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  • IGGM: Anti-Counterfeiting Statement

    Jun 24, 2022

    Recently, we have found that some institutions or individuals in the market are suspected of infringing on the relevant rights and interests of IGGM, including unauthorized use of the name and logo of this site, and commercial activities for profit in the name of this site.

    This kind of counterfeiting has caused damage to our company's corporate image, business reputation and potential business opportunities to a certain extent. In order to protect its own rights and interests and prevent new and old customers from being misled, IGGM hereby solemnly declares and clarifies:

    1. Our only website URL is www.iggm.com. The layout of IGGM website is:

    Any other website, or the same or similar to our website, is fake.

    2. IGGM has never authorized others or organizations to use the domain name and logo. This site does not assume any legal responsibility for the commercial conduct or disputes arising from unauthorized individuals or teams.

    3. The main business of IGGM is to provide third-party services for virtual games. We does not provide other services, please distinguish carefully to avoid loss of rights and interests.

    4. Any infringing news that misappropriates the information on this site must be stopped immediately. The IGGM team has collected relevant evidence and will take legal measures to investigate the legal responsibility of the infringer if necessary.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us by:

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Tel: +1-918-615-8685(USA)

    WhatsAPP +852 91403155

  • How Can We Experience Black Adam Beyond the Film? Four Games Recommended!

    Dec 09, 2022

    The DC Universe's Black Adam is a lighting-wielding supervillain and anti-hero, one of the main nemeses of Shazam and The Marvel Family. While perhaps not as well known as other DC regulars like Batman and Superman, he has appeared in numerous comics and related media since his creation in 1945.

    Now with a blockbuster film to his name, the character has become more mainstream than ever, and there's never been a better time to look back on his history in video games. While Black Adam doesn't have too many game credits, the ones he has are memorable. From fighting games to Fortnite to even the Lego series, here are some of the best ways to play as the mighty king of Kahndaq.

    DC Universe Online
    First thing first, as a loyal player of DC Universe Online, I would highly recommend this game to you. It is a free-to play game that has been running for over ten years and has 44 unique episodes. The latest chapter is all about Black Adam. In it, your custom DC hero heads to Kahndaq to assist him after a deal with Neron, the god of the Underworld, goes awry, plunging Kahndaq under Neron's control.

    Black Adam appears in many capacities in DC Universe Online as a playable character and ally. With so much new, free content intentionally themed around him at the moment, fans of the character may want to use this as an entry point into DC's deep, long-running MMO adventure. Also use DC Universe Online Cash to gear themselves, become stronger in the futuer.

    Yes, it seems like everyone winds up in Fortnite these days. Superheroes. Street Fighter characters. Even Naomi Osaka got her own cameo. But now that Black Adam's star is rising, it makes sense that he'd join the battle royale, too. His Teth's Throne emote lets him recline in royal splendor, and Hawkman has even lent him his mace to use in battle.

    It's humorous to see a near-invulnerable villain with godlike electrokinetic powers running around with Fortnite's guns, but apparently he's agreed to play by the rules. The Symbol of Shiruta on his back will even glow after every kill so that he can display his dominance to others even with his powers tied behind his back.

    Injustice 2
    Black Adam is a character in both of NetherRealm's Injustice fighting games, and Injustice 2 is the best game out of all of these entries if you're looking to play as him. Injustice takes place in a darker version of the DC universe, in which Batman and Superman have become enemies, causing a splintering of the Justice League into two factions. In the lengthy storyline that unfolds, Black Adam is generally an ally to Superman, although he is willing to assist Batman when their goals align and Brainiac threatens Kahndaq's safety.

    Injustice 2 is Black Adam's finest video game showing, not only for how well-written, voiced, and animated he is but also for how strong the character is. He's one of the highest-tier characters for competitive play, excellent at any range. His long movelist includes multiple attacks that track opponents wherever they are onstage, and if players do manage to get in on him, his Character Trait will shield him with floating electric orbs

    If you're looking for a fully realized and complex representation of Black Adam that doesn't feel like a cameo or movie tie-in, Injustice 2 is sure to spark your interest.

    Lego Games
    For a more whimsical take on the character, you can also find Black Adam in Lego Batman 2 and 3 and their spin-off, Lego DC Super-Villains. These open-world games stand out for their huge rosters of characters, sense of humor, and strong voice casts. Super-Villains, naturally, is the one to go for if you're more interested in the bad guys, and Black Adam has plenty of fun electric moves, including projectiles and a continuous beam of electricity he can aim with a reticle on the screen.

    The Lego games are very kid-friendly and won't provide the biggest challenge. But few games let you play as so many lesser-known characters, and the loving parodies of normally serious DC figures are endearing.

    As one of the biggest fans of DC Universe, Black Adam's movie did make me exciting. I hope you guys can enjoy those games and the film, it's a great moment for our DC fans.

  • Best Builds For Greatsword And Bow In New World

    Dec 09, 2022

    In New World, players will customize the build that suits them best according to the battle situation. Therefore, meta builds may not necessarily be the best builds in some cases.

    Take PvP as an example. This mode is just a small-scale battle between players and players, so more attention is paid to the player's own construction. And some large-scale wars generally pay attention to the cooperation between players. Each player has a role to play, so their builds are primarily meant to serve the group as a whole. In addition, since each server in New World has its own characteristics, players will first consider what type of opponent they will encounter when making a build. As long as your custom build is good, you can use your build to perform well and have the chance to lead your company to victory. Likewise, your company and faction members will think hard about what their best builds are.

    All New World players, newbies and veterans alike, need to take care when it comes to customizing their builds and choosing their weapons. That is to fill in their deficiencies according to the conditions of the weapons themselves. Specifically, you'll need to use one weapon to make up for what the other lacks. For example, the higher the Bow's Dexterity, the more powerful the weapon will be. And if Great Sword wants to exert a huge effect, its Dexterity and Strength need to be further improved. So when assigning points, you might as well dump them all on Dexterity. This effect is better than distributing between Strength and Dexterity. Especially when you crank up your Dexterity to 300, you can also deal heavy hits to enemies while dodging quickly. While it says this effect only activates every 10 seconds, combining it with the Aggressive Shift and Keen Posture Great Sword passives provides regular crit damage. Next, I'll focus on a PvP Bow and Great Sword build guide.

    Best Build For Great Sword 

    If you focus more on PvP and PvE modes, then your builds will mainly rely on skills and passives. And these skills and passives mainly come from the Onslaught tree. In this way, if the player still wants to be a tank, he can choose other weapons.

    A Great Sword's defense is much lower than its attack potential. But in order to make better use of Great Sword, you must use it under the premise of ensuring good defense. Therefore, you can use the Onslaught skill to upgrade this weapon. This not only guarantees the speed of upgrades, but also allows re-speced points in the future.

    There are actually two "stances" in Great Sword, Onslaught and Defiance. Both of these stances are usually triggered by using skills in their respective trees. If you want to pull enemies back when they run away, you can choose the Roaring Rupture skill from the Defiance tree and the Adaptive Rupture passive. The healing aspect of Defiance will allow players to be more self-sufficient while fighting. If you are a Life Staff user in New World and have a good build, then you should definitely try to participate in PvP.

    Best Build For Bow 

    Speaking of Bow's PvP builds, you can basically find them all in the Hunter tree. This is mainly because the Skirmisher track has more close-range abilities, crowd control, and mobility.

    Close-range abilities and crowd control are not as useful when using the Great Sword with a Bow, since some players may use the Great Sword for melee combat. If you plan on using bows for close quarters combat, make sure to choose the Evade Shot from the Skirmisher tree in your build. Because this skill has strong mobility. As far as New World weapon tiers go, Bows have been popular in PvP since the game's launch.

    Of course, if you want to get more sophisticated weapons in New World, you still need to invest a lot of New World Coins. If you have a lot of money, you might as well prepare more.

  • Four Outstanding Builds at League Start on POE 3.20 Expansion The Forbidden Sanctum

    Dec 08, 2022

    Let's talk about my top Three League starters builds for POE 3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum. The following builds will be in no particular order, I think all of these are able to clear the content that is required for a league starter, which for me is everything up to Uber bosses. When it comes to Uber bosses, it's a lot about how good you are at boss mechanics, so it's pretty hard to draw a distinction there. Something I want to mention before we start is that the most important thing when it comes to picking a build, especially for your league start, having a good entry into the league is pick something that you actually like, even if there are some meta builds better than yours.

    Then whatever you want to play, test some stuffs at the game, that's how you get experience. POE 3.20 Expansion The Forbidden Sanctum really isn't that competitive, unless you're a racer, so just have fun, just explore this Sandbox game.

    Righteous Fire

    Let's get into the list, number one is Righteous Fire, now this build is just incredibly fun to play, and it's also incredibly easy to gear, do not need too much currency. Righteous Fire is an area damage over time effect around you, and you're basically just shield charging around, killing and exploding enemies, while also having something like a fire trap against single Target. This is also a very hardcore but friendly build, very tanky with good regeneration.

    As for downsides I guess I would say the single Target damage is not up to par with some of the other Builds on this list, but usually that doesn't really matter, because your enemies can not kill you. Most of the time you can just face the bosses and take chill, as this is one of the longest standing and probably safest builds that you can use in league start.

    Corrupting Fever Champion

    Then we have the Corrupting Fever Champion, Corrupting Fever is a duration buff that basically allows your attacks to apply a physical damage over time, which means you can use long range attacks like Kinetic Blast to apply those thoughts and completely explode whole screens. This is probably the build with the best clear speed on the whole list, it's just absolutely insane, you can annihilate whole maps. It feels like a end game build with the investment of a early game build, less POE currency orbs for an amazing result.

    Champion is incredibly tanky on top, however it's not without downside. Your single Target damage overall is pretty weak, but consider how good it of a map clearing, it's still pretty strong, you'll be a lot faster through Maps than some of the other Builds on this list.

    Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist

    Then the next one we have Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist, Explosive Arrow is a bow projectile skill that whenever it hits an enemy will stick a fuse into it, can stack up to 20 and after a duration of one sec second there is an explosion, which is bigger and stronger depending on how many fuses you were able to stick into that enemy. This is a build I've played over several leagues and I can say it is pretty remarkable, it's extremely solo self friendly, because it doesn't require any gear. Yes, it basically has huge damage without needing any uniques or any specific crafts, therefore it's also a very new player friendly. On top of that, you're also quite easily get defensive auras into your build, like Grace, Determination ,100% Spell Suppression, so on that end it is also pretty good.

    As downsides, the recovery of the build is a little sketchy, you will mostly use life flasks. As well as that some people just do not really like the ballista playstyle, as there can be delayed damage and some people just like to deal the damage themselves.

    If you want to play this build on Hardcore I would probably recommend the Champion version, on Hardcore you really don't want to take your chances, instead you want all the defenses that you can get. Overall an extremely fun build especially with the huge Ignite Proliferations that you'll be able to get without big number of currency.

    Poison Blade Vortex Occultist

    Next one we have the Poison Blade Vortex Occultist. This spell creates ethereal blades that spin around you whenever you activate it, and it can stack up to 10 times increasing its damage with every stack. Basically the playstyle that you have is sometimes pressing Blade Vortex, and then you just charge around and explode screens. It can make for huge explosions, and basically not really having to press any buttons which is probably the biggest upside of this build, all you really have to do is pressing the Blade Vortex button here or there, and destroy everything rush from maps.

    The downsides of this build can be a little bit squishy. If not built into it correctly in endgame, it would not perform well as you wish, but this is not really a problem anymore once you have your gear, just before that it can be a little annoying, also it doesn't have the best boss damage. But then again, it is poison, so it has a lot of solutions to that. I think this build is especially good if you want a build that's solid and without tons of POE 3.20 currency orbs early. You can also scale later, and you don't have to reroll immediately.

  • Details On The Upcoming Summoner In Lost Ark

    Dec 08, 2022

    On December 14th, Lost Ark will usher in the December update. Along with this major update, Arkesia will add a new Advanced Class called the Summoner. She is the fourth Mage Advanced Class after the Bard, Sorceress, and Arcanist.

    Compared with other classes, the Summoner has very delicate constitution, but it is undeniable that this new class can still exert a force that cannot be ignored in any form of battle. Specifically, this class is unique in that she can summon elemental spirits to fight for herself. Among them, each elemental spirit has its own unique skills. This can help the Summoner flexibly respond to various mutations and release skills precisely according to the situation. Beyond that, the Summoner can unleash, for example, a powerful variety of water, lightning, earth, and more unique attacks. It is precisely because of the uniqueness of this class that the Summoner is expected to be welcomed by a large number of players who love Mage Advanced Classes after it goes online. Next, I will introduce the hero in detail.

    As I mentioned before, one of the unique abilities the Summoner has is that she can summon elemental spirits at will to fight for them. And these elemental spirits represent different skills and various types of elemental attacks. This is convenient for the Summoner to formulate different combat strategies according to the combat form to help them easily defeat the enemies.

    In general, the main ability of the Summoner is to summon the ancient elementals. Therefore, if you choose to play this class and want to fuel your attacks, then you must collect Ancient Energy at all times. You can simply gain some Ancient Energy when you attack your enemies. Or, you can get some when companions summoned by the Summoner attack enemies.

    As you keep collecting Ancient Energy, you'll also get some Elemental Orbs accordingly. The role of this kind of Orbs is to help you summon the elementals that you have unlocked the ability to call upon. In fact, each elemental also needs a different number of orbs to be summoned. This somehow reflects the power of different elementals or how destructive their power is.

    After you have experienced the Summoner in depth, you will come across an elementals called Phoenix when the time comes. The Phoenix must cost five orbs to be summoned. After the Phoenix is summoned, it deals powerful fire damage, knocks back enemies, and applies burning. In the later stage, you can also summon an elemental called Akir, which costs seven orbs. You can summon this elemental at the target location within 14m. Once Akir is summoned, nearby enemies will be pulled closer first. Akir then proceeds to deal lightning damage to enemies, then roars violently to deal more lightning damage.

    Another feature of The Summoner is that, even in the state of casting, she can also release some magic spells with animal themes. These magic spells help her summon other elementals.

    Like all Advanced Classes, the Summoner also has access to two Engravings that focus on different summons and effects. The first is Master Summoner, this kind of Engravings will enhance the ancient elemental skills that are summoned every time. And Communication Overflow Engravings can increase the summon duration, damage and reduce the cooldown of certain elements.

    The above is the full introduction to the Summoner. If you want to quickly level up or equip nice gear and weapons for this new class, Lost Ark Gold is a good option.

  • Winter Convergence Festival Returns In New World's Latest Update

    Dec 07, 2022

    Just yesterday, December 6th, New World ushered in its new round of update. In this update, the crafting tiers have been completely overhauled to make it easier for players to obtain, new mutated expeditions have been introduced into the game, and some content has been modified to improve server balance and faction play. But in fact, the most let Players are excited about the return of the Winter Convergence Festival.

    The Winter Convergence Festival returns to Aeternum with brightly decorated settlements, holiday quests, a new world boss, and unique rewards. All of the above add to the festive cheer of Aeternum.

    As of now, New World, the first MMORPG launched by Amazon Games, has been online for more than a year. The game lost popularity in the early days due to some problems. Fortunately, however, the developers have not given up and have continued to work hard. Now New World has come a long way. Over the past year, New World has undergone several major updates. In these updates, the developers improved the mechanics, added new weapons, redesigned the entire starting experience, and made a lot of changes in terms of progression and crafting in order to make the game process smoother for players. Therefore, compared with the time of release, the current New World, in addition to accumulating many small improvements and greatly reducing the grind, more importantly, the current gameplay has become smoother and more interesting.

    As for the return of the Winter Convergence Festival, you can not only see snowfall, northern lights, festive decorations in Aeternum, but also participate in some seasonal activities. Whether you're currently in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Weaver's Fen, Brightwood, or the newly added Brimstone Sands, you can complete some holiday quests by visiting Winter Wanderer. When you complete a holiday quest, you can get Winter Tokens. When you spend Winter Tokens, you can earn limited-time items like emotes, housing items, and holiday skins. If you're lucky, you'll also be able to collect gifts under the various Trees of Light in the settlements. During this event, you can also challenge the new Winter Warrior world boss. This time you can gather more than 20 players to defeat this new world boss. Of course, once you've defeated the Winter Warrior, you can earn special rewards.

    In this major update, New World has also added a new mutated expedition. This expedition actually combines the contents of the Starstone Barrows Expedition and the Amrine Expedition. Endgame players will be able to revisit the Amrine Expedition, taking on new challenges and new paths.

    Additionally, the crafting tiers have been completely overhauled in this update. As a result, there are now many recipes that can be crafted at any tier without being restricted by tiers. For example, Stat potions, health and mana food, and procedural gear will no longer be gated. However, named gear and more specialized items still require you to travel to higher-tier stations to craft.

    The above is the main content of this major update. If you want to complete the holiday quests in this returning event faster or defeat the new world boss faster, it would be a good choice to prepare some New World Coins in advance.

  • Outstanding Ships in Lost Ark for Epic Astray Crew

    Dec 06, 2022

    In Lost Ark, player are allowed to command several powerful ships throughout their journey. One of these ships, the Astray, is known far and wide as the fastest ship on the seas. Once the player goes through the serious grinding required to unlock the ship, they'll need the best crew around to sail it. Selecting options from the Legendary and Relic categories will ensure they get the best stat boosts for the Astray and have an easier time sailing through hazardous waters.

    Barakas (Legendary)
    The Legendary form of Barakas has a decent balance of negatives and positives, making him a well-rounded option for the crew of the Astray. His Kelp Beds and Tempest Seas resistances are both -2, while his Sandstorm Seas resistance is -11. While this seems like a serious risk to choose this sailor, the player will find some positives in his stat boosts.

    His Siren Seas resistance is +16, while his Cold Snap Seas and Dead Waters resistances are each +9. He also adds another +1.3 knots to the ship's speed. Legendary Barakas is available in the Stronghold from Gador. The player will have to supply 7,870 Raid Seals in a Random Sale. Combining him with other crew members who boost similar stats can help make the Astray more resistant to hazardous waters.

    Barakas (Relic)
    Barakas isn't so great at boosting the Astray's resistance to Kelp Beds, but it's an entirely different story when it comes to Siren Seas. With a massive +21 to this resistance, his Relic form will help the player avoid getting stunned more often. His speed increase of +1.6 knots will also enable the ship to move faster toward its destination.

    He also significantly boosts both Cold Snap Seas resistance and Dead Waters resistance with a +12 increase each. With this significant boost, it more than makes up for his failures in the Kelp Beds resistance department at a -16 decrease. Barakas can be found in the Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship in Punike Port for 14,428 Lost Ark Gold.

    Blackfang (Legendary)
    The Legendary variation of Blackfang has the Tailwind skill at level 2. This passive skill makes a Fast Sailing recovery of +10 every time the player sails a specific distance. However, the skill will not stack. She is a random reward from a Shipwrecks box. She does have a major drawback of a -10 decrease to Siren Seas resistance, but the speed increase of +1.7 knots more than makes up for it, especially when combined with her passive skill.

    Blackfang (Relic)
    The best crew member for the Astray is the Relic version. She adds a massive amount of speed to the ship at +2.3 knots. Other notable increases include a boost to Kelp Beds resistance of +11, Sandstorm Seas resistance of +8, and Siren Seas resistance of +7. These excellent increases offset her major negative, which is the decrease in Dead Water of -15.

    Relic Blackfang has the passive skill Tailwind at level 3. It allows for recovering Fast Sailing as the ship covers a certain distance by +15. This skill is not, however, stackable. Her passive skill and speed increase make the Astray exponentially faster. When combined with the right crew members who also boost speed, the ship will almost fly to wherever its destination is.

  • Things You Can Do After Reaching Level 70 In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

    Dec 02, 2022

    If you're playing World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you'll notice that the level cap for this expansion has been increased by 10 levels like all previous expansions, and is now capped at level 70.

    After knowing the highest level of the new expansion, many players began to level up in the Dragon Isles. Considering that mechanical leveling will make players feel boring sooner or later, Blizzard has introduced a lot of new content and end-game content that is popular among WoW players in Dragonflight expansion.

    However, many players don't know what can be done in the new expansion when they enter a new expansion. This leads to a problem. That is, when their first character hits level 70, they hang out on the Dragon Isles. Because they don't know what to do when they are at full level.

    In fact, in WoW, full level only means that your journey has just begun. There are also countless adventures you can take if you want to make your character more powerful and popular. Next, I'll break down all the things you can do once you reach level 70 in Dragonflight. Whether your goal is to become the number one raider in the world or to level up your character as much as possible, doing these things will help you better achieve your goal.

    Build Your Renown

    In previous expansions, players can choose to continue to build their own reputation in the faction they belong to when the character is at full level to get more generous rewards. Dragonflight is no exception. However, this new piece of information introduced a new renown system. As you progress through the Dragon Isles, you'll slowly come into contact with the four main factions.

    You start by finding out which faction you're in, and then you'll gain some reputation by completing quests. At the same time, every time you get 2500 reputation, you will get a renown level. These renown levels give you access to advanced gear, exclusive mounts, and items. You can also use them to provide supplies and buffs to other characters on your account.

    So, what exactly can you do to gain renown? Specifically, you can choose to complete recurring content like World Quests, weekly reputation quests, community events, and more. Of course, if you've completed all quests in your faction, you can continue to access quests offered by other factions and build your renown within those factions.

    Gear Up With Different Dungeons

    By convention, if players want to get the best gear when opening a new expansion in World of Warcraft, they often choose to run Mythic dungeons and raiding to achieve this goal. But the current situation is rather special. Mythic+ dungeons and raids in Dragonflight won't be available until December 12th. So, instead of waiting, finish the lower-difficulty dungeons first to start building your gear.

    There are a total of eight dungeons available in Dragonflight and include Normal, Heroic, and Mythic levels of difficulty. Each difficulty level represents a different level of gear. Specifically, the Normal dungeon rewards level 346 gear, the Heroic dungeon rewards level 359 gear, and Mythic rewards level 372 gear. By the time your gear is up, your character will be ready to start raiding as soon as Mythic+ dungeons and raids reach live servers.

    Level Your Alt Characters

    Once you have one character at level 70, it becomes much easier to level up other characters. Because, at this time, you already have a certain understanding of Dragon Isles. Also, "Adventure Mode" will become more accessible as you level up. Similar to Shadowlands' Threads of Fate, as long as alt characters land on Dragon Isles, they can explore any area on the region at will, as well as challenge various World Quests.

    Leveling up characters has always been a core element of WoW. Dragonflight expansion takes this a step further. Now, the process of leveling up your character has been made easy and well worth your time to earn new rewards across classes or factions.

    Of course, if you want to level your characters, get gear, and complete quests faster in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, WoW 10.0 Gold will be your best choice. Luckily, here you can buy WoW 10.0 Gold with cheap price here. Come and have a look!

  • Tips For Leveling Up Quickly In WoW Dragonflight

    Dec 01, 2022

    With the release of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, more and more players have noticed that this expansion, like all WoW expansions before it, once again increases the player's maximum level cap from 60 to 70.

    Especially the players who came back to the franchise. Because the highest level of Burning Crusade released before is 70. In fact, Blizzard has been gradually reducing the maximum level cap in order to simplify the increasingly complex leveling grind. Take Shadowlands, for example, the levels in this expansion dropped from 120 to 60.

    If you have purchased World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you will find that this piece of expansion has changed a lot and added a lot of new content. When you have really experienced the expansion, you will find that the end-game raiding and dungeon content of WoW is actually what attracts you the most in this MMO.

    However, if you want to get the end-game content, you'll first have to speed through Dragonflight's 10 new levels. Next, I will introduce to you some quick leveling tips.

    If you are a loyal fan of WoW, you should know that each expansion contains different questlines. World of Warcraft Dragonflight is no exception. As long as you complete the main questlines in all new areas of the expansion, you can quickly level up. In addition, you should be able to help you speed up the leveling process through items and abilities.

    Turn on War Mode In Stormwind Or Orgrimmar

    First, you can head to Stormwind or Orgrimmar. No matter which location you choose, you will have War Mode enabled. Once this mode is turned on, PvP will follow. At this time, you need to always beware of opposing factions. Even so, it also increases your XP gain by 10% to 15% when you kill monsters and complete quests. And the extra XP buff you get can help you greatly speed up the process of questing.

    Log Off In Inns Or Major Cities For Breaks

    If you log off either in an inn or a major city, you will gain a rested bonus for it. But if you want to claim the reward, you must log off in these two places for several hours. When you kill monsters after getting this reward, you will find that the experience you gain will increase significantly. So, if you're feeling tired during leveling and want to take a break, make sure to park your character anywhere you can get a rested bonus.

    Complete World Quests

    Like previous WoW expansions, World of Warcraft Dragonflight actually includes World Quests. So, as you level up in the Dragon Isles, you'll also encounter World Quests. World quests usually appear in quest areas. You can see some yellow outlines around the mini-map, those are the World Quests you can choose from. As soon as you select one of these quests, the quest objectives will automatically appear on your UI. When you complete World Quests, it's easy to earn tons of XP and other potential rewards. In this way, your questing journey will be easier.

    Equip Items In Your Guild

    There are some special items in World of Warcraft. If you choose to equip these items when killing monsters or turning in quests, the experience you get will be further increased. If you're already in a Guild, make sure you buy your Guild's cloak and the Guild Banner from the vendor in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. If you want to spend a long time killing mobs in any area, you should definitely have these two items equipped. Because, you will get more XP for it.

    Of course, in addition to the methods mentioned above, you can also choose to use WoW 10.0 Gold to help you level up quickly. Fortunately, you can buy WoW 10.0 Gold with cheap price here. In addition, you can also check news and guides of various games here. Act now!

  • Lost Ark: How To Prepare For The Upcoming Brelshaza Legion Raid?

    Nov 30, 2022

    The December Update is coming and Lost Ark players will be greeted with one of the most challenging, unique, and dangerous raids in the game, which is called the Brelshaza Legion Raid. Brelshaza, which is the Phantom Legion Commander, is the greatest threat to all players in raids.

    If you want to be in good shape for this upcoming challenge, you'll need to find some way to increase your item level and gear up first. However, there are actually already some exploits in Lost Ark that you just might not have noticed.

    Over the past few months, Lost Ark has added many new raids as well as new progression events in order to build on the teamwork, skills, and abilities of Arkesia's heroes to overcome unique mechanics. You can just use these raids to prepare gear. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the new progress events to gain upgrade materials and honing opportunities.

    Methods To Prepare Your Gear And Item Level

    Brelshaza, Commander of the Phantom Legion is the most cunning and ruthless of all the Legion Commanders. The reason for this is that she is skilled at disorienting her enemies and causing them to have terrifying hallucinations. You'll encounter her in an 8-player Legion Raid. In this raid, you need to cross 6 unique gates and encounters. In order to better challenge Brelshaza, you must immediately increase your item level after stepping through the two doors. Here's where your gear will need to be to challenge Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza:

    • Phantom Astalgia: Deja Vu - Item Level 1430

    • Gates 1 & 2 - Item Level 1490

    • Gates 3 & 4 - Item Level 1500

    • Gates 5 & 6 - Item Level 1520

    *If you are new to Lost Ark and want to gear up in one go, you can complete the Valtan & Vykas Legion Raids first. After completing this raid, you can earn Relic gear. But this is not enough. You need to further increase the level of this gear. You just need to defeat Mayhem Demon Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon in the third Legion Raid, and the Legion Raid Relic gear with powerful set effects you got earlier can be further upgraded.

    At this point, you have obtained the gear, honed and upgraded your gear's set effect. The next thing you have to do is set up your Engravings, Gems, Cards & Stats set. You are not ready until you meet the basic requirements above. All that's left is to determine if your skills and teamwork are up to the test.

    *If you think you are not up to the level to challenge Brelshaza, don't worry either. In fact, the Brelshaza Legion Raid has a similar difficulty to the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid's "Midnight Circus: Encore" difficulty. Therefore, you can use the easier difficulty to practice difficult encounters and mechanics before the new raid is released. But your item level must reach 1430. You can easily achieve this with the help of the current progress event. Since each Roster can only be entered once a week, you'd better split your entry into Phantom Astalgia twice: Déjà Vu and Brelshaza's Legion Raid.

    *One last word of caution, you can use Bracelet to your advantage. However, the Bracelet Accessory type won't be released until December.

    Of course, in addition to the methods mentioned above, Lost Ark Gold is also the best choice to help you quickly upgrade, obtain equipment and challenge bosses. Luckily, you can buy Lost Ark Gold right here. Fast delivery and cheap price can also be guaranteed. Act now!

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