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Fallout 76: Powerful Equipment Brought By Skyline Valley Update! - New Choices For Players

Posted: Jul 06, 2024

Posted: Jul 06, 2024

Source:  IGGM

In Fallout 76, new items make the game more exciting. These new items include powerful weapons, advanced armor and handy gadgets. In order to defeat enemies and survive in the wasteland of Appalachia, players must equip the right weapons.

Whether it’s Railway Rifles or Switchblades, Skyline Valley offers a lot of new Fallout 76 Items to suit every player’s combat style. Below we share details on every weapon in Fallout 76, its skills, and the tasks and activities you need to complete obtaining them.

Fallout 76: Powerful Equipment Brought By Skyline Valley Update! - New Choices For PlayersFallout 76: Powerful Equipment Brought By Skyline Valley Update! - New Choices For Players


V63-BERTHA has a double-shot feature, firing an extra bullet per shot, which is equivalent to firing two bullets instead of one per trigger pull. The damage caused by the bullets is increased by 25%, which directly increases the lethality of the weapon.

V63-BERTHA increases the weapon’s firing rate by 25%, reloads 15% faster, and provides double ammo capacity. Through its unique combination of characteristics, V63-BERTHA provides players with powerful support in various combat situations and is a great helper on the battlefield.

The acquisition of this weapon is random. And the process will be very time-consuming. Players can obtain several different weapons after completing the new randomly occurring event, Dangerous Pastimes. V63-BERTHA is one of them. If you want to get this weapon quickly, there is no other way except to get it from other players.

V63 Shock Baton

V63 Shock Baton increases armor penetration by 50%, making the weapon more effective against armored targets. It increases limb damage by 50%, which may cause greater damage when hitting the enemy’s limbs, affecting their mobility.

Therefore, V63 Shock Baton is a weapon suitable for close combat and can effectively fight armored targets and quickly weaken the enemy’s mobility. It can also be modified to cause additional shock damage. This weapon is very useful in certain combat situations. Because V63 Shock Baton reduces the damage rate of the weapon by 50%, it has higher durability and reliability in combat.

V63 Shock Baton is available by completing Housekeeping For Hire quest.


V63-HELGA is a superb weapon for heavy weapon enthusiasts, as it reduces weight by 90%. It also increases armor penetration by 50% and damage output while aiming by 25%, making this weapon useful for taking down large groups of enemies and boss enemies.

The only downside to this weapon is the cost of ammunition. It runs on Fusion Cores. These can be very expensive, especially if the player’s CAMP does not have a Fusion Core Recharger. This weapon is one reward for completing Neurological Warfare.

Fallout 76: V63-HELGA

V63 Zweihander

V63 Zweihander increases damage output by 50% when the target’s health is below 40%, which can make it possible to deal more damage when the enemy’s health is low. It increases damage output on power attacks by 40% and reduces damage taken on power attacks by 40%.

A melee weapon that attacks with power when the enemy is low on health and reduces the damage you take when you do so. It can be a very effective weapon for taking down some of the easier enemies in the game.

This two-handed weapon is obtained by completing the final main quest in Skyline Valley Region, Eye of The Storm. While it is a fairly slow and cumbersome weapon, it packs a punch.

Red Terror

Red Terror’s damage increases by 5% with each successive hit on the same enemy, up to a maximum of 45%. This represents Red Terror’s cumulative threat and fear. The 25% increase in damage while aiming allows for precision strikes and targeted suppression. The 15% increase in reload speed means quick reactions and adaptability. Like V63-BERTHA, Red Terror has doubled its ammo capacity.

Red Terror is a new light machine gun. Players can paint it with a Red Terror Paint and a Green Red Terror Paint. With the right setup, it can be very effective against large groups of enemies, and as such, it is one of the most popular weapons in Skyline Valley. Players have a chance to get Red Terror after completing Dangerous Pastimes event.

Fallout 76: Red Terror

Anchorage Ace

When the target’s health is below 40%, Anchorage Ace increases damage output by 50%. When using V.A.T.S., it increases the hit rate by 50%. Increases the success rate of Anchorage Ace when shooting accurately. Also, increases agility by 1. Allows players to have better evasion ability or faster movement speed in combat.

Although this weapon looks cool, most players will only keep it as a collection, and few players will find it useful. The gun can be painted with regular Anchorage Ace Paint and Arctic Paintstyle. Players have a chance to get it after completing the new boss battle event Neurological Warfare.


V63-OLGA increases armor penetration by 50%. Therefore, the weapon can effectively penetrate the enemy’s armor defenses and deal with higher actual damage. Increases damage by 25% when aiming. This encourages players to take a more cautious approach. V63-OLGA also increases reload speed by 15%, and can be deadly if used with the right skills. Players have a chance to get this weapon after completing Neurological Warfare.

It is a splendid weapon, as it has a decent damage output and minimal recoil. Unfortunately, this weapon is not suitable for V.A.T.S. users.

Ticket To Revenge

As the chain continues, Ticket To Revenge increases damage by 5% per chain, up to a maximum of 45%. This increasing damage output encourages the user to chain attacks. The weapon fires 25% faster and is 90% lighter.

Despite the nerf, this weapon is still very powerful and can knock down almost all tank enemies in the game, and is definitely worth keeping. It has a fast fire rate, hits hard, and Ticket To Revenge has twice the ammo compared to standard Railroad Rifle.

It is an automatic weapon, perfect for commandos. Ticket To Revenge also has a fairly low V.A.T.S. cost, making it a brilliant choice for those who like to maximize critical hit damage through V.A.T.S. system.

After completing the quest Between The Lines, you will be given a quest called Seeking Shelter. Completing this quest rewards the player with Ticket To Revenge. This quest is not difficult to complete and only takes 5 minutes.

Fallout 76: Ticket To Revenge

Shattered Grounds

Depending on the addiction level, the damage of Shattered Grounds can be increased by up to 50%, and the bullet explosion can deal area damage equal to 20% of the base damage, while Shattered Grounds only weigh 10% of the standard weight.

Shattered Grounds is a special version of Handmade Rifle that players are rewarded for completing Double-Crossed Wires quest. It has a fast rate of fire, deals explosive area damage, and holds 5 more rounds than standard Railroad Rifle. While it is an excellent weapon, it is also a niche weapon. Not many players tend to use Junkie’s builds.

The latest Skyline Valley update adds a whole new area to explore to this already expansive game world and introduces several new types of weapons. As you own and upgrade these Fallout 76 Items, they unlock new abilities, become particularly useful in combat, or provide unique benefits. A must-have for anyone serious about exploring Skyline Valley!


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