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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold


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ESO: You Can Earn Crown Crate Item Through Upcoming Endeavors System

2021-04-16 15:55:44

In June, Update 30 will arrive when ESO will provide a way to obtain premium Crown Crate items through in-game actions, which is called Endeavors. These daily and weekly challenges will reward you with Seals of Endeavor, after which you can exchange them for any currently available crown crates items.

The number of Endeavors you can complete every day or every week will change, and the types of tasks you will perform will continue to change. Once the update goes live in June, you will see a list of currently available Endeavors. Complete them and you will get Gold, Experience, and Seals of Endeavor.

ZeniMax Online Studios provides a task list that you can expect to see in the Endeavors system:

* Steal or pickpocket items

* Complete quests

* Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities

* Sell items to vendors

* Craft different types of items

* Defeat different types of monsters

* Harvest resource nodes

With the new Seals currency, you can get any items of Crown Crate items, including any crate consumables (like potions or XP scrolls), pets, cosmetics, and even the very rare Radiant Apex mounts.

In ESO, in addition to finding items in crates, you can also obtain these popular items through gameplay. Any Crown Crate items you obtain with Seals cannot be converted into gems.

The value of each Crown Crate item is different, so if you want to buy some of the most valuable items, you may need to save your Seals of Endeavor. However, there is no limit to the number of seals that can be obtained, if the current crate is not what you are interested in, you can keep them infinitely.

Endeavors are expected to arrive in mid-June, which is around the time of Blackwood's release.

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ESO Gave Fans More Details About The Blackwood Chapter In Advance

2021-04-13 16:00:41

Before the arrival of the Blackwood chapter in June, ESO provided fans with some relevant content. ZeniMax Online Studios provides more details about the central city - Leyawiin, the Aronian and Imperial buildings, and what you can expect when roaming in the new world.

If you were a fan of ES4: Oblivion, you will probably know what will happen when Blackwood arrives. Leyawiin played an important role in past games and it will be immediately recognized in ESO.

Jason Barnes, Blackwood Zone Lead, said:” Allying with the Argonian-led city of Gideon, the city of Leyawiin has recently reclaimed its independence after being invaded during the Three-Banners War, However, in other areas, tensions are high. Mysterious cults have sprung up throughout the land, and unusual vault-like Daedric formations have emerged with no explanation of their origin or purpose. "

Leyawiin is composed of various NPCs, including:

* Argonians

* Imperials

* A few Khajiit frm the bordering Elsweyr

Adventure outside the city walls, you will find a lot of dangerous content. The ancient Argonian temple and the mysterious Daedric tomb are waiting for you there. Head to the south, the unpredictable spillway in the Valley leads to the beautiful sunken ruins, surrounded by ancient Ayleid buildings and recent imperial settlements. All of these are a mixture of Argonian and Imperial cultures.

Blackwood zone includes:

* Six Delves

* Two Public Dungeons

* Six World Bosses

* One 12-Player Trial

* Oblivion Portal world events

Blackwood will release the PC version on June 1, and the consoles version on June 8. It will further the storyline of Gates of Oblivion. If you are interested, you can take a look at a free Prologue chapter to get a general idea of what will happen next.

There is still a period of time until June, but you can now prepare for its arrival. Sufficient ESO Gold can guarantee you a good gaming experience. If you want to buy cheap ESO Gold, you can come to IGGM.

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