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Brand New Gaming Possibility in Path of Exile from the Rework Gear in 3.19

2022-09-26 09:57:41

Hey guys, I think you already probably noticed that the newly reworked Bronn's Lithe in Path of Exile 3.19 gives plus 5 levels and up to 100 increased damage. This would be insane on any spell, but it's restricted to movement skills, and out of the few movement spells, Frostblink looks the most promising. It has good damages and also has the aoe abilities you want form a main skill. With the cooldown though, you'd probably want to go ignite for better damage up time. From my experience so far, it's really good on narrow layouts when you're able to frostblinks and across the map.

The skill feels amazing, but there are times when its issues get really annoying - not being able to cast your main skill when you want to. It feels really bad, especially when it involves movement, like you expect to move when you cast, but then you don't. Meanwhile, even though it has a built-in cooldown recovery mechanic, you still feel bad when you can not cast your main skills.

Then there's the issue of coverage, being able to clear the screen with one cast would be ideal, but on more open layouts you'll have to jump around back and forth, trying to hit all the mobs in the corners. When it comes to bossing, needing to flash on top of the boss to do damage, actually it is dangerous to do this so I thought about using it as a trap. Being able to just throw traps anywhere you want, not only solves the awkwardness of having to blink back and forth to get all the mobs, but also gives you an additional cooldown use, which has solved much the cooldown problem.

I guess you're just giving up damage in favor of more utility with traps, so it turns out putting a movement skill on traps isn't useless, I think it's actually an improvement on the playstyle. But then I thought the base damage is higher and we get plus five levels from Bronn's Lithe, but then we also have to use the trap support gem, which is very annoy since the less damage multiplier.

Generally speaking, it seems could be viable, because my gear is not at end game stage right now, skill points unallocated as well. While the damage doesn't seem that bad, and the character is also decently tanky.

More POE 3.19 updates and news you can find in IGGM.com, if you want to buy POE Currency you can enjoy the good price and fast delivery speed here as well.

Path of Exile: Perfect Glass Cannon Build You Can Not Miss

2022-09-07 13:59:05

In Path of Exile, Ignite Arc Elementalist is actually a very interesting build I have tried with capable of one-shot to clear the entire screen, one the other hand, it could say Ignite Arc Elementalisa is nearly a perfect glass cannon.

The problem of this build is also obvious, you can not move. I mean you have to stand still to attack your enemies. So what I decided to do was utilized Shaper of flames, in order to minimize the amount of time you had to stand still, while allowing you to run around and watch your enemies burn. Lack of mana regeneration is always one of the most significant issues. After years of meticulous research i have discovered a hidden technique to deal with this shortcoming. Instead of chugging those addictive manifolds filled with ambrosia, you can now choose to siphon the souls of your enemies for the purpose of sustaining your spells. one of the things i enjoyed the most about this build is that, even though it is an ignite build that optimizes damage up time during boss fights, it can also quickly one shot squish your targets by scaling the speed of our damage over time. 

The way this build works is you cast arc into your enemies, ignite them with the most cracked ascendancy passive, and watch them cry for mercy as their organs begin to boil and their flesh begins to melt. By running Fan the Flames and Berek’s Respite we can greatly improve our clear speed and produce screen-wide one-shots.

For our Ascendancy part we'll be running with Path of Exile's most popular anime waifu, the Elementalists. For our Ascendancy Passives we'll be running Bastion of Elements, Mastermind of Discord, Heart of Destruction and of course Shaper Flames. In this build shaper of flames is your main point that will allow you to minimize critical thinking, reduce attention span and delete your last two brain cells. They're completely irrelevant as you can see, we have a near perfect synergy with the ascendancy passives. 

For our defenses this build utilizes Determination, Purity of Elements, Defined Banner, and of course Cast on Death Portal. Make sure you have a constant intravenous injection of the most sublime substance in ray class, a small dosage of this combination of flasks will significantly alter your gaming experience. 

Now let's talk about how to gear up this build. To gear up this build you're gonna need three things, Uniques, Stat Attributes and Elemental Resistances. For our helmet we'll want Cadigan's Crown. Then the Battlemage modifier is very important to our spell damage and Kaom's Heart has increased damage modifier for maximum output. Obtain a Replica Maloney's Mechanism to trigger frenzy and apply flammability. Replica Emberwake will increase our damage, and Berek’s Respite will proliferate ignites. On our amulet belt gloves and boots, we want to get as much Elemental resistances and Stat attributes as we possibly can and that's really all.

If you want to check more messages about the POE 3.19, you can go to IGGM.com and there we have the latest news on any updates. Meanwhile, you could buy POE Currency on our web as well, proper price and fast delivery would give you an amazing shopping experience. Do not wait, come here and buy!


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