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Fallout 76: 4 Things You Should Expect In Season 17 Skyline Valley

Posted: Jun 13, 2024

Fallout 76 has come a long way since its initial release in 2018. Whether you’re a longtime Fallout fan or a newcomer to the hit series on Prime Video, Skyline Valley, the first major update to the game’s universe, is well worth the wait.

In the latest free update, players will travel across Savage Divide to a new picturesque region in southern Appalachia: Skyline Valley. New locations to explore are introduced here, allowing players to experience the game even better this time around.

Fallout 76: 4 Things You Should Expect In Skyline Valley

At the recent Fallout 76 preview event in London, Creative Director Jonathan Rush shared that in order to expand the game's reach and make players more comfortable playing, the team has been discussing how to make the game more attractive to both new and old players.

He touched on specific aspects, such as changes to the initial vault exit experience. From now on, players can choose to exit at level 20 and choose from five different loadouts, or even go the more hardcore route. Besides this, the team is placing more points of interest around the vault as a means of introducing players to combat and different factions.

Not only does this mean that there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled in the game, but the team needs to spend more time researching the mythology just to find new things to help the game, including the new electrified ghouls that will take over the newly built Vault 63.

Rush also said that the team’s primary goal is to make Skyline Valley a part of Appalachia and have its own unique characteristics, rather than being an isolated small part.

For example, the story of Vault 63 just mentioned, the team needs to spend a lot of time researching that space and their backstory, so it will reflect why Vault 63 has become what it is. Speaking of the inhabitants of Vault 63, Rush revealed that they have become “The Lost” because of their nature.

Rush was obsessed with Vault 63 and wanted to say: "When players find their leader Hugo Stolz and talk to him, do you want to make friends with him or..." Until the development team pulled Rush away, he still wanted to share more about Vault 63. Then wait for the players to explore it themselves!

There are many places worth experiencing in Skyline Valley, but here are four key highlights to help you get started quickly.

1. Secrets Behind Vault 63

The first thing to bear the brunt is secrets behind Vault 63 that Rush just mentioned, which consists of 12 missions at 20 points of interest. Players will find the specific location of Vault 63 in the center of the mysterious red lightning storm and uncover its secrets - learn the truth about the refugees living in Vault 63 and the surrounding “The Lost” electrified Ghouls.

Vault 63 has an overseer named Hugo Stoltz who is particularly lively and forms a huge contrast with the refugees. “The Lost” will live in their own twisted reality, unable to communicate with people and protect themselves from all outsiders.

2. Endgame Event: Neurological Warfare

This new endgame event Neurological Warfare is triggered by nuke and takes place in the arena of Hawksbill Weather Station in the north of Skyline Valley. After being hit by a nuclear bomb, the weather in the entire Skyline Valley area changes.

The beginning of the endgame event will be signaled by the appearance of three oversized robot brains, which are created by the great minds of Vault 63. After defeating these three Storm Goliaths, players can get legendary loot and Fallout 76 Items from each robot.

3. Public Event: Dangerous Pastimes

Dangerous Pastimes is a new public event that takes place at Thunder Mountain Substation TM-03 in the northeast of Skyline Valley. It should be noted that before participating, please make sure that your player level is at level 50 and above, otherwise you cannot participate in this event.

During this event, players can team up to help some settlers conduct dangerous lightning collector experiments around the substation. The entire event is actually very simple. Players need to run around the substation and collect a bunch of lightning collector parts to power the collector in the middle of the substation. During your collection process, you will fight against waves of electrified Ghouls, and finally, you will challenge a huge Thunder Crab as the ultimate boss.

4. Milepost Zero Skyline Valley Update

Blue Ridge Caravan Company in the game has been operating routes along Skyline Drive, and players are needed in this update. The caravans are mainly led by some two-headed mutated cattle Brahmin, and you can pat them to make them run faster!

In addition, it was announced in Skyline Valley launch trailer that players can play as ghouls for the first time in any Fallout game in an update in early 2025. This is very worth looking forward to and experiencing.

At this stage, Fallout 76 Skyline Valley update has been officially launched on major platforms on June 12. Jonathan Rush said that he is looking forward to players expressing their love for this update on social media and wishing players a happy exploration.


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