FFXIV Gil in advance.

  • FFXIV: Patch 6.2 will officially land on August 24th

    Posted: Aug 16, 2022

    As the latest major update, Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 Patch "Buried Memory" has been receiving attention from players. Previously, Square Enix did not announce an exact release date, only saying that Patch 6.2 would be launched at the end of August. And now, we finally have a clearer date to look forward to: August 24.

    The reason Patch 6.2 is a much-anticipated update is that it includes many interesting new modes and gameplay. Judging from the content previews previously released by Square Enix, the headline of this update is a casual island-building mode Island Sanctuary. The game's producer and director Yoshi-P gave a demo of the Island Sanctuary in the latest LIVE. In this mode, players can customize their farm, gather materials, build facilities, and take care of various creatures. In addition, we can also see in Patch 6.2:

    1. New Main Scenario Quests - The epic story continues in this latest chapter.

    2. New Side Story Quests - Experience the continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor.

    3. New Dungeon - New challenges await in the Fell Court of Troia.

    4. New Trial - Band together with other players in a new trial with Normal and Extreme difficulties.

    5. New 8-Player Raid - Abyssos is available in both Normal and Savage difficulties to challenge the most seasoned players and The Savage difficulty raid is planned for release one week after the launch of Patch 6.2.

    6. New Unreal Trial - Battle against Sephirot in Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal).

    7. PvP Updates - PvP Series 2 and Crystalline Conflict Season 3 will begin with the release of Patch 6.2 and Hidden Gorge also resumes, along with adjustments to PvP actions and the Crystalline Conflict ranked matching system.

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