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Fallout 76: These Locations Are Ideal For Farming Abundant Lead

Posted: May 31, 2024

In Fallout 76, if you want to make your own ammo, you're going to need a lot of materials, one of which is lead. If you don't know how to find them, then I'm going to show you some of my favorite places to get lead. And if you follow this guide, then you should be able to get over 400 lead in less than 10 minutes! Let's get started!

Fallout 76: These Locations Are Ideal For Farming Abundant Lead

One thing I need to warn you about is that these items have a spawn limit, so if you take them all in one day, they may not respawn until the next day. You can also try server hopping, but I've noticed that sometimes server hopping doesn't reset them. And there are other players on the server who may have already obtained lead. So before you go there, remember to check if anyone has already entered the area.

Charleston Fire Department

First, we can head to Charleston Fire Department. Once there, enter through the front door and quickly turn right. Open the door in front, then turn left for twice and you can reach the gym. Here, you'll find dumbbells of various weights scattered on the ground, including 20lb, 40lb, 80lb, and 160lb dumbbells.

After collecting these lead weights inside Charleston Fire Department, you can also search nearby for other sources of lead that can be utilized, including tinker's workbench in the corner. If not, utilize any other available benches for scrapping. By scrapping these to collect lead, you will be able to obtain more.

Vault-Tec University

Then, we can head to Vault-Tec University, situated on the edge of The Forest, making it a relatively low area. Upon arrival, head through the main gate with 2 red doors. Enter as the team leader to create your own instance, where you can easily obtain lead even in a crowded lobby.

Once inside, turn right, bypass any enemies you encounter, and take the first left turn to find a small gym. There, you'll find dumbbells similar to the previous location I mentioned. Loot these dumbbells from the floor, as those on the bench can not be obtained. While Vault-Tec doesn't usually offer an abundance of lead, every source counts when looking for resources.

After collecting dumbbells, you can return to your camp, where may be more conveniently located for scrapping. Though Vault-Tec University may not be the best place to find lead, scrapping the collected dumbbells will still yield some valuable lead resources.

Monorail Elevator

The next location we're going to is Monorail Elevator, which is located next to Savage Divide, right next to Cranberry Bog. You can get to the top of Monorail Tower-house via Monorail Elevator, and that's where you need to go. Be very careful once you're up there. Because if you jump off from that height, you'll die from fall damage.

Fallout 76 Monorail Elevator

Then, right in the middle of this big elevator, you'll see a bunch of weights, and among them are 10lb, 25lb lead weights. This is also where you can get a lot of cement. One thing you may have overlooked is the rattle on the ground. Because all baby toys will give you a little lead because the paint on them is considered lead and paint.

There's also some lead on Monorail Tower-house. If you need to get back over there, you can pop up the survival tent. Of course, if you have power armor, you can also just jump down.


The last location we're going to is at Bunker Alpha. Before you are there, be aware that in order to access this area, you'll encounter a fight, and you must complete the 'I Am Become Death' mission, which allows you to drop a nuke. Additionally, expect hostile enemies upon arrival, so ensure you're well prepared and have good energy resistance.

Once there, quickly deal with the enemies and clear the area. In the gym, you'll find an 80lb dumbbell and a few more scattered around. Keep in mind that looting enemies may yield additional lead, but be more mindful of your safety during a fight.

All missile silos have the same layout, so whether it's Bunker Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie, you'll find similar lead deposits. You can visit all the 3 sites for maximum lead collection. After looting the area, utilize your survival tent to scrap the acquired lead. Each time you visit a bunker, it should yield about 73-75 lead, which is a great contribution for you to craft. The lead amount remains consistent across all sites. After looting all the 3 bunkers and other areas I mentioned before, you should leave with approximately 420 lead.

The only place you can always find lead is in a bunker, unless someone has already gone there and got it. When you are in a bunker, you can keep fighting the many robots that spawn there, as some of them will drop lead. Keep in mind that lead availability may vary depending on the actions of other players in your server.

That's all I have to say for today. If you already know how to get it in these locations, you will be able to get over 400 lead in about 10 minutes. Good luck.


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