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About Final Fantasy XIV Gil

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FFXIV: Want To Know More About Glamour? Here Is Everything You're Inte...

Final Fantasy XIV is full of outlandish outfits. Just like a true entry to the series, a good look is as important as raiding. Fortunately, some great tools can help you wear whatever you want without affecting your statistics.Here is how to use the FFXIV Glamour system, including how to complete the quest to unlock it, how to get Haircuts and dyes, and use the Prisms and FFXIV Glamour Dresser.How to find Glamour questGlamour works by essentially pasting the look of the clothes you want on your actual wearing so that you can look good and have the appropriate level of gear. To unlock it, you need to travel to Horizon of Western Thanalan, speak to Swyrgeim and complete several 15-level quests-one to unlock Glamouring, one for dyeing and the other for crafters to unlock making prisms. What she wants is the different types of orange juice you can buy from the nearby bar to complete all three.How to use dyesYou can dye most of your gear by buying or crafting dyes, and then applying them to the items. In the character screen or Armoury chest, select the gear, and then click "Dye". This will open a pop-up that allows you to preview various colors before applying the dye. You can find many basic dyes sold by Junkmongers in different places, but the rarer ones are crafted.How to get a haircutYou can summon one by using a Crystal Bell in an Inn Room or once you've bought your house. Doing so will call forth Jandelaine and take you to a limited version of the character creator to change your hair and makeup. You can unlock a few extra hairstyles in-game at the Gold Saucer, Wolve's Den, and the two Deep dungeons.How to use Glamour PrismsTo change the look of your gear, you need some FFXIV Glamour Prisms - these can be crafted or purchased from the marketboard. First, select the item you're wearing, and then the drop-down "Cast Glamour" - the screen will pop up showing the item you've selected on the left and a list of the items you can Glamour over it from your inventory on the right.How to sue the Glamour Dresser and PlatesIf you want multiple outfits, use the Glamour Dresser and Glamour Plates that can be found in Inn rooms in all major cities. Using the dresser allows you to store up to 400 pieces of gear.Plates allow you to form a whole outfit and apply it to your clothing at once. To form a Glamour Plate select "Edit Glamour Plates", fill in each slot with the look you want from the dresser, then click save. To apply it, you just need to click "Apply"- this can be done from the dresser, but also the Character menu by clicking on the plates icon next to the gear sets list.If you think this useful, don't forget to bookmark the news page on IGGM.If you need to buy cheap FFXIV Gil, IGGM is definitely the right choice. Low price, fast delivery and secure online payment system are all reasons you can trust IGGM.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get Modern Aesthetics - Saintly Style

Although we will not see any new main story content in FFXIV for the time being, there is still a lot of content for players to immerse in while waiting. Patch 5.31 has been released and it brings a bunch of new cosmetic items for players to collect.If you have been keeping up with Final Fantasy XIV, you will know that a large number of Modern Aesthetic items have been released throughout the life cycle so far. These items allow you to unlock new hairstyles at the aesthetician, and you can change up the style of your character whenever you want.With the release of patch 5.31, a new Modern Aesthetics item has been released, but a fair warning: you need to have been keeping up with the Ishgard Restoration quests in order to get it.If you have completed these quests and turned in the required items and materials, you should now have a pretty good inventory of Skybuilders' Scrips, which is the currency you need to buy the new hairstyle.Speak with Enie at the Firmament, located at X: 12, Y: 14, and purchase the item called Modern Aesthetic- Saintly Style. This will cost you 1,800 Skybuilders' bills, which is not a small sum. Once you have bought it, select and use it from your inventory. After that, you only need to visit any inn room in the game and interact with the crystal ball to summon the aesthetician, and you can get a new hairstyle from there.If you happen to want to change the hairstyle of your character in FFXIV, this guide should be useful to you. If you are interested in the game FFXIV, you can bookmark IGGM's news page, we will update the game news or game guides about FFXIV frequently.At the same time, IGGM also offers cheap FFXIV Gil, which is lower than the market price. As a professional supplier, IGGM is completely trustworthy.                                                                                   

FFXIV Heavensward: How To Get The Best Equipment?

The extended free trial and the supplementary first expansion make FFXIV even more popular. Patch 5.3 provides new storyline quests, including a closer look at the Dwarven Beast Tribe. This update also brings flying mounts to Eorzea, which leads to changes in the content of the previous jumping puzzles. Players will be surprised to find that they have a new job when they reach level 60. Regardless of their experience, a fully geared character can make it easier for them to start the Stormblood dungeon.Acquired Items In FFXIVSome level 60 items will be distributed as rewards and prizes. After Stormblood was released, some options were updated to include Samurai and Red Mage weapons, but this does not apply to Gunbreakers or Dancers.Main StoryPlayers that go through the main scenario quests introduced in patch 3.2 The Gears of Change will have the opportunity to select item level 240 Augmented Primal equipment as rewards. These are divided into six coffer sets: The first contains weapons for tanks or Samurai; the second between Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, or Paladin's shield; the fourth among Bard, Machinist, Black Mage, or Summoner; the fourth is weapons for healers or Red Mage. For the first armor set options are for tanks, Dragoons, Ninjas, or Monk/Samurai. The final armor selection is among casters, rangers, and healers.Filibuster's DungeonsThere are two dungeons that both drop item level 245 Filibuster's armor. Sohm Al (Hard) can be unlocked from the quest The Fires of Somh Al by Gossamer Moogle in Idyllshire x:4, Y:8.5. Baelsar's Wall requires completing the main story quest Griffin, Griffin on the Wall from patch 3.5 and leads to Stormblood. Each dungeon has 7 chests scattered around the area or dropped by bosses.Anima RelicsLike A Realm Reborn, the expansion features its own type of Relic ranging from item level 170 Animated to 275 Lux weapons. This will start with the quest An Unexpected Proposal from Rowena in Idyllshire. The upgrade includes a long list of goals that can include FATEs, destroying a Zodiac Zeta, completing quests of the Beast Tribe, Alexander raids, repeating the Crystal Tower, running the daily roulettes, and revisiting dungeons and trial crossing A Realm Reborn And Heavensward.Warring TriadPlayers can meet with Unukalhai via the quest Gods of Eld from Torsefers in the Pillars. After completing patch 3.1, there will be a follow-up quest When the Bough Wakes from Unukalhai. This will pit one against the Warring Triad from Final Fantasy VI. The standard trials don't give any special rewards but will grant access to Extreme variants with weapon drops. Sephirot has item level 220 Sephirot weapons, Sophia with item level 255 Sophic weapons, and Zurvan with item level 265 Zurvanite weapons. Totems will also drop, which can be traded to Bertana in Idyllshire for specific rewards.AlexanderAlexander is an 8-man raids series, unlocked from the quest Disarmed from Slowfix in Ldyllshire. Players can first enter the normal difficulty of Gordias, Midas and The Creator. These dropped tarnished parts can be traded to Sabina in Idyllshire for Prototype gear of item level 190, 220, 250. Each layer has a Savage difficulty, the hardest content is in Heavensward. Rewards include versions of Gordian, Midan and Alexandrian armor at items level 210, 240 and 270.Mhachi and Proto UltimaHeavensward's 24-man raid is about the voidsent Mhachi society featured in the Black Mage and White Mage questlines. The first part can be unlocked from the quest Sky Pirates given by Unquiet Trader in The Pillars Airship Landing. These quests will unlock Void Ark with item level 200 Void Ark armor, The Weeping City of Mhach plus item level 230 Yafaemi, finally Dun Scaith and item level 260 Diabolic gear.After completing Dun Scaith the first time, players can undergo the repeatable quest Unidentified Flying Object from Slipslix in Idyllshire. By defeating Proto Ultima mini-boss in Dun Scaith, players can earn item level 270 Proto Ultima accessories. Patch 5.3 removed the previous weekly restriction on this quest.Those who want to get equipment faster can buy items with FFXIV Gil, which is the fastest and easiest way.Fortunately, IGGM offers cheap FFXIV Gil. If you are interested, please pay more attention to IGGM, because it has discounts from time to time, so don't miss it.

FFXIV: The Way To Unlock The Copied Factory

By 2020, Final Fantasy XIV has received a steady amount of updates. Update 5.3 focuses on improving the old extensions, such as the streamlined A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.Starting in patch 5.1, players can use the YoRHA Dark Apocalypse raid series, starting with The Copied Factory. With the release of 5.3, heroes can now enter the second phase, the Puppet's Bunker. In these raids, fans of Nier Gestalt/Replicant and Nier Automata were provided with many cameos and Easter eggs, which even included outfits that can be worn no matter which race or gender combination players have selected.Unlocking The Copied FactoryPlayers must reach level 80 and have completed the main story quest Shadowbringers, which requires completing the dungeon Amaurot and trial The Dying Gasp. You also need to complete a side quest chain, starting with the level 70 quest Word About Korma from the Gossipy Dwarf within Kholusia X: 12.9, Y: 8.7. This will lead to more quest A Scandals in Korma and On the Threshold, from Gossip Dwarf and Dig Site Chef, which will unlock the first Nier raid, The Copy Factory.The Copy Factory RequirementsThis mega 24-man, three-party raid requires a minimum item level of 435. A fresh level 80 that has just cleared Amaurot will only be item level 430 or less. There are a few options, including spending acquired Allagan Tomestones to acquire Deepshadow or Crystarium armor and weapons; complete Eden's normal raid series for Edengate and Edencall items; or farm storyline dungeons like The Grand Cosmos, Anamnesis Anyder, or The Hero's Gauntlet. Those that have already cleared the Stormblood Ivalice raid series can gain a free item level 485 weapon by speaking to Keiten in Kogane Dori X: 12.3, Y: 12.2 and completed the quests starting with Hail to the Queen.If it works for you, please bookmark the news page on IGGM for more guides in the future. We also provide safe and cheap FFXIV Gil service. IGGM has the safest online payment system and fast delivery, which means you don't need to wait, let alone worry about your privacy being leaked. If you are still hesitating where to buy FFXIV Gil, IGGM must be the best choice.