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  • 2019-12-02
    Great fast service
    Great fast service, Agent were fast to assist and very trusted! will be ordering from them again
  • 2019-12-02
    Very friendly customer support people
    Very friendly customer support people. They are quick in responding and are very straight forward, that's why our transaction was as quick as less than an hour! Highly recommended.
  • 2019-12-02
    Would highly recommend IGGM
    Would highly recommend IGGM Would highly recommend IGGM. They deliver fast and are really helpful. Always a smooth experience :)
  • 2019-12-02
    Second order through this site
    Second order through this site, bought about 3m eso gold in total now and never had a problem, perfect!
About Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Is The Fourteen Entry Of Final Fantasy Series, Developed In 2010. As The In-Game Virtual Currency In It, Final Fantasy XIV Gil Plays a Very Important Role, Which Could Buy Equipment, Food And Potions. Or You Can Enhance Your Character With Them To Succeed.

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High-Quality Methods To Farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil For Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the best-selling MMOs, and created unprecedented success with the release of Shadowbingers expansion through providing various methods to socialize, enhance the character, quest, discover lore, even make "money", which is also known as Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.Almost every player wants to know how to make Gil quickly after extensive research alongside some trial and error, but in order to purchase advanced equipment and weapons, it is important to master more money-making strategies.This is an in-depth guide on making Gil creatively, so that you can become rich while saving the world.DungeonsIn dungeons of Final Fantasy XIV, you can always gain a lot of rewards and exchange a pretty decent amount of Gil, but must complete the quest first, including fighting monsters, bosses.As long as doing this a couple of times one week, it will reward you with tons of Gil. Shortcoming: This is undoubtedly time-consuming, and may even increase your time to play other content.Market BoardThe players can craft and sell equipment in exchange for FFXIV Gil in the market while other players pay for your wares.In order to gain more benefits, you'd better craft high-quality gear and sell them on the market, usually, the first day is the best time to sell, then undercut the competition by making your prices better and more reasonable.As a result, gathering up as much as raw materials as possible to craft, which will make you rich in a short time, full of tons of Gil in your pocket.RetainerOne of the quick ways to make Gil is to unlock two retainers and send them out on ventures, which could gather money than utilize grand company gathering quests, this can save more time than you do through other common methods.Beyond that, choosing a suitable class is also very suitable for making Gil, such as hunter or gather, which will make you easier to earn Gil than others.All of above methods need to be done by yourself, but when you buy from online stores like IGGM, you only need to tell the seller what you need, including but not limited FFXIV Gil, and then you can go back with the currency, quickly and safely.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Notable Features To Make You Play

Final Fantasy XIV is not an MMO having a lot in common with others, it does not retain fans with changeable content updates or other forms, which didn't affect the game to become one of the best-selling MMOs since Square Enix released the first chapter of FFXIV in 2013.A few months ago, its third expansion pack, Shadowbringers, was released on the official site, which has been two years since the last expansion, Stormblood, the hugest benefit of doing so is to give more time for the developers to improve new content, and create a whole new experience for fans.After running for several months, it has been confirmed that Shadowbringers is indeed the most popular expansion, which is clearly shown through the number of registered players of Final Fantasy XIV, this also let the director of FFXIV announced that no more new expansion to release in recent years to replace the current one.Now let's look at some specific data of Final Fantasy XIV to confirm this statement.Prior to the release of Shadowbringers, the director Naoki Yoshida announced that the number of registered players in FFXIV reached 16 million. As of December 219, the number has exceeded 18 million on all platforms, and it is still stable rising.Now that Shadowbringers is rated 9.5/10, clearly it has become the best place among Final Fantasy XIV series, but what are the features to make it so popular among the crowd? These are something notable.It respectively added two new jobs and races in FFXIV Shadowbringers, Gunbreaker& Dancer, with Viera& Hrothgar.Gunbreaker is a Tank Job with a series of quests to complete, mainly in PvE and PvP actions, which can be gained for players at level 60 or higher Disciple of War or Magic.Dancer is a Ranged DPS Job to cause damage from afar and enhance party members, also available at level 60.Viera is a race for only females with tall stature and frame, who is divided into two clans, Rava in the Golmore Jungle and Veena in the southwestern Skatay Range.Hrothgar is a male race in the distant shores of IIsabard, where has rare few females among their population. With these newly added members, the level cap of all characters in Final Fantasy XIV also increase to 80, along with three new content systems:NPC Trust System, allowing the players to fight alongside the similar NPCs.World Visit System, allowing to travel to other servers and interact with others across FFXIV World. Battle System Revamp, combining TP and MP into one resource.In order to relive the entire past of the game, it created New Game+ Feature, allowing players to revisit the past main scenario stories.Based on the above basic structures, Square Enix also added more quest opportunities throughout Shadowbringers, including a total of 9 dungeons, raid, 7 locations, new tribes, etc.Surely, some brief words can not describe the full content of Shadowbringers, while the best way is to Final Fantasy XIV yourself to enjoy all.IGGM is now selling FFXIV Gil for Shadowbringers, this is the best time to store, because Square Enix is going to add more content for it to make it harder to farm, and you can buy equipment, food and option, even enhancing the characters more easily than others.Here, you will enjoy the excellent service, free delivery, lower prices, which is the special treatment you can't experience in other stores, and you will never regret your choice.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn 2020 Is Live Until January 14

At the end of December each year, Final Fantasy XIV will release annual event themed New Year's Day, corresponding to different event elements and providing players with opportunities to get rewards. A few days ago, the details of Heavensturn 2020 have been made public, and the following is its specific time, the protagonist of the creature, as well as the rewards.Starting from December 31, Final Fantasy XIV will use traditional oriental festivals with the Rat as protagonist, featured a short quest series with various seasonal swag available for a limited time,  and the event won't stop until January 14, 2020.By tomorrow, only players above level 15 will be invited to complete the quests in Limsa Lominsa's Upper Decks in the plaza past the Maelstrom company headquarters and get rewarded including:Crimson Nezumi KabutoCobalt Nezumi KabutoHeavensturn BountyMagicked Prism(Advent Cakes)Let's review the entire storyline of Heavensturn Event 2020 again.The Twelve convene together again to decide who amongst them shall ascend to oversee the coming year, the good people are less than keen to welcome the coming of their chosen figurehead- the rat. As these benevolent dieties deliberate on the divine, Far Eastern delegates have arrived in Eorzea to share their festival customs.When playing Final Fantasy XIV, you have a lot of content to complete, and a large amount of Final Fantasy XIV Gil provided by IGGM definitely plays a very important role in the game to buy equipment, food and potions, instead of your all-day farming.Final Fantasy XIV is available on major platforms, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Steam and Mac.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.18 Release Date Confirmed

Today is Christmas, may all of you have a nice day! We have prepared gifts for everyone at, you know, it is selling various in-game currency and equipment of popular MMORPGs, in order to celebrate the festival, it added a discount code "XMAS" for free, which can be used to exchange a 6% off for any product on IGGM, and the event will end after New Year, specifically on January 5, 2020.The following is today's topic: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.18 notes.Just yesterday, Final Fantasy XIV announced the next update, Patch 5.18, which was set to release on December 23, 2019, at the same time, the full notes of 5.18 was revealed.The update is surrounding with several major contents, mainly in PVP, The Feast, Frontline, new items and systems.PVPSome actions in PVP have been greatly adjusted, including Tank and Melee DPS Actions, Ninja, Bard, Machinist, Dancer, Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, White Mage, Scholar, as well as Astrologian.Beyond that, the help text for PVP actions Standard Step and Technical Step will be also made some adjustments.The FeastIt will start the Season Fourteen of the Feast soon after. In addition to the existing content, it also adds or decreases more different content in the Season Fourteen.Wolf Collars will not be available any more.The number of rewards distributed may differ between data centers in the event players have the same ranking.Ranking will be available for viewing the day following the start of Season Fourteen and will be updated daily. Should an error occur with calculating results, the day's rankings will not be updated.FrontlineIt mainly makes adjustment to Onsal Hakair in tactical rating and tactical points, beyond that, the players are no longer assigned according to the Grand Company membership, and are instead treated as being a freelancer.ItemsSome in-game items are also adjusted like No.2 Type B Leggings, and some changes in Patch 5.15 will be recovered soon.SystemIt may take longer to find the checkbox "Remember Password" on PlayStation 4, as its position has been changed.These are general summary of Patch 5.18, and if you want to know the full details, you can check it directly on FFXIV's official site.We provide cheap FFXIV Gil on IGGM, which is also included the Christmas special offers, welcome to come and order.