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FFXIV: A Complete Guide To Unlock Extreme Trials - From ARR To Dawntrail

Posted: Jul 06, 2024

Posted: Jul 06, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Set in the vast world of FFXIV, extreme trials are harder versions of existing trials, and all require you to complete the normal version of a trial before they can be unlocked. Completing Extreme Trials requires a team willing to communicate locations and patterns, and completing them can earn your advanced gear and other rewards, such as mounts, weapons, and totems.

From A Realm Reborn to the latest expansion, Dawntrail, each expansion has brought new Extreme Trials for players to take on. This guide will detail how to unlock these exciting challenges step by step, as well as the unique rewards they offer.

FFXIV: A Complete Guide To Unlock Extreme Trials - From ARR To Dawntrail

A Realm Reborn

Most Trials are unlocked by talking to Urianger in Waking Sands (located in Western Thanalan), but ARR has some tricky unlocking methods, and he will give you a quest chain starting with Primal Nature, and you must unlock them in order.

Luckily, for players above level 70, these fights can be completed quickly in an asynchronous setting. If not, feel free to form a party finder group and some veteran players will come to help you, as they will be rewarded with Poetics and Wondrous Tails retries. For new players who want to feel a sense of accomplishment in the game, it is possible to complete the quest quickly by obtaining some FFXIV Gill to upgrade your equipment.

The rewards for Extreme Trials of A Realm Reborn are mainly horses. After collecting all six mounts (excluding Nightmare), you can unlock Kirin mount through the quest A Legend for a Legend.


Unlike ARR quests, Heavensward quests can be completed in any order, and different quests correspond to different bosses. For example, Diabolical Bismarck quest unlocks Bismarck’s Limitless Blue (Extreme), while Thok Around Clock quest unlocks Ravana’s Thok ast Thok (Extreme).

There are two more quests that unlock Heavensward Extreme Challenges from Alys in Mor Dhona, Thordan’s Reign and Nidhogg’s Rage. Finally, you can find Bertana in Idyllshire or Rowena’s Representative in Ishgard to get looted.

Mounts in Heavensward are called lanners, which are brightly colored, glowing birds. Firebird is unlocked by completing Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts quest after obtaining seven lanners.

FFXIV: lanners


Most of Stormblood Extreme Trials fights are unlocked by completing Songs in Key of Kugane quest by talking to Wandering Minstrel in Kugane and telling him about the different feats you beat in the normal trials.

You can trade your totems with Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach or Rowena’s Representative in Kugane to get loot.

In Stormblood Extreme Trials, mounts are foxes called kamuy. After collecting all seven kamuy mounts, you can obtain Kamuy of Nine Tails mount by completing the quest A Lone Wolf no more.


You unlock most of Shadowbringers Extreme Trials at Minstrelling Wanderer in Crystarium, and like their SB counterparts, you need to talk to him about your feats to unlock the fight.

You can trade Shadowbringers totems for loot with Fathard in Eulmore or Mowen’s Merchant in Crystarium.

Mounts in Shadowbringers are dragons called gwibers. After collecting all seven gwibers, you can unlock a giant mechanical dragon, Landerwaffe, by completing the quest Dragon Made.


Getting into Extreme Trials is pretty straightforward, as they’re all unlocked in the same place. Talk to Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan and pick up the quest I Wandered Sharlayan as a Minstrel. There are no steps to complete this quest, just talk to NPC to start and complete it.

You can trade Endwalker totems for a gear with Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han or Agora Merchant in Old Sharlayan.

Endwalker mounts are large kittens, also known as lynxes. Once you have all seven lynxes, you can unlock Apocryphal Bahamut mount through Wings of Hope quest.


In order to access the new Extreme Trials introduced in Dawntrail, players must complete the new main story, culminating in the level 100 quest Dawntrail. After completing this quest, a new NPC will appear in Tuliyollal. Wandering Bard is back. Talk to him. Your victories will unlock Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme) and Everkeep (Extreme).

Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme) will drop weapons, and Everkeep (Extreme) will drop accessories. For players who are unable to win the random draw for loot rewards after defeating the boss, each victory will earn players the corresponding totem, which can be exchanged with Uah’shepya in Solution Nine for rewards from the boss loot table. In addition, each victory has a certain chance to drop an exclusive Wings of Ruin or Wings of Resolve mounts. But this will not be revealed until the end of the 7.0 patch cycle.

FFXIV: Dawntrail

Overall, Final Fantasy XIV's Extreme Trials are a very interesting and challenging content in the game. Whether you are a veteran player or a new adventurer, this guide will help you prepare for the upcoming extreme battles.


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