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Fallout 76: New Enemies Have Arrived In Skyline Valley!

Posted: Jun 28, 2024

Posted: Jun 28, 2024

Source:  IGGM

The first map expansion in Fallout 76 brings players a lot of new tasks, events, weapon plans, etc., as well as some essential new enemies. Although they are somewhat similar to the enemies in previous games, they still give players a different gaming experience.

As you explore Skyline Valley, you’ll encounter a variety of new enemies. Some have very high health and are difficult to kill, others attack you very quickly, and some even look weird. But everything remains the same, and you need to understand their advantages and disadvantages to win every battle.

Fallout 76: New Enemies Have Arrived In Skyline Valley!


Thrashers look a lot like oversized turkeys. Although its attack power is not very strong, it moves very fast, making it difficult for you to catch it accurately. In addition, they often appear in groups, making it even more difficult for you to defeat them. But as long as you aim more accurately, you can kill with a few moves.

There are three different types of Thrashers you can encounter in Skyline Valley: regular Thrashers, Toxic Thrashers, and Alpha Thrashers. Of the three types, Alpha Thrashers are the most difficult to defeat, as their attack power and health are slightly stronger than the other two.

You can bring any decent weapon with you to defeat them, but you still have to pay attention to accuracy. And since they often move in groups, your best shot is to jump onto any nearby building and shoot at them from above.

The Lost

The Lost are well known in Skyline Valley. They are charged enemies, some of which are feral and some of which are not. Regardless of whether they are feral or not, they will blindly attack you outside of Vault 63.

Fallout 76 The Lost

With a little thought, the most dangerous enemy is the Lost that has not yet been feralized, as they can still attack you with weapons and armor, while the Lost that has been feralized will only attack you with their bodies. There are 9 different types of Lost that you will encounter:

  • Feral Lost
  • Lost Dweller
  • Lost Builder
  • Lost Welder
  • Lost Engineer
  • Lost Heavy Engineer
  • Lost Robot Master
  • Lost Champion
  • Lost Exalted Champion

Usually, these enemies are not difficult to deal with, and only require you to fire a few bullets or use a few melee weapons. The toughest Lost are those wearing Power Armor, as they are tanky enemies with high health and are difficult to defeat. So for new players, this can be a bit difficult and challenging.

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Thunder Crab

Thunder Crab is a special variant of the hermit crab that appeared in previous games, and you can find it in Mire Region. The only difference between it and the regular hermit crab is also reflected in its name - it can be charged by lightning.

Thunder Crab becomes active during a Dangerous Pastimes event. And it is a three-star legendary enemy with a lot of health and strong attacks, so you try to keep a certain distance from it.

In order to complete a Dangerous Pastimes event, you have to knock it down. In this battle, the best way is to find a few more people to kill it with you; if the number of friendly people is too small, you can jump on the substation tower and shoot it from above.

Because of its strength, the player will gain a lot of XP after knocking it down. And after completing the Dangerous Pastimes event, you will also receive:

  • V-63-BERTHA
  • Red Terror
  • Plan: Burnt Vault Chemist Coat
  • Plan: V63 Security Outfit
  • Plan: Moe The Mole Safety Cutout

Storm Goliaths

Similar to the previous Scorchbeast Queen and Earle Williams, Storm Goliaths are also part of Nuked event. Neurological Warfare is the latest endgame boss battle in Skyline Valley. You need to fight three Storm Goliaths in Hawksbill Weather Station.

Storm Goliaths are three giant electrically charged enemies. Speaking of electrically charged enemies, who else do you think of? That’s right! It’s Lost, and there is a certain connection between them. Looking forward to your follow-up exploration. Storm Goliaths have much more attack power than Lost and extremely high damage resistance.

Fallout 76 Storm Goliaths

This battle also has a time limit. You need to defeat all three Storm Goliaths within 25 minutes. This seems to be a tough challenge, but don’t forget that they also have weaknesses.

The ordinary non-legendary Gamma Guns you have can easily defeat them. After you complete it, it will reward you with three legendary Fallout 76 Items and a lot of XP. Like Thunder Crab, you will also be rewarded with the following after completing Neurological Warfare:

  • V63-OLGA
  • V63-HELGA
  • Anchorage Ace
  • Plan To Craft V63 Zweihaender

After reading this guide, are you more confident in facing these new “friends” in Skyline Valley? I hope you have a good time exploring Skyline Valley and have fun in Season 17.


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