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IGGM Path Of Exile PC Currency

About Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an ARPG released by Grinding Gear Games in October 2013. In order to increase the popularity and freshness of the game, GGG will add a new expansion to Path of Exile every three months, which includes rich patch fixes and a new challenge league. Today, Path of Exile's status in the ARPG field is almost equal to that of Diablo.

Path of Exile 3.25 Expansion: Settlers of Kalguur

Path of Exile 3.25 launches on July 26 PDT across all platforms, including PC, Mac and Consoles. In this update, the league is called Settlers of Kalguur, and you help Kalguurans here complete their quest to build a city in Wreaclast. This is Kingsmarch Town, a port city and a thriving commercial center.

Path of Exile 3.25 is one of the biggest expansions ever, and the content of this update includes:

  • Settlers of Kalguur Challenge League: NPCs from Expedition league will appear here! This time, they are building a new colony to trade with nearby cities, and they need your help. Not only will you need to build the town, but you will also be responsible for its development and ensure it prospers.
  • New Currency Exchange Market System: As you rebuild your city, you will have access to new features such as the Currency Exchange Market, where players can spend gold to asynchronously exchange currency items.
  • Endgame Changes: Gain a 6th Map Device slot to further increase your loot and encounter difficulty. And in Tier 16+ maps, there are new special encounters, such as Nameless Seer who will give you a unique item from his inventory.
  • Gladiator Rework: Retains Gladiator’s Bleed-Splode node and block synergies while expanding his toolkit to provide a better foundation for implementing different builds.
  • New Warden Ascendancy: GGG completely removed the Raider, moved her Frenzy Charge stacks to Deadeye, and added a new Warden Ascendancy.
  • New Bosses: Three new endgame bosses are added to Settlers of Kalguur, who may capture and ransom your workers and even your ship.
  • Quality of Life Feature Updates: Player retention effects are no longer deactivated on death, meaning Auras and Heralds no longer need to be reactivated on death. Additionally, Harvest encounters can be started with a single button press instead of multiply.

What You Need To Know About Buying POE Currency

POE Currency plays a vital role throughout the game. The various orbs and scrolls in Path of Exile are able to play a specific role in the crafting and enhancement of a character's gear, or in the case of The Orb Of Regret allow for a refactoring of a character's passive skill tree.

Generally speaking, POE Currency can be obtained from monsters or treasure chests. You can buy POE Currency directly from various vendors in towns, or by using the vendor recipe system to get ample Path of Exile Currency Items by trading POE Items of a specific configuration to any town vendor.

Since epic and unique Path of Exile Currency (especially POE Orbs) is important for conquering raids or end game bosses, IGGM recommends POE players to buy POE Currency and POE Orbs here.

Enjoy your playtime with our great prices, instant delivery, professional online service and a refund policy in Path of Exile!

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Path Of Exile 3.25: How To Choose Your Best Build In Settlers Of Kalguur? - Reasons & Gear

Path Of Exile 3.25: How To Choose Your Best Build In Settlers Of Kalguur? - Reasons & Gear

With the official announcement from the game developers, POE 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur League will be officially released on July 26, and players have also ushered in their long-awaited melee enhancements and Gladiator remakes.

So now that the release time is getting closer, have you chosen which league starter to choose in Settlers of Kalguur League? As we all know, a strong league starter can develop your early league economy more efficient and easily obtain your POE Currency and gear in the build.

This guide will introduce some suitable builds for POE 3.25, most of which focus on melee. Each of them is very stable and has been enhanced to a certain extent at this stage, which can make your exploration in Settlers of Kalguur League easier.

Boneshatter Juggernaut

Boneshatter Juggernaut has received certain enhancements in both the basic version and the complex trauma version. Some players may still worry about whether Juggernaut class’s previous Unbreakable Ascendancy will change in this POE 3.25. In fact, this worry is unnecessary.

Endurance charges now reduce the elemental damage provided, instead of just changing elemental resistances and physical damage as before. You will find that the new configuration may be more powerful now, and the role of the new Unbreakable Ascendancy node is the same as before, without any changes.

If you put divine flesh into this build, Boneshatter Juggernaut will become even more powerful. In addition, Quality multiplicative changes will also have a very big impact on this build, especially to increase damage and enhancing offense. I think this should offset the nerf in Determination Aura.


  • Weapon: Brood Etcher Despot Axe
  • Helmet: Glyph Star Ezomyte Burgonet
  • Armor: Forth Vow Devout Chainmail
  • Rings: Eagle Finger Amethyst Ring, Carrion Hold Amethyst Ring
  • Amulet: Eternal Struggle Onyx Amulet
  • Gloves: Tanu Ahi Wyrmsclae Gauntlets
  • Belt: Magnate Studded Belt
  • Boots: Brood Sole Goliath Greaves

Frostblades Trickster

In Path Of Exile 3.25, the second best league starter build is Frostblades Trickster because of its high speed, high evasion, and higher damage. Many players worry that it is an early build that will only be dominant in the early stages and weaker in the later stages. This worry is unnecessary and absolutely not a problem.

And in POE 3.25, Frostblades Trickster has not been affected at all. In this build, Frostblade skill gem not only increases its own damage by 265 but also enhances its own basic freezing effect. This makes Frostblades Trickster even more powerful.

In this version and stage, Frostblades Trickster has undergone many nerfs, but it is still strong and has the potential to become an absolute beast in this league. This is also a Path of Exile Settlers of Kalguur melee build that you should try.


  • Weapon: Essence Only Claw
  • Offhand: Day 1 Shield
  • Helmet: Heatshiver
  • Armor: Day 1 Chest
  • Rings: Maming, Day 1
  • Amulet: New Item
  • Gloves: Day 1 Gloves
  • Belt: Day 1 Belt
  • Boots: Day 1 Boots

Shield Crush Juggernaut

Shield Crush Juggernaut has been around for a few leagues, and in POE 3.19 it was a very slow league start build, but now in POE 3.25 it’s become very powerful. The way this build works is that you stack your armor with your shield soldiers to protect yourself.

In addition to Energy shield, it also adds fixed damage per 75 armor, and also increases your crit based on Energy shields' stats. This means that this is a very powerful crit stacking build.

According to the patch notes, the two skills in this build come with two buffs themselves. One of them has a fixed base damage DPS buff, and the other has a high-end DPS buff that scales with armor, which makes Shield Crush Juggernaut one of the most powerful builds in Path of Exile 3.25.

In addition, this build is one of the few builds in the game that can scale to extreme armor levels through shield quality, and its multiplicative changes will greatly increase the DPS of this build.


  • Weapon: Dream Feather Replica
  • Offhand: Emperor’s Vigilance
  • Helmet: Enemy Horn
  • Armor: Fourth Oath
  • Rings: Cataclysm Knot, Storm Ring
  • Amulet: Adur’s Uprising
  • Gloves: Tanu Ahi
  • Belt: Perseverance
  • Boots: Cataclysm Slippers

Perforate Slayer

Although Perforate Slayer does not have a complete end-game configuration, players believe that it has the potential to become the best POE 3.25 league starter. In Perforate Slayer, the damage of the perforate skill gem is increased from 265% to 622%, which will make your battles easier.

But it also has certain risks. If you are not an experienced player, it is not recommended for you to use this build. Because it is very likely that when you use this build to kill people, your own health may not be very healthy.


  • Weapon: Death Roar
  • Offhand: Crown of Sorrow
  • Helmet: Enemy Horn
  • Armor: Death Jack
  • Rings: Mind’s Eye, Dusk Eye
  • Amulet: Doom Amulet
  • Gloves: Death Knuckles
  • Belt: Chaos Trap
  • Boots: Vortex Slippers

That’s it for the best builds you can try out in Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur. Let’s get started on July 26!

Path Of Exile 3.25: A Deep Dive Into Unique Items That Will Be Entering The Core In Settlers Of Kalguur

Path Of Exile 3.25: A Deep Dive Into Unique Items That Will Be Entering The Core In Settlers Of Kalguur

The era of Necropolis League is finally coming to an end, and it will be replaced by the long-awaited POE 3.25 Settlers Of Kalguur League. But what legacy will Necropolis leave in the future of Path of Exile?

Recently, the developers released a news post about what will happen when Necropolis ends, as well as all the information about the league and its mechanics. With this information, we will learn which unique items will enter the core in POE 3.25. Let’s get straight to the point.

Will Necropolis League Be Core?

First of all, we confirm right away here that Necropolis League will not be core in POE 3.25. Similarly, Lantern of Arimor and its Allflame Embers, Necropolis Graveyard and its Corpses will not enter the core game. This is not surprising. I really didn’t expect these to be the core. But I must admit that the concept of Allflame is good, and maybe they will return in a more refined form in the future.

In addition, any existing Coffins and Allflame will be removed, so they won’t take up a lot of your stash space in Standard League.

What Unique Items Are Coming To Core?

But these are not the main points. Here, we will focus on looking at the part of Necropolis League that will become a core in POE 3.25, namely unique items.

Perandus Pact (Not Appearing)

The first thing I want to talk about must be Perandus Pact, which has received a lot of attention. But please note that it did not enter the core in POE 3.25.

Perandus Pact is a unique item exclusive to Necropolis. I believe that players who have used it know that this Unique Jewel may be the strongest of Necropolis unique items. It provides many single stats, depending on the modifiers of Jewel itself and its position in your passive tree. Of course, how much POE Currency you invest in it is also an important factor affecting its effect.

It’s no surprise that this Jewel didn’t make it to the core drop pool in POE 3.25.

As an aside, if you want to get more POE Currency, don't forget to follow the IGGM community in Discord, where we will occasionally release some product giveaway information. However, to increase your chances of winning, you need to like and comment more in the community! Maybe the next lucky person will be you!

Getting back to the point, I think it is very similar to That Which Was Taken Crimson Jewel in terms of power level to some extent. But I’d say That Which Was Taken comes with really nice modifiers, while Perandus Pact probably needs a more tailored passive skill tree to be most effective.

Regardless, Perandus Pact won’t be making it to the core drop pool, at least in Settlers Of Kalguur League. Likewise, the chances of this item being added as a loot drop from a boss or, more specific mechanic are also very slim, so I wouldn’t count on it.

As a result, the rest of Necropolis unique items will go directly to the core drop pool in POE 3.25. To be clear, we’ll only be looking at exclusive Necropolis unique items, and every item will be covered.

Nevalius Inheritance

Now let’s start with Nevalius Inheritance. This Unique Belt is all about modifying flask effects and duration, but it has the rare property of changing the stats it provides based on your character level. It increases the flask effect duration by 150% and reduces the flask effect by 60%, but then reduces flask duration by 2% per level and increases flask effect by 1% per level at level 100.

This Belt provides 40% flask effect at the cost of 50% duration reduction. But since we also have options like Tides of Time available. This is unlikely to be widely used in high-level characters.

However, I think Nevalius Inheritance is a very good unique to use for leveling, to equip in the second half of the campaign and use with Unique Flasks, Witchfire Brew, or Replica Witchfire Brew.

These Flasks grant you a Curse Aura of Despair or Vulnerability at level 21, depending on which one you use. And this Curse Aura is not affected by the flask effect modifier. This means you get the full power of a level 21 Curse, and benefit from the increased flask duration to keep its effects longer.

This is very useful for leveling up some chaos or physical damage based characters. But even so, this Unique Belt is very niche and I don’t see it being used very often.

Grattus Signet

Next up we have Grattus Signet, which is a Unique Ring. This item is very useful in terms of the stats it provides. It has some attack speed, cast speed, some energy shield, and some life. Then it also has two modifiers, where attacks inflict Unnerve on crits, and spells inflict Intimidate on crits.

The weird thing about this ring is that they switched things up in terms of what it applies. Attack crits inflict a debuff that increases spell damage, and spell crits inflict a debuff that increases attack damage. If it were the other way around, this item would just be a fairly generic choice for many characters early in their progression.

While the other stats are still very beneficial, one thing Grattus Signet has going for it is its level requirement, which means it can be slapped onto most characters early on to get some useful stats. But other than that, I don’t see this item being used all that much either.

Hand Of Phrecia

Next up is the most interesting of Necropolis unique items, and that’s Hand of Phrecia, an item that seems designed to be a unique item that boosts link skills. But ultimately it’s mostly used on solo characters without the need for link skills.

Because of its very specific interaction with Generosity Support, the final modifier to this unique non-Curse Aura in your skills only applies to you and the target of your Link, meaning you get the full benefit from Aura effect increased by Generosity. This interaction breathes life into this Unique Gloves, meaning they have a chance to be picked up and used in many builds.

Veruso’s Ambition

Finally, we have Veruso’s Ambition, a pair of Unique Boots designed around Ravenous skill that previously existed in Warlock of the Mists from Affliction League.

Veruso’s Ambition makes the monster names also show their monster class, which is important for Ravenous skill. Because the skill allows the character to consume a target corpse and then gain a bonus against monsters of the same type. The buff it brings is also pretty powerful, namely 15% more damage done and 15% less damage taken against monsters of a specific class that are now in Affliction.

While it’s clunky, this ability makes sense because you can get corpses from vendors in Wildwood, and these corpses will also have types. For example, you can select an Eldritch corpse and bring it to Maven’s Arena to consume, which will then increase your damage done to Mavens by 15% and reduce your damage taken by 15% for the entire encounter or until you die. However, you can’t target corpses that you summoned yourself in abilities such as Desecrate.

With the introduction of Veruso’s Ambition in Necropolis, the corpse vendor system is gone, but the ability has not been modified, which only makes this skill harder to use than before. Unfortunately, Veruso’s Ambition is another thing that I think is rarely used.

Anyway, here are some of Necropolis-only unique items that will be entering the core drop pool in PoE 3.25. Let me know what you think of these items. See you next time!

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