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  • 2019-12-02
    Great fast service
    Great fast service, Agent were fast to assist and very trusted! will be ordering from them again
  • 2019-12-02
    Very friendly customer support people
    Very friendly customer support people. They are quick in responding and are very straight forward, that's why our transaction was as quick as less than an hour! Highly recommended.
  • 2019-12-02
    Would highly recommend IGGM
    Would highly recommend IGGM Would highly recommend IGGM. They deliver fast and are really helpful. Always a smooth experience :)
  • 2019-12-02
    Second order through this site
    Second order through this site, bought about 3m eso gold in total now and never had a problem, perfect!
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ESO's Next Chapter Greymoor Is Arriving At Skyrim In May

Yesterday, ZeniMax announced on the official site that the upcoming chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor will arrive on PC/Mac on May 18, 2020, and June for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, providing the new chapter content and pre-purchase method.From now until Greymoor release, everyone can pre-purchase the chapter on various ESO-supported platforms, including ESO store, Steam as well as Microsoft Store, and gain its exclusive rewards like Pre-Order Costume, Pet, Adornment, XP Scrolls, Crown Crate, even Mount, all of these items will arrive your ESO account with Greymoor release.Unsurprisingly, ZeniMax also announced that Greymoor will land at Skyrim, this is a long-requested updated once mentioned at The Game Awards 2019, now it is finally becoming a reality as the words, "With the Season of the Dragon coming to a close, it's time to prepare for 2020's year-long adventure, returning Elder Scrolls fans to the legendary lands of Skyrim".With Greymoor, it will bring something new, a brand new zone, the year-long story, the Antiquities system and an ancient evil.In the region of Western Skyrim, the Greymoor could bring the players to explore the cold wilderness surrounding the city of Solitude, and provide the opportunity to explore the massive underground region of Blackreach.Surely, no matter where you are, you'll definitely be required to complete a series of challenges, most of which are different from the past ones, and encounter new world bosses, etc. In order to defeat them, you'd better make good preparation in advance, such as purchasing food, potion, and advanced equipment.Similar to the Season of the Dragon of ESO in 2019, Greymoor will also bring a massive year-long story to help the besieged Nords investigate the emergence of horrific supernatural events called harrowstorms. Your task is to stop the dark events from monstrous vampires and bests.It also introduces a new system, Antiquities, allowing the players who want to be an archeologist to scry and uncover ancient relics from all over the continent, and gain the fantastic new items and collectibles across Tamriel.Most importantly, Greymoor chapter is just the start of Skyrim return, which is also a major part of ESO throughout the entirety of 2020. In the remaining time, there is still countless game content to play by the end of 2020.The equipment and food mentioned above can be bought with in-game currency, ESO Gold, which is one of the most important elements in the game. If you can't always meet the daily needs by farming, IGGM is an online store to provide various currencies of popular MMOs, including but not limited to ESO Gold, cheap but safe. come here and get what you need, this is your best choice.

ESO Celebration Event New Life Festival Runs On December 19

In celebration of the annual festival season, ZeniMax runs a New Life Festival in the Elder Scrolls Online to earn bonus XP, unique rewards and more during the merry fete.The New Life Festival starts from Thursday, December 19 and it won't stop until January 2, 2020, requiring the players to complete the quests(nine total) and unlock the New Life-themed quests to spread joy.When completing the first New Life Festival quest, you can unlock the Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug collectible, and after that, the more challenges you complete, the more rewards and XP you can earn.Normally, each time you complete a New Life Festival quest, you'll receive a New Life Festival Gift Box, and there are all manner of festival-themed goods inside it, including:Skinchanger Motif chaptersNew Life recipesNew Life collectibles (packaged in Runeboxes and tradeable):Sword-Swallower's Blade mementoJuggler's Knives mementoFire-Breather's Torches mementoMud Ball Pouch mementoNordic Bather's Towel costumeColovian Filigreed Hood hatColovian Fur Hood hatA selection of lights, lamps, and lanterns for your home to celebrate the Signal Fire SprintDraughts of Stealth and Escape to celebrate the Trial of Five-Clawed GuileWhat's more, you can definitely find a Charity Writ in the gift box with two different types:New Life Charity Writs- Complete 12 of these quests to unlock the "Newly Charitable" Achievement and Crystalfrost skin.New Deep Winter Charity Writs- Complete to unlock pages from the new Skaal Explorer outfit style.And each two quests to be finished, you could earn one the Event Ticket in the Gift Box, but you can only get up to two tickets every day.It is tomorrow to start the New Life Festival, and you are expected to join.If you need some extra help to complete these tasks faster, the best option is to buy ESO Gold, since it can provide you with advanced equipment and skills faster than any other method. IGGM can provide you with cheap ESO Gold anytime, anywhere, all you should do is to contact us, and the rest will be solved by the staff to ensure that you have no worry about shopping.

Next ESO Chapter Expansion Will Be Announced In January 2020

The developer of the Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax rarely held such a grand event, a few days ago, it was announced on ESO's official site that an upcoming event will be held on January 16, 2020 in the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, revealing the next big year-long adventure and Chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online.Now, ZeniMax is calling everyone to participate in the event, it is scheduled to run from 12 PM PT until 4 PM PT with the form to RSVP right now, and some minor details about the event might be adjusted as the release date approaches.During the event, ZeniMax will announce the expansion of ESO, and the attendees would be allowed to talk with the developers and claim exclusive ESO swag, if you can't attend in person, all will be livestreamed at that time except the reveal event itself.Now, you can register for the event to qualify, and you'll be the first one to know what will happen in the Elder Scrolls Online in the future.In 2019, ESO successfully completed all the content in the Season of the Dragon, including the upcoming trailer of its final installment. Although there were still some technical problems in it, ZeniMax has actively dealt with them, and more content will be added to ESO in 2020 to improve it, which is the main reason why it will hold more events in 2020.The players of ESO have always paid more attention to PVE content, but in this next event, ZeniMax will add some PVP content to create a new chapter of ESO, even a year-long event.ESO is not an MMO that can always stay alive. Strictly speaking, it pays more attention to the content of ESO itself for more fans. This is a game worth playing, and the one that really struck us was SlayDragonsSaveCats, it not only allowed players to play the game, but also called for more players to join the charity, which might be more meaningful that ESO itself. So in 2020, there will definitely be more similar events.It's not easy to play ESO well unless you have enough ESO Gold as support, which is a huge economic system in the game. Since almost all in-game items can be exchanged with Gold, if you can't make ends meet all the time, IGGM is a trustworthy and competitive MMORPG service supplier, and it can always provide cheap ESO Gold to meet the daily needs.Whenever you contact IGGM, the 24/7 customer service will give a reply to you immediately. By the way, you can get double discounts when buying ESO Gold on IGGM:1.10% off for every ESO Gold order2.10% off within one year for all on IGGM after becoming a VIP 1 for free.

ESO Continues To Release The Activity Finder And Undaunted Event After Shutting Down

The official account recently posted an announcement on the social platform about the upcoming Activity Finder and Undaunted event, revealing something fresh is coming to the game and lasts for more than a dozen days.According to the develop ZeniMax, it is running the testing fixes and will be published to all platforms of the Elder Scrolls Online when everything is ready. And now, the event is set to launch on November 26, it won't stop until December 9.In fact, the Undaunted event was released a few days ago, but after launch, it was urgently shut down. Since this is a game relying on team activities, the players can team up each other to complete these challenges, but many players complain that it is difficult to find reliable players, and someone even thinks it must wait for a long time to build up a team.If the players can play a game by relying on others, it is unrealistic, because not everyone can find friends in a short time.However, this is not the main reason why the Elder Scrolls Online closed the Undaunted event. After its release, the team of ESO quickly discovered the issue related to the Activity Finder, which seriously affected the game effect, so it decided to close temporarily the event, and later announced its new release date.The group finder function of ESO is always a problem, and before that, ESO's team has added a series of improvement plans through different updates, and believe that it will be improved a lot after this update.ESO also released full messages about the event:Once the previously mentioned fixes for the Activity Finder have been verified by QA, we'll publish them to all platforms and megaservers. The ides is to initially have these on the Live megaservers during a time when there's no active in-game event.After these changes are confirmed to be stable, we'll look at a time that we can bring the Undaunted event back for everyone to obtain the items. The current thinking is this will happen sometime in December, after the Dawn of the Dragonguard event.It's also worth noting that while Dawn of the Dragonguard has a dungeon component, its reliance on the Activity Finder is minimal.If you are ESO enthusiasts, it is best not to miss such an event, and buy ESO Gold to make your game easier, you would quickly achieve success without relying on your teammates.