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  • Regarding The Lack Of Balance Manifesto In Path Of Exile 3.21

    Mar 21, 2023

    Now is the time to discuss that Path Of Exile 3.21 patch. With some recent information about the upcoming expansion, players have discovered that it will be missing a few things. In particular, there will be no Balance Manifesto in patch 3.21.

    Now GGG states here, “Balance Manifesto is really good at conveying certain types of content, especially helpful when they want to do in-depth work on a particular game system. Keeping Balance Manifesto over the years gives us a nice chance are, we can clearly explain these changes in independent ways.”

    They also give us a longer period to gather feedback on whether these system changes are going in the right direction. However, they have learned over the years that Balance Manifesto is not well suited for certain types of changes. Although no specific issues have emerged, players’ damage skills have also changed over time.

    Balance Manifesto ends up looking like a set of patch notes, but it’s separate from the rest of the actual patch notes. You need to know everything and plan your building adequately.

    The damage done by players has changed over time. We communicate these in advance through Balance Manifesto. Balance Manifesto points out that there will be significant changes to both the way Elemental Equilibrium works and the way Elemental overload works. And these will Nerf those Keystones for the purpose of dealing damage to enemies over time.

    Players get some power in the form of increased base damage for all of these gems so far. But there’s another very important change in this patch that can’t be communicated right now. Because GGG keeps secrets.

    That is the addition of Passive Trade Masteries, which are integral to fully understanding build-breaking changes over time. You can also complete it by acquiring enough POE Currency to ensure that you can successfully complete character building.

    So you want to try to avoid this balance changing situation, mostly the latter type. We’ll explain them in the patch notes on Announcement Day and post the full details. While there is no dreaded system rework, we need to ask for feedback about age in advance.

    Our balance goal is to provide more options and more fun for as many builds as possible, rather than redesigning game systems in potentially disruptive ways. We can’t wait to unveil the changes and check out the character builds you’ve created.

    But in terms of overall balance projections, that would require radical balance changes of the kind that might be precluded by this. But in the end, it all hangs in the balance. I think they may also be some skills that are not used very often at the moment. See important Buffs here, one or two of which may end up being over-Buffed by mistake. But we want to see exactly what happens, which will be revealed in the next few weeks.

    Anyway, one of the things is that the patch notes will probably be more important than usual this time around. That’s because we will condense all of these balance changes into this patch note. Perhaps this change in Balance Manifesto will have interesting results.

    That’s what I’m planning to do again this time around, so I hope you’ll join in. If you want to know anything, you can discuss it in the community. Come and try it out.

  • Four Outstanding Builds at League Start on POE 3.20 Expansion The Forbidden Sanctum

    Dec 08, 2022

    Let's talk about my top Three League starters builds for POE 3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum. The following builds will be in no particular order, I think all of these are able to clear the content that is required for a league starter, which for me is everything up to Uber bosses. When it comes to Uber bosses, it's a lot about how good you are at boss mechanics, so it's pretty hard to draw a distinction there. Something I want to mention before we start is that the most important thing when it comes to picking a build, especially for your league start, having a good entry into the league is pick something that you actually like, even if there are some meta builds better than yours.

    Then whatever you want to play, test some stuffs at the game, that's how you get experience. POE 3.20 Expansion The Forbidden Sanctum really isn't that competitive, unless you're a racer, so just have fun, just explore this Sandbox game.

    Righteous Fire

    Let's get into the list, number one is Righteous Fire, now this build is just incredibly fun to play, and it's also incredibly easy to gear, do not need too much currency. Righteous Fire is an area damage over time effect around you, and you're basically just shield charging around, killing and exploding enemies, while also having something like a fire trap against single Target. This is also a very hardcore but friendly build, very tanky with good regeneration.

    As for downsides I guess I would say the single Target damage is not up to par with some of the other Builds on this list, but usually that doesn't really matter, because your enemies can not kill you. Most of the time you can just face the bosses and take chill, as this is one of the longest standing and probably safest builds that you can use in league start.

    Corrupting Fever Champion

    Then we have the Corrupting Fever Champion, Corrupting Fever is a duration buff that basically allows your attacks to apply a physical damage over time, which means you can use long range attacks like Kinetic Blast to apply those thoughts and completely explode whole screens. This is probably the build with the best clear speed on the whole list, it's just absolutely insane, you can annihilate whole maps. It feels like a end game build with the investment of a early game build, less POE currency orbs for an amazing result.

    Champion is incredibly tanky on top, however it's not without downside. Your single Target damage overall is pretty weak, but consider how good it of a map clearing, it's still pretty strong, you'll be a lot faster through Maps than some of the other Builds on this list.

    Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist

    Then the next one we have Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist, Explosive Arrow is a bow projectile skill that whenever it hits an enemy will stick a fuse into it, can stack up to 20 and after a duration of one sec second there is an explosion, which is bigger and stronger depending on how many fuses you were able to stick into that enemy. This is a build I've played over several leagues and I can say it is pretty remarkable, it's extremely solo self friendly, because it doesn't require any gear. Yes, it basically has huge damage without needing any uniques or any specific crafts, therefore it's also a very new player friendly. On top of that, you're also quite easily get defensive auras into your build, like Grace, Determination ,100% Spell Suppression, so on that end it is also pretty good.

    As downsides, the recovery of the build is a little sketchy, you will mostly use life flasks. As well as that some people just do not really like the ballista playstyle, as there can be delayed damage and some people just like to deal the damage themselves.

    If you want to play this build on Hardcore I would probably recommend the Champion version, on Hardcore you really don't want to take your chances, instead you want all the defenses that you can get. Overall an extremely fun build especially with the huge Ignite Proliferations that you'll be able to get without big number of currency.

    Poison Blade Vortex Occultist

    Next one we have the Poison Blade Vortex Occultist. This spell creates ethereal blades that spin around you whenever you activate it, and it can stack up to 10 times increasing its damage with every stack. Basically the playstyle that you have is sometimes pressing Blade Vortex, and then you just charge around and explode screens. It can make for huge explosions, and basically not really having to press any buttons which is probably the biggest upside of this build, all you really have to do is pressing the Blade Vortex button here or there, and destroy everything rush from maps.

    The downsides of this build can be a little bit squishy. If not built into it correctly in endgame, it would not perform well as you wish, but this is not really a problem anymore once you have your gear, just before that it can be a little annoying, also it doesn't have the best boss damage. But then again, it is poison, so it has a lot of solutions to that. I think this build is especially good if you want a build that's solid and without tons of POE 3.20 currency orbs early. You can also scale later, and you don't have to reroll immediately.

  • Brand New Gaming Possibility in Path of Exile from the Rework Gear in 3.19

    Sep 26, 2022

    Hey guys, I think you already probably noticed that the newly reworked Bronn's Lithe in Path of Exile 3.19 gives plus 5 levels and up to 100 increased damage. This would be insane on any spell, but it's restricted to movement skills, and out of the few movement spells, Frostblink looks the most promising. It has good damages and also has the aoe abilities you want form a main skill. With the cooldown though, you'd probably want to go ignite for better damage up time. From my experience so far, it's really good on narrow layouts when you're able to frostblinks and across the map.

    The skill feels amazing, but there are times when its issues get really annoying - not being able to cast your main skill when you want to. It feels really bad, especially when it involves movement, like you expect to move when you cast, but then you don't. Meanwhile, even though it has a built-in cooldown recovery mechanic, you still feel bad when you can not cast your main skills.

    Then there's the issue of coverage, being able to clear the screen with one cast would be ideal, but on more open layouts you'll have to jump around back and forth, trying to hit all the mobs in the corners. When it comes to bossing, needing to flash on top of the boss to do damage, actually it is dangerous to do this so I thought about using it as a trap. Being able to just throw traps anywhere you want, not only solves the awkwardness of having to blink back and forth to get all the mobs, but also gives you an additional cooldown use, which has solved much the cooldown problem.

    I guess you're just giving up damage in favor of more utility with traps, so it turns out putting a movement skill on traps isn't useless, I think it's actually an improvement on the playstyle. But then I thought the base damage is higher and we get plus five levels from Bronn's Lithe, but then we also have to use the trap support gem, which is very annoy since the less damage multiplier.

    Generally speaking, it seems could be viable, because my gear is not at end game stage right now, skill points unallocated as well. While the damage doesn't seem that bad, and the character is also decently tanky.

    More POE 3.19 updates and news you can find in IGGM.com, if you want to buy POE Currency you can enjoy the good price and fast delivery speed here as well.

  • Path of Exile: Perfect Glass Cannon Build You Can Not Miss

    Sep 07, 2022

    In Path of Exile, Ignite Arc Elementalist is actually a very interesting build I have tried with capable of one-shot to clear the entire screen, one the other hand, it could say Ignite Arc Elementalisa is nearly a perfect glass cannon.

    The problem of this build is also obvious, you can not move. I mean you have to stand still to attack your enemies. So what I decided to do was utilized Shaper of flames, in order to minimize the amount of time you had to stand still, while allowing you to run around and watch your enemies burn. Lack of mana regeneration is always one of the most significant issues. After years of meticulous research i have discovered a hidden technique to deal with this shortcoming. Instead of chugging those addictive manifolds filled with ambrosia, you can now choose to siphon the souls of your enemies for the purpose of sustaining your spells. one of the things i enjoyed the most about this build is that, even though it is an ignite build that optimizes damage up time during boss fights, it can also quickly one shot squish your targets by scaling the speed of our damage over time. 

    The way this build works is you cast arc into your enemies, ignite them with the most cracked ascendancy passive, and watch them cry for mercy as their organs begin to boil and their flesh begins to melt. By running Fan the Flames and Berek’s Respite we can greatly improve our clear speed and produce screen-wide one-shots.

    For our Ascendancy part we'll be running with Path of Exile's most popular anime waifu, the Elementalists. For our Ascendancy Passives we'll be running Bastion of Elements, Mastermind of Discord, Heart of Destruction and of course Shaper Flames. In this build shaper of flames is your main point that will allow you to minimize critical thinking, reduce attention span and delete your last two brain cells. They're completely irrelevant as you can see, we have a near perfect synergy with the ascendancy passives. 

    For our defenses this build utilizes Determination, Purity of Elements, Defined Banner, and of course Cast on Death Portal. Make sure you have a constant intravenous injection of the most sublime substance in ray class, a small dosage of this combination of flasks will significantly alter your gaming experience. 

    Now let's talk about how to gear up this build. To gear up this build you're gonna need three things, Uniques, Stat Attributes and Elemental Resistances. For our helmet we'll want Cadigan's Crown. Then the Battlemage modifier is very important to our spell damage and Kaom's Heart has increased damage modifier for maximum output. Obtain a Replica Maloney's Mechanism to trigger frenzy and apply flammability. Replica Emberwake will increase our damage, and Berek’s Respite will proliferate ignites. On our amulet belt gloves and boots, we want to get as much Elemental resistances and Stat attributes as we possibly can and that's really all.

    If you want to check more messages about the POE 3.19, you can go to IGGM.com and there we have the latest news on any updates. Meanwhile, you could buy POE Currency on our web as well, proper price and fast delivery would give you an amazing shopping experience. Do not wait, come here and buy!

  • Path of Exile will be updated on May 13

    Apr 13, 2022

    The end of the Archnemesis League is only a month away, and most players have participated in it and won great rewards by completing boss fights. Even more exciting, just yesterday, Grinding Gear Games revealed the release date for Path of Exile's 3.18 expansion.

    The update will launch on May 13, 2022, and the Archnemesis League will end five days before the PC version release.

    The Path of Exile 3.18 expansion will open new challenge leagues up, and the scope will be a little smaller than the last the Siege of the Atlas. The official announcement also claims that the update will fix some bugs and improve the game settings, including further improvements to the engine and controller. More specific update details will be revealed in the Livestream a week before the update, and Grinding Gear Games will announce the end of the Archnemesis League at the same time, and actively promote the improvement of the game.

    I believe this update will bring players a more perfect Path of Exile game experience! If you are also looking forward to the release of this expansion, IGGM will provide you with cheap POE PC Currency to help you defeat bosses and improve your strength in each version of the league. If you need it, you can contact IGGM at any time, we will provide you with satisfactory service.

  • Some Path of Exile Raiders

    Mar 08, 2022

    Often referred to as the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Diablo series, Path of Exile has proven to gamers around the world that it has a place in the action RPG genre. Path of Exile features a complex procedurally generated map that provides players with near-infinite replayability. With the latest expansion, Battle for Atlas, players can now enjoy even more end-game content, as well as the brutal Archnemesis Alliance. However, players who want to fully enjoy the game will want to know what mistakes to avoid during gameplay. One such mistake is not following the build guidelines, especially during a single-player league run. Luckily, Path of Exile has plenty of powerful single-player classes that can make any alliance a breeze. IGGM summarizes several methods for everyone here.

    For example, the Mage Skeleton Necromancer is mainly based on summoning an army of undead skeletons, which means that players need to have a lot of mana potions to summon enough skeletons. Additionally, any ability to summon minions requires a long cast time, so players need to be prepared before jumping into battle, especially against bosses. Players will rely entirely on minion damage, which increases as the character levels up and gets stronger. In addition to putting points into mana, players also need to put in health and health regeneration. Finally, players need to master the Corrupted Gear so they can easily defeat advanced monsters and bosses. This single-class build has one of the best AOE damage outputs in Path of Exile. That's because the AOE skill's Construct Slam creates cracks in a wide area, which can easily destroy low-level mobs. But as a result, the Construct Slam Chieftain build lacks single-target damage, which can make boss fights a little tricky but doable. If players pair Construct Slam with Endurance Charge, they'll get explosive results that can hit 300 million+ damage. Additionally, players who like AOE-style gameplay will also appreciate the Scion class, one of the most underrated classes in the game. Elementalist is one of the best single damage classes in Path of Exile, especially if the player builds with the Elemental Strike Killer. One of the reasons it's a great single-player build is that it uses Elemental Strike, a skill that uses random elements (fire, cold, and lightning) to deal a lot of damage. What's more, if the player is equipped with a unique jewel that forces elemental hits to only use fire damage, it can reliably deal a lot of damage. This works especially well with Keystone: Avatar of Fire. When activated, this poisonous precursor gem will poison any creature near the player, and each stack of poison has a chance to summon an Affliction Creeper minion that uses ranged and area attacks. And, since the main class of the build is Juggernaut, players don't have to worry too much about getting killed. POE Currency is probably one of the most important currencies in Path of Exile, as they allow players to reroll modifiers on a piece of rare equipment.

  • Path Of Exile: The Expedition Patch Brings QoL Improvements and Heap of Fixes

    Aug 09, 2021

    Path Of Exile Expedition ushered in the first big patch and brought a lot of quality of life improvement and a considerable serving of fixes.

    We have now received the first patch notes for the upcoming patch, which brings some quality of life improvements and some bugs fixes. For example, improvements include the addition of vendor recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs. In addition, the quality of the Divergent Flamethrower Trap Skill Gem no longer increases the Cast Speed by 0-20%. Now increases the Trap Throwing Speed by 0-20%.

    Bug fixes include:

    * Fixed a bug where Remnants were not affecting the chance to drop an additional Map from Runic Monsters or Excavated Chests

    * Fixed a bug where Logbooks with the implicit “Area contains Vorana, Last ti Fall” modifier could sometimes fail to spawn Vorana

    * Fixed a bug where Medved, Feller of Heroes was classified as a Runic monster, and as a result, could be affected by Remnant modifiers that affect Runic monsters

    * Fixed a bug where Expedition Logbook subarea mini-bosses would be affected by Remnant modifiers that apply to Runic monsters

    * Fixed a bug with the seed generation of Expedition NPC shops

    * Fixed a bug where some Ancient Kalguuran Text could be unreachable

    * Fixed a bug where Shield Crush could fail to deal damage if your back was up against a wall

    * Fixes a bug where you were able to use Explosive Concoction with an off-hand Weapon and a disabled main-hand Weapon

    * Fixed a bug where Manabond could deal damage through walls

    In addition, this patch also includes Royale changes to matchmaking, gameplay, skills and support gems, passive tree, items, etc. This allows the game mechanic to be continuously optimized, and it also provides players with a better gaming experience.

    If you want to successfully complete various challenges in the game, then you need the help of POE Currency, because POE Currency can help players solve most of the problems they encounter in the game. IGGM can provide cheap POE Currency, which will help players who need to buy POE Currency to save as much money as possible.

  • Path Of Exile: Expedition Features A New Skill Gem That Works Like A Popular Destiny 2 Gun

    Jul 20, 2021

    Path Of Exile: Expedition is coming soon, some of these things will make Destiny 2 players immediately recognize. Path Of Exile players mainly uses Skill Gems to cause damage. These skill gems can be socketed in gear to link them support gems to increase their damage output or change the way they work.

    In POE, there will be a new Skill Gem for bows named Storm Rain. It fires an arrow in the sky and eventually hits the ground and causes damage. Then it sticks in the ground and periodically causes lightning damage to the enemies. Using the skill many times can link arrows with one another via a beam of lightning, creating patches of ground that constantly damage the enemies. Destiny 2 players may be familiar with a special Exotic gun called Anarchy, which is very similar to Storm Rain in POE, but because GGG’s game settings are more of a dark age type, this new Skill Gem is not fired with a massive grenade launcher.

    But because of the different mechanics of the two games, the branching effect of each component will greatly change the way the game is played. Even if Storm Rain and Anarchy have similar effects, we cannot predict how much impact the latter’s new skills will have. In Path Of Exile, you need to carefully balance your builds, not only to effectively clear the areas full of small monsters, but also to cause enough single-target damage against the bosses.

    In short, Storm Rain sounds very attractive, but when the new POE League landed on PC this Friday, it remains to be seen how much damage it will be. In any case, this new element added to the Path Of Exile skill gem-set may be an easter egg, and players interested in it can even create a build around it.

    The new league may shake the core gameplay of POE, which is even more attractive, so for all POE players, now is the time to prepare for the new league, POE Currency is an essential part, after all, everyone wants to be a winner. At this time, you will not want to miss IGGM.

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  • Path Of Exile: Best Starter Builds For Ritual League

    Jan 19, 2021

    The new POE League has finally begun, so for POE players, finding a perfect build is the most important thing.

    Ritual challenge league

    The challenge league in POE is essentially a series of challenges, and you can try to obtain circular rewards. Every 13 weeks, the league will change to a new theme. This time, it changed from Heist to Ritual, all you need to do is to fight a group of monsters while dealing with booster effects or environmental hazards. It released the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, which includes changes to current build components. So the old builds may not adapt to the new league.

    What do starter builds need to consider?

    Before you start creating a build, you need to consider what the build is for. Because this is a combat league, you will continue to face challenges, so direct damage and high survivability are the keys. In addition to considering budget and scale, you also need to consider the use of summoning or personal defense to prevent damage, as well as the foe-shredding, universal damage.


    The Toxic Rain DoT Trickster covers a lot of ground with powerful, face-melting damage. This is a slight change from the Toxic Rain Mine Trickster in the Heist League and contains some of the same concepts.

    Explosive Trap Saboteur can produce a large amount of damage at the right positioning at one time, clear the waves, and can cause huge damage to bosses without waiting for the damage stacks.

    Returning from the Heist League is a Spectre based Necromancer: the Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer. Necromancers and Tricksters have always been considered two of the best in POE.

    For players who prefer the physically inclined, Super Cyclone, a Leeching Slayer build, can split enemies effortlessly while maintaining their own health.

    In another DoT vein, the Bleed Blow Gladiator can effectively block attacks, while making the enemy bleed a lot in multiple attacks.

    Of course, there are more builds that can be used, but these are enough for any gameplay.

    As Ritual League in full swing, IGGM will often update relevant game news or guides afterward. If you are interested, you can subscribe to IGGM, and IGGM also provides cheap POE Currency.

    Even if you are a PS4 or Xbox One user, you can also buy the matching POE Currency on IGGM.

  • Path Of Exile 3.13 Is Coming, The Discount Event On IGGM Is Waiting For You!

    Jan 15, 2021

    POE 3.13 is coming soon, and it was announced as early as January 7, so now many players are designing the best builds for the upcoming expansion. So you need to know the 19 career changes in Echoes of the Atlas first, then you can make better decisions.

    Players will be able to play this game on January 15, as early as a few days ago, some necessary information has been officially announced, and there are some FAQs, the official also gave corresponding answers, which made fans probably have a general understanding about the new content.

    Upcoming POE Updates

    January 15 - the official POE 3.13.0 launch

    January 16 - a new Mystery Box will be revealed

    Classes changes

    For providing players a better gaming experience, there will be many changes in the classes in POE to make them more balanced. 19 different classes will receive major changes.

    Here are what we currently know:

    Assassin: additional 30% damage over time multiplier for the Poison

    Berserker: additional 30% attack speed increase if the player was recently hit

    Champion: using Fortify now provides+500 Armor and Evasive Rating

    Chieftain: 2% of the damage that is dealt by Totem leaches to the player as life

    Gladiator: new improvements include a 40% damage increase if not taken any damages hits recently

    Guardian: nearby allies get a 20% Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed increase

    Juggernaut: gain Accuracy Ratings that are equal to twice the player’s Strength

    Necromancer: Skill Effect Duration increased by 40%

    Pathfinder: killing enemies with Poison while Flask Effect activated will poison surrounding enemies

    Raider: Onslaught Effect increased by 50%

    Saboteur: additional 40% 40 Critical Strike Multiplier right against Burning Enemies

    Trickster: Maximum mana increased by 30%

    It’s only a few hours since the official launch of POE 3.13. PoE fans have been waiting for the arrival of 3.13 for too long. Because GGG wanted to avoid Cyberpunk 2077, they have postponed the release date until January 15.

    To celebrate the launch of 3.13, IGGM also launched a discount event. You can get a 5% off discount coupon at IGGM's coupon center.

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