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Path Of Exile 2 Currency


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Is POE 2 a new game?

Path Of Exile 2 is a brand new game, which is different from Path Of Exile. POE 2 has more innovations based on POE. It retains all the expansion content created in the past and introduces a new skill system, ascendancy classes, engine improvements, and so on. To put it simply, POE 2 simplifies the game system while keeping the content rich, which is very friendly to players.

What features Path of Exile 2?

Below outlines what players can anticipate in Path of Exile 2:

  • A new 6-act campaign set two decades later.
  • 6 new character classes, totaling 12 with the original classes.
  • 3 new ascendancies per class, totaling 26.
  • Over 100 new bosses and revamped end bosses.
  • Skill gem system overhaul with 240 gems, including 40 actives and 200 supports.
  • Introduction of meta gems and new weapons like Crossbows, Spears, and Flails.
  • 100+ endgame maps with unique boss fights and modified past league content.
  • Dodge roll mechanic with no cooldown, accessible via spacebar.
  • The return of the iconic Passive Skill Tree with 2000 skills for deep customization.
  • Crafting system adjustments and the introduction of gold as currency.
  • Mana replaced with Spirit.

What is POE 2 Currency?

As we all know, in any ARPG, currencies are very important. They ensure that the economy in the entire game works well, so POE 2 is no exception. Just like it in the original Path of Exile, Path of Exile 2 Currency can be dropped from enemies' corpse, these currencies lets you buy and trade different stuff from other players.

There are many important quests in the game, nothing almost can go well without POE 2 Currency. Although many players choose to earn little POE 2 Currency through grinding in the game, this does not seem to be a long-term solution, because when you are immersed in the game you will find that the amount of POE 2 Currency you need is massive.

So, if you want to maintain greater advantages in the game, it is a better choice to buy POE 2 Currency directly.

Reasons Why Can Be The Best POE 2 Currency Store

1. 100% Safe. It is 100% safe to buy POE 2 Currency from Our confidence comes from the safety protection system we have built over the years. Customers who bought Path of Exile Currency from IGGM not only have very high reviews but also have a very high repurchase rate. Therefore, when Path of Exile 2 is available, many gamers are willing to buy POE 2 Currency again here. At the same time, our trading environment is absolutely stable. Each of transactions will be supervised by a real person throughout the process. So, you don't have to worry about any leakage or damage to your private information or property.

2. Best Price. We can definitely offer you the cheapest POE 2 Currency for sale on PS, Xbox and PC platforms. We sincerely welcome every customer who comes to IGGM, there are dedicated team compare market prices every day, so the price we can give you is also the lowest among the peers. In addition, we will also launch special deals on some holidays, such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Day and so on. Of course, if you can become a VIP of IGGM, you can enjoy additional discounted prices when you buy cheaper Path of Exile 2 Orbs every time.

3. Fast Delivery. The reason why we dare to make such a guarantee is because of the support from the professional team and the guarantee of abundant supply. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the transaction process, we will guide you fully to help you buy Path of Exile 2 PS/XBOX/PC Currency smoothly. As long as you fill in the information correctly and place an order successfully, we will guarantee to delivery POE 2 Orbs for sale that you ordered immediately within a short time, saving you the trouble of waiting.

4. Attentive 24/7 Online Service. Our customer service is professionally trained. If you encounter any doubts when you buy POE 2 trade currency, you can contact us at any time. IGGM will give you professional and detailed answers until you are satisfied.

In all, is the most professional website of Path of Exile 2 Currency for sale, dedicated to bringing the best shopping experience to all players. You can buy POE 2 Currency up to your needs now, such as Divine Orbs, Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs and so on. Please contact our 24/7 Live Chat as soon as possible!



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Path Of Exile 2: What Will Be The Effect Of The Planned Currency Changes?

Path Of Exile 2: What Will Be The Effect Of The Planned Currency Changes?

On the last day of ExileCon 2023, we found out that there have been a lot of changes to the currency in Path Of Exile 2. Unfortunately, this isn’t limited to just their cosmetic changes, some currencies are disappearing entirely.

Changing The Way Crafting Works

Alterations that disappear just like this Orb of Scouring. This means you can’t force a decent magic base on an item and then build it with other POE 2 Currency. This also means that if you throw away an excellent base and mod, that base is now useless. Because you can’t get it down to zero and start building it up again. This will be a tremendous change in the way crafting works.

But it also means that the gear you drop will be more valuable than it was before they noticed it. They don’t want to change the way transactions are done, which will mean more blue items being traded. But I’m not expecting changes other than Chaos Orb, as they will work completely differently.

When we hit an item with a Chaos Orb, it re-rolls all mods. So all the mods fall off, and then a random set of mods gets turned back on in Path Of Exile 2. It will take one mod and delete it, then replace it with a new one. So, Chaos Orb is now a kind of Orb of Annulment.

Affects Item Drops

Now I fully understand why these changes were made. Because it made the item drops more impactful. But there are a few enormous problems.

First, through the first Item Filters, they look at the item base, but they don’t see the roll down item. This means that using Item Filters can actually get you into trouble.

Another problem I’ve seen has nothing to do with the item. When we drop the map, it has map sustain, and it physically reflects it. Also, we couldn’t run our character properly.

So all we have to do is block the item, which is no longer an option. We’ll probably hit it with a Chaos Orb to refresh everything that isn’t viable. Although we may have gotten lucky and removed Damage reflection. But there may be other mods here that we want to get rid of, like Cannot Leech. This is going to be extremely expensive.

Influencing The Crafting Of Cartographer’s Chisel

We now also need to consider the effect on Cartographer’s Chisel when we drop a Magic map. Normally, when we drop these currency items, we can restore them to a valid, perfect state. But if my Magic map is not enough, I will stop using the map. Because I have no control over how the map falls. This isn’t directly tied to currency changes, but can heavily affect crafting.

Other Changes

Currently, they are removing Crafting Bench from POE 2. Therefore, it will become more difficult for us to make perfect Endgame items. Because without Crafting Bench, we would start endless exploration.

Now, they intend to make town vendors play a bigger role in fixing buildings and small things. But I’ve had a lot of unpleasant experiences getting decent items from Vendor early in the game, and your Vendor won’t fix the map either.

These changes may affect SSF players more than any other change. Because they have to craft all POE 2 Items. Even though you play trade league, it affects SSF players more than others.

Anyway, that’s my guess as to how the currency changes in POE 2 might affect the game itself. I’m afraid that this will affect my gaming experience with POE 2. What do you think about this change? Let us wait quietly.

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