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Fallout 76 Guide: The Abandoned Waste Dump Is A Place Worth Exploring ...

Fallout 76 is a game with a huge amount of content because of the variety of the game that brings countless possibilities to the player. On the one hand, this brings a mysterious freshness to the player, on the other hand, the player cannot experience all of the content and will likely miss some locations.One such location is the Abandoned Waste Dump, which may seem like just a mini-dungeon to the player, but it actually has much more to offer.LocationIt's located in the Mire and is one of the most dangerous areas in fallout 76. But it's rich in resources there. The swamp has always been synonymous with danger, and it has become even more dangerous and terrifying after radiation. So if you want to enter this area, you should be prepared to get into danger.Outside lookFrom the outside, it seems to be just an ordinary abandoned waste dump. There is only a yard with a trailer inside and radioactive barrels scattered on the ground. Indeed, such an appearance cannot arouse players' interest.Inside LookBut for some curious players, once you enter here, you can gain more than you expected. If you are willing to continue, then you will find a cave, but this is very dangerous, so you need to be fully prepared. The cave is full of "Deathclaws", which are more scary things in fallout.Way to Whitespring bunkerWhen you enter the cave, you will find a concrete structure, look for some clues here, and you will reach an elevator.Take the elevator down and you will see a secret bunker. This is where former Senator Sam Blackwell and his daughter Judy hide.Fully exploring the Abandoned Waste Dump will allow you to start and advance the quest of the Bunker Buster. If this quest is completed, you will be able to head to the Whitespring bunker, which is the headquarters of the Enclave. Then you can even join a secret organization, all this must be worth your time to explore!If you haven't paid attention to this place before, then through this article, it may arouse your interest in exploring there, but the premise is that you have to be fully prepared and have good equipment. If you don't have enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, you can go to IGGM to buy cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, which will make you strong enough to deal with the difficulties you will encounter later.For more Fallout 76 news, you can go to our news page on IGGM!

It's Worth A Shot! Next Fallout 76 Update Will Prep For "Steel Do...

The next update of Fallout 76 will be released on October 13th. It will focus on bugs, some Halloween cosmetics, and some background frameworks for the exciting Steel Dawn update in late 2020.The Steel Dawn Update is the next major content update for Fallout 76, and this is the sixth update since the game was released. As the name implies, the Steel Dawn update will respond to the Brotherhood of Steel hugely. Just like Fallout's franchise and history, Fallout 76's Vault Dweller will have the opportunity to join the Brotherhood of stand against them at their peril.Bethesda announced that due to the ambitious plan for Steel Dawn, this update will be smaller than previous updates, however, this does not mean that there is no content worth looking forward to. For example, Bethesda made some improvements and changes in the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event in Fallout 76.Hunt for the Treasure Hunter will be officially launched on October 15th, and four keywords have been modified. First of all, Treasure Hunter Mole Miners will now be spawn across Appalachia and will scale dynamically. The better for players to earn level appropriate legendary loot. Second, some unique loot will be added and divided into its pool so that players will receive appropriate rewards.Third, Ornate Mole Miner Pails now have an increased drop rate from Miners and better gear can be dropped from lower quality Pails. In the end, crafted Mole Miner barrel components will cost fewer caps from vendors. This is a comprehensive and more rewarding event.Although there will be no bigger changes in the next update, Bethesda has some important plans for the future. Hunger and Thirst mechanics are still developing, as is CAMP Shelters. Players need to wait patiently.Finally, Fallout 76 did it. It makes veterans look forward to it. I believe it will attract more new players in the future. With the improvement of the fun of the game, there will be more and more challenges in the game. At this time, the advantages of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps can be more fully utilized. But it is impossible to get good equipment with a small amount of money farmed in the game. So if you don't have enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, you can go to IGGM to buy at any time. As a professional website, IGGM will quickly provide you with anything you need at a low price!

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Update Will Bring Players A Big Surprise!

According to Bethesda's announcement, Fallout 76 will soon allow players to build underground bases. This is the first change in the upcoming Steel Dawn update.Despite the poor reception when it first launched, Fallout 76 has made considerable progress in the past two years. First of all, through updates like Wasterlanders expansion, the game enriches its single-player experience and creates a deeper story. It also adds a range of multiplayer modes, providing people with new ways to cooperate and compete. In addition to these updates, the game also provides more freedom for each player, allowing them to build their home base (know in-universe as a CAMP) how they see fit.Wait... Could this be Bethesda's "conspiracy"? because the initial feedback is not good, so players don't have high expectations for it. As long as it improves slightly, players will be satisfied.The Steel Dawn update will allow players to build an underground CAMP expansion, that is, CAMP Shelter. These Shelters will first be available on the newly-revived Public Test Servers in Fallout 76. Player feedback may affect the actual Shelter designs that Bethesda incorporates into the Steel Dawn update. Obviously, there will be three types of shelters, and players can put one of each in their CAMP. Each Shelter has a building budget independent of the main CAMP or other Shelters, letting players get creative easily.Fallout 76 fans will undoubtedly be excited about the features of the new building. Creative players have crafted incredible CAMPs full of puzzles and other gimmicks, and adding more space will lead to more possibilities. Building underground spaces is also consistent with the game's story, creating new-playing possibilities. It would only make sense for players' characters to create underground spaces, given they have lived in an underground vault for most of their lives.That's the first surprise in the upcoming Steel Dawn update. If you want to know more info about Fallout 76, don't forget to bookmark the news page on IGGM so you don't miss out on any Fallout 76 news and guides. For players who don't have time to farm Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, it's a good idea to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps on IGGM. It's the fastest way to equip your character.

Fallout 76 Patch 22 Brings One Wasteland, Which Dynamically Adjusts Ga...

Although since its release in 2018, Fallout 76 has not left a good impression on players. However, after the release of the Wastelanders expansion, players saw NPCs and dialogue options, and their impression of Fallout76 was restored. In the months after the update was released, players were full of confidence that the game could have a new lease of life, especially when Bethesda having an extensive lineup of free additional content in the works.However, before that, Bethesda is seeking some quality of life updates, and the recently released patch 22 makes Appalachia a more popular hub to players. The new update makes some changes to the difficulty of Fallout 76, which means that those who travel with their high-level friends no longer need to worry that they will encounter the overpowered dangers.This adjustment makes the difficulty more dynamic, with foes scaling to match the player's current experience in Fallout76. Depending on the player's level, foes will change their stats and XP. This means that those players who enter the late-game areas with early-game capabilities and those who return to the early-game areas with late-game capabilities will encounter appropriate opposition. It is worth noting that these enemies still have caps to how vastly their levels can increase or decrease.When a huge problem first appeared last month, the game itself received a lot of extra content. The free DLC introduced several notable updates, the largest of which allows players to battle the dreaded Wendigo Colossus within nuclear zones. Additions to the settlement building features also appeared, allowing more choices when building bases, and fans noticed several major bugs fixes made the cut as well.Of course, the game has more content, and Brotherhood of Steel will join the game in the coming weeks. This will begin with a quest called Steel Dawn, followed by a major update called Fractured Steel, which will finally bring this notorious faction into the multiplayer world.Want to see more game news? Click IGGM, you can browse our website page, there is always game news you are interested in.Want to buy cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps? IGGM also provides them, and there are Fallout 76 Items too. And PC, PS4, Xbox One users, you can buy the Fallout 76 Bottle Caps you need here.