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General News

  • New World Season 5: An In-Depth Guide To The New Seasonal Trial - Winter Rune Forge

    Posted: Feb 21, 2024

    Introducing this comprehensive guide for the new seasonal trial - Winter Rune Forge. This trial marks a significant improvement from previous trials in the coming New World Season 5. Notably, it features 2 distinct fights with different environments, adding an extra layer of adventure. Moreover, the rewards are quite substantial, making the trial highly rewarding.

    To increase your chances of winning boss fights, ensure you have an sufficient amount of New World Coins beforehand.

    The Ice Dogs

    Upon entering the room, you'll encounter a large doglike creature. Your task is to engage in combat and chip away at its health until it reaches halfway. At this point, the creature splits in 2, triggering a recurring mechanism. It's crucial to split your focus and concentrate your damage on one of the split creatures. Avoid bringing them close together, as they regenerate health when in proximity to each other. This regeneration makes the fight significantly more challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, it's imperative to keep them separated to ensure a smoother progression through the encounter.

    Once you take down this boss, you’ll see that all of those dogs are going to freeze and blow up. The ground will also blow up. This will allow you to move on to the next phase of the trial where you’re going to land on a bridge, you’ll likely have to just jump down a bit further.

    Ancient Ice Guardian

    Then you’ll kind of move on to the next phase of the trial, which is also the last phase, and that is regarding an Ancient Ice Guardian where once again, there’s some new unique mechanics that you and your team are going to have to do in order to get through this part of the trial. Once you start battling this Ancient Ice Guardian, you’re going to start to see a lot of new battle mechanics, it’s not too complicated and you can definitely get through it.

    For starters, you’re going to start seeing some orange rings throughout the fight, and those are good, those are essentially buffs. I’m going to explain how you can get that in just a second, but this will help boost up your overall defense against ice attacks and also boost up your overall damage. At some point in the battle, the Ancient Ice Guardian is going to start spinning where you’ll then have an opportunity to pick up these ice chunks and start throwing them at these different runes on the wall.

    The priority is to essentially get these to match. They’re going to turn orange just like that once they actually match, and that will allow you to pick up that orange buff to help both you and your team grind through it even faster.

    As you get closer and closer to grinding out this boss, attacks are going to get a bit more and more powerful, you’re going to see more ice waves, you’re going to see ice falling from the sky, but that essentially covers the overall boss battle itself. You’re going to pick up the runes to get those buffs because the buffs help not only you but your entire team, it just helps you get through this so much faster.

    Once you and your team take down the Ancient Ice Guardian, you will be awarded a Winter Rune Forge Spoil, which you can get up to 2 times a week. It is 100% doing this twice a week to get these spoils not only because it’s an easy way to get some Dark Matter but also it’s your chance of getting the Tempest Fury great artifact which for those of you who may not know already is essentially that spin great axe that helps you buff up that Fortifying Whirlwind ability for the great a which I’m personally having a lot of fun with.

    There’s definitely some fun builds that you can utilize with this new artifact. Other than that there is a full Frostweaver set which is pretty good. Nothing too crazy but you know you can see Mending Vortex, every 2 hits with Vortex will heal you, lots of unique items here that honestly have some good weapon perks as well that you can pick up and utilize for some of these new weapon-specific builds that people are playing with. You’ll also have the ability to get up to 5,000 faction tokens, some pretty interesting named items, and then a bunch of stuff that you’ll likely just end up salvaging.

  • New World: Is Cache Of Prospected Gems Worth Trying? - Testing & Comparison Of Different Tiers

    Posted: Feb 04, 2024

    In today’s guide, we’ll test whether Cache of Prospected Gems is actually an efficient way to make gold, or if they’re just a waste of time.

    Now let’s start testing. I’m going to open 10 of these Epic-Tier versions. Then, after selling everything I got from each gem, we’ll see how many of those 10 gems end up being profitable. And how much more profit each would make after selling all the gems at once, after deducting the cost of all the gems?

    I won’t try to upgrade any of these gems to be consistent during this process.

    I will also provide the current price of each gem currently on my Maramma server. So you can compare with your own server. Because like every other money-making tool, their profits largely depend on your server price.

    Then, once we find out if Epic-Tier is profitable, we browse Rare and Uncommon Tiers just in case they are hidden money-making machines.


    First, let’s see how much New World Coins it will cost to buy these Epic-Tier Cache if you buy 200 Platinum or choose one of them as per your requirement.

    Currently, each Platinum costs 0.32 gold coins on my server, costing 65.68, maybe it will be cheaper for you. I also need 20 Pure Solvents per box, which costs another 8.7 gold per box. Pure Solvent sells for 0.02 gold per box on my server. So if I multiply all of this by 10, the entire experiment will cost me 712.39 gold, including the 46.89 crafting tax.

    It’s worth noting that I made them in my crafting area to minimize taxes. Also, you need to Smelting at least 200 times to make one of these. But this is actually very easy to achieve.

    Let’s see if we can recoup our initial investment after 10 pulls, or even make a profit from it, since each pull must bring in more than 71.23 gold to be considered profitable. Now let’s see how it turns out:

    • Number 1: Sold 73.81 gold and made a profit of 2 gold.
    • Number 2: Sold 9.33 gold, loss is 62 gold.
    • Number 3: Sold 129.74 gold, bringing a profit of nearly 60 gold coins.
    • Number 4: Sold 89.2 gold, 18 of which was pure profit.
    • Number 5: Sold 3.21 gold coins, resulting in a loss of 68 gold coins.
    • Number 6: Sold 209.39 gold coins, increasing net profit worth 138 gold coins.
    • Number 7: Sold 17.9 gold coins, resulting in a loss of 54 gold coins.
    • Number 8: Sold 9.82 gold and lost 61 gold.
    • Number 9: Sold 191.33 gold coins, increasing profit by 120 gold coins.
    • Number 10: Sold 113.86 gold coins, bringing an additional profit of 43 gold coins.

    Now that all Epic-Tier testing is over, let’s take a look at the results before trying to pull Lower-Tier methods 10 times.

    As you can see, 6 out of 10 pulls I did were profitable, which means the profit percentage was 60%. But the big question now is whether this experiment will be profitable after spending 712.39 gold coins on this test.

    I managed to sell all the gems and got 846.88 gold from them. I made a profit of 134.49 gold in this process alone, not to mention you will gain Smelting XP from it if you do this process regularly. Plus, these caches will net you tons of Aptitude Crates, which will only increase profits.

    Although 134 gold is not a very high yield at the moment, if you do it in large quantities, you can make a decent amount of money this way. Especially if Platinum prices are probably lower on your server and gems sell for higher prices than on my server.

    You can use this price chart to compare prices between servers. But if you are also on a Maramma server, this method is definitely profitable.

    If you want to take it a step further, you can even re-refine these gems to the highest level, or break them down into Powerful Gemstone Dust based on price to squeeze every last bit of profit out of your investment.

    Lower Level

    Now we know that Epic-Tier of these Cache of Prospected Gems is profitable. Let’s quickly test their Rare and Uncommon Tiers to see if they might be more profitable.

    To pull Rare-Tier, we need 200 Gold Ore and 20 Pure Solvent per crate, which is 0.07 per Gold Ore on our server. So for 10 pulls, including Solvent tax and crafting tax of 34.75 gold, I spent 181.19 gold.

    After transaction fees, I’m left with 169.05 gold. This means Rare-Tier is unprofitable, as I lost 12.14 gold coins in the process.

    Uncommon Cache costs 200 Silver Ore per pull, as well as 20 Pure Solvent and crafting fees. Each Silver Ore costs 0.06 gold on my server.

    After selling everything, the total cost for 10 pulls will be 143.58 gold. I got 43.6 gold from selling the items I got from those 10 pulls. This means that Uncommon-Tier is also unprofitable, as I lost 99.98 gold in the 10 times I tried this method.


    In short, skip Rare and Uncommon Tiers, we need to put in a lot of effort to profit from them. However, if you buy when Platinum prices are lower, and are as efficient as possible, Epic-Tier is a great way to make money that is very viable.

    But before starting any money-making methods, again use the provided chart to compare prices. If you make money through this method, don’t forget to share it. Good luck!

  • New World Season 4: Master Melee Dexterity - A Comprehensive BIS Gear Guide

    Posted: Feb 02, 2024

    I’ll be providing an informative guide on obtaining the best in slot gear for Melee DEX in New World Season 4. The gear pieces can only be farmed through dungeons because they're going to have illegal perk combos that you cannot attain anywhere else. Make sure that you have plenty of New World Coins, which can greatly aid you during your Expedition dungeon adventures. 

    They're going to only drop from M1 all the way up to M3. So depending on the dungeon, you might not be able to farm them because maybe it's not the rotation for those mutations. So without further delay, let’s delve into this guide.

    Glacial Tarn Expedition

    The first set we’re going to talk about is going to drop from the new Glacial Tarn Expedition. It has the Frigid heavy set. This Frigid heavy set has Enchanted Wood and Elemental Aversion, and it can roll a third perk. With this third perk, you can roll it at the Gypsum Kiln with the cost of chromatics and dark matter. However, it has Magnify, so it’s a bit problematic for different types of builds because maybe you have too much Magnify and you can’t go for the attributes you want.

    You can reroll the third perk. Even if it rolls something absolutely atrocious. So, you can make an amazing set with the Frigid piece. This can only drop from the final boss, so you have to complete the whole dungeon itself, but nonetheless, it is an easy dungeon, and you can do this at M1.

    Savage Divide Expedition

    Next up, we have the Savage Divide dungeon, and it’s going to be dropping you some Primal pieces. You cannot roll the third perk, so it’s going to be RNG, and this is why doing a high mutation will be better because if you end up dropping it at 650, you’re not going to get that third perk right because it’s going to be an epic.

    The Silverback Smasher, which is one of the lead named gorillas, as well as the first gorilla boss, will drop the heavy pieces, whereas the Silverback Smasher gorillas alongside the Mammoth, which is the final boss, will drop the medium pieces. However, if there is no mutation, you cannot attain these pieces from a normal dungeon. This all comes down from M1 all the way up to M3. It only drops on heavy and medium for pants, as well as gloves. Heavy is locked Strength, medium is locked Dexterity.

    If you want to make it easier to farm these pieces, make sure your overall weight loadout is not necessarily the same type as what you’re farming. But the pieces you are farming, make sure you’re equipped with the exact weight.

    One last thing to mention as well is the random perk that you can roll as the third perk. It's pretty much the same as the crafting loot table. You're going to have Refreshing, Health, Empowering, Armor Breaker for the gloves as the highest roll, I think it's about 16%, and then after that, it's going to be Thrust Conditioning, Strike Conditioning, Slash Conditioning. And then it's going to be like Invigorated, Vigor and so on. So, it's pretty much the same as the crafting RNG.

    Depths Expedition

    Then, we got the Depths, and they also have some amazing pieces. They’re called the Imbued Waxen, and these can be farmed from multiple enemies in the dungeon. As mentioned before, M1 is all the way up to M3, and that’s going to depend as well on the gear score because if you drop a too low gear score, you’re not going to be getting that third perk. The third perk is going to be RNG the same way as we mentioned with Savage Divide.

    However, this set here is only for boots and pants, but it can go from light all the way to heavy. Stats as well are going to be locked depending on your 2 primary stats. So if you have the majority of Strength and Constitution, most likely it’s going to be dropping as Strength and Constitution. So, be very careful how you’re going to be farming. It’s going to be affecting the drop itself. And just like the Savage Divide, you cannot roll the third perk.

    Glacial Tarn is the only set from these that you can roll it at the Gypsum Kiln, but the good thing is you don’t have any Magnify for both the Depths and the Savage Divide. These are better if you want Shirking Fortification and Elemental Aversion, and these 3 sets are the best sets you can get with the legal perk roll, such as Enchanted Wood, Elemental Aversion or Shirking Fortification. Everything else is kind of mediocre, or you could just potentially craft it.

  • New World: A Complete Guide To This Fun And Effective Spear Rapier Build

    Posted: Jan 26, 2024

    Let's discuss the Spear Rapier build, which is designed as a medium, highly mobile setup - perfect for making dynamic plays in New World. If you enjoy showcasing a flashy playstyle, this build is sure to capture your interest. If you want to experience this build better, then please prepare for enough New World Coins.

    How It Works

    This is the type of build that will require a little of practice because it does have quite a high skill ceiling. It’s very flashy, but a lot of it just comes to spell usage. If you do end up playing this build and you get good at it, it will really reflect. You can outplay the enemies, you can outmaneuver them very easily with the Evade, with the flesh, and make these plays.

    But it’s not only about the mobility. It also has a ton of burst damage. You have the track in from the perforate, you have the Cyclone slow with the damage, as well as empowerments from the Skewer. And if they manage to get away, you can always gap close them with the Rapier.


    So we’re going to talk about the stats. We need 300 Dexterity, 200 Constitution, 100 Strength. I put extra points on Dexterity because of the stat scaling alongside the Spear and the Rapier. You lose about 3 to 5 damage on the spear, but you gain a lot more on the Rapier, so might as well just put those additional points on Dexterity. 200 Constitution is a no-brainer. You’re playing medium, so you’re kind of squishy. If you play with light, you can get away probably with 100 Constitution. If you’re really ratty, maybe you can even play less than that, but 200 Constitution is the safe bet, especially for wars.

    300 Dexterity perk will help you out in case you get stunned, staggered and just insta-weapon swap to the Rapier, evade backward, flesh out, whatever you want to do, which is a safe approach. You’re getting a lot of damage, coming to 250 Dexterity to 200 Dexterity. You got Backstab, as well as empowerment whenever you dodge, which makes it really easy to get that empowerment when you are using the Rapier. 100 Strength is a no-brainer to get that bonus damage.

    Spear Skill Tree

    When it comes to the skill tree, this is what I would recommend as a bread-and-butter Spear build for the Rapier itself. You have to go for the Skewer whenever you are applying the bleed with the Finisher artifact. You are getting 15% bonus damage for both weapons. Cyclone is a must-have damage perk. It also gives you stamina as well whenever you hit the enemies. Fortifying Perforate on your gear to make yourself a little bit tankier but also stacking up the exploited weakness for the Rapier.

    Rapier Skill Tree

    We’re just mostly going to use mobility, CDR, and just abilities that keep you out of the gap close or to get out of trouble and have a lot of uptime. That’s why we’re going for the Evade, Flourish and Finish. Flourish and Finish also gives you 20 stamina on the finish itself. You’re going to have a lot of CDR perks on crits, on-hit stamina as well, and some mobility.

    That way you can actually trigger bleeds a lot faster. You don’t really need it because mostly when you play with a Keenly Jagged Spear and Spear of Skewer, you’re always going to guarantee yourself a crit when you’re hitting them from the back, and you’re just going to be applying Keenly Jagged. If they try to get away, Skewer as well is another way to secure that bleed, so it’s really not needed. Rapier is mostly for the utility to get in, to get out, and just get that extra finishing blow to the toolkit.


    The key components for the weapon itself are Keenly Jagged, Penetrating Backstab for extra damage alongside a tumor, which is Bread and Butter. It’s going to work on abilities and your normal left clicks. You’re going to have a Runglass Gem on both weapons. However, on a Spear, it’s going to be an Opal because you’re always going to be chasing people by shifting forward and hitting them ideally from the back so you get guaranteed crits, which is going to give you invigorating crits and Keenly Jagged at the same time.

    On the other hand, we are going for the Opportunist, which is an Emerald. When we are chasing people with the Rapier, we’re going to be chasing them when they’re low, and that’s why we’ve also locked plague crits to just disable or just affect their potion healing effects whenever they’re trying to get themselves out of trouble. And that’s where the plague crits and opportunist really kick in.


    We just don’t want enough magnify that it’s going to screw up with our 300 Dexterity, 200 Constitution builds. The only magnified pieces we have gone for are the Tumor as well as the Finisher artifact. And then, The Frigid chest piece, we have to lock Fortifying Perforate. But because you are playing Tumbler Feetwraps, you would rather go for that first approachand therefore, you want to have the Frigid chest piece that’s going to guarantee your Elemental Aversion. Elemental Aversion is going to be the most important perk out of them all, it’s going to be a lot about survivability, sustainability. That’s why we’re locking Shirking Heals as the third perk, either be on the crafts or the Frigid pieces.

    Tumbler also includes 2 pieces of Shirking Heals because it’s got one from the actual artifact, which is Shirking Blessing, alongside Shirking Heals. The prior is Elemental Aversion to either Shirking Fortification or Enchanted Ward. These are a kind of the legal perks you can obtain in certain dungeons, the heavy pants, medium gloves from Savage Divides, or The Frigid from the Glacial Tarn.

    Fortifying Perforate is a must-have perk in this, but you could go for health refreshing. It’s up to you to decide what kind of third perk you want for your legal pieces. These pieces you have to RNG the third perks, so you don’t really have an option.

    You have to grind the dungeons whenever it’s available, and this only comes from mutation, 1+ with the Tumbler Feetwraps providing you a ton of fortification, 25% and 50% empowerment. If you do go for the Shirking Fortification approach, it’s really nice because you’re going to be stacking a ton of fortifies, even if you’re playing medium, it’s still really going to add up, so I highly recommend either going for the dual perk lock illegal combos that you can get from the dungeons or even just crafting a Shirking for Shirking Heals sets.


    For Jewelry, Champion's Amulet, Champion's Ring, you can lock the third perk. I’ve obviously gone for Thrust Protection and Thrust Damage. It is a Spear Rapier build after all, most of the damage is going to be thrust other than the Cyclone. And for the earring, Fortifying Toast, one of the best perks. That means a 2-second downtime, Refreshing Toast for faster pot uptime and regenerating.

  • New World: 3 Best Ways To Make Money With Skinning Skill Line!

    Posted: Jan 26, 2024

    In this guide, I will review and test 3 great ways to make money with Skinning Skill Line in New World. This way you can earn some extra gold while improving your Skinning skills.

    We will introduce three different methods, compare the results, and provide you with the market prices for all items currently on my server so that you can decide based on price which method is the most profitable on your server.


    Before we get started, we have a quick disclaimer. I’m doing all of this with a complete 700 Gear Score Set of Skinning gear.

    On top of that, I also prepared a really good Skinning Knife, top-tier Skinning Trophies, and Powerful Proficiency Boost to really maximize my New World Coins earnings.

    If you want to take your running to another level, you can even use the most profitable Music Buffs and top-tier packs on Skinning Knife.

    Let’s take a quick look at the current prices for all the different Hides in my Maramma server so you can see how they compare to yours. As you can see, they all have decent prices, but Dark Hide is obviously the most expensive.

    Method 1: Dark Hide

    But now let’s get into the first method, which is farming Dark Hide. Like most Skinning methods, it is self-explanatory.

    You must find a place where a lot of skinnable mobs spawn, and the level of these mobs should be level 63 or above. You’ll then need to keep killing them as they spawn, and skin them with your best Skinning gear to maximize your returns. Almost all wild mobs can be used for this purpose.

    If you don’t have extensions, Brimstone Sands is a great place to farm. But I finally decided to run Shirzad’s Pride for 15 minutes and go to Trading Post to sell everything I got.

    In the end, I earned 822 gold. If you multiply that by four, you can expect to earn 3289 gold coins per hour here. Not to mention all Aptitude Crates and random gold drops you get from killing mobs, which will increase your profits.

    But this is not the most profitable place in Dark Hide, as there are many great farming locations.

    You can also choose Elysian Wilds if you’re hunting Dark Hide in case the area is full, or if you want to multitask and get some additional resources. There are a lot of mobs spawning here, and a lot of hides will be produced after skinning them. So this is definitely a great place to see!

    As with all gold crafting methods, I need to add the disclaimer that it also depends on the price on your server. So, compare prices before starting any approach.

    Method 2: AFK

    Next, we have the second method, which is AFK method. This method focuses on Thick Hide.

    When running this approach, I like to use places where there are tons of other great resources around, so I chose Boarsholm.

    Many Sporebound Boar will be generated here, and the cooldown time is two minutes. Skinning them will give you tons of Thick Hides and other cool stuff. There are also some nice Starmetal and a few Ironwood Trees surrounding them, which will only add to your profits.

    This isn’t a completely AFK approach like I’ve done with other skills, as Boar respawns quickly. But we still only need to kill the spawn here occasionally.

    In the space of 30 minutes, I managed to get all of this loot, plus I got a ton of side projects done. But by selling everything I got on this run, I managed to get 1689 gold coins. This means if you multiply that by 2, you can expect to earn 3379 gold per hour.

    And you’ll earn Mining, Logging, and Skinning Aptitude Crates while doing so, and the extra gold dropped will only increase profits.

    One trick to speed up killing Boar is to use a weapon with lots of AOE and an ability like Ice Pylon to automatically lure Boar into an area. This way, you can quickly kill and skin them before going back to AFK.

    Method 3: Rawhide

    Finally, we have the third method, which is Rawhide method. This is great for any lower level players or those in Rawhide’s more expensive servers.

    It is less intense than Dark Hide method. Because the mobs you want to grind are easier to kill. You can even just use your Skinning gear instead of constantly swapping in and out of combat gear.

    There are many locations to do this, but I like to head to the beach in Cutlass Keys Map, run around the main island with the fort in the middle, and follow the shoreline to kill Alligators there. You can run endless laps and accumulate tons of Rawhide and some other cool stuff.

    I did this for 15 minutes and managed to get all this loot. When I went to Trading Post to sell them, they brought me 667.95 gold. If you multiply that by four, you can expect to earn 2,669 gold coins per hour here. Don’t forget to check the prices on your server to compare.


    Overall, that’s the end of this guide. This covers the three ways you can create gold using Skinning Skill Line in New World.

    Here I compare the benefits of the three methods so you can get an overview of them all. Also, I will list all current market prices for the main sales items used in these methods. This way, you can easily compare prices with your servers.

    What is your favorite skinning method? Let me know which method is most profitable for you on your server. Good luck!

  • New World: How To Optimize Lightning Damage For PVP With This Boltcaster Build?

    Posted: Jan 12, 2024

    I will show you one of my favorite builds, which is the Boltcaster. I am sure you will like this one too. So, I wanted to go over some upgrades that I’ve made, as well as some discoveries of why this build is so good, and what not to use. First, we’re going to take a look at some of the gear changes that I made, and then we’re going to dive into the attributes and finally the weapon perks that I’ve been running. Don't forget to prepre for enough New World Coins to upgrade your gear.


    Some upgrades that I’ve been looking to make on this build include picking up Lightning Harnessing on every single piece. You can get more lightning damage too if you use the Lightning Runglass on all your gems. I haven’t invested that into this build, but I’ve definitely made a lot of upgrades that include Lightning Harnessing.

    On the gear, I use the Imbued Marine’s helm of the Ranger, which is a heavy helmet with 2% lightning Harnessing and health. Featherweight definitely allows us to run 2 heavy pieces, but I put health on it just so I can generically use it on all builds, not Lightning Harnessing. Then on the gloves, I prefer the Azoth Crystal Gauntlets. Then I will use the Imbued Guardian Flanker Pants of the Sentry. Finally, we will get some light boots, which is the Burnished Guardian Flanker Shoes of the Scholar.

    These are going to have Lightning Harnessing again, then Slash Conditioning and Health. I actually put a Moonstone in here too because I definitely have a bit of melee resistance on this build, Boltcaster. I’m using Keenly Jagged as my perk. I picked the old great sword called Electrified Glacial Tarn Greatsword of the Ranger. It has keen Trenchant Strikes and Keenly Jagged.

    When it comes to amulet, I always using the Primeval Brutish Exemplary Amulet of the Ranger. I think I must have Divine and Health and then you’re going to want a Protection. I’m choosing Thrust Protection here because I’m mostly fighting bows. On the ring, I use the Azoth Crystal Ring as before. Then I actually switched back to using Endless Thirst, specifically in PVP because I just really like the Empower and Fortifying Toast, as well as just the increased heal or increased strength of my healing consumable. So, my health pot heals for like 5-6k, which is pretty helpful.


    Next we’re going to dive into the attributes. We’re really just doing the 50 in Intelligence to get the damage increase to targets inflicted by damage over time. Our Boltcaster has Keenly Jagged as well as our great sword and stuff, so we’re constantly making people bleed. That’s going to be giving us some damage. Then let's turn to the strength.

    Many people are saying you don’t even bother with the 50 Strength, just go 25 or something like that or even drop it all together. But to be honest, this just specifically for the great sword, and I’m confident that my heavy attack damage is scaling with the great sword here, and I’m doing tons of heavy attacks with my great sword.

    Another recommendation, with 350 Dexterity, just max out on that. I think I’m going to start making is minimum 150 Constitution on the PVP builds. I think that reduce crit damage taken is huge, and if you got any extra points right, just put the rest into Constitution. You are going to be getting in there in a bit of a melee with your great sword, so it’s good to have more Constitution for that.

    Weapon Masteries

    Then let's talk about the weapon masteries. Bow, I’ve kind of been playing around with this and I’ve actually dropped Poison Shot and Explosive Shot in favor of Penetrating Shot, Evade Shot, and then Rain of Arrows. It’s going to animation to cancel constantly on you, that’s after you dodge. But I really like this Evade Shot for kind of kiting and keeping people at a distance.

    Pretty standard perks, the Archer's speed, I’ve been kind of rocking that a bit more too, along with the Dodge and Weave. I just need more speed. Mark is going to be another thing that helps deal more damage to foes suffering from a bleed. Then Evasive Tactics. You’re constantly dodging this build, make sure you’re throwing in a dodge if you’re at full stamina if you can. To take advantage of that 50% damage. Then Penetrating Shot. I actually like this for the PVP, like stacked groups. So just try and get multiple Penetrating Shots in there. Still using Aim True and Arrow Range. Then those are my other perks.

    Previously I will recommend going all offensive, but to stay alive I have been liking this Calamity Counter skill. One because it triggers certain things, where you get Fortify after getting Defiance Stance. So if you’re in the right, just throw a calamity counter, it kind of works like a repost or something like that, where you block some attacks for a couple seconds, then it does some damage. It also can inflict a bleed, and if you’re in Onslaught Stance, you’re going to get some crit or through the counterattack to gain some crit.

    Just going a bit into this Defiance side just to get some Survivability, and then the 2 skills that I definitely like rocking in PVP are going to be Skyward Slash and Relentless Rush. I really like both those, pretty standard perks, going all the way down to the Onslaught.

    Tips On The Boltcaster Build

    I need to mention that one of the reasons why the Boltcaster is so good, especially in PvP, is that when they made the reduction in damage to bows applied in PVP like OPR, it only applies to thrust damage from bows. Therefore, the Boltcaster bypasses that restriction, dealing 14% more damage than a normal bow or even 7% more than one that's half converted to an elemental. This currently exists in the game, and I don't know how long it will continue like that.

  • New World: The Best Fire Staff Build In Season 4 - Gear, Attributes & More

    Posted: Dec 27, 2023

    We are going to be talking about the Fire Staff and the Abyss Combo. This was a very famous combo from the season 3 patch, and now it is making a return for New World Season 4. Fire Staff is in such a great spot in the PVP meta currently, and comboing it with the Abyss provides so much more damage and mobility. So, with that being said, let’s talk about the best in slot gear, attributes and skills to run for Season 4. If you have enough New World Coins, just follow my build.

    Skill Trees

    Starting off with the Fire Staff, we have a standard Pillar of Fire, Fireball, and Burn Out. We need to make sure that we take most of the passives on the left side of the Fire Staff tree so we can open up the Runes of Helios.

    For the Great Axe skill tree, we are using Charge, Reap, and Execute. The reason we take Execute in this build is that, since we run Crippling Reap on the Great Axe, we can pretty much guarantee ourselves a free 200% weapon damage. This damage is increased to 250% weapon damage when hitting a target below 50% health, and if they are below 30% health, we get a 100% critical chance with this ability.

    Additionally, we also take Blood Lust in this build to run 20% faster when chasing targets, and it helps to do 15% more damage for free.


    Next, let's talk about gear. Starting off with the helmet, we are using Health Shirking Heals, and Refreshing Shirking Heals are going to be a big part of this build. It is what is going to allow us to do so many crazy plays. We do want to run Featherweight with this build because the Fire Staff and Abyss do not need more damage from any other artifact like Tumbler Footwraps.

    For the gloves, we just have something simple with Empowering Fireball. We have some more Shirking Heals on the legs and feet, and this is the Fire Staff that I am currently using, but it is nothing best in slot. The main perk that we do want is going to be Alacritous Punishment, and instead of Keenly Jagged for the proc, we want to have Plagued Crits.

    Here is my Abyss, and we talked about Crippling Reap again. The reason we take Crippling Reap is that it is going to slow whoever we target with this ability by 50% for 4 seconds. The slow cap in this game is also 50%, so we pretty much slow cap any target that we hit with this ability.

    For the Heartrune, there is nothing better than Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform. It simply provides us with so much more healing and survivability in this build. For the amulet, I am personally using Tanglevine with Champion’s Ring and also Endless Thirst.


    Let’s talk about the attributes that you can run with the rest of the best in slot gear. Unfortunately, in this build, we do have a lot of magnify because the Frigid Dawn gear that is best in slot for OPR and 33s does come with 32 magnify. On top of the magnify from Featherweights, the magnify from our amulets, the magnify from our earring, and the magnify from our Abyss, we are at six magnify. That means that we only have two attribute options that we can run.

    One of the attribute options that we can run is going to be the 200 con, 400 int. If you try to put any more points out of intellect into strength or dex, you are not going to be able to with six magnify. If you wanted a little bit more damage on your Abyss and Fire Staff, you could also drop your Constitution to 150 and then bump your strength up to 50. At 25 strength, you get 5% light attack damage, and at 50 strength, you get 10% heavy attack damage.

    Both of these modifiers apply to both your Great Axe and your Fire Staff and do actually increase your damage quite a bit.

    Next up, talking about the perks that we are running. Once again, we are trying to run 5 Shirking Heals, 4 Elemental Aversion, and 2 Enchanted Ward. The only way we are able to fit 2 Enchanted Ward into this build is by using the freedom pieces of armor that you can get from the Glacial Tarn Mutation dungeon. If you play a lot of Outpost Rush, this is going to be your absolute best in slot gear. And putting Shirking Heals on it is going to fit in every single one of your Outpost Rush builds. Once again, Shirking Heals is just absolutely massive in this patch for 1vX situations. Even though Plagued Crits and Plagued Strikes are currently meta and do reduce the heal of Shirking Heals, it is still absolutely the best perk to take in this game for small-scale PVP.

    Tips And Tricks

    Let's talk about how to actually play this build. If you are new to the Fire Staff, you really need to get the hang of getting your light attacks in between your abilities. This is actually a massive DPS increase as it applies a ton of Smolder stacks. Ideally, you really want to be abusing your heavy attacks for the cooldown, but if you can get a few light attacks in between your casts of abilities, you are going to see a massive DPS increase. The same thing applies to your great axe as well. Before you Reap, you really want to get in that auto-attack before and after because you do get that free extra weapon damage.

    One thing to note as well: your main combo with the Abyss is really just going to be the reap into the auto-execute. Now, you only want to do this combo when they have zero stamina. You also have the auto-charge combo. Other than that, there's really nothing else to talk about with this combo. You have your Execute, you have your Charge to escape, you have your Burn Out to escape or go in, and it is the Fire Staff, so it's really not that hard to get the hang of after a few games.

  • New World: How To Mount Faster And Move Faster Under Water In Season 4?

    Posted: Dec 22, 2023

    In this guide, I’m going to show you 2 things that I think a lot of people missed but will allow you to summon your mounts a lot quicker than normal and allow you to move faster whilst underwater. This will not only save you tons of time over the course of your New World Season 4 experience, but could also save your life a couple of times as well.

    Mount Faster

    With the Season 4 Eternal Frost, there are lots of news about the new Expedition, Season Pass, artifacts, and everything else. I also prepared enough New World Coins to purchase the items I like.

    Powerful Cavalier Crest

    Something massive that I haven’t seen anyone talking about and kind of got added in under the radar was the addition of the Powerful Cavalier Crest Legendary Mount Strap to the game.

    It was always in the game files, but there was never a drop source for this awesome item. But now, there are several ways you can get it.

    Previously, we had the Epic Mount Strap - Cavalier Crest, which in itself was great, bringing mount summon times down from 3 seconds to two. But now, being able to get that down even lower to 1 second is massive in all aspects of the game.

    Whether you’re pushing in a PvP situation and your opponent is getting away, to be able to mount up faster than them and catch up can be vital. Or, you’re running and trying to stay alive. That extra second can be the difference between life and death.

    Plus, with how many times you’re mounting up and dismounting throughout a play session, those extra seconds will add up to a massive amount of time savings.

    How To Get?

    Now, let’s go over how you can get yourself one of these powerful items so you can take your mount game to the next level.

    Basically, every mob in the Savage Divide expedition has a chance at this item dropping. You do need to be at least mutation level 1 though for it to drop.

    If you’re able to clear this Expedition easily, just keep grinding it out until you get it. Or, if you’re struggling, you can just go through killing whatever you can before resetting the Expedition and going again.

    Killing the final Mammoth boss in the Expedition whilst it’s mutated can also give you a chance at getting the Endless Thirst artifact. So, if you still need that one, this grind can have you working towards 2 great items.

    We do have the time gate of the Savage Divide having to be mutated to get this item. But if it isn’t currently mutated for you, just wait a bit.

    In the meantime, make sure you get at least one of the normal runs done before it gets mutated so you can jump right into mutations when they occur.

    Move Faster In Water

    Next up, we got a new way to move faster underwater in New World. And I’m not sure if this was intended or not, but while we have it, we might as well take advantage of it to keep ourselves from drowning.

    Whenever you drop into deep water in New World, your character slows down to a walking pace. If you don’t reach high ground before the timer is up, you can die, and it can be extremely frustrating because it’s a broken system in the game.

    But now, with the addition of the skating emote, whenever you drop into deep water, if you hit this emote, you can skate around underwater at a much faster speed, which can be the difference between life and death depending on how deep the water you fall into.

    Do note though, this emote can only be gotten during the Winter Convergence Festival that’s currently going on. So, if you have yet to unlock it, it’s worth grinding for and slotting this emote to a hotkey because it can be the difference between life and death in many situations.

    It’ll take a while to get used to using it because you move your character while they’re skating with the mouse instead of the keys. But once you get the hang of it, it can be a really helpful tool to know about.

    Are you happy with the arrival of the new Mount Charm? And do you think this ice skating emote will be patched to prevent the underwater speed boost?

  • New World: How To Get All 8 New Artifacts In Eternal Frost Season?

    Posted: Dec 18, 2023

    In this guide, I’m going to be looking at all the new artifacts that came out with the New World Eternal Frost season and show you how to get them.

    With the Eternal Frost season, we got an additional 8 artifacts added into New World onto the previous 29. This means we’ll inevitably need some weapon upgrades, so be prepared with plenty of New World Coins!

    New Ways To Get Old Artifacts

    Also, as a quick note from the previous set of artifacts, all of the artifacts that could be obtained from the PVP track have had their minimum PVP track level lowered to level 20

    So, if you’re previously required to be minimum PVP track level 50 to get a certain artifact to drop, that’s no longer the case, which is an awesome change.

    Also, the two artifacts that were on the Season Pass have had new ways of them being obtained added now that Season 3 is over.

    For the earrings Endless Thirst, they now drop from the final boss of the Savage Divide, Mahantaram. You do need to have the Expedition mutated, though, for them to drop. 

    And for the Light Footwear, Tumbler Feetwraps, they now drop from Outpost Rush reward caches, but they can only be gotten in the levels 60 to 65 chests. They also tweaked a few of the previous artifacts to make them more viable and increased odds for everyone getting their artifact drops.

    But with that all out of the way, let’s look at the new artifacts. 

    Winged Leather Shoes

    First up, we got the 2 new artifacts obtainable on the new Season 4 Season Pass. We have the Medium Footwear, Winged Leather Shoes, which can be obtained by reaching level 20 in the free version of the Season 4 Season Pass. 

    Quickdraw Gloves

    And then, we have the Light Gloves, Quickdraw Gloves, which can be obtained by reaching level 100 in the free version of the Season 4 Season Pass.

    Next up, we’ll look at the artifacts earnable to the PVP rewards track. 

    The Unmoved

    First up, we got the Heavy Footwear, The Unmoved

    These can appear on Checkpoint 3 of the PVP rewards track as long as your PVP track level is 20 or above. You also need a player level of 61 or higher

    This artifact will cost you 50,000 Azoth Salt


    And then we have the Life Staff, Vengeance

    The Life Staff can appear on Checkpoint 3 with a PVP reward track as long as you have a PVP track level of 20 or higher. You also need a player level of 61 or higher

    This artifact will cost you 50,000 Azoth Salt as well.

    Then, we got the last 4 artifacts that can all be gotten in various ways. 

    Deep Freeze

    First, we got the Ice Gauntlets, Deep Freeze

    These drop from the Ice Troll Boss within the Glacial Tarn Expedition. You need to have this Expedition mutated for it to drop. 

    Koya’s Knee Guards

    Next up, we got the Light Legs, Koya’s Knee Guards

    These can be gotten within Outpost Rush reward caches, but only the levels 61 to 65 versions of these chests.


    Then, we have the Bow, Boltcaster

    This bow drops from the open-world boss Annoyed Aguascia over in the Elysian Wilds

    If you’re struggling to find this boss, you need to defeat Pugnacious Purutu first for him to spawn. But he’ll also spawn with 2 other powerful gorillas, so be careful. 

    Defeating Purutu to get him to spawn also gives you a chance at earning the Void Gauntlet Artifact Lifetaker, but I highly recommend doing this grind in a group, as it can be very difficult.


    And finally, we have the Round, Shield Gladiator

    This shield drops from the Tribunal Ice Mammoths over in the Legion Wilds. There are currently 6 spawns of these in the game and they’re all very close to one another, so this will be a relatively easy grind to get done.

    Mastermind & Ocean’s Peace

    If you’re looking for or wondering about the jewelry artifacts - Mastermind & Oceans Peace, they’re not coming this season and instead will come in Season 5, so they will be in the next artifact guide.

    But that covers all the new artifacts that dropped in Season 4. Which ones do you plan to grind for, and which is your favorite new one?

  • New World: 3 Ultimate PvE DPS Builds - Unleash Maximum Damage & Beginner Friendly

    Posted: Dec 14, 2023

    In this guide, I will bring you the 3 best DPS builds for New World.

    Your main goal and your role is to do as much damage as possible. You are also responsible for reviving fallen teammates. All the builds have the same defensive armor and almost the same jewelry setup as melee DPS.

    The main difference between them is your artifact choice, so I will cover them and what you need to know about setting up your perfect build.

    If you have enough New World Coins, you should definitely make these 3 powerful builds!


    Firstly, we will cover the armor and perks you want to focus on.

    Currently, the strongest PVE perk setup is Enchanted Ward, Health and four stacks of Refreshing. Most mob and boss attacks are usually light and heavy attacks, therefore. An Enchanted Ward will be the best form of protection.

    Alongside the Health perk, you will have a much bigger Health pool to work with in your time and Expeditions, and trials will be much easier. As a third perk, it is flexible and totally up to you. You should be good to go as long as you have four perks of Refreshing in your gear.

    As our main armor artifact, you will be using Featherweight. It allows us to wear 2 pieces of heavy armor. You can use it on your head, gloves, or feet. The rest is light armor. In the end, you will end up with 30% more armor than in a normal light equipment load, meaning that we can be a bit more aggressive when it comes to our attributes.

    1. Finisher Bleed Build

    The first build is the Bleed Rapier build. This is one of the strongest builds that gives the highest DPS of them all.

    Rapier scales both from decks in it to bring you one of the deadliest weapons.

    With a finisher artifact, you can enhance your damage against bleeding targets by 15% on both weapons. This amazing artifact also has Keen Tondo and Deadly Flourish perks in a gem socket.

    The third perk is up to you. I recommend one of the following: Vicious, Keenly Jagged, or Rogue.

    This artifact can be farmed in the Elysian Wilds Elite Zone called the Isle of Zurvan, and it is dropped by the boss called Montrapala the Unruled.

    There is usually some group farming it or just create 1 yourself. And there is quite a high chance that you will not be alone while trying to take down this giant Mammoth.

    I also like putting on a Runeglass of Arboreal Amber. It gives our weapon an elemental damage bonus, and this is very beneficial as our Intelligence perks help us massively. Also, none of the enemies are resistant to Nature Damage.

    Your skill tree consists of Tondo, Flourish and Finish, and Flurry. This gives you plenty of damage while stacking up bleeds and then executing the opponent with the finish.

    Before we go any further into deeper dive into the build, I have to tell you the biggest minus of this one. There can be only 1 player in your team that can use this build as the bleeds from other rapiers do not stack. So, be wary of how your team is set up.

    As your secondary weapon, I like using a spear as it offers good damage, plenty of bleed, and goes alongside the rapier ones.

    For my spear of choice, I would use Firepoker. It proves us in power. As the third perk, you can take Bleeding Sweep as it gives a huge bleed.

    Spear will also use Runeglass of Arboreal Amber gem.

    As for your skills, I like using it like this one. My main abilities are: Sweep, Perforate, and Skewer.

    The rotation is simple and deadly. Sweep is the main DMG ability of the spear.

    These are the best jewelry that you can wear:

    • Azoth Battery
    • Red Hot Slag
    • Genesis of Life

    All of them provide you with defensive options but, most of all, as much damage as possible.

    The best amulet I have found is the Azoth Battery. It gives you health and bonus healing to your potions.

    As a third perk, you can pick the elemental resistance needed for you to clear mutations. My favorite earring is Genesis of Life. It gives you a Regenerating and Healing Heart perk. As a third perk, you can pick Refreshing or Refreshing Toast.

    By far, the best ring I have found is Red Hot Slag, which gives you a much-needed Blood Letting perk, Hearty, and you can take Thrust Damage to make a complete best-in-slot ring.

    When it comes to your attributes, go for 350 Dex and then 100 Con and 150 Int. This gives you the highest damage output as your finisher scales of decks.

    2. Serenity Build

    Serenity build is my next recommended build, which revolves around the Great Sword artifact. It offers amazing damage while you are behind your target.

    Serenity's unique perk gives you a stacking damage increase. It also has Trenchant Strikes and Trenchant Crits.

    With Great Sword's fast and strong heavy attacks, it brings very powerful swings on his enemies. This combination is most effective when you are behind your target, as all melee weapons have a guaranteed crit while you hit your enemies from the back.

    The gem I like in my weapon is Cut Pristine Emerald, which gives you bonus damage when the enemy is low on health. You can get Serenity from the PvP track.

    The weapon I like to pair it with, as before, is the spear. It is just such a strong weapon. My favorite spear is Firepoker, as it has the best perks that we need. As a third perk, I would take Bleeding Sweep.

    Now I know what you will say, that I use the same weapon as in the previous build, but I can't help it. It is just that good. The damage this weapon does is just insane. With the combination with all of the artifacts, you truly have a deadly combination.

    This is the skill tree for your spear.

    It is the same as in Rapier build: focus on the skills first and then complete it with all of the offensive passives. It offers many strong bleeds, and your combo is very simple.

    You use all of the spear skills: Perforate, Sweep and Skewer. Then, you swap back to your giant sword and continue smashing the enemies.

    When it comes to jewelry, it is a bit similar to the previous one, as none of the artifacts are truly best in the slot for you:

    • Azoth Battery
    • Privateer's Heriloom
    • Spectral Mythril Earring of the Soldier

    Azoth Battery gives you anything you need. As for the ring, something changes, and the best one is the Privateer's Heirloom. It gives us Slash Damage that we need and Hardy that is the best perk.

    As a third one, I recommend Leeching for a bit of survivability. For the earrings, I like using Spectral Mythril Earring of the Soldier. It gives us a Regenerating and Healing Heart perk. For me, one of the best perks on this piece of gear.

    When it comes to attributes, get 350 Str, 150 Dex, 25 Int, and 100 Con. If you feel too squishy, you can go for 150 Con. I prefer maxing strength over dex as the perks on the strength side are much stronger than on the other.

    3. Butcher Bleed Build

    If you did not have enough bleed damage build, then here is another one.

    Bleeds are very powerful, and this one is quite strong. It utilizes the new sword artifact called The Butcher. With the combination of its unique perk and Hot Red Slag ring, all of your bleeds will be almost at the bleed duration cap, and many of our bleeds are very powerful.

    The Butcher itself can be farmed in Dynasty Shipyard Expedition in M1 or higher mutations. With all of its very powerful perks, I would take the gem slot as my final perk slot, and I would take Non-Runeglass Malachite for the gem.

    This is the skill tree that I like using. It offers us the most damage possible while still getting the perks of having some defensive passives from the Shield tree.

    My secondary weapon is the same as before. The spear is simply too good to pass on. The bleed from the Sweep is the strongest bleed in the game. And with the Butcher and Red Hot Slag ring, it makes it ridiculously powerful.

    My favorite spear is called the Firepoker. The third perk I like is the Bleeding Sweep.

    As a gem, I would use the Non-Runeglass Malachite.

    The skill tree looks like this.

    I like using Sweep for the bleed that you get with the Weapon perk, as well as Perforate and Skewer.

    The best jewelry that is very cheap to get, I have found is this one:

    • Azoth Battery
    • Privateer's Heriloom
    • Spectral Mythril Earring of the Soldier

    Azoth Battery is the amulet that I have explained in detail already. Next one is Red Hot Slag ring. It is the primary ring to go for if you want to deal bleed damage. Just take Slash Damage as your third perk, and you are good.

    My favorite earring has a Regenerative and Healing Heart as its perks. They offer you just so much healing, and you need to be as relying on your healer as much as without them.

    When it comes to attributes, I would use the most offensive option with 350 Str, 150 Dex, 25 Int, and 100 Con. This will give the best damage output, in my opinion.

    Tips And Tricks

    With all the builds covered, I would like to cover some of tips that I have found helpful for you.

    First is your Heartrunes. I like using the brutal version of the cannon. Its damage is just insane, and I like seeing huge damage numbers.

    However, if you need a defensive option, use Stalward Stoneform.

    Gems that I like using in PVE are simple Cut Pristine Opal. They give you general Elemental Resistance. Overall, it will give you less resistance against a certain element, but you won't need to swap them every time you want to do a different mutation.

    This, however, is not recommended if you do M3 mutation. There, you need to fully optimize with combat trophies coatings for your weapon, ward potions, and correct gems.

    This concludes my best three DPS builds for New World. By all means, they are very powerful, and you can truly pack quite a punch. If you want to do higher-tier mutations, do not forget about using ward potions. Major trophies are necessary as they increase your damage massively.

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