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IGGM Elden Ring Rune

What Is The Currency In Elden Ring?

Runes are the main currency of Elden Ring. Elden Ring Runes act as the XP and purchasing currency at vendors within The Lands Between. But players will lose their Runes upon death, and a "bloodstain" is generated at the place of defeat. Returning to this place and reclaiming your runes will allow you to re-acquire them. If you perish a second time before getting there, the Runes will be lost.

How To Earn Runes In Elden Ring?

Throughout the game you will encounter all kinds of Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses who will engage into battle with you. It's mandatory to defeat some of them in order to complete the Main story of Elden Ring, while other enemies are optional and can be simply avoided. However mandatory or not, Enemies may drop useful Items from simple to powerful items for your build. But the main reward for defeating any creatures, are Runes, which are similar to the gathered Souls in the Dark Souls Games.

What Can You Do With Elden Ring Runes?

Once you gather a good amount of Runes, you can use them as currency or spend them to level up your character and increase some of your attributes of your choice for your character. Level Up is available on any Site of Grace. Runes are used to buy Elden Ring items from Merchants that players may find as the story progresses. Players will be able to buy certain Items and as well as trading a variety of goods and resources that have been gathered or are no longer needed for a certain amount of Runes. However, repeating these methods all the time is too boring for players who pursue long-term development, so many players will choose IGGM to buy Elden Ring Runes.

Is IGGM Legit For Elden Ring Runes?

Because we are a long-established professional game service provider with an excellent reputation among the mmo player community. Elden Ring Runes For Sale on any platform (PS/PS4/XBOX) is absolutely safe. And we have a 24/7 online customer service team, which can pay attention to the players' order status throughout the whole process until the smooth delivery of Runes. Therefore, your account will not be banned for buying Runes Elden Ring at

Can You Enjoy More Benefits About Elden Ring Runes At IGGM?

Of course, as the amount of your order at IGGM increases, the discount you can enjoy will also increase, with a limit of 5%. Not only that, you know, we're currently selling Elden Ring Runes for some of the lowest prices in the industry. And we will occasionally issue exclusive coupons or codes for players, which allow you to buy more Elden Ring Runes for less money. With a range of deals factored in, you can buy the cheapest Elden Ring Runes at

And our specialty doesn't stop there. Our staff is good at fulfilling most of orders within hours. You don't have to wait long to apply bought Runes to characters in Elden Ring.

Even if you are not satisfied with what we have done in one aspect, you can contact us at any time, we will find out the situation and refund you as soon as possible to ensure your excellent experience on IGGM.

How To Buy Elden Ring Runes At IGGM?

1: Determine the platform (PS/XBOX/PC) and purchase quantity;

2: Click “Buy Now”, or “Add to Cart”;

3: Fill in the personal information correctly, select the payment method;

4: Payment is over, waiting for delivery.

If you're buying Elden Ring Runes for the first time, you might get confused because some of the steps aren't clear, but at IGGM, you don't have to worry about that happening. The concise and transparent transaction process will save You will have a lot of unnecessary trouble, and every staff member of IGGM will try their best to help you and give you a good buying experience.

Alright, now get into the game and start using your Elden Ring Runes. In the follow-up, if you have any questions in the game or do not know how to solve the difficulties, or want to buy Elden Ring Runes or other game products again, you can contact IGGM. The best service, the most comprehensive guide, the lowest price, always open to all those who love game. All in all, is definitely the best place to get Elden Ring Runes. We sincerely look forward to every Elden Ring player coming! Best wishes to you all!



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Elden Ring: You Can Get Ghostflame Call From Death Rite Bird - Location, How To Defeat, Its Moves And Rewards

Elden Ring: You Can Get Ghostflame Call From Death Rite Bird - Location, How To Defeat, Its Moves And Rewards

In the base game of Elden Ring, Death Rite Birds are wild bosses that appear in various locations throughout the game. They also give you runes and unique items as rewards after you defeat them.

In Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you can fight a new type of Death Rite Birds, but the battle is no less difficult. Because Death Rite Birds’ attacks are very difficult to dodge. Once they hit, they will cause a lot of damage to you and even cause frostbite.

So do you need to learn some combat strategies? Then follow some strategies for Death Rite Birds in this guide, so that you can defeat them more easily!

Death Rite Birds Location

Death Rite Birds are located next to Charo’s Hidden Grave site of grace, and there are some bird statue enemies as backup for Death Rite Birds. Once you cross the border of this area, they will appear behind a ball of blue fire.

Before facing the real boss, you can spend less time on the secondary enemies to make it easier for you later in the game. The best way is to just walk away and ignore these enemies. The fewer they are in total, the fewer annoying pests you will have to deal with, so you can also focus on the real boss later.

During the boss battle, Death Rite Birds will make more bird statues hurt more. So you have to be wary of other enemies that appear during the battle.

Read More: Where Do You Get Death Knight’s Longhaft Axe In Elden Ring? - Locations & How To Get?

How To Defeat Death Rite Bird?

In fact, Death Rite Birds is not the most tough enemy in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, but it may be a little difficult for players who are not familiar with its moves.

It can move to your side quickly and use ghostflames to cause you a lot of damage. In addition to this, it will stay on the ground for a while, so remember to avoid these places.

Death Ritual Bird’s Moves

Basic Attack: When you approach the bird, it will fly up and swing its staff or launch a wide-area attack. It may also lean its head back and peck you, initiating a devastating grab attack animation. These attacks can be easily avoided by throwing itself into the attack, giving the player a chance to punish the enemy afterwards.

Ghost Flame Ignition Skill (Normal Attack): The boss will ignite Ghostflame and swing its weapon around, creating a wave of blue flames in a straight line. This only happens if you are far away. The attack can be avoided by running to the side or dodging to the side at the right time.

Ghost Flame Ignition Skill (Heavy Attack): The boss will ignite Ghostflame and slam his staff into it, causing an explosion. You can avoid the attack by running behind the enemy or by seeing the flame ignite and getting away.

Explosive Ghost Flame: Death Ritual Birds will charge up its staff and slam it into the ground, causing a fairly gigantic explosion. You can run away and counter the attack using ranged weapons, spells, or ranged consumables.

Ghostflame Feather Barrage: The bird will spread its wings and fire off Ghostflame feathers, chasing you and staggering them with each hit, taking away their HP at a very fast pace. Run to the side or summon a treant to run to the side to avoid the attack.

Effective Strategies

If you want to end the fight with Death Ritual Birds as quickly as possible, here are some effective strategies you can try based on its moves:

  • Before starting the battle, summon a sturdy Spirit Ash that can withstand the blows and eliminate the birds scattered around the arena.
  • Attack the boss a few times while it’s spawning, then retreat and let the birds you summoned attract attacks.
  • Spam your weapons and spells and keep an eye on your surroundings to make sure no enemies are approaching. Then get ready to summon a treant to escape or dodge any sudden attacks from the boss.

Besides the above strategies, you also need to note that Death Ritual Birds are not immune to Scarlet Rot, so you can equip some weapons or builds with Lightning and Pierce damage.

In addition, for the choice of weapons, you can choose ranged weapons, among which the best choices are Bolt of Gransax and Sacred Relic Blade.

Death Rite Bird Boss Rewards

When you finally defeat Death Rite Bird, it will drop 230,000 Elden Ring Runes and the powerful Ash of War Ghostflame Call. Using this item on the right weapon can help you build a powerful build around Frostbite effect, which is also the most easily overlooked status effect in the game.

After reading this guide, have you gained some confidence in defeating Death Rite Bird? I hope you can have fun playing Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and explore more interesting storylines!

Elden Ring: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Items? - Trading With Merchants

Elden Ring: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Items? - Trading With Merchants

Elden Ring is a vast open world game that rewards players for their adventurous spirit by giving them different materials or upgrades. However, if you don’t handle it properly, it is easy to cause underutilization of resources and insufficient storage space.

However, you can also get the most out of excess crafting materials and some unusable weapons by selling them, which will earn you a certain number of Elden Ring Runes. In the game, you can prioritize trading some duplicate equipment or unused memories to merchants.

In Shadow of the Erdtree, which was released last month, there are also many items added to the game, including some armor sets, weapons and amulets. These items are scattered all over Realm of Shadow, waiting for players to explore.

These items can also be traded with merchants. This guide will introduce some items you can trade with merchants in Shadow Of the Erdtree and the base game to make the most of them.

Crafting Materials In DLC

The crafting system in Elden Ring allows players to use a variety of crafting materials to create items that players need or that help them explore. These crafting materials can be found everywhere in Realm of Shadow, and can be picked up on the ground or obtained by killing enemies.

With the addition of some Bell-Bearings, you can sell some crafting materials that you don’t need at the moment. You can get them back through those methods when you need them.

For example, after defeating Furnace Golems or exploring the area where the dead Furnace Golems are located, you will find crafting materials similar to Furnace Visage. These materials can be used to make Hefty Furnace Pot, but if you don’t need the crafted items, you can trade these crafting materials with merchants in exchange for some Elden Ring Runes.

Redundant Armor Sets And Weapons In DLC

In addition to the weapons and armor sets you can get from chests for Remembrances, you can also get them by defeating enemies in the DLC. Some enemies in Realm of Shadow, such as Fire Knights and Messmer Soldiers, have a chance to drop their armor pieces and the weapons they carry when you defeat them.

When defeating an excessive number of such enemies, whether your goal is to obtain these equipments or to make your way forward smoother, you will get a lot of duplicate armor and weapons. However, these are very space-consuming in your inventory, so the best way to deal with them is to sell them to merchants.

Otherwise, it is also a good idea to just discard them, but it is a bit of a waste compared to the small amount of Elden Ring Runes you can get from selling them.

Rowa Raisin In Base Game

In Elden Ring, Rowa Raisin is not a consumable item for you, but a consumable item for your most trusted mount, Torrent. It is a very good healing item for Torrent, which can restore a lot of Torrent’s health. However, in actual combat, in most cases, players will not be hit by enemies while on Torrent, so Rowa Raisin is not very useful.

The raw material for making Rowa Raisin is Rowa Fruit, which can be found in various places in Lands Between, so there is no need to worry about the amount you can get. Although the price given by merchants for Rowa Raisin is not high, it can still contribute greatly to your upgrade path.

Duplicate Gear In Base Game

Like the redundant weapons and armor sets mentioned above, duplicates are useless, but can be used to earn some Elden Ring Runes. For some dual-wielded weapons, such as Katanas and Whips, which require you to equip a duplicate weapon of the same type on the other hand, this is not a big deal.

However, it should be noted that some paired weapons, such as Claws and Starscourge Greatsword, will automatically equip a duplicate weapon when you press the ability button. Here, the duplicate weapon is useless and can be safely handed over to merchants, which will not weaken your ability.

Similarly, except for the mission-specific armor sets, most unnecessary duplicate armor can also be sold to merchants.

Remembrances In Base Game

Every time you defeat a boss or enemy, you will receive some Remembrances, which are special souls. You can take these Remembrances and trade them with Finger Reader Enia for abilities that match the boss, either weapon abilities or magic abilities.

In addition, you can trade them with merchants for about 20,000 to 50,000 Elden Ring Runes each. Another way to get a lot of Remembrances is to copy previously acquired Remembrances of Wandering Mausoleums. This way, whether you use them to gain abilities or runes, you will get the most out of them.

Excess Ashes Of War In Base Game

There are 91 Ashes of War abilities in the base game, which is amazing! Each piece of equipment, whether it is a weapon or a shield, has its own slot for Ashes of War, and special equipment also has unique slots. This means that at any point in the game, you will have more Ash of War abilities than you need.

In the game, you need to learn to switch your Ash of War abilities constantly according to different scenarios and situations. After you use some Ash of War abilities, you can keep some of them frequently and sell the unused or useless Ash of War abilities directly to merchants.

Now that you know how to reuse these items, check your warehouse to see if you have any. Don't let these heavy items hinder your exploration!

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