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General News

  • Dungeonborne: How To Explore Sinner’s End? - Routes & Tips

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    Sinner’s End is a tomb-like map filled with skeleton creatures and terrifying monsters. This map is a test of your wits as you traverse winding causeways that are full of dangers around every corner.

    This is a very dark map, and Vantage Points are hard to come by, so ambushes are very common. The best way to avoid ambushes is to have a torch ready and try to fill the area with light.

    Here are some recommended routes for this map that will help you get more Dungeonborne Gold.

    Gold Farming Route

    Gold Farming (PVE): If your goal is to farm PVE, then it is only recommended that you stay on outskirts of the map. There are many easy-to-deal-with PVE enemies on the outskirts of the map, so you can sneak away from the players after dealing with them. There are also static extracts in the back, south, and east of the map that you can extract when needed.

    Gold Farming (Chest): First, we need to understand clearly which chests are on this map. There are five chests in total. These chests are:

    1. In Center of Labyrinth.
    2. In Central Arena Ahamber.
    3. A Reaper above Gold Horde.
    4. At Khazra guard in the cave.
    5. Under Drawbridge Style Barricade.

    The first three chests are easy to get, but the last two are a bit difficult because they are guarded by elite mobs. Unless you have Stealth or Pushing effects, it is not worth taking these two chests.

    PVP Route

    PVP Route: Three areas that many players are fighting for. These three places are:

    • Labyrinthe: Because there is a chest here.
    • Central Arena Chamber: Because the landscape here can be constantly changed, allowing players to perform dynamic combat.
    • Sewer Room: There is a shrine in it, and the shrine will drop Resurrection Stone.

    These three places are prominent combat areas, because in these three places, you can not only get loot but also Resurrection Stone. Many players will rush to the Sewer Room like a river. Of course, the purpose is to revive their fallen teammates.

    Players are attracted to these two locations because they offer exciting combat experiences and the opportunity to gain unexpected rewards after defeating enemies.

    Elite Route

    Elite Route: It is recommended to chase Reaper. Although their attack speed is very fast and powerful, they will send enough telegraphed in advance, and we can completely parry and dodging the attacks.

    In this map, there are a total of four Reapers. Two of them are very close. If you still feel unsatisfied after dealing with these two, you can go to a static corrupted portal. There is a Khazars nearby, and you can try to deal with it.

    There are many unknown traps in Sinner’s End, so it is very necessary to find out where the traps are. We can use traps to ambush enemies, or we can use traps to escape from others’ pursuit.

    The boss of this map is called Wendigo, and it is located in the center of this map. He moves very fast and has heavy damage with ice-based projectiles. So it is foolish to challenge it easily before you are strong enough and don’t understand this mechanism of this monster.

    How much do you know about Sinner’s End after reading this article? Is it helpful to you? I personally think that Sinner’s End is indeed not an easy map.

  • Elden Ring: How To Find All Great Grave Gloveworts In Shadow Of The Erdtree?

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    Elden Ring offers a variety of tools that can make your quest through this massive world a little easier. You can also craft items that target enemy weaknesses, and even summon Spirit Ashes to help you in more challenging battles.

    Like weapons, Spirit Ashes need to be upgraded to become more powerful. So what do you need to upgrade Spirit Ashes? Grave Gloveworts. Grave Gloveworts are hidden in various places throughout the map, especially in caves and dungeons.

    But if you want to upgrade your favorite summons, you need Great Grave Gloveworts. Unlike the former, this is a limited resource, with 5 in the base game and 6 in the DLC. This guide will detail the locations of the 6 Great Grave Gloveworts so that you can upgrade the Spirit Ashes you want as quickly as possible.

    Difference Between Great Grave Glovewort And Great Ghost Glovewort

    Before explaining the location of each Great Grave Glovewort, we need to distinguish the difference between the two types of Gloveworts. You can compare these two to Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones, which are used to upgrade standard weapons and special weapons, respectively.

    Similarly, Grave Gloveworts are used to upgrade standard Spirit Ashes, and Ghost Gloveworts are used to upgrade renowned/elite Spirit Ashes. Spirit Ashes can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 levels, and the last upgrade will require rare variants of these Gloveworts - Great Grave Glovewort and Great Ghost Glovewort.

    If you still can't find the location of a Great Grave Glovewort according to the order of this guide, you can enter the game community through Discord and discuss with other players. In addition, IGGM Discord will also post some activities to give away Elden Ring Runes. Come and join us!

    First One

    There are five Great Grave Gloveworts in Cerulean Coast, one of which can be found in an underground tunnel southwest of Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace. To get Great Grave Glovewort, head southeast from Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace and look for a cliff leading down from the slope along the coast.

    Carefully enter the tunnel and continue northeast until you reach the exit. Great Grave Glovewort can be found near a bull pedestal on a stone structure.

    Second One

    The second Great Grave Glovewort is north of Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace, but to get there, you’ll need to first head northeast, then go around the hills along the northwest canyon.

    The canyon leads to the northern shore of Cerulean Coast, where you can defeat Demi-Human Queen Marigga to obtain Star-Lined Sword, an intelligence-based sword, and some Elden Ring Runes. To the southwest of the coastline is a large ship-like structure. Climb this to obtain yet another Great Grave Glovewort.

    Third One

    The next Great Grave Glovewort is found near Cerulean Coss Site of Grace, but if you haven’t explored the area to unlock it, you can start your journey from Cerulean Coast Site of Grace. First, head south from this Site of Grace, past Ghostflame Dragon. Eventually, you’ll find a Map Fragment monument, where you can get a Cerulean Coast map.

    Next, turn east from Map Fragment monument and make your way through the ruins to the coastline. As you continue running along the coastline, keep an eye out for a large ruined stone structure to the west. Once you find the stone structure, ride up to it and collect the third Great Grave Glovewort from the stone pedestal.

    Fourth One

    The fourth Great Grave Glovewort can also be found on Cerulean Coast. Start by discovering Cerulean Cross Site of Grace, then head north and come across an abandoned stone structure to find Great Grave Glovewort. Jump onto the structure and turn northeast.

    After a short distance, you’ll come to a cliff. Drop down to another ship-like stone structure below and collect the fourth Great Grave Glovewort from its pedestal.

    Fifth One

    The fifth Great Grave Glovewort is found on Cerulean Coast, but can only be accessed from Charo’s Hidden Grave, a large plateau that towers over Cerulean Coast.

    You can reach Charo’s Hidden Grave by going through Dragon Pit to discover Dragon Pit Terminus Site of Grace. Then, travel south to find Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, then travel a short distance west to reach Charo’s Hidden Grave, decorated with crimson flowers.

    Now, to find Great Grave Glovewort itself, travel southwest from Charo’s Hidden Grave Site of Grace as you approach the cliffs. Eventually, you’ll find a similar stone structure, and you can climb down to collect the final Great Grave Glovewort on Cerulean Coast.

    Read More: How To Make More Bleed Damage In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree? - With The Best Bleed Weapons

    Sixth One

    To get the last Great Grave Glovewort in Shadow of the Erdtree, you need to head to Shadow Keep from Church District Entrance. You can reach the corresponding Site of Grace by first discovering Bonny Village and running along the north-northwest path.

    When you first arrive at Shadow Keep from Church District entrance, most of the area is flooded with water and your only means of movement is to parkour across the rooftops.

    To get the sixth Great Grave Glovewort, head northwest from Church Distance Entrance Site of Grace and jump down onto the rooftops. Turn west and you’ll see an orange glow emanating from a corpse on a ledge. To reach the corpse, approach the western edge of the rooftop and jump onto the floating wooden log. Then, make your way through a series of wooden logs to reach the corpse and pick up the last Great Grave Glovewort.

    These are the locations of all Great Grave Gloveworts in Shadow of the Erdtree. Have you ever had them before? If not, then go find them now!

  • College Football 25: How To Get Skill Points In Road To Glory? - Tips & Strategies

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    There’s a lot to be excited about this year for football fans! Not only are you getting a new Madden game, you’re also getting to experience the first college football game in over a decade. Players can carve out their own destiny as a rising star in the competitive college football scene in Sports College Football 25.

    Players who embark on their own player journey in Road To Glory mode will have to balance not only school, training, but sponsorship opportunities and a social life as well. If players want to try to improve team and realize the dream of a national championship.

    A big part of achieving your goal will require understanding how to get skill points in College Football 25, as only by making your players constantly improve can you consistently beat the other teams in college football.

    What Are Skill Points In Road To Glory?

    From UFC and NBA to NFL and NHL, player ratings are a must-have element of any major sports game. And it’s certainly no different in Sports College Football. Each player will receive a rating that reflects their skills. In Road To Glory, you’ll choose your starting rating and work to improve it while building trust with your coaches, which is where skill points come into play.

    Skill points have a functional benefit similar to College Football 25 Coins, where players can earn and spend skill points to upgrade players’ abilities in different aspects of the game. The number of skill points you need to spend will depend on the position you play, but will include attributes such as elusiveness, strength, and accuracy. The higher the skill level, the more skill points you need to spend.

    How To Get Skill Points In Road To Glory?

    Whether it’s Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, or Wide Receiver. Skill points are best earned by demonstrating skill in the position you play. There are two major ways to earn skill points:

    1. The first way is to spend effort on training each week in the Weekly Agenda section of Road To Glory hub. It’s worth noting, however, that any points you spend on training cannot be used in other areas of the game that are not easily earned, such as Endorsements or Leadership.
    2. The second way is to complete milestones in the game. These milestones include getting the first down again, making a successful throw or catch, and scoring. Each positive achievement you make in the game will increase your total XP, and you need to earn XP to earn skill points.

    Of course, besides these methods, there is a tip to share with all players: there is Giveaway in IGGM discord, and product gift information will be released from time to time. You can be more active in the discord group, and you may have unexpected gains!

    The journey you choose in Road To Glory mode will determine the availability of these opportunities. You will find that as an underdog, you will progress much slower because you rely more on Weekly Agenda Training and you have little chance to show your skills on the field. In contrast, the elite level will allow you to upgrade faster because you are likely to make the starting lineup within the first few weeks.

    Overall, earning skill points is crucial in Sports College Football 25. No matter what position you choose to play, improve your skills through training and competition to improve your player rating. So, get ready to accept the challenge and start your College Football career!

  • FFXIV: What Else To Do After You Complete Dawntrail MSQ? - A Deeper Look At Dawntrail

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion has arrived in the last month, and fans around the world have been talking about it so far. Their focus is mainly on MSQ and the three main characters - Warrior of Light, Scions, and Wuk Lamat.

    MSQ in Dawntrail can be completed in a few days or weeks, because the story in Dawntrail is so fascinating that people have to complete various tasks all the time without taking a break. After completing MSQ in Dawntrail, you may want to close the game and start waiting for the next update to be released.

    But don’t do that, you can still explore Dawntrail in depth with the few things provided in this guide. Because FFXIV is a game with a very high degree of freedom, you can explore Dawntrail in your own way in your free time.

    Collect All Aether Currents In Dawntrail

    As you progress through MSQ, you may find yourself unable to fly through some of the scenic areas with your mount. This is because there are not enough Aether Currents in the area of MSQ. Once you leave MSQ, you can use the aether compass to find the available aether in each area.

    In addition to using the aether compass to find the aether you want, you can also return to the area to complete the aether current side quests, so that you can also collect all the aether.

    After you have collected all the aether, you need to wait for a while to use the flying mount to see the whole beautiful area. In addition, you will be more likely to participate in activities such as hunt trains.

    Explore Some Expert Dungeons

    In MSQ of Dawntrail, you need to complete a number of dungeons to advance the story. Like previous expansions, Dawntrail will release different dungeons as additional content later. If you haven’t waited for the latest dungeons, why not try the two expert dungeons in Tender Valley and Strayborough Deadwalk?

    You need to go to Zeycihan to unlock these two dungeons. In contrast, the second expert dungeon, Strayborough Deadwalk, is more challenging than the regular dungeons. If you are a player who likes adventure, then Strayborough Deadwalk dungeon will be perfect for you!

    Get Tome Gear

    In each expansion, Tome Gear is essential for you to do savage raids, as it will provide you with some high-level items to help you in battle. FFXIV provides you with a variety of ways to collect Tomestones Of Aesthetics, such as dungeons, roulettes, and hunt trains.

    Complete Extreme Trials

    In FFXIV, there are a series of trials that offer some interesting and challenging mechanics, some of which are also available in the extreme versions. After you complete the MSQ, you’ll also want to make sure you complete Worqor Zormor and Everkeep fights.

    Once you have these two conditions, you can head out to Extreme Trials with your party, or you can go into the party finder. While the Extreme Trials are challenging to complete, the rewards are great, including some FFXIV Gil, rare mounts, and raid gear.

    This raid gear will give you a higher item level, so you can be ahead of everyone on your first day of savage raids!

    Try Normal And Savage Raids

    One of the most important and eye-catching parts of an MMO is the raid tiers. Usually released with each new expansion, Dawntrail’s new tier, Arcadion, is a delightful surprise. In these eight-player raids, you’ll have four fights per tier, and you can try out both the normal and savage versions.

    If you are a casual player, then the normal raid will be more suitable for you, because you can experience new battles with interesting mechanisms in the normal version, and your nerves will not be so tense. For some high-level players and veteran players, it is cooler to clear the enemies quickly in the brutal version in static.

    Design Dawntrail Glamour Sets With New Dye System

    FFXIV's glamour system has been considered by players as one of the most important features in the game, and the dye system in Dawntrail also provides players with more creativity. Players who use the dye system can use two different colors to design clothing after you complete the MSQ, so that you will have a unique and eye-catching outfit.

    In addition, the dungeons in Dawntrail will also provide you with several very interesting armor sets, and can be used with the new dye system, so that your armor will become unique. For example, the 97-level Vanguard dungeon has the most gorgeous armor set in Dawntrail, which is very suitable for you to use the dye system to create a more beautiful set.

    Level Up Other Jobs As Well

    Because there are so many jobs in FFXIV, and each job provides different functions. This leads to the fact that you may try every job during the expansion, but you don’t master any of them.

    Because in Dawntrail, the maximum level of jobs has been raised to 100. After you complete the main MSQ, you can upgrade the jobs you don’t use often, so that you will have more options when you want to participate in the latest raid later.

    If you upgrade all 21 jobs in this game to level 100, you will get the Outrunner mount as your upgrade reward.

    Try Two New Jobs

    It’s no secret that two new jobs have been added to Dawntrail, but few players have been practicing and upgrading them specifically for Pictomancer and Viper, because everyone still uses the jobs that they used to complete the various tasks on MSQ.

    However, once you finish the tasks, you have the option to begin from level 80 and gradually experiment with Pictomancer and Viper for a unique gaming experience. Pictomancer and Viper provide entertainment to the entire game with their stunning movements and animations. I believe you will love these two professions!

    It looks like the wait for the next update won't be that long any more. I hope you enjoy exploring Dawntrail outside of MSQ!

  • Diablo 4 DLC: A Brief Introduction To Spiritborn Class In Vessel Of Hatred

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    I don’t think I need to go into detail about Diablo 4, as it’s not new to everyone. Many people love this ARPG and have become fans of it. The game has already had seasonal content and updates this year.

    After extensive hands-on with the upcoming character class, Spiritborn, I’m very happy with it and I’m going to play it in my free time. This class blends Diablo's ecosystem with varied classes, opening up a whole extra dimension.

    On top of that, you can summon a giant spectral gorilla, and you can crush Hulk-smash demons like pink giblets. After exploring Vessel of Hatred’s spooky jungles and dark dungeons, I decided to play Spiritborn class.

    Also, I focused almost exclusively on Spiritborn character class in a Vessel of Hatred, and then went into Nahantu region to explore. After entering Nahantu region, I started crafting my build and dismember everything in sight. Although I didn’t see any NPCs there, I just got some Diablo 4 Items while exploring the area.

    However, I think I have a good understanding of Spiritborn. As we all know, Spiritborn is an entirely new class in Diablo series. They have their own lores and are closely related to ancient civilization of Nahantu. We should have learned about this in Act 3 jungles of Diablo 2.

    The difference between this and other classes in Diablo 4 is that these can delve into a specific fantasy. For example, tanking like a Barbarian, doing mad DPS like a Rogue. But Spiritborn is different, it is more diverse and customizable. The reason is that you integrate four guardian spirits. These four spirits are:

    • Eagle: Attributes are Mobility, Evasion, and Lightning Damage.
    • gorilla: Attributes are Survivability and Physical Damage.
    • Jaguar: Attributes are DPS, Attack speed, and Fire damage.
    • Centipede: Attributes are Poison, Debuffs, and Lifesteal.

    My favorite is the last one that you can use these attributes to control the battlefield and feed off your foes’ misfortune.

    Each of spirit guardians is represented by a massive ghostly avatar that grants you power and sometimes appears on the battlefield to help you kill your enemies.

    For example, when centipede appears, it will spit giant globs of venom at everything in sight. When eagle appears, it swoops in to zap your foes into dust. It’s really cool. The skills and abilities of each spirit guardian are shown in Spiritborn skill tree as color-coded nodes, which you can distinguish based on spectral BFF you choose.

    These are four completely different styles, and you can also create different divergent builds. So it feels like Spiritborn is a composite of four different classes. You have to choose a primary patron from one of four spirits, but the most notable feature of this build is that you can combine the strengths of your chosen guardian animals with your size.

    For example, your jaguar build is a bit squishy. You can cross the aisle to your gorilla spirit and add its tanky abilities to your Skill Library to make it more durable.

    Compared to other specific classes that offer specific fantasies, this is definitely a new direction. At first, I was very worried that this class seemed to have all the stats but could not do anything. But after playing Spiritborn, I no longer have such concerns.

    After learning more about centipede-eagle build, I think this build is really good. Centipede-eagle build allows me to fill battlefield with life-sapping poison and help me to dash out of reach if things get out of control.

    You might think that this build must have an identity crisis, but if you have played this build, you will know that it definitely does not. This is what the developer said, which shows the strength of this build. And I really think this build is really great. If you haven’t tried it, you should really try it.

    I think it’s a good thing if the developer can do the right things well on each route, at least it’s much better than making something that looks good but doesn’t work. I have tried six different builds so far, and I can say that I am very satisfied with this extremely unorthodox class.

    I really like the different feelings that each spirit brings to me, and this class is so flexible. I can make different builds based on my current need and flight of fancy. It sounds incredible, but it really exists.

    I don’t know if any of these builds or one of them can be compared with the existing five classes. But so far, I have been very satisfied with the results of Spiritborn in all aspects.

    The above is all my understanding of this Spiritborn. If there are any additions and updates to Spiritborn in the future, I will update the article again. And you can join IGGM disscord, which has more giveaway channels about this game and more information, so stay tuned!

  • WoW Classic SoD: How To Level Up The Fastest With Runes In Phase 4? - Effect & Usage

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery has just entered Phase 4. In this phase, your character’s level cap is now 60, and there are a number of other additions and fixes.

    The unique thing about this version of WoW is that you can use something called runes to improve your character’s skills or talents, and even add some new abilities to complement your own unique build.

    These runes have been available since Phase 1, and this guide is designed for characters under level 25, so they are perfect for when you want to level up quickly. Although many rune names will be different as the game changes, it doesn’t matter.

    Ice Lance For Level 2 Mage

    • Effect: Deals Frost damage to the primary target and triple damage to targets already frozen.

    This rune was originally created to encourage players to choose Ice Mage, but later players considered Ice Mage to be the best upgrade option since Vanilla Classic. Combined with the early glove enchantment you get in the game, this rune’s spell power is greatly increased and provides you with better damage output.

    To obtain this rune, you need to perform a quest as a Mage trainer. Kill a local until it drops a Spell Note. This will provide you with the simple but effective Frost spell, which is also an excellent complement to the other late-game rune Enlightment.

    Enlightment Rune is a Mage’s chest piece, which allows you to increase your spell damage and help you restore mana. In the spirit of Mage lore, you need to study, decipher, and decode the runes for this class. In addition, you need to have Arcane Intellect buff activated to learn this spell.

    Explosive Shot For Level 5 Hunter

    • Effect: An explosive charge that deals increased fire damage to the primary target and enemy targets within 8 yards.

    Glove enchantments provide a very useful AOE effect, and also increase your character’s initial attack damage. Explosive Shot is the second glove enchantment you can find, the other being Chimera Shot, which relies more on poison and sustained damage.

    You can get this precious Explosive Shot by killing four different beasts in starring areas in Durotar, Dun Morugh, Teldrssil, or Mulgore. Between these two runes, your choice may lead to different builds for the Hunter. Hunters can not choose other classes in Season of Discovery, but can choose what kind of DPS warrior they want to be to complete the battle.

    Victory Rush For Level 2 Warrior

    • Effect: Instantly attack your target. Killing an enemy that provides XP or Honor within the next 20 seconds will heal you for 30% of your maximum health.

    Victory Rush is very similar to Charge ability you had before and is also an important part of the warrior toolbox. However, this rune has been improved to help you restore a little health, removing the previous ability to generate Rage.

    As we all know, Warriors have no self-healing spells. And at low levels, there are very few potions that can give Warriors buffs and health, not to mention the ability to cook special food. If you spend SOD Gold to exchange for these items, it is very uneconomical, because when you are at a low level, please save every gold and don’t squander it.

    So, anything that can give Warriors an advantage in both initial attack and effective health recovery is very good. Fortunately, Warriors can get Victory Rush very early in the game. It can perfectly match the tank or DPS role currently available to Warriors. So, no matter which build you choose, it is your best choice.

    Quick Draw For Level 8 Rogue

    • Effect: Quickly fires long-range shots at enemies, slowing their movement speed by 50% and granting 1 combo point.

    Rogues can also be tanks in Season of Discovery, which is something many Warcraft fans didn’t expect. Quick Draw can help you better manage the battlefield by dragging enemies and slowing their movement speed at lower levels. At higher levels, you can use it to upgrade your tank character.

    To get Quick Draw, you need to use Pick Pocket skill to find a treasure map fragment that reveals the location of the rune. This may take a lot of time, but trust me, it’s definitely worth it.

    DPS Rogues in the game can use Quick Draw to gain continuous combo points and unleash additional special attacks. This passive enchant will parasitize on Rogue’s chest piece, so it doesn’t take up open space on your action bar, which is also a benefit.

    Haunt For Level 2 Warlock

    • Effect: AOE effect that deals 400 initial damage, increases all other Shadow damage by 20%, and heals Warlock’s health.

    Haunt is one of the best runes for Warlocks, whether you’re a DPS or tank, and no matter how low you are. It gives you a deadly DOT spell in your early levels and also restores your health upon death.

    You can get Haunt by completing one quest in Stolen Power or Lost Rune, depending on your race and faction. If you combine Haunt with a skill, such as Life Tap, Warlocks don’t need to replenish energy or health constantly.

    This has made some Warlocks very satisfied, and they can even be tanks now, and you can often see them in some dungeons. According to the rules of the game, the more damage a Warlock deals to the target, the more health it restores. This also makes Haunt one of the most basic runes in a Warlock Tank build.

    In combat, you can use Haunt on multiple targets and time their downfalls precisely so that you can restore as much health as possible to the tank and give the healer time to recharge.

    The above are some of the best runes that can help you level up quickly in WoW Classic SoD Phase 4. I hope you can have fun exploring Phase 4 and reach level 60 smoothly.

  • Elden Ring: How To Use New Fist Weapons In Shadow Of The Erdtree Effectively? - Locations & Effects

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    In some games developed by FromSoftware, some weapon types have been recurring. Although it may seem a bit boring, it is very good for some players who love RPG games, allowing them to focus on one weapon and use it in different games.

    In Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree released some time ago, many weapon types were added, which was uncharacteristic. Among so many dazzling weapon types, the number of Fist Weapons is much greater than that in the basic game. This also allows players to choose more Fist Weapons and fight enemies in different ways.

    How do you choose new Fist Weapons? How to use them effectively? This guide will detail their locations and some of their effects, making your exploration in Shadow of the Erdtree easier.

    You can join IGGM community through Discord to interact with more Elden Ring players, and IGGM Discord will occasionally release some information about giving away Elden Ring Runes. Come and interact together!

    Poisoned Hand

    • Location: Belart & Tower Settlement & Sewer floor

    Some weapons are more powerful in the game than the damage they can do to the enemy, but the secondary effects they have on the target. Poisoned Hand is one of them. The intention is not to use it for directly damaging the enemy, but it can accumulate poison on the target, as its name suggests.

    You might think, does that mean it will cause poison damage? In fact, it will increase the attack power of your offensive weapons, such as swords and spears. There are also two Elden Ring Items in DLC that can achieve the same effect - Kindred of Rot’s Exultation and Mushroom Crown, both of which can make your battles more offensive.

    Madding Hand

    • Location: Abyssal Woods & South of Woodland Trail Site of Grace

    Among all the status effects in Elden Ring, the most powerful one is madness, so it is natural that Madding Hand has become one of the most powerful weapons that can provide players with madness.

    It can accumulate madness through both normal attacks and Ash of War, but its attack range is not the best, as it needs to be in your hand at all times and you can only use melee attacks. Fortunately, its damage is quite impressive.

    It performs well in PVE mode, but it is even worse in PVP! You can try it more in PVP mode, it will give you a pleasant surprise.

    Thiollier’s Hidden Needle

    • Location: Obtained by completing Thiollier’s questline

    While Fist Weapons are not very popular in Elden Ring, this weapon and its unique status effect will definitely make you shine. Sleep in the game can be used in different ways, but only a few weapons can cause Sleep. Thiollier’s Hidden Needle is one of them.

    Like Madding Hand, this weapon’s range is not that good, basically the same as the range of your fist. However, its intelligence and dexterity will scale very well, reaching C and B respectively when it reaches the top.

    These sleeping enemies are not resistant to Thiollier’s Hidden Needle, so you can defeat them in the shortest time possible and get a lot of Elden Ring Runes, then run away quickly!

    Golem Fist

    • Location: Abandoned Blacksmith’s Shop in Tairyu

    In the common opinion of players, strength weapons do more damage than Dexterity weapons do. In fact, the former will hit a little less than the latter, but the damage is indeed higher.

    Golem Fist perfectly illustrates this point, and because of its strength status, it will have a stronger attack power than other fist weapons. Especially when it is infused with upgrades or other Elden Ring Items to become a heavy weapon, it can even reach the strength level of A-level, becoming a very fast strength weapon.

    It may not be as strong as strength weapons of the same level, but the Golem Fist can make up for it with its speed, which will make your battle rhythm in your own hands. In addition, Ash of War has no special use for it, because Golem Fist itself is already indestructible.

    Dryleaf Arts

    • Location: Get from Dryleaf Dane

    Of the new weapons added to Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, martial arts can be said to be one of the most gorgeous weapons. If you’ve played Sekiro, you can use this weapon to engage enemies in melee combat.

    While Dryleaf Arts may not be a true fist weapon, you can use it to “power up” your fists, dealing surprisingly high damage. For dexterity users, it can be a powerful addition to your arsenal. Based on the damage, can it compete with proper weapons?

    In addition, Ash of War is also a very useful tool that can help you deal with explosive damage in your surroundings. And when you charge it, it also provides you with super armor.


    • Location: Near Church of Blessing, on top of a hanging corpse

    One of the main reasons why players rarely choose fist weapons is their short range. As mentioned before, it is the range of a fist. However, Pata is the opposite. It is easier to hit enemies at a long distance than ordinary fist weapons.

    As for the attributes, you don’t have to worry about it. Its dexterity attribute is very high, reaching B after upgrading to keen or quality weapon. In addition, it is also very fast and deals considerable damage.

    These fist weapons can save your life in some emergency situations, so you need to use them reasonably and upgrade them as much as possible. I hope you have fun exploring Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree!

  • Path Of Exile 3.25: A Deep Dive Into Unique Items That Will Be Entering The Core In Settlers Of Kalguur

    Posted: Jul 19, 2024

    The era of Necropolis League is finally coming to an end, and it will be replaced by the long-awaited POE 3.25 Settlers Of Kalguur League. But what legacy will Necropolis leave in the future of Path of Exile?

    Recently, the developers released a news post about what will happen when Necropolis ends, as well as all the information about the league and its mechanics. With this information, we will learn which unique items will enter the core in POE 3.25. Let’s get straight to the point.

    Will Necropolis League Be Core?

    First of all, we confirm right away here that Necropolis League will not be core in POE 3.25. Similarly, Lantern of Arimor and its Allflame Embers, Necropolis Graveyard and its Corpses will not enter the core game. This is not surprising. I really didn’t expect these to be the core. But I must admit that the concept of Allflame is good, and maybe they will return in a more refined form in the future.

    In addition, any existing Coffins and Allflame will be removed, so they won’t take up a lot of your stash space in Standard League.

    What Unique Items Are Coming To Core?

    But these are not the main points. Here, we will focus on looking at the part of Necropolis League that will become a core in POE 3.25, namely unique items.

    Perandus Pact (Not Appearing)

    The first thing I want to talk about must be Perandus Pact, which has received a lot of attention. But please note that it did not enter the core in POE 3.25.

    Perandus Pact is a unique item exclusive to Necropolis. I believe that players who have used it know that this Unique Jewel may be the strongest of Necropolis unique items. It provides many single stats, depending on the modifiers of Jewel itself and its position in your passive tree. Of course, how much POE Currency you invest in it is also an important factor affecting its effect.

    It’s no surprise that this Jewel didn’t make it to the core drop pool in POE 3.25.

    As an aside, if you want to get more POE Currency, don't forget to follow the IGGM community in Discord, where we will occasionally release some product giveaway information. However, to increase your chances of winning, you need to like and comment more in the community! Maybe the next lucky person will be you!

    Getting back to the point, I think it is very similar to That Which Was Taken Crimson Jewel in terms of power level to some extent. But I’d say That Which Was Taken comes with really nice modifiers, while Perandus Pact probably needs a more tailored passive skill tree to be most effective.

    Regardless, Perandus Pact won’t be making it to the core drop pool, at least in Settlers Of Kalguur League. Likewise, the chances of this item being added as a loot drop from a boss or, more specific mechanic are also very slim, so I wouldn’t count on it.

    As a result, the rest of Necropolis unique items will go directly to the core drop pool in POE 3.25. To be clear, we’ll only be looking at exclusive Necropolis unique items, and every item will be covered.

    Nevalius Inheritance

    Now let’s start with Nevalius Inheritance. This Unique Belt is all about modifying flask effects and duration, but it has the rare property of changing the stats it provides based on your character level. It increases the flask effect duration by 150% and reduces the flask effect by 60%, but then reduces flask duration by 2% per level and increases flask effect by 1% per level at level 100.

    This Belt provides 40% flask effect at the cost of 50% duration reduction. But since we also have options like Tides of Time available. This is unlikely to be widely used in high-level characters.

    However, I think Nevalius Inheritance is a very good unique to use for leveling, to equip in the second half of the campaign and use with Unique Flasks, Witchfire Brew, or Replica Witchfire Brew.

    These Flasks grant you a Curse Aura of Despair or Vulnerability at level 21, depending on which one you use. And this Curse Aura is not affected by the flask effect modifier. This means you get the full power of a level 21 Curse, and benefit from the increased flask duration to keep its effects longer.

    This is very useful for leveling up some chaos or physical damage based characters. But even so, this Unique Belt is very niche and I don’t see it being used very often.

    Grattus Signet

    Next up we have Grattus Signet, which is a Unique Ring. This item is very useful in terms of the stats it provides. It has some attack speed, cast speed, some energy shield, and some life. Then it also has two modifiers, where attacks inflict Unnerve on crits, and spells inflict Intimidate on crits.

    The weird thing about this ring is that they switched things up in terms of what it applies. Attack crits inflict a debuff that increases spell damage, and spell crits inflict a debuff that increases attack damage. If it were the other way around, this item would just be a fairly generic choice for many characters early in their progression.

    While the other stats are still very beneficial, one thing Grattus Signet has going for it is its level requirement, which means it can be slapped onto most characters early on to get some useful stats. But other than that, I don’t see this item being used all that much either.

    Hand Of Phrecia

    Next up is the most interesting of Necropolis unique items, and that’s Hand of Phrecia, an item that seems designed to be a unique item that boosts link skills. But ultimately it’s mostly used on solo characters without the need for link skills.

    Because of its very specific interaction with Generosity Support, the final modifier to this unique non-Curse Aura in your skills only applies to you and the target of your Link, meaning you get the full benefit from Aura effect increased by Generosity. This interaction breathes life into this Unique Gloves, meaning they have a chance to be picked up and used in many builds.

    Veruso’s Ambition

    Finally, we have Veruso’s Ambition, a pair of Unique Boots designed around Ravenous skill that previously existed in Warlock of the Mists from Affliction League.

    Veruso’s Ambition makes the monster names also show their monster class, which is important for Ravenous skill. Because the skill allows the character to consume a target corpse and then gain a bonus against monsters of the same type. The buff it brings is also pretty powerful, namely 15% more damage done and 15% less damage taken against monsters of a specific class that are now in Affliction.

    While it’s clunky, this ability makes sense because you can get corpses from vendors in Wildwood, and these corpses will also have types. For example, you can select an Eldritch corpse and bring it to Maven’s Arena to consume, which will then increase your damage done to Mavens by 15% and reduce your damage taken by 15% for the entire encounter or until you die. However, you can’t target corpses that you summoned yourself in abilities such as Desecrate.

    With the introduction of Veruso’s Ambition in Necropolis, the corpse vendor system is gone, but the ability has not been modified, which only makes this skill harder to use than before. Unfortunately, Veruso’s Ambition is another thing that I think is rarely used.

    Anyway, here are some of Necropolis-only unique items that will be entering the core drop pool in PoE 3.25. Let me know what you think of these items. See you next time!

  • The Quinfall: Why You Should Pick This Game? - Feature Overview

    Posted: Jul 18, 2024

    When you land in The Quinfall, you’ll find yourself in a world populated by dragons, Greis and Kreas, a monster and a very cruel god similar to Pelyonas. As a member of this world, you’ll enter this vast world.

    You’ll meet a variety of characters whose actions shape the entirety of The Quinfall. Your choices can make the world lively or chaotic. The entire game world building itself is meaningless, so why does this game exist? Because of its unique features!

    This guide will introduce some of The Quinfall’s unique features that can make it a priority when choosing a game. Like other MMORPG games, you also need to prepare The Quinfall Gold Coins before entering this game, so that you can easily upgrade weapons or armor in the early game.

    It Has A Huge World

    In the official performance, the total area of ​​the entire world of The Quinfall is approximately 2016 square kilometers, which is also the largest game world in MMO type game to date. This means you can explore as much as you want in such an enormous world!

    It Has A Variety Of Biomes

    Although this feature is not new to this type of game, how can The Quinfall give up? The biomes in The Quinfall can change accordingly with the weather and seasonal time! This is undoubtedly very interesting!

    It Has A Dynamic Weather System

    Many modern MMOs now have dynamic time systems, but The Quinfall has dynamic season changes! This also goes back to the previous feature. All biological systems will show different appearances according to the current weather and season.

    In addition, this weather change will also affect your character’s interaction with other objects in the world, and even long-term rainy weather will flood certain ground.

    It Has No Fixed Class System

    In The Quinfall, more attention is paid to different weapons and their practicality. For class classification in this type of game, The Quinfall is completely absent.

    It Has No Combat Objectives

    Although in most MMO games, you need to fight certain bosses or enemies. But in The Quinfall, you will not have any combat plaques, which will make the complete game more exciting!

    The above are just some features of The Quinfall. Are these features attractive to you? I look forward to your in-depth exploration in The Quinfall!

  • Elden Ring: How To Get Call Of Tibia In Shadow Of The Erdtree?

    Posted: Jul 18, 2024

    Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring adds new consumables for the few players who use them. Call of Tibia is a consumable that can help players in critical moments.

    After reaching Charo’s Hidden Grave in DLC, players will need to defeat a mini-boss to get the recipe and farm certain crafting items at the location before they can craft Call of Tibia.

    Where To Find Call of Tibia?

    First, players will need Tibia’s Cookbook to craft Call of Tibia. Tibia’s Cookbook is an item dropped by Tibia Mariner in Charo’s Hidden Grave, which is located in the first lake in the area. The area can only be reached after players have defeated the first boss of DLC, Divine Beast Dancing Lion.

    Throughout the fight, Tibia Mariner will teleport between the upper and lower parts of the area where it spawns. Players can easily defeat the boss by following certain strategies and targeting Mariner’s weak points. After defeating this Mariner, player will be rewarded with Tibia's Cookbook and Gravekeeper's Brainpan, as well as the corresponding Elden Ring Runes.

    How To Craft Call Of Tibia?

    Players will need to obtain the following items in order to craft Call of Tibia:

    • x1 Grave Keeper’s Brainpan: It is located in Charo’s Hidden Grave (respawns).
    • x3 Grave Cricket: It is a Translucent bug that can be found near graves.
    • x1 Human Bone Shard: Players can find it in various locations around the world, it is dropped from certain enemies. Celebrants, Skeletons, and Necromancers, etc.

    How To Use Call Of Tibia In SOTE?

    As mentioned above, Call of Tibia is a consumable item in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that summons a skeleton that spins three times before disappearing. This item can be used at a distance and does considerable damage to enemies. Since summoned skeletons do a spinning attack, it can also hit multiple enemies if they are close together.

    It only costs 14 FP, which is a small number compared to the damage the player can do in turns, making it a great tool for players who don’t have many other ranged options.

    How To Farm Gravekeeper’s Brainpan?

    Although Gravekeeper’s Brainpan is dropped from Tibia Mariner that players fight in Charo’s Hidden Grave, it is not an extremely rare item that only bosses drop. Although it is rare, it is actually easy to obtain. Here is a simple route from Charo’s Hidden Grave site of grace:

    Go east from the site of grace until you reach the first set of tombstones on the ground. You will find a Gravekeeper’s Brainpan here.

    After that, continue east and reach the boundary of the lake. Here, between two rocks next to a bush, you can see another brainpan.

    Go south again to the edge of the waterfall. You will find another Brainpan on a few rocks to the left of the waterfall after the fall. After that, continue south to the edge of the next waterfall. A Brainpan can be found near the right edge of the rock ledge.

    Then turn northeast and walk along the lake to the end. Another Brainpan can be found on the ground, next to a Human Skull.

    After reading this guide, you must have some idea about getting Call of Tibia, please do it!

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