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  • FFXIV: World Visit System Can Work Again

    Apr 17, 2021

    In FFXIV, the problem of trapping people in the world has disappeared. Square Enix has confirmed that the World Visit System in FFXIV will work as normal. It first stated that after the emergency maintenance on April 15, 2021, the matter seems to have been resolved and will develop better. On April 16th, the journey has started again. It is no longer a problem to visit other worlds now, everyone can do it.

    As early as the 5.5 version was released, players encountered problems with the world visit system. They found that they could not travel as usual. Square Enix therefore temporarily shut down all programs. During that time, no one was able to use FFXIV's World Visit system to visit another Home World on their data center. Or, when this takes place, someone happens to be out for a visit, and they will be temporarily trapped there until the repair is completed.

    This means an update on Automatic Housing Demolition. Square Enix was also suspended when the world visit system was not working, and the home is expected to be demolished again on April 19, 2021.

    Currently, FFXIV is available on PS4 and PC, and PS5 users can also experience the version during its open beta period. Free trials are also available in the beta phase.

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  • ESO: You Can Earn Crown Crate Item Through Upcoming Endeavors System

    Apr 16, 2021

    In June, Update 30 will arrive when ESO will provide a way to obtain premium Crown Crate items through in-game actions, which is called Endeavors. These daily and weekly challenges will reward you with Seals of Endeavor, after which you can exchange them for any currently available crown crates items.

    The number of Endeavors you can complete every day or every week will change, and the types of tasks you will perform will continue to change. Once the update goes live in June, you will see a list of currently available Endeavors. Complete them and you will get Gold, Experience, and Seals of Endeavor.

    ZeniMax Online Studios provides a task list that you can expect to see in the Endeavors system:

    * Steal or pickpocket items

    * Complete quests

    * Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities

    * Sell items to vendors

    * Craft different types of items

    * Defeat different types of monsters

    * Harvest resource nodes

    With the new Seals currency, you can get any items of Crown Crate items, including any crate consumables (like potions or XP scrolls), pets, cosmetics, and even the very rare Radiant Apex mounts.

    In ESO, in addition to finding items in crates, you can also obtain these popular items through gameplay. Any Crown Crate items you obtain with Seals cannot be converted into gems.

    The value of each Crown Crate item is different, so if you want to buy some of the most valuable items, you may need to save your Seals of Endeavor. However, there is no limit to the number of seals that can be obtained, if the current crate is not what you are interested in, you can keep them infinitely.

    Endeavors are expected to arrive in mid-June, which is around the time of Blackwood's release.

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  • ACNH: You Can Change Your Life's Theme Music Often With The Soundtrack Set

    Apr 15, 2021

    Now, a unique soundtrack of ACNH: The limited edition includes 7 CDs, including two independent releases. The first is the main 4-disc soundtrack, which contains all the background music played during the game. This includes hourly music changes, including different schedules when the weather is sunny, rainy, or snowing, and other music played at special events or specific locations, such as the shop, museum or town halls.

    The second is a 3-disc soundtrack - Totakeke Instrumental Music Collection. This contains instrumental versions of all 95 of KK Slider songs in the game, which means you will not hear his strange singing.

    4-disc soundtrack and 3-disc KK Slider series can be purchased separately, you can pre-order on the Japanese MyNintendo Store. The date of its release is April 16.

    And the release of this soundtrack coincides with the 20th anniversary of Animal Crossing. To celebrate this moment, Japan's ACNH Twitter account also released a new message: Thank you to everyone who likes this game, and hope to continue to get everyone's support in the future.

    ACNH has become one of Nintendo’s best-selling games ever. Nintendo announced last month that, one year after its release, this game has become Nintendo’s best-selling game in Europe.

    ACNH is a game that often hosts seasonal events and introduces new items. This is one of its characteristics to retain many old fans. Besides, what attracts fans the most is to bring the purest happiness to players.

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  • FFXIV Patch 5.5: New Story Quests And Nier Raid Finale Has Landed

    Apr 14, 2021

    The FFXIV servers are back online, and Patch 5.5 - Death Unto Dawn is now online. This update serves as a mid-point between the expansion before the game, Shadowbringers, and the upcoming expansion - Endwalker. It brings new story fragments, leading directly to Endwalker, and the next part of Nier-inspired raid - YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. Besides, FFXIV also introduces new quests, balance changes, updates, and more.

    Before Endwalker, patch 5.5 introduced some new Main Scenario Quests. Related news indicated that Fandaniel and Telophoroi are planning to rebuild the Final Days, and ominous towers are rising throughout the realm, which sounds creepy.

    You can complete the raid of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, which got its third and also final part - The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach.

    As for other new story fragments, the finale of the Sorrow of Welt questline has been released, and there is a new story dungeon - Paglth’an, waiting for you to explore.

    Save the Queen questline has also been updated. An area called Zadnor has appeared, and an increased cap has been added.

    In patch 5.5, more additional content including past adventures has also arrived in the new game. The Crafter updates will allow you to get new achievements and tools, new trials, mounts, minions, and more.

    Square Enix also revealed vaguely about the upcoming Digital Fan Festival from May 15th to 16th. On the first day, they will not show some details about Endwalker but will hold a dev panel and a piano concert.

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  • ESO Gave Fans More Details About The Blackwood Chapter In Advance

    Apr 13, 2021

    Before the arrival of the Blackwood chapter in June, ESO provided fans with some relevant content. ZeniMax Online Studios provides more details about the central city - Leyawiin, the Aronian and Imperial buildings, and what you can expect when roaming in the new world.

    If you were a fan of ES4: Oblivion, you will probably know what will happen when Blackwood arrives. Leyawiin played an important role in past games and it will be immediately recognized in ESO.

    Jason Barnes, Blackwood Zone Lead, said:” Allying with the Argonian-led city of Gideon, the city of Leyawiin has recently reclaimed its independence after being invaded during the Three-Banners War, However, in other areas, tensions are high. Mysterious cults have sprung up throughout the land, and unusual vault-like Daedric formations have emerged with no explanation of their origin or purpose. "

    Leyawiin is composed of various NPCs, including:

    * Argonians

    * Imperials

    * A few Khajiit frm the bordering Elsweyr

    Adventure outside the city walls, you will find a lot of dangerous content. The ancient Argonian temple and the mysterious Daedric tomb are waiting for you there. Head to the south, the unpredictable spillway in the Valley leads to the beautiful sunken ruins, surrounded by ancient Ayleid buildings and recent imperial settlements. All of these are a mixture of Argonian and Imperial cultures.

    Blackwood zone includes:

    * Six Delves

    * Two Public Dungeons

    * Six World Bosses

    * One 12-Player Trial

    * Oblivion Portal world events

    Blackwood will release the PC version on June 1, and the consoles version on June 8. It will further the storyline of Gates of Oblivion. If you are interested, you can take a look at a free Prologue chapter to get a general idea of what will happen next.

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  • World Of Warcraft: For Getting To Nazjatar, You Need To Meet The Conditions

    Apr 12, 2021

    The champions of Alliance and Horde may often get lost in getting to the next zone. This is the time to consider Nazjatar, which appeared in patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, in the Battle for Azeroth expansion in WOW. You will be able to experience a more creative zone throughout the game.

    Before you start the adventure, you need to meet some requirements:

    you must be at least level 50

    and maintain friendly relations with different factions.

    For Alliance:

    • Storm's Wake 
    • Proudmoore Admiralty
    • Order of the Embers

    For the Horde:

    • Voldunai
    • Zandalari Empire
    • Talanji's Expedition

    After hitting a friendly reputation with these factions and reaching at least level 50, you will receive a quest to Nazjatar. The alliance will receive "The Wolf Offensive" and Horde will receive "The Warchief’s Order". After that, the quests of the two factions will become very consistent, except for the different reasons for going to the area. As the questline develops, you will finally enter Nazjatar.

    It will take some work to achieve a friendly reputation with the necessary factions, but if you complete the side quests, world quests, the task of dispatching bodyguards will reduce the burden and be able to open the land of Naga faster. This reputation is easily established through natural development, so you don’t have to worry about it.

    There was a level crisis before Shadowlands was released. You may find that you can enter Battle for Azeroth sooner than you expected, but the experience points gained through battles and quests are enough to make you reach level 50.

    In addition, running dungeons and side quests can also ensure that your character enters Nazjatar, and this is also a way to obtain level-based items.

    There are many things waiting for you to complete in Nazjatar. Whether raids, quests or just admiring your surroundings, you need to unlock and experience Queen Azshara's domain. It will take a while before the release of 9.1, new WOW players can directly enter some older content, unlock an interesting raid, and get some enviable items.

    These are the details you need to know before going to Nazjatar. If you meet the above conditions, then you can enjoy your Nazjatar adventure. Of course, if you want to maximize the fun of the game, it is essential to have enough WOW Gold, which can make your character stronger so that can cope with all kinds of dilemmas. So if you are considering buy WOW Gold, you can come to IGGM. We have the most comprehensive range of WOW Gold, from Aegwynn Alliance to Zuluhed Horde, any WOW Gold you need is available on IGGM.

  • Genshin Impact Guide: How Do You Solve Dunyu Ruins Puzzle?

    Apr 09, 2021

    In Genshin Impact, you will find that you are exploring and solving puzzles most of the time. Although some of the matrices are relatively simple element-based puzzles, some puzzles involve multiple steps and are challenging. Dunyu Ruins is one of them.

    When you reach Dunyu Ruins, you will find that most of the area is inaccessible because it is submerged by water. However, if you are keen enough, you will notice a glowing circular structure under the water surface, which you can enter by solving puzzles in the ruins.

    To begin the puzzle

    You need to go to the ruins north of the body of water and find the geo totem on the second floor of the structure. After arriving there, you will find that it is unable to interact.

    To unlock geo totem

    To unlock the totem, you need to light four torches with any Pyro character nearby:

    * The first torch: besides the totem.

    * The second torch: Just below the totem, climb up a staircase and go through a door.

    * The third torch: on a pillar above the geo totem facing to the west.

    * The fourth torch: on a piece of rubble almost submerged in the water to the west.

    When all the torches are lit, you can go back to the geo totem and use the skills or elemental burst of the geo character to activate it. Once activated, the water in this area will be drained.

    To find three Seelies

    There is a luxurious chest at the bottom of the ruins, however, you cannot access it because the Anemo barrier blocks the platform. To remove the barrier, you need to find three Seelies and return them to that location.

    * The first Seelie: at the west of the ruins across the lake on the map. Here, you need to interact with a red challenge pillar, which will generate hydro slimes, and you need to defeat them within 60 seconds. Once they are defeated, the gate next to the challenge pillar will be lowered, leaking a Seelie inside, and you can climb in through the second-floor window.

    * The second Seelie: located up the steps directly east of the Anemo barrier. There, you will need to find a ruin guard and defeat him before you can access Seelie.

    * The third Seelie: next to the geo totems location.

    Once you put all three Seelies back in the center, the barrier will be invalidated and you will be able to access the luxury chest.

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  • ACNH Villagers: More Details About Lucky

    Apr 08, 2021

    Lucky is an iconic village name in ACNH and is often a poster character for ACNH Halloween events. He has also appeared in ACNH and other games in the series.

    This lazy dog is very popular with players because of its unique design. He was still alive after a fishing accident, so he was named "Lucky". Compared with other vibes of the game, he is always special because he is a bit dark.

    Speculations about Lucky

    There are many speculations about Lucky, and some people guess that it is an immortal version of another villager because Lucky has a glowing eye. In any case, many players are looking for it and are willing to spend a lot of Bells to bring it to their islands.

    According to Lucky's Halloween theme, in past games, his home was like a mummy's tomb, featuring Egyptian architecture. But in ACNH, his home is more Gothic.

    Personality of Lucky

    Lucky is a lazy dog villager in ACNH. Like all lazy villagers, he likes to eat and relax. His hobbies are either for relaxation or for eating, such as fishing. Lucky gets along well with normal, peppy, smug, sister-like villagers, but has difficulty dealing with jock villagers and snooty villagers who don’t understand the lazy lifestyle.

    Hobby of Lucky

    He is a villager with simple taste, and his favorite colors are beige and white. He also likes simple clothing style. If you find him eating, chances are he is eating a lollipop. If he is reading, he may be reading a comic.

    Constellation of Lucky

    Lucky's birthday is November 4th, a few days after Halloween. So he is a Scorpio. His previous default clothing was the No. 23 T-shirt, so fans have been guessing that this is related to the 23 enigma, which symbolizes misfortune.

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  • FFXIV: The First Part Of Patch 5.5 Will Arrive On April 13

    Apr 07, 2021

    The first part of FFXIV's 5.5 patch will be released on April 13, and the second part will be released at the end of May. A preview of it has been issued, which shows some interesting details.

    This 5.5 patch is called Death Unto Dawn, and its first part will be released on April 13. You can look forward to the new main story quests, a new instanced dungeon, and new Chronicles of a new era quest, especially the last chapter of Sorrow of Werlyt. The new dungeon will support the trust system introduced in Shadowbringers, allowing you to team up with up to 3 NPCs, which means you will be able to enter and clear it solo! If you don't like multiplayer games, you won't want to miss this.

    New trials will appear with the emergence of the first chunk of the patch, especially the Cloud Deck and the Cloud Deck (Extreme), as well as the new alliance’s raid, and the Nier: Automata tie-in Dark Apocalypse Chapter 3, and one called The Tower at Paradigm's Breach.

    For the first part of the 5.5 patch, the developers stated that they would only make minor adjustments to the jobs because they are currently focusing on the job adjustments of 6.0 released this fall with Endwalker. So in 5.5, they will not nerf anything, but the buffs will not exceed 1% or 2%.

    Feast season 18 will end, and season 19 will begin. As the patch comes, you will see an update to Save the Queen and replace the current Unreal trial. On the technical side, you can look forward to improving positional 3D audio and improving PC loading time from SSD.

    Before April 13, more official news will be released, and IGGM will follow up.

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  • Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Get Dragonbone Relic?

    Apr 06, 2021

    It has been a while since the release of Monster Hunter Rise, and some players should have begun to experience the new content provided by the sixth installment. For example, Wyvern riding and Endemic Life are new features in MH Rise. Because the game is in its early stages, there is more content waiting for you to explore.

    In MH Rise, one of the items you need to obtain is Dragonbone Relic. If you want to unlock the Dragonbone tree in the smithy menu, then Relic is essential. There are many ways to get Dragonbone Relic, and you can get it according to your wishes.

    Unlock High Rank Quests

    You need to continue at the quest counter and unlock High Rank hub quests. Once you unlock these quests, you will be able to complete the Tour of the Islands quest. In this quest, you can find Dragonbone Relic and complete the Dragonbone Smithy tree.

    You can unlock High Rank quests by completing the main quest at the quest counter. After a few hours of gameplay, you should be able to access all the quests and you need to start looking for Dragonbone Relic. If you don't unlock the quest, bone pile will still spawn, but Relic will not appear in the loot. So unlocking these tasks is crucial.

    Frost Islands

    After unlocking the first two High Rank quests, you will enter the Frost Islands. The map has a wealth of new areas to explore, including a place where you can find Dragonbone Relic. You can travel between zones 7,5,8, and 10.

    Just hit the west of zone 8 on the east side of the pool, you can find and get Dragonbone Relic. You should look for bone piles in that area. They will be located on top of sandy mounds that are surrounded by water. In one of these piles, you will find Dragonbone Relic.

    What the Relic can be used for?

    Once you get Relic, you will be able to craft armor and weapons, and upgrade these items at the smithy. You can use a few different materials to upgrade the Ash Drache melee weapon, including Dragonbone Relic.

    After the bone pile is respawned, you can collect more Relics by revisiting this site. This process can be repeated, and you can collect multiple Relics for smithy to upgrade. You need two Relics, Carbalite Ore, and Magna Ghostorism to upgrade this Ash Drache.

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