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ESO: Where To Find All The Striking Locales In Elsweyr and Blackwood?

2021-07-24 16:50:12

Discovering the striking locales of ESO in each region always rewards Achievement hunters. The eye-catching locations mean that there are some special places in each area of ESO. Similar to the new interests points, if you succeed in finding all the Striking Locales in an area, you will get an achievement that has awarded you for your efforts in exploration.

Now, to make it easier for players, IGGM lists the location of each Striking Locale in the Blackwood and Elsweyr regions. Just go to the locations and get the achievements at the end.

ESO Striking locales


* Fort Blueblood - An Imperial fort located east of Leyawiin in Blackwood.

* Ojel-Bak - A pit in the heart of Sul-Xan territory, in southern Blackwood.

* Plateau of the Traveler - An overlook and old Ayleid ruin located southeast of Glenbridge.

* Salvitto Estate - Located in a small county at the north of Gideon next to the lake.

* Shrine to Nocturnal - Located east of Fort Redmane Wayshrine and south of Arpenia.

Northern Elsweyr

* Defense Force Outpost - A military outpost in northern Elsweyr. It has been attacked by undead.

* Moon Gate of Anequina - A striking locale located east of the Valenwood Gate in Northern Elsweyr.

* Sandswirl Manor - An Imperial style manor in Northern Elsweyr.

* Shadow Dance Ruins - The remnants of an ancient Khajiiti shrine in Northern Elsweyr.

* Sleepy Senche Mine - A disused limestone mine found in Elsweyr.

* Star Haven Adeptorium - A settlement housing the religious adepts in Elsweyr.

* Valenwood Gate - A border gate located in the southwestern corner of Northern Elsweyr that connects to Grahtwood.

Southern Elsweyr

* Doomstone Keep - A ruined castle and Striking Locale in Southern Elsweyr.

* Khenarthi’s Arch - A natural rock formation and Striking Locale in Southern Elsweyr.

* Pridehome - A temple dedicated to Alkosh in the Tenmar Forest.

* Purring Rock - A rock formation in southwestern Southern Elsweyr that has a shrine tucked beneath.

* The Forgotten Mane - A monument in Southern Elsweyr located south of Khenarthi’s Breath Temple.

* Zazaradi’s Quarry and Mine - A quarry located west of South Guard Ruins in Southern Elsweyr.

If you are an ESO player, then these may be helpful. For more ESO-related news and tips, you can visit IGGM. We will frequently update the relevant information of various games, as long as it is a popular game on the market, IGGM will dabble in it.

In addition, IGGM not only provides free game guides but also offers cheap ESO Gold. Because IGGM is a professional game service website, you don’t have to worry about any risks in buying products here. We can guarantee that all ESO Gold is made by real players, and secure payment methods are also available, so as long as you come here to buy ESO Gold, you can receive your purchased Gold without waiting.

ESO: How To Clean Castle Thorn?  

2021-07-21 15:43:54

Castle Thorn is the main dungeon in ESO. Unlike other modes, Castle Thorn has only one hard mode boss. With a dedicated team, the first four bosses should not pose too much threat. However, even skilled ESO players can hardly defeat Lady Thorn on hard Mode. This article will focus on the basic strategies of the first 4 bosses and cover more details of the final boss battle. Those players who survived the 5 bosses of the castle will receive epic items and gear as rewards.


You can use the dungeon finder tool to queue up for a Castle Thorn team. In order to defeat all bosses, your team needs a tank, healer, and 2 DPS characters. Each boss has more than 3.6 million health, and each team needs to a damage boost. On Hard Mode, Lady Thorn has 22 million health, and it is difficult for a team with only one DPS to lower her health bar.

Boss Fights

Dread Tindulra

When the boss performs a slam attack, and will target and stun a member of the team. Another team member will need to attack the boss to interrupt the stun. The tank will want to save their ultimate for when the adds spawn in, that way they stay away from the DPS and healer.

Blood Twilight

DPS characters can spam AOE attacks, and the dragon will die within one minute. The key to killing it is to deal damage while he spawns in. If you kill him fast enough, the boss will not be able to initiate attacks that cause high damage to the central platform.


The third boss has two potentially fatal attacks. If all the characters dodge in the same direction, the sickle attack will be very dangerous. So the team should coordinate each player's avoidance direction. Vaduroth will spawn a reanimated vampire, and the tank needs to taunt and kite the enemy until it is defeated.


Talfyg will pose a true challenge to you, mainly because of his devastating heavy attack. The tank may survive, but the bleed damage will continue to siphon health from the player. So when Talfyg was about to launch a fierce attack, it was necessary to run and avoid.

Lady Thorn

The final challenge is Lady Thorn. She will have three times the health and cause three times the damage on Hard Mode, so to deal with her, you need to master some skills.

When the green AOE circle appears, every member of the team needs to enter the circle. Lady Thorn has an unlimited number of AOE attacks, you need to avoid them. At the end of each stage, she will disappear and launch a devastating attack where she disappeared.

At 60% and 20% health, Lady Thorn will glow red and the green safe bubble will appear. At this time, the swarm will move around the room, and Lady Thorn will do a charge attack from time to time. When stuck in the bubble, the tanks will need to taunt the Scavengers into it. You will need the orbs dropped by Scavs to survive before all 4 are killed.

In the final swarm phase, the safe bubble will move faster in the room. More AOE attacks will cover portions of the circle, forcing you to absorb the damage. After that, you can follow the same steps above to enter the final stage of the battle.

The last phase is very messy, but as long as you are focused and persistent enough, you will eventually become a winner.

This is how to clear Castle Thorn. If you want to learn more about ESO news and guides, you can check them out on IGGM.

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