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Elden Ring: Best Runes Farming Method For You! - More Than 3 Million In 30 Sec!

Posted: Jul 13, 2023

Today I'm going to show you a method that is literally going to make you millions upon millions of Runes. It is one of the easiest Runes, and it basically does not require anything, and it's so easy to do.

This method can be done at any stage or any point in the game, because it will give you a ton of Runes, no matter what level you are or where in the game you are, what stage.

Elden Ring

How To Use This Farming Method?

Step 1 - Travel To Rest Point

Now you're gonna go ahead and open up your map and then travel to the very first rest point, or the first one you come across as you enter the open world of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Map

Step 2 - Get To The Corner

The first steps once here proceed to jump on your horse, and then just literally run behind this massive building here. Just follow the pathway Isaac you're gonna run all the way to the back of this like building, and then you're gonna go over to the edge, you're gonna go where I am, and you're gonna proceed to jump down this ledge on your horse, and then just simply hop across these platforms, till you get to this corner right over here.

Elden Ring Horse

Step 3 - Go Ahead And Activate Items

When you're here you're going to proceed to open up your menu, go down to Multiplayer and then go ahead and activate the compass, then activate the taunter' tongue, and then proceed to activate the white ring. All these three items will allow you to basically go AFK, and just get a ton of Elden Ring Runes. Because now you're gonna just stand there and wait for Invaders to come and try to kill you. You can also buy it, and you can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF.

Elden Ring Multiplayer

Step 4 - Just Sit Here Receive Runes

Now you've activated the white ring, and what it basically does is summons a player which is there to defend you from the Invader, so you can casually just sit here AFK, and let the person that's coming to save you destroy the Invader. So he's gonna kill him and you and reward are gonna receive Runes, and you can get anywhere between 50000 Runes all the way upwards to a couple millions of Runes.

Elden Ring Receive Runes

It depends on how many Runes the actual Invader is holding, the more he has the more Runes you're gonna obtain. I personally managed to get almost 4 million Runes within like less than it, because this location has a ton of PVP players, and they'll keep invading you and they will be able to find you because you're in this location, and it is almost impossible to get here. When you're up there, because you can't summon your horse and if you jump you basically die. So definitely give it a shot, you are going to be able to stand here for as long as you want.

Step 5 - The Best Way To Keep Your Runes

Let's say you die or you just simply don't want to do this anymore, the best way to be able to keep your Runes is just simply getting yourself killed, and then upon respawning you can just run back to the location where you died. Pick up Runes and items you're gonna be able to keep them forever, like I said, this is an AFK method because you can go away, you can just go do other things, and then let the players come and try to find you, they won't be able to find you they will die.

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You're gonna get your Loots it is as easy as that this is definitely one of the easiest Rune farming methods, out there and it definitely is one of the best ones because it can be done at any stage, and it gives you a ton of Runes.


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