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Path Of Exile 3.25: Get An Early Preview Of Settlers Of Kalguur League Info To Get A Head Start!

Posted: Jul 08, 2024

Attention to news in advance, get content updates, and get a better gaming experience   

Time has passed a little boring. It has been four months since the release of Path of Exile: Necropolis. I believe most players are tired of waiting, and player retention for Necropolis has dropped much faster than expected.

It has been four months, and it is time to release the next new league launch of POE. It is exciting that the developer Grinding Gear Games has revealed that the name of the new league is Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur. Let’s take a look at Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur launches below.

The trailer released is only 25 seconds long. The only information we can get from the trailer released by Grinding Gear Games is that Faustus came to Rogue Harbor to welcome a very charismatic captain. Apart from this, we can’t get any more information.

Path Of Exile 3.25: Get An Early Preview Of Settlers Of Kalguur League Info To Get A Head Start!


But don’t worry, as usual. Developer Grinding Gear Games will hold a live broadcast one week before the release of the new league, which is July 18th, 1 PM PDT.

In a live broadcast, we can learn about the new content of the expansion pack and the league in detail, including the balance or QOL changes that appear in the update and POE Currency that can be obtained after the update. Mark Roberts of Grinding Gear Games and ZiggyD will be on the scene to answer some questions from the audience.

According to the current information, we can get some reservation effects such as Heralds and Auras. It is still preserved after death. This can reduce some boring links, such as not having to spend time reapplying all Heralds and Auras after resurrection.

To some extent, this improvement avoids some more trivial troubles, and we can spend time on more worthwhile parts of the game. At the same time, there may be people like you and me who forget to apply Heralds and Auras and die because of it. Overall, QOL changes are very beneficial to players.

New League Mechanic

Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur: Battle Scenes

I believe that most players are looking forward to what mechanic of this new league are like me. We can speculate based on the information in the trailer. First, we can see Faustus, and then we can see a fence that already exists in Rogue Harbor in the current version.

These are an important part of Heist league mechanic. Faustus exists to act as a supplier, allowing players to exchange Heist Targets for Rogue’s Markers. In the trailer, we can also see that the background just after Faustus boarded the ship is a settlement under development, which seems to have sheep and buildings similar to windmills.

New Settlement

We can boldly speculate that the development of the new settlement reminds me of Wraeclest, and we can be responsible for developing new land. In the trailer, we can also see a sea area. Can we dive into the seabed or fish in the sea?

Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur launches on July 26th for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Players can already expect some game balance changes, new League mechanic and rewards, and some system improvements. We can keep an eye on it.


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