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RuneScape releases the next update

2022-04-14 17:45:55

As a classic MMORPG, RuneScape took the feedback received after the release of Elder God Wars: Extinction on April 4th very seriously, announcing on April 12th that some updates to XP and rewards will be made.

The content of this update is mainly to increase the rewards, and the new rewards will be put into distribution on April 25th. First of all, the Pontifex Shadow Ring will be upgraded, which means that the boss drop rate of all Elder God Wars has increased, and players will get more benefits from killing monsters. Secondly, the Passive Ring of Vigour Effect will bring a huge boost to the player's combat effectiveness. Players need to collect Warped Gems by talking to Vicendithas and combining them with Passive Rings, which can generate huge power. Additionally, new rewards include loot drops from Dinosaur Eggs, Laboratory Relics from Dragonkin lab, Necklace of Salamancy, and more.

This update also changes XP. The updated XP ratio is 10:5, and players can store up to 350,000 XP in skill stations, which means that players can level up more easily. It is worth mentioning that the production team in the announcement requires players to complete the task Extinction in the next update content.

At the same time, Old School RuneScape is also carrying out Easter special events, players can get special holiday rewards and feel the festive atmosphere of Gielinor.

Whether you are a RuneScape player or an Old School RuneScape player, IGGM can provide you with cheap Runescape Gold. As a professional third-party game service provider, we will provide you with high-quality services.

We will also continue to update the news of RuneScape.Welcome to stay tuned.


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