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  • Elden Ring: Patch 1.06 brings an expanded summoning range

    Aug 10, 2022

    The production team at Elden Ring has been focusing on feedback from the player community since the game's official launch, bringing game improvements and updates. We've also seen in the last few updates that Elden Ring is going in a better direction. Now, that advancement is happening again, Elden Ring has released the specs for Patch 1.06, which aims to improve the game's stability and balance, and bring brand-new features to the much-talked-about summoning.

    Multiplayer co-op in Elden Ring has always been a controversial part of the community, and summoning is an important part of it. The biggest change brought by Patch 1.06 "Added the function to send summoning signs to summoning pools in multiple areas, including distant areas." This means that summoning will become easier for players and can invade larger areas, including remote areas.

    At the same time, with the blessing of Patch 1.06, it will be easier for players to complete White Mask Varre’s questline, and a new way to complete the quest has been added. Players don't have to participate in a multiplayer invasion just by defeating a new NPC.

    In addition, the balance changes have brought surprises to players. The infamous Rivers of Blood's damage and bleed accruals have been nerfed, and Greatsword, Curved Greatsword and Great Hammers have also been adjusted, showing an overall trend of increased abilities.

    Patch 1.06 also brings improvements to Elden Ring's quality of life, and many bugs in the details have also been fixed.

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  • Elden Ring: 3 Weapons for Level 1 Run

    Aug 04, 2022

    For those players who have already cleared the game and are waiting for the DLC, challenging themselves in a new format in Elden Ring is the best option for more fun. So there's been a "Level 1 Run" craze in the fan community recently, where players are using strategy to try and defeat all kinds of ferocious enemies and bosses without leveling up.

    1. Club

    For players, choosing Wretch to start a new challenge is the most challenging. As its initial equipment, Club is naturally extremely inclusive for any Level 1 player. And we have a real example to illustrate his abilities, Redditor Mygos in the Elden Ring fan community posted a video of him as a Level 1 Wretch using Club to defeat Malenia, the strongest boss in FromSoftware gaming history.

    Therefore, when Elden Ring fans who like difficult games and research strategies start Level 1 Run, Club will be a good choice.

    2. Scavenger's Curved Sword

    As the preferred melee weapon in Bleed builds, its Strength and Dexterity benefits are what Level 1 Run players need most. It can do very decent bleed damage to quickly slay enemies.

    3. Uchigatana

    Uchigatana is a Katana and Samurai's initial equipment, so its attributes are very beneficial for players in the initial stage. And it has this very high versatility. Players can increase its damage by strengthening it in various directions during the game so that different types of damage can be stacked.

    It is worth mentioning that this is also the choice of Elden Ring game icon "Let Me Solo Her" against Malenia.

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  • Elden Ring: Malenia has a higher initial difficulty

    Aug 02, 2022

    From the very beginning of its development, Elden Ring has attracted a large number of Souls game fans with its difficult gameplay and enemies, and its content has also spawned a unique culture within the fan community and beyond. Among them, the most notable is the excavation of cut clips and metadata about Elden Ring, from which we can learn about the original game concept of the producers and more mysterious legends of The Lands Between.

    Malenia has always been the most talked-about in-game character of Elden Ring. She is one of the final bosses, and because of her powerful damage, she became the target of many players who repeatedly challenged, and spawned interesting characters like "Let Me Solo Her."

    Malenia, known as the strongest Boss in the history of FromSoftware games, is still popular. A modder named Kotn3l recently discovered that FromSoftware seems to set the higher difficulty of Malenia when at the beginning of development.

    After digging through the data for version 1.0, Kotn3l found that Malenia's previous attack was more aggressive than the current version, and her notorious signature attack Waterfowl Dance will also strengthen over time and has nothing to do with health, which means The attack is launched frequently. Moreover, what is interesting is that in the original production, Malenia's ultimate move was not Waterfowl Dance, but an attack called Malenia's Blade. From the description, Malenia's Blade can move and slash at the enemy very quickly and repeatedly, and Waterfowl Dance is used interchangeably. At the same time, when Bossfight enters the second phase, Malenia will also release more frequent Aenoia moves and continue to launch these agile attacks.

    After the balance adjustment, the above attacks have been weakened and improved to a certain extent. But even so, Malenia has become an icon in Elden Ring because of its high difficulty, and players can get a sense of accomplishment and more fun from it.

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  • Elden Ring: Characters with Correspondence

    Jul 29, 2022

    As we all know, Elden Ring can achieve such results depending on its fantastic background setting, and players can piece together mysterious legends by encountering one character after another. Many of the characters in Elden Ring have subtle connections and dualities and here are a few characters that players are keen to discuss:

    1. Marika and Radagon

    Undoubtedly, when players see that Marika and Radagon are the same person, they will be interested in continuing to explore the story of The Lands Between. The androgynous setting gives Elden Ring more room for imagination. Marika and Radagon are two split individuals, and therefore more characters have been derived.

    2. Ranni and Malina

    It's pretty much the Elden Ring theory that fans agree on. Ranni and Malina definitely have a close relationship in a lot of details. Ranni closes her right eye, and Melina closes her left. Judging from the naming rules, we already know that Ranni is the daughter of Rennala, and Malina is most likely the descendant of Queen Marika. The relationship between the two of them is likely to be similar to that of Marika and Radagon.

    3. Miquella And St. Trina

    Miquella is the twin brother of the strongest boss Malenia and one of the demigods. And St. Trina is a character that only appears in the item description. The reason why the two are considered to be related is mainly that the description of the melee weapon St. Trina's Torch mentions the carving of St. Trina, and this weapon can bring the effect of sleep sickness, which is exactly the same as Miquella's state. Secondly, the two crafting materials of St Trina's Lilly and Miqueella's Lily are also very similar. As the plot unfolds, more mysteries are bound to be unraveled about the Miquella And St. Trina connection.

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  • Elden Ring's Tabletop RPG is in development

    Jul 25, 2022

    As the sequel to the Souls game, Elden Ring will undoubtedly be one of the best-selling game candidates this year. Either way, Elden Ring is always captivating, depending on the complex gameplay and great storyline. So while it has achieved good commercial results, it has also derived a unique fan culture to leave its mark.

    At this stage, players are all looking forward to the public release of the Elden Ring DLC. Although there have been leaks suggesting that Elden Ring DLC: Barbarians of the Badlands will meet us next year, and the more reliable news is that, according to ComibBook.com, Kadokawa is developing a new tabletop roleplaying game with the theme of Elden Ring.

    In recent years, the popularity of Tabletop Games has been on the rise. Elden Ring's Tabletop RPG was taken over by Katou Hironori, the designer of the Dark Souls tabletop game, and made Tabletop-style adaptations of the basic settings of Elden Ring, including various battle rules, battle strategies and mechanics of The Lands Between.

    Because of the precedent of Dark Souls' translation errors, players are skeptical that a game as complex as Elden Ring can be successfully adapted. But with the previous example, publishers may pay more attention to this part of the review.

    Overall, we can keep our hopes up for a Tabletop RPG version of Elden Ring, but the game will be released in Japan in early spring 2023 in an all-Japanese version. So that means western players need to wait for the translated version.

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  • Elden Ring: Legendary player Let Me Solo Her opens a new interactive event

    Jul 21, 2022

    Elden Ring's game mode and exciting story have spawned a unique culture and a harmonious fan community, many of whom have gained something more valuable than beating bosses because of its potential social features. As a legendary player who rose along with Elden Ring, Let Me Solo Her has become a representative IP, and his every move has always attracted the attention of the fan community.

    Let Me Solo Her fame depends on his folk hero-like behavior. He helped thousands of players defeat Malenia, the hardest to beat in Elden Ring and received a physical gift from developer Bandai Namco for it. His unique appearance and righteous deeds have amassed a large number of fans in the player community.

    And interestingly, just today, Let Me Solo Her called on players to help him defeat all the Bosses in a YouTube stream that he created and called "Let me solo them." Let Me Solo Her in various social media activities under the name of KleinTsuboi, he also has a certain influence. The live broadcast starts at 4 pm and is still in progress.

    For Let Me Solo Her, this is another way for him to interact with the player community and to create more collaboration opportunities for his fans.

    If you want to pay tribute to the legendary player, you can participate in this fun event by entering their group password LMSH and slay a bunch of enemies and bosses starting with defeating Morgott the Omen King. For players who are anxiously waiting for the Elden Ring DLC, this is undoubtedly a good way to pass the time.

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  • Elden Ring: Several NPC Summons that are easily overlooked

    Jul 19, 2022

    Elden Ring contains a unique co-op mechanic. Players can choose to either use Spirit Ashes to summon their friends or choose to summon specific NPCs as they face difficult-to-beat bossfights. After the 1.03 patch for NPC Summons, players have more options to summon.

    Of course, summoning these NPCs also requires certain conditions to be met, such as certain bosses or completion of certain quest lines, etc. Based on this situation, players often overlook some interesting NPC Summons.

    1. Millicent can be summoned in multiple bossfights.

    Millicent is a sick woman tortured by Scarlet Rot. Summoning her requires players to complete her questline and unlock the NPC Summon.

    Players will need to present her with a golden needle, which will relieve her symptoms and give the player several useful summoning tokens later in the game.

    In addition to this, players can also gift her with Valkyrie's Prosthesis. After this, players can summon this NPC during battles with the Godskin Apostle, Draconic Tree Sentinel, and Black Blade Kindred mini-bosses. It is worth mentioning that Millicent's fighting style includes Waterfowl Dance, which is also the signature skill of the strongest boss Malenia.

    2. Patches can be summoned when you fight Starscourge Radahn.

    Although Patches is mentioned, it is difficult for people to have a good impression of it because it is a betrayer. But if you get into Radahn's bossfight phase, he can help you as your ally.

    In most cases, players will choose to repeatedly summon a fierce and familiar ally like Blaidd. And that's why Patches are easily overlooked and forgotten.

    3. When you challenge Mohg for the first time, you can summon Dung Eater.

    Summoning Dung Eater requires players to progress through his questline and release him to unlock his summoning token, and this condition is largely why players ignore his NPC Summons.

    Dung Eater's questline requires players to advance when they bring the Seedbed Curses into his physical form, and the process is truly dark and evil.

    If you've completed all of Elden Ring's gameplay, starting these Bossfights again and summoning these NPCs may bring you additional surprises and experiences. You can also visit IGGM.com for more tidbits and information about Elden Ring, and we'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, you can also buy Elden Ring Runes and use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off here, and we'll bring you the lowest pricing and fastest shipping.

  • Elden Ring: How to beat Mad Tongue Alberich?

    Jul 15, 2022

    When you reach the Roundtable Hold in the Elden Ring, you will have to face the Scarlet heretic wizard - Mad Tongue Alberich, which uses Scythe and the Staff of the Guilty as a weapon, after defeating it will drop 1,562 runes, Taunter's Tongue and Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

    A formidable Invader, players are often disturbed by his ability to control the arena when battling Mad Tongue Alberich. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with his attack patterns and adopt certain strategies.

    Mad Tongue Alberich's attack modes are quite diverse, including two types: magic attack and melee attack. Specifically, magic attacks include:

    1. Glintstone Icecrag

    When using this attack, Alberich will fire ice projectiles that players can use to avoid damage by strafing and dodging.

    2. Freezing Mist

    When using this attack, Alberich will summon a cloud which, although it dissipates quickly, does some Frost damage. Players need to dodge in time while clouds are spawning.

    3. Briars of Sin

    Alberich will summon a circle of thorns around, creating an AoE of a certain size. Needless to say, players need to jump out of this range in time. When you see double staff lifting, it means it's time to dodge.

    In terms of a melee attack, Mad Tongue Alberich's main attack method is to launch the Sword Dance skill with his scythe, which causes the player's Hemorrhage. In addition, his jump attack also requires players' attention.

    It is worth noting that during the battle, players only have one chance to heal. But that doesn't mean there isn't a way to overcome him. A Flail with the Spinning Chain skill or a weapon with Wild Strikes can handle its attacks very efficiently, and even helping the player kill him without taking any damage.

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  • Elden Ring: Legendary player 'Let Me Solo Her' gets rewarded by developers

    Jul 08, 2022

    FromSoftware's games not only have exciting battles and mysterious legends, but the game community has brought more topics and fun to Souls games to a large extent. The same is true of Elden Ring. Since its official release in February this year, the player community has rapidly expanded, and this community effect has successfully affected even non-game fans.

    There are quite a few stories and memes born from the Elden Ring player community that have become a trend, the most famous of which is the player "Let Me Solo Her", a legend known for defeating the hardest boss Malenia many times, The biggest feature is that he is naked and has a can on his head. Although the shape looks a little strange, its story has fans heating.

    "Let Me Solo Her" became famous because he was summoned many times by players and helped them defeat the hardest boss in Elden Ring - Malenia. Malenia was once called the hardest boss in FromSoftware game history due to the difficulty of numerous players complaining, so "Let Me Solo Her"'s act of justice and unique appearance gradually made him famous. Up to now, "Let Me Solo Her" has successfully defeated Malenia more than 2,000 times. More and more fans are creating content related to him and paying tribute to him. It seems that his story will not be easily forgotten by fans.

    "Let Me Solo Her" gets what he deserves: a full-sized, really cool sword. In fact, it's a gift to celebrate his 1,000th kill to Malenia, and "Let Me Solo Her" received it three months late due to shipping issues."Let Me Solo Her" goes by the social platform Klein Tsuboi, and just yesterday, he posted on Reddit that he received a gift in kind from Elden Ring developer Bandai Namco.

    Players are already debating whether the next reward will be his signature canned helmet, which is interesting. What made Let Me Solo Her popular with Elden Ring fans was the sense of justice and passion he showed, and he doesn't seem to be retiring yet and continues to help players defeat the tricky Malenia. Of course, his excellent operation ability is also enviable.

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  • Elden Ring: 5 secrets you might have missed

    Jul 05, 2022

    Elden Ring is such a grand and detailed game that players are immersed in the mysterious legends and exciting battles of The Lands Between. There is so much content to explore in each area that many details are overlooked. Knowing these contents may bring you a whole new gaming experience.

    1. Gold Flakes bring more Runes.

    When Gold Flakes fall from the sky, players will have a golden effect on them, which means that the number of Runes farmed during this period will increase. And if you're playing online with a password, this effect can also be passed on to other players by using the same password.

    2. Mohgwn’s Palace has an extra hidden teleporter.

    As a famous Runes farming location, players entering Mohgwn’s Palace must first complete the White Mask Varre questline before entering. But actually if you get bored of this quest, you can reach Mohgwyn's Palace via the hidden teleporter northwest of the Yelough Anix tunnel.

    3. Weather will affect magic damage.

    This secret might change the way you play, and the weather conditions in The Lands Between do affect your magic damage in combat. Even magic has to follow the laws of nature, if it rains, the damage caused by fire magic will be weakened to a certain extent, but the lightning damage will have a stronger effect.

    It's a very practical secret that we can take advantage of our builds depending on the weather.

    4. We can kill Land Squirt in a more special way.

    Some enemies in the Elden Ring are allowed to be killed in a specific way, and the relevant knowledge can be found in the scrolls.The poisonous Land Squirt can be killed by throwing a lot of poison in addition to the regular attack.

    5. We can see the original owner portrait of the Sage Helms at Raya Lucaria Academy.


    After you've completed Sorceress Selen's quest, you may be curious about the past owners of the Sage's Helm. And a trip to the debate hall at the Raya Lucaria Academy may clear up some of your doubts, as their portraits are displayed here.

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