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Fallout 76: You’ll Love These Rewards In Skyline Valley! - Decorations & Weapons

Posted: Jul 08, 2024

Posted: Jul 08, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley is the first map expansion since the official release of Fallout 76. It not only brings players a lot of new weapons and armor but also many extra activities and new quests, which means a lot of new rewards. Some new rewards can only be obtained after you complete the main quests, while others are randomly obtained during activities in Skyline Valley.

The new rewards include many aspects, from small CAMP items to large heavy weapons. So every player can find a reward that suits them, depending on what you want. As players go deeper in Skyline Valley, they will get more rewards.

This guide will introduce some rewards that have been praised by the player community in Skyline Valley. There will be some ornaments for viewing and practical weapons, etc. Come and take a look!

Fallout 76: You’ll Love These Rewards In Skyline Valley! - Decorations & Weapons

Storm Goliath Figure

You can collect a lot of miniatures in Fallout 76 to put in your own CAMPS for yourself and other players to see. Storm Goliath Figure is one of them. Some players even use these miniatures to build famous scenes from TV shows and movies, such as Fallout TV series.

Storm Goliath Figure is a reward for Neurological Warfare event. Storm Goliaths are giant, powerful robots that you need to defeat during the Neurological Warfare event to get the miniature.

Goliath Braincase Display

Besides visiting the miniature, you can also build several Goliath body parts in your CAMP, but many players think that Goliath Braincase is a very cool Fallout 76 Item. As the name suggests, you can make your own Goliath head and brain and show it to other players.

Fallout 76 Goliath Braincase Display

The plan to make a Goliath Braincase is obtained in the same way as Storm Goliath Figure, both of which are obtained in Neurological Warfare. However, you should be aware that this is a random event and you can’t expect too much from it. Besides Braincase, you may also make a Storm Goliath Leg Display and Claw Display.

Goliath Braincase Throne

Through the introduction of Goliath Braincase Display, you may also find that all the derivative rewards of Storm Goliath are very popular. Goliath Braincase Throne is a chair made by hollowing out Goliath Braincase, which is also one of the very interesting seating options in Fallout 76.

Since it is a derivative of the previous item, their acquisition activities are the same - Neurological Warfare event. If you are a player who really wants to build your own CAMP with your own theme, then this series of Fallout 76 Items is very suitable for you.

Shenandoah Map Table

Shenandoah Map Table is a 3D interactive map that shows you all the important buildings in Skyline Valley. Like all previous decorations, you can get the plans to craft this Fallout 76 Item in Neurological Warfare.

Once you activate the map, Shenandoah Map Table will highlight all the key buildings in the area. This item is very useful as part of a Skyline Valley-inspired CAMP build, and you can also pair it with some other tabletop items from previous seasons.

Thrasher Plushie Backpack

Players also have a lot of customization rights for their backpacks. Whether it is quirky or practical, you can find a backpack decoration that suits you. Thrasher Plushie Backpack skin is a very interesting-looking backpack plush toy, which can make you happy during your exploration.

This decoration is also obtained during Neurological Warfare event, so you should pay attention to this event. Thrashers are a new enemy type in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, so you may want to research how to defeat them more easily.

Moe The Mole Safety Cutout

Moe The Mole actually appeared in Fallout 76 before the update, and is a character used to teach children outdoor safety. Today, it still exists in Skyline Valley area, constantly reminding people that they need to pay attention to children’s outdoor safety.

Moe The Mole Safety Cutout differs from the previous ones. You will get the plan to make it after completing a Dangerous Pastimes event. For those players who don’t have this plan, you can go to the south of South River Bridge to find Moe The Mole Safety Cutout. This method takes some time.

Vault 63 Hazmat Suit

There are many hazmat suits in Fallout 76 that can provide you with 1,000 radiation resistance and a hidden 98% radiation damage reduction bonus, and you can choose different types of hazmat suits, such as Swamp Camo Hazmat suit and Chinese Stealth Armor.

Vault 63 Hazmat Suit is unique in appearance. Other protective suits are orange, but its blue color scheme and long visor helmet make other protective suits pale in comparison.

This suit also requires you to obtain the plan to make it first - obtained from Gathering Clouds event. In addition to being worn on your character to protect you, Vault 63 Hazmat Suit can also be placed on a mannequin in the player base for you and other players to see.

Red Terror

Red Terror is a variant of the light machine gun. Not only does it have a unique paint job, but its ammunition capacity is twice that of ordinary light machine guns. Red Terror has the following three permanent legendary effects:

  • Enraged: Each successive shot deal increased damage
  • Last Shot: The last bullet has a 25% chance to deal with double damage
  • Swift: Reloads 15% faster

After completing Dangerous Pastimes, you will have this excellent weapon. Although it may not be the best as your principal weapon, its Enraged and Swift effects can work together to maximize damage when you face some enemies that can be knocked down quickly. Especially when you are a mid-level player.


In Fallout 76, Tesla Rifles can be said to be a very powerful weapon. But it may be equipped with some limited ammunition, which limits the ability of this weapon. But V63-BERTHA is its unique variant, which doubles the ammunition capacity and adds the following three excellent legendary effects:

  • Double Shot: Fires two rounds
  • Rapid: Increases firing speed by 25%
  • Swift: Increases reload speed by 15%

Fallout 76 V63-BERTHA

Like Red Terror, you can also get this Fallout 76 Item after Dangerous Pastimes event. In addition to using it in daily battles with enemies, you can also use it in events such as Radiation Rumble to maximize the amount of XP you get.

These rewards are waiting for you to bring them back to Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, so go to the game to participate in these events! I wish you a happy exploration!


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