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Final Fantasy XIV Gil


  • PC


  • NA-Final Fantasy XIV
  • EU-Final Fantasy XIV
  • JP-Final Fantasy
  • NA - Adamantoise

  • NA - Balmung

  • NA - Behemoth

  • NA - Brynhildr

  • NA - Cactuar

  • NA - Coeurl

  • NA - Diabolos

  • NA - Excalibur

  • NA - Exodus

  • NA - Faerie

  • NA - Famfrit

  • NA - Goblin

  • NA - Gilgamesh

  • NA - Hyperion

  • NA - Jenova

  • NA - Lamia

  • NA - Leviathan

  • NA - Malboro

  • NA - Mateus

  • NA - Midgardsormr

  • NA - Sargatanas

  • NA - Siren

  • NA - Ultros

  • NA - Zalera

  • EU - Cerberus

  • EU - Lich

  • EU - Louisoix

  • EU - Moogle

  • EU - Odin

  • EU - Omega

  • EU - Phoenix

  • EU - Ragnarok

  • EU - Shiva

  • EU - Zodiark

  • EU - Spriggan

  • EU - Twintania

  • JP - Aegis

  • JP - Alexander

  • JP - Anima

  • JP - Asura

  • JP - Atomos

  • JP - Bahamut

  • JP - Belias

  • JP - Carbuncle

  • JP - Chocobo

  • JP - Durandal

  • JP - Fenrir

  • JP - Garuda

  • JP - Gungnir

  • JP - Hades

  • JP - Ifrit

  • JP - Ixion

  • JP - Kujata

  • JP - Mandragora

  • JP - Masamune

  • JP - Pandaemonium

  • JP - Ramuh

  • JP - Ridill

  • JP - Shinryu

  • JP - Tiamat

  • JP - Titan

  • JP - Tonberry

  • JP - Typhon

  • JP - Ultima

  • JP - Unicorn

  • JP - Valefor

  • JP - Yojimbo

  • JP - Zeromus


  • 1M

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 1M

  • 2M

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 2M

  • 3M

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 3M

  • 5M

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 5M

  • 6M

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 6M

  • - 1%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 8M

  • - 1%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 10M

  • - 2%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 15M

  • - 2%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 20M

  • - 3%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 30M

  • - 3%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 50M

  • - 4%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 60M

  • - 4%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 80M

  • - 5%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 100M

  • - 5%

    FFXIV Gil NA - Adamantoise 200M



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FFXIV: Patch 5.41 Introduced New Cosmetic Items and Ishgardian Restoration Quest

2021-01-13 18:09:44

FFXIV's official website has updated a special 5.41 patch note, which introduces the details of some upcoming new emotes and the Ishgardian Restoration quest.

Ishgardian Restoration Quest

This should be the most exciting part of FFXIV, which is the last chapter of the Ishgardian Restoration quest. There are 4 brand new quests in this chapter, and you can also access these quests by speaking with Augebert in the Firmament.

In addition to the four main quests, you also need to finish four side quests. Only after you complete the questline in the last chapter of Ishgardian Restoration, you can start the side quest. You can improve your ranking in the Ishgardian Restoration event by January 21st PST at 10 PM. If you rank in the top 100, you will get special rewards.

New Sweeping Emote, Furniture and other changes

The new emote will also appear in this patch, which is a Sweeping emote. Earlier this month, some new pictures gave some hints.

You will also see some new furniture that you can use to decorate your home. We guess that the kettle should be popular with players.

Other changes may be related to a future seasonal event, and new mounts will also be available for purchase.

Quality of life

Diadem has also received some changes. And you can collect new items in the game and new gathering points will appear.

As an old-school MMORPG, FFXIV is definitely a game worth playing, and the official will often launch free trials, which is also a way to attract new players. Of course, whether you are a new player or an experienced player, you will need enough FFXIV Gil in the game, which can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

For new players, you can buy a house with FFXIV Gil. You can grind FFXIV Gil patiently in the game, if you have enough time. You can also choose a faster way - buy FFXIV Gil, which is also the preferred way for most players, because it can save them a lot of time.

So if you are considering buying FFXIV Gil, you can come to IGGM. As a website with many years of history, IGGM has received countless praises, from caring customer service to fast delivery, these are the advantages of satisfying customers, if you are here for the first time, you can choose to give it a shot with a small sum of money!

Final Fantasy XIV: How To Craft Levequests?

2021-01-08 14:05:01

In FFXIV, you can level every job on a character, including crafting. But for the Disciple of the Hand profession, to gain experience points, you need to craft rather than run dungeons.

You can get standard experience points by crafting items normally. Finishing tradecraft levequests or crafting levequests is one of the best ways to upgrade quickly.

Where to unlock levequests?

If you are a new player, you need to unlock the levequests first, which include:

battlecraft leves for battle jobs

tradecraft leves for crafting jobs

fieldcraft leves for gathering jobs

You have to continue your main scenario missions until you finish one of the following level 9 missions, depending on your starting city:

UI’dah - Way Down in the Hole

Limsa Lominsa - Just Desserts

Gridania - Spirithold Broken

After completing the quest, go to the adventurer's guild in your city, you will find a Levemete NPC waiting for you, and will give you a level 10 quest:

UI’dah - Leves of Horizons

Limsa Lominsa - Leves of Swiftprech

Gridania - Leves of Benbranch

Completing the corresponding quest will unlock low-level battlecraft leves and all tradecraft leves in the cities.

Until level 50, all tradecraft leves will not appear in one place. There are only level 1-45 tradecraft leves in the starter cities. In addition, only certain cities have specific crafting leves.

UI’dah - Alchemist, Goldsmith, Weaver

Limsa Lominsa - Armorer, Blacksmith, Culinarian

Gridania - Carpenter, Leatherworker

But the good news is that the higher-level tradecraft leves are all in one place:

Level 50-58: in Ishgard

Level 60-68: in Kugane

Level 70-78: in the Crystarium

As the level cap rises, this pattern will continue.

Choose levequests in your level range

You can choose levequests, and then check your levequest allowances. One allowance can choose one levequest. Everyone can get 3 allowances every 12 hours, up to 100. Don’t forget to check the timer list in the menu to confirm when the next levequest allowances appear.

Craft the items listed in the quest

You will see the items you need on the levequest page. Sometimes you only need to craft and hand in one item, other times 3 items are needed. Both normal quality and high-quality items are okay, but high-quality items will give you double rewards! In addition, the levequest that requires 3 items will ask you if you want to turn in more, that is, 9 items. This requirement makes the most effective use of your allowance.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend time crafting items, you can also buy them on the market board. So having enough FFXIV Gil can also save you time to some extent. Because grind FFXIV Gil is also a long process in FFXIV, more and more players choose to buy FFXIV Gil from IGGM, because it can be said to be the fastest and money-saving way.


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