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  • Forza Horizon 5: How To Get Fast-Travel For Free?

    Nov 27, 2021

    Fast Travel is very typical in open-world games, but in Forza Horizon 5, it is very limited. When you start playing the game for the first time, you can fast travel to a single house that you own for free, but fast travel to any other house or festival hotspot will cost you a lot of FH 5 Credits, which is annoying.

    To solve this problem, you need to make some preparations in advance.

    First, you need to accumulate at least 2 million Forza Horizon 5 Credits, which you can get via Wheelspins and events, or you can come directly to IGGM to buy at a low price. After obtaining Credits, you can buy this Buenas Vistas house on the coastline of Mexico. If you don't see it on the map, you need to complete the first Street Racing expedition of the main battle.

    Buying Buenas Vistas allows you to fast travel to any point on any road in FH5, which is very useful.

    In Forza Horizon 5, fast travel billboards are everywhere. If you are close enough, you can see the small lightning bolts on your radar. There are 50 in total, and each one destroyed will reduce the price of fast travel by 200 credits. So if you hit them all, your fast travel will be free.

    You can buy the Treasure Map of FH 5 in real money microtransactions for $2.99, and you will see all 50 boards appear on your map. But a better option is to open this free interactive map, enter "fast travel" in the search box, and you will see all the locations you need.

    After that, you can enjoy your free fast travel, you can take your car to jump from one point to another, and knockdown all opponents in an instant.

    In addition, players can't say “NO” to the good cars. So you can also come to IGGM to buy Forza Horizon 5 Cars, you can find any excellent cars in the game here, from BMW to Mercedes-Benz.

  • New World: How To Hide Your Helmet?

    Nov 26, 2021

    In New World, when you get to the first level, you will start to get a variety of gear. Unfortunately, the gear with good stats may mean that the appearance will be unsatisfactory. Although some unsightly armors are negligible, ugly helmets are often very prominent. Based on this, IGGM will give some relevant suggestions to make your character look more harmonious.

    By the way, now come to IGGM to buy New World Coins with code "Thanks", you will enjoy 5% off.

    When you gather materials, choose factions, and upgrade professions, it is very valuable to appreciate the appearance of the character. The first option is to use Skins. If you purchase the New World Deluxe Edition, then you will have more choices. If this is not enough to achieve your desired look, you can choose to hide any headgear you have equipped.

    How to hide a Helmet?

    To hide the headgear without losing the gear score, you need to first click Tab to open the inventory, and then right-click the headpiece you want to hide. Select the "Change Skin" option and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find "Hide Headgear". Click on it to make the helmet or hat invisible whenever it’s equipped. This method involves choosing an "invisible" skin for the headgear, allowing you to benefit from the stats without a visual display.

    If you want to get more skins, you can get them by using the in-game store, all of which can be purchased with Marks of Fortune.

    New World also offers an option through dyes, albeit limited. You first need to get dyes through cooking, tradepost or by questing. Then, use Tab to open the inventory, right-click on the armor and select "Dye". In this way, you can change the color of the gear.

    For more New World news, you can subscribe to IGGM to receive the latest articles.

  • FFXIV: How To Unlock The Fenrir Mount?

    Nov 25, 2021

    In FFXIV, Fenrir is the monstrous wolf of Norse mythology. It appears as the end boss of the Snowcloak Dungeon and is also a magnificent, rideable Mount. Although there are other wolf mounts, Fenrir is unique. You can only unlock it through MGP or Manderville Gold Saucer Points. IGGM will introduce the specific getting steps.

    How to unlock Fenrir?

    To unlock Fenrir, you need to get the Gold Saucer in FFXIV first. To do this, you need to complete the main story quest in level 15:

    * The Gridanian Envoy

    * The Ul’dahn Envoy

    * The Lominsan Envoy

    It depends on your starting zone. You can talk to the Well-Heeled Youth at X:9.6, Y:9.0 in Ul’dah, and then go to the Gold Saucer. Once you arrive, you can start farming for the Fenrir mount.

    You can buy Fenrir mount from Gold Saucer Attendant NPC for 1 million MGP. It is worth noting that you cannot exchange MGP with FFXIV Gil, so you need to go to grind MGP.

    How to grind MGP?

    The most direct way to obtain MGP is to complete the weekly Challenge Logs in Gold Saucer. Many low-effort activities can be completed relatively quickly. In the AFK, you play Lord of Verminion 9 times with AI, and you can get 27,000 MGP.

    Another way to earn MGP is Wonderous Tails. It is a cute, RNG-based bingo mini-game, you can participate in by doing certain dungeons, trials, or raids. The weekly rewards are usually MGP gold or platinum card, and you can get 30,000 MGP or 50,000 MGP immediately after use.

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  • Get A 5% Off While Buying Products On IGGM During 11.23-30

    Nov 24, 2021

    Black Friday and Thanksgiving are coming soon, so IGGM has also prepared a great sales promo, allowing you to get the cheapest game currency from November 23 to 30. By then, all products on IGGM will participate in this promotion. 

    As long as you come to IGGM to purchase products with the code "Thanks" during this period, you can enjoy 5% off.

    This is very cost-effective for players, because many games will also introduce game patches or new DLC, which will make the main currency in the game more popular, so it is the wisest to buy currency at this time.

    If you are a player of FFXIV, now it is the best choice to buy FFXIV Gil from IGGM, because Endwalker is coming soon, and it is the final chapter of the story, the content must be very rich, fans want to experience all aspects of the game, so FFXIV Gil will definitely play a very important role at that time.

    As a legit and professional game service provider, IGGM involves a wide range of games, so if you are a player, you may want to check them out on IGGM. There must be the game currency you need, from POE Currency to Madden 22 Coins, in short, hope you can seize this opportunity to get cheap currency.

  • ESO: How To Swap Builds At The Armory Station?

    Nov 23, 2021

    Before starting today's article, by the way, if you come to IGGM to buy ESO Gold with code "Thanks" from November 23rd to November 30th, you will enjoy 5% off.

    Now we can focus on ESO, Update 32 of ESO provides some fixes to the game and some new features, including the Armory system, which is free to all players. This new system will allow the entire build swaps to be completed in one place.

    How to access the Armory?

    There are two ways to access the armory: an Armory Station or an Armory Assistant. The Armory Station is free to all players and can be purchased from the Crown Store. After you buy it, you can put it in your house to access its benefits. You can also choose to buy the Armory Assistant in the Crown Store, which can provide additional benefits. In the form of a traveling assistant, you can visit the Armory almost anywhere in Tamriel.

    When visiting the armory, the available actions will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Save Build will note the current loadout of the character and save it easy access in the future. Equip Build will swap out the character's current build with the selected build. You can select "Build Settings" to change the name and icon of the builds you created for sorting.

    What can the Armory Do?

    All Elder Scroll attribute and skill point allocations will be saved for each build, allowing completely different game styles to be implemented immediately when swapped. The new armory system will allow you to swap between saved respecs more efficiently.

    All passive and slotted champion stars are included in a build and will be kept when saved in the Armory. If you want to respec Champion Points, you need to spend 3000 ESO Gold, but now you can go directly to the Armory to save any changes.

    The armory allows you to change the curse status. If you unlock the Werewolf and Vampire skill lines, you can use different saves to quickly activate and deactivate them, which will save valuable time in curing or reinfecting characters during quests.

    Any clothing, weapons, poisons, or accessories you use will be saved to allow for quick swaps to these items in the future.

  • FFXIV Endwalker: Details About The New Reaper Class

    Nov 22, 2021

    FFXIV Endwalker will become available on December 7th, and early access will be on December 3rd. With the arrival of Endwalker, new jobs will appear, and Reaper is one of them. So far, IGGM has collected some relevant details.

    Reaper is a melee DPS character that focuses on fast and powerful combos, party-wide damage buffs, and centers around summoning an Avatar to boost attacks. The scythe is its main weapon and uses maiming gear. This is a high-strength armor class that was previously only used by Dragoon job. As a melee class, Reaper relies on speed and physical power to bring as much pain as possible to the enemy in a short period. This class is based on rotation, which means there is a smooth pattern to combat that you can learn later.

    In addition, the limit break in dungeons and raids is usually reserved by melee classes to maximize damage to the enemy, which means that Reaper has the opportunity to provide the final blow in battle. So investing in FFXIV Gil in Reaper is totally worth it.

    Reaper Job & Dragoon Job

    If you play Dragoon in FFXIV, it will be easy to play Reaper in Endwalker. Because their gear types are the same. The only thing that needs to be updated is the scythe weapon because it is the exclusive gear of this class. If your maiming gear has been augmented and set with materials, then in FFXIV from Dragoon to Reaper, you can have a simpler time starting from level 80.

    Reaper has an advantage in positionals and can deal more damage attacks. In addition, it also has the mobility prowess of "Hell’s Ingress" and "Hell’s Egress", allowing Reaper to use the portal to immediately move forward or backward 15 yalms.

    The Reaper class can also use different buffs to guarantee the output damage. Maintaining these buffs at every opportunity will add huge power to Reaper's arsenal.

    Although the Reaper class seems to integrate the best aspects of the melee DPS class, it doesn't seem to be that good when it comes to player experience outside of combat. The Reaper starts automatically at level 70, which means that most of the skills have been unlocked.

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  • Forza Horizon 5: Where To Find the Temple of Quechula?

    Nov 18, 2021

    Forza Horizon 5 is located in Baja California, Mexico. The map contains many real-world buildings and areas, including the Temple of Quechula, which is an abandoned Roman Catholic church in Mexico and is located within a river. Maybe you haven't been able to find it in FH 5 yet, so IGGM will tell you where it is.

    To find the Temple of Quechula, you need to go to the south of the map. The area of interest is the southern part of Cordillera, which is called Sierra Verde Dam. This dam is in the nearby river. To landmark it, you can go directly to the north of the Super 7 entry location on the map.

    Now, if you try to drive into the river, the car will sink and the game will force you to be born again. So to avoid this, you need to drive to a piece of land northwest of the Super 7 icon, which is directly above the square icon that is above the Sierra Verde Damn sign.

    You can take a look at this picture:

    You need to find this location to complete some Accolades, including one that will allow you to complete the Horizon Festival Mexico Outpost section of Festival Accolades. Driving on this land, you will complete those Accolades.

    In addition to these, the most important and interesting content of FH 5 is the car. A good car will always optimize your racing experience. Based on this, IGGM also provides various FH 5 Cars in the game, regardless of Ferrari, BMW, or Mercedes, you can get them at a cheap price here.

    In addition, Forza Horizon 5 Credits are also available on IGGM, you can purchase what you need according to your needs, and IGGM provides Credits on various platforms, before you place an order, you need to make sure your order’s info is correct. If you are an Xbox user, but you have purchased Steam FH 5 Credits, it will be bad. This will not only delay the delivery but also affect your gaming experience.

  • ESO: How To Get The Grothdarr Set?

    Nov 17, 2021

    Earlier, IGGM has introduced the way to unlock Armory Station, if you are interested, you can click here to view it. Today, we will still talk about an important item- The Grothdarr Set, which is part of the monster helm set. To get it, you need to know the following things.

    What’s The Grothdarr Set?

    The Grothdarr Set is a two-piece set and is part of One Tamriel. It joins the game as part of the monster helm sets, which consist of a helmet and shoulder piece. Like all monster hunter set’s pieces, Grothdarr armor is random in armor type (light/medium/heavy) and trait (reinforced/infused/divined, etc.). To get what you want, you need to start some farming. By the way, any time you need ESO Gold during the process, you can come to IGGM anytime.

    How to get The Grothdarr Set?

    You can get this Shoulder by using an Undaunted key on Gilirion the Redbread's chest. The shoulder type, weight and traits are based on random number generations (RNG) and can come from any dungeon this NPC gives Pledges for. It is worth noting that the Shoulder is not guaranteed to drop, so you need to try a few more times.

    To get Helm, you need to go to Vaults of Madness, which is also part of the base game, located in Coldharbour. Only in Veteran mode, the helmet will drop from the last boss, and the weight and traits are also based on RNG.

    That's all there is to it, the armor type is random, so if you want a specific version, you may need to take some grinding.

    The Bonuses for the Grothdarr Set

    * (1 item) Adds1096 Maximum Magicka

    * (2 items) When dealing damage to an enemy within 8 meters, you have a 10% chance to create lava pools that surrounds you, dealing 259 Flame Damage to all enemies within 8 meters every 1 second for 5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds and is upgraded from a higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.

    Now you can follow the above steps to get this item. IGGM will continue to provide more ESO-related news and game guides. As long as you are an ESO player, subscribing to IGGM may be helpful to you. In addition, another welcome reason for IGGM is the cheap ESO Gold, because as consumable in the game, it is always needed. In the long run, this is a big expense, so finding one website that sells cheap ESO Gold and is legit is what players are looking forward to.

  • ACNH: What To Do With The New Polish Tool?

    Nov 16, 2021

    The ACNH 2.0 update seems to have completely fascinated players. 2.0 ACNH Items has been bringing surprises to players. More options allow players to give full play to their creativity. If there are items you like, you can come directly come to IGGM to buy 2.0 ACNH Items.

    In addition, Happy Home Paradise DLC introduces the polishing mechanic, so you can add sparkle to your home furnishings. But when the options for all new features are unlocked, including the ability to use custom patterns with different effects, polishing becomes a powerful creative tool, and you can even use it to take your creation to the next level. 

    This was accidentally discovered by an ACNH player who discovered the ability to swap the polishing tool’s particle effects for custom patterns last week. Just apply the unique design to the existing effect to create roaring flames, and the fire will spread.

    How to get the polish tool?

    To get this new polishing tool, you need to own Happy Home Paradise DLC. After decorating the 4 homes, you will unlock the basic polished version, which can simply allow you to add a sparkle effect to items.

    After helping 12 customers, Niko will teach you additional polish effects and give you 14 presets to play with, each with a different appearance and behavior.

    The initial polishing effect, sparkleblast, creates a cascade of little stars from your polished items.

    Pitterpat can create little hearts that rise from your items. Steamshine can add smoke to an item and is suitable for hot tubs or barbecue pits.

    The default settings are simple, but unlocking all 14 allows you to apply your custom patterns. Players are constantly discovering new ways to apply their custom designs to optimization tools, and IGGM will always pay attention to them and share some creative ideas.

    Taking into account the diversity of items, IGGM optimized the product page so that you can better find the items you need. After you place an order, we will quickly arrange the delivery for you, so you can receive it without waiting too long.

  • FFXIV: How To Change Retainer Look?

    Nov 15, 2021

    In FFXIV, Retainers can provide you with valuable services. If you want to change the appearance of the Retainer, you need to make some preparations, which is a special consumable - Retainer Fantasia, you can only get it through in-game ways.

    Retainer Fantasia allows you to change the appearance of Retainers, as well as their nicknames and personalities. However, before using it, you need to make sure that all Retainer's FFXIV equipment and accessories are unequipped.

    The main tool and weapon that decide to Retain’s job do not need to be removed. In FFXIV, you can obtain Retainer Fantasia in two ways.

    How to get the retainer fantasia?

    In FFXIV, the most direct way to change the look of Retainer is to buy Retainer Fantasia from the player Market Board. On average, the price of a vial should be around 20000 FFXIV Gil. But on different servers, this cost is also different, so it should be judged based on specific information.

    If you want to use FFXIV Gil to purchase rare items, such as emotes or minions, you can take a passive approach to obtain Retainer Fantasia.

    Another way to get it is to farm FFXIV Retainer Ventures. After your reserve reaches level 10, "Quick Explorations" will be activated. This is an RNG-based adventure activity. In this activity, the Retainer always returns with a random item.

    How to change a retainer's appearance?

    The level of the Retainer determines the "Quick Exploration" reward and the quality of the procured items. In addition, the Retainer can only obtain during the "Quick Exploration" process, one of which is the Venture Coffer. Once consumed, a Venture Coffer will reward you with a few rare General-purpose Dyes or a vial of Retainer Fantasia. After obtaining it, You need to talk to a Retainer Vocate NPC to change the appearance of the Retainer.

    By the way, it's now mid-November. Although Endwalker is available until December, you can now prepare for it. Not only can you come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil, but you can also come often. IGGM view related information.

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