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Diablo 4 Gold

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IGGM Diablo 4 Gold Season 4 - Softcore 100M

Diablo 4 Season 4

Diablo 4 Season 4 is titled “Loot Reborn”. Delayed by one month due to increased PTR, and is released on May 14, 2024 at 10am PDT. Season 4 don't have a clear theme around it, but Blizzard has add enough content to this season. Highlights of S4 update include:

  • Seasonal Journey: Discover the secrets of Iron Wolves.
  • New Endgame: Pit Of Artificers and New Tormented Echoes.
  • Itemization Changes: Three new Crafting Systems have been added, namely Greater Affixes, Tempering and Masterworking.
  • Helltide Reworked: The addition of the new Threat System and Boss Encounter will make Helltides a good place for leveling.
  • Codex of Power Updates: Aspects will now be stored in Codex of Power indefinitely instead of just being used once.
  • World Tier Drops Changes: The drops of different World Tiers have been clearly divided.
  • New Season Blessings: Urn of Nightmares, Urn of Iron and Urn of Burning Obols.

All in all, the introduction of these new content makes Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn challenging. Let's be ready to enter and conquer new threats at any time!

What is Diablo 4 Gold?

As the name suggests, Diablo 4 Gold is the currency that Diablo 4 players can use in the game, which will occupy an extremely important position, and it is an essential resource for every player who wants to progress. You can use D4 Gold to buy items from vendors, repair equipment, and upgrade gear. It is an essential resource for players to progress through the game and get better equipment.

How to farm Diablo 4 Gold?

When you first enter Diablo IV, the most important thing for players is how to farm gold to support their development in the early stages, which will have a great impact on your subsequent game progress.

1. Complete quests and bounties - These activities reward you with gold and other valuable items. Make sure to complete them regularly to accumulate wealth.

2. Sell unwanted items - When you complete the expedition or battle, you will collect many items, and you can sell the items you don’t want or are useless to you in exchange for a certain amount of D4 Gold.

3. Participate in events - Diablo 4 will have events that reward players with gold and other valuable items. Keep an eye out for these events and participate in them.

4. Join a clan - Joining a clan can help you earn more gold by participating in group activities and sharing resources.

5. Invest in gold find gear - Equip your character with gear that increases your gold find percentage. This will increase the amount of gold you earn from enemies and chests.

By following these tips, you can efficiently farm gold in Diablo 4 and progress through the game with ease.

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Diablo 4 Season 4: Tips You Must Know To Start Running Helltide Reborn

Diablo 4 Season 4: Tips You Must Know To Start Running Helltide Reborn

As we all know, Helltide Reborn, as one of the core contents of the Diablo 4 Season 4 update, has brought us vast changes. The XP, loot, and materials brought by this Helltide Reborn events change are crucial to the advancement of each player’s game progress, and everyone needs these to successfully reach the level cap.

Therefore, in this guide, we will talk about how Helltide Reborn event works and share some tips to help you maximize your benefits. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Try Helltide?

Whether you are currently playing in Seasonal Realm or Eternal Realm, participating in Helltide events and winning rewards is very necessary.

Killing monsters during these events will earn you a lot of XP and allow you to obtain unique currencies to unlock treasure chests filled with loot and valuable materials. Because of this, Helltide is also the best way to level up in Season 4 Loot Reborn.

Additionally, some of Diablo 4 Items you get from Helltide events can be used to summon bosses, which drop Uniques and Uber Uniques. You can also earn Murmuring Obols by completing events there, which allows you to gamble at Purveyor of Curiosities. Helltide is the most profitable event in the game, as long as your character can defeat high-level monsters.

Unlocking Helltide Reborn

Helltide Reborn event will only appear on your map after you complete or skip Diablo 4 campaign. If you’ve never played Diablo 4 before, you must first complete the prologue of the story until you reach Kyovashad city. You can then skip the campaign on the character selection screen or when creating a new character.

You can then join Helltide, starting at level one in all World Tiers, though, Nightmare and Torment World Tiers have more monsters and Tortured Gift chests.

How Does It Work?

Your goal in Helltide is to collect as many Aberrant Cinders as possible to open Tortured Gift chests and get loot.

However, Aberrant Cinders you collect are not permanent. You lose 50% of them when you die, and you lose all of them when Helltide event ends. They don’t disappear when you teleport to town, but you can’t keep them in the next Helltide.

Note that Helltide monsters are always three levels higher than you, but never higher than level 50 in Adventurer and Veteran World Tiers.

As you defeat them, Threat meter on the right side of the screen gradually fills up. As your threat increases, monsters will periodically ambush you. When Threat meter is full, a series of ambushes will occur, culminating in a confrontation with a particularly powerful enemy, Hellborne. Threat meter will only reset after Hellborne appears or you die.

Spawn Time

Helltide Reborn events periodically take over one of five areas of Diablo 4 world map for 55 minutes and fill up with high-level monsters. Then, after the event ends, there’s a short five-minute break before another event pops up in a new area.

This means you have a limited time to acquire Aberrant Cinders and spend them on treasure chests before they disappear. If you want to know when the next Helltide is, I recommend checking Helltide event tracker ahead of time, so you know exactly when.

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Blood Maiden

Just like Blood Harvests in Season 2, you can use a new Helltide-specific material to summon Blood Maiden, a new boss that drops a ton of valuable loot.

To summon Blood Maiden boss, you need to place a Baneful Heart on each pedestal in an Accursed Ritual location. You need three Baneful Hearts total, but other players can also activate pedestals. Anyone who spends the material to summon Blood Maiden will get bonus loot.

Tortured Gift Chests, Hellborne, and Doomsayers all drop Baneful Hearts, which you can use to perform an Accursed Ritual at locations marked on the map by a white-horned demon icon, which appears orange to indicate it’s activated.

Blood Maiden generally drops a lot of loot, but she will drop Exquisite Blood specifically for summoning Lord Zir, and has a chance to drop summoning materials for random other bosses in Torment World Tier.

Farming Aberrant Cinders

To maximize the benefits of each run of Hellborne, it’s essential to collect more Aberrant Cinders during the process. To achieve this goal, all you have to do is kill monsters, complete events, and interact with various objects in the environment to obtain Aberrant Cinders.

They’re everywhere and impossible to miss, but there are a few ways you can try to get them as quickly as possible. Next, we’ll talk about the best strategies for farming Aberrant Cinders efficiently.

To start, focus on killing large groups of monsters and elites, and completing every local and small event you come across while ignoring stragglers. Keep in mind that your farming goals are focused on densely packed parts of the map rather than open areas.

Click on every glowing Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul, and Helltide Ore veins you find. Don’t forget to kill the monsters marked with skulls on the map for extra rewards.

Also, avoid fighting Blood Maiden boss at low levels so you don’t lose too many Aberrant Cinders to accidental deaths. Likewise, avoid the wandering boss in Helltide, Kixxarth, unless you can kill him quickly.

It’s important to note that you should skip opening chests until the last 15 minutes or so to avoid out-leveling monsters and reducing your XP gains.

Well-equipped level 100 players should prioritize speed and AoE damage, even if it means you need to switch skills in order to run Helltide.

That’s all you need to know about running Helltide Reborn in Diablo 4 Season 4. If you want to achieve fast leveling and experience the endgame as soon as possible, then don’t miss it!

Diablo 4 Season 4: Top Strategies For Surviving Higher Levels Of The Pit Of Artificers

Diablo 4 Season 4: Top Strategies For Surviving Higher Levels Of The Pit Of Artificers

With the Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn starts only a few days, there are many players curious about how to survive in the newly introduced Pit of Artificers. So, I wanted to make this guide to show you how you can survive in the higher Pit levels, as this will be the new endgame dungeon system.

Max Armor

Reaching certain breakpoints and caps in your survivability stats is essential, so let's get started with the armor. The armor in Season 4 of Diablo 4 has been completely reworked, and armor is now working pretty much like physical resistance.

All you really need to know is that in the endgame, no matter how high level the monster is, you just need 9,230 armor. And this is also much easier now to achieve since it's very powerful if you're the Juggernaut, you can have additional Armor Affixes on your gear.

But to play the Pit of Artificers dungeon system, it's definitely highly recommended to reach this armor cap again, 85% physical resistance. There is no more monster level scaling. You can fight in the hardest Pit level with 300 monsters, and all you need is 9,230 armor.

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Max Resistances

The next crucial aspect to consider is your resistances. Maxing out your resistances is imperative, aiming for at least 70% in all resistances. There are various methods to boost your resistances.

Instead of stacking all resistances, which are less efficient, we focus on stacking a single resistance roll onto each gear piece. We aim to diversify the resistance types, typically focusing on Lightning and Fire Resistance. You can try to incorporate these resistances wherever possible, whether it's on pants, chest, gloves, or boots. Additionally, gems now provide a 45% boost on resistance.

However, I find pants to be the optimal slot for stacking resistances, as there are usually fewer competing stats. By acquiring double resistance rolls on pants and complementing them with other resistance types like Poison, Shadow, and Cold, you can effectively max out the resistances.

For instance, the pants have a Fire Resistance roll and a Lightning Resistance roll. With the rework, these rolls have become quite substantial, reaching up to 50 Lightning Resistance. Moreover, you can Masterwork and upgrade these rolls further.

Furthermore, the Implicit Affixes on items have been enhanced, with amulets providing more all resistance. Additionally, there are some beneficial Paragon nodes available to further boost your resistances. Achieving a 70% resistance threshold is crucial for your survivability in the Pit.

High HP

Then, the third thing to pay attention to is your HP. There are numerous ways in the new patch, with the new itemization, to acquire a significant amount of hit points. For example, as a Barbarian player who focused on Thorns, you can have 155,000 health on their Barbarian. And the Masterwork Doombringer provides an additional double Life multiplier, allowing you to reach well over 300,000 Life.

Therefore, I recommend having at least 50,000 Life, especially if you're tackling very high Pit runs. Prioritize Life on your Diablo 4 Items, particularly on defensive pieces. Additionally, as a Barbarian, you can acquire also Life on your weapons. By stacking maximum Life bonuses on various gear pieces, including weapons, you'll increase your base Life.

It's crucial to include Life percentage nodes in the Paragon Board because they provide separate multipliers. So, if you have 10,000 base Life with your gear, and you start multiplying it with nodes providing 2%, 2%, and 4% Life respectively, it scales multiplicatively. The more Life percentage you have, the greater the value you derive from it.

Damage Reduction

Damage reduction has been significantly altered in Season 4. Previously, players could accumulate various types of damage reduction through armor pieces, but this has been largely removed from rare and Legendary items. Now, substantial damage reduction can mainly be acquired through unique pieces and the Paragon Board.

Additionally, the Flawless Technique provides CLA damage reduction, and there are further reductions from bleeding enemies. By using your Marshal glyph or other glyphs in range, these damage reduction nodes multiply, making your character significantly tankier - potentially 4, 5, or 6 times as much.

Moreover, in the endgame, you have the Harlequin Crest, which grants an extra 20% damage reduction. However, since normal damage reduction is now very limited, it's crucial to prioritize damage reduction nodes on your Paragon Boards. If you find damage reduction on your gear, it's highly valuable to Masterwork them as well. The more damage reduction you have, the better your chances of surviving the Pit.

If you follow these guidelines and stack these 4 different stats - resistances, armor, life, and damage reduction, you can become an unkillable tank in Diablo 4 Season 4!

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