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Fallout 76: What Relationship Do You Want To Have With Hugo Stolz In Skyline Valley?

Posted: Jun 19, 2024

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley was officially released on June 12, and it is the first new content from Fallout TV show that has brought the game back to the top.

In just one week, Skyline Valley has been praised by players as the most comprehensive update to Fallout 76 so far, including new areas to explore, new story chapters, and new main characters. Hugo Stolz is one of the main characters in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, and his fate will determine how the entire story unfolds. So you need to choose your relationship with him carefully.

Fallout 76: What Relationship Do You Want To Have With Hugo Stolz In Skyline Valley?

Hugo Stolz is one of the first NPCs you meet in Skyline Valley. He is a friendly ghoul, the founder and CEO of Stolz Enterprises, a very successful business company before the war, and Overseer of Vault 63.

He will welcome you into Vault 63 and assign you some simple chores before you can get to know him better. I believe many players will doubt what Hugo’s true intentions are, and his plans are uncertain, but before making a final decision, it is worth affirming that he has a wonderful personality.

Become Friends With Hugo

In daily interactions, once you gain Hugo’s trust, he will tell you the truth about Vault 63: this Vault was not completed before the bomb fell, so everyone here was exposed to excessive radiation. Some people died, but the survivors also experienced ghoulization. Hugo’s wife Cassidy was one of the first to begin the transformation.

In daily life, Hugo accidentally discovered that Vault 63’s weather machine can mitigate the effects of feralization. He first brought his wife there and turned it on. He was surprised to find that the energy released by the weather machine slowed Cassidy’s progression. But there are also certain side effects, which will make Vault dwellers become a special kind of feral ghouls called the Lost.

Because the Lost lacks all sensory perception, they will be hostile to anything that stands in their way and attack indiscriminately. Some survivors wanted to lock the Lost in an unused room in Vault 63, but Cassidy’s condition deteriorated again, and Hugo had to activate the machine again. Eventually, it created a huge, permanent thunderstorm over Skyline Valley, destroying the hidden rooms, and the Lost rushed into the valley and began wandering around.

The resulting explosion will also disable the weather machine, and in a quest called Gathering Clouds, you’ll discover that the machine won’t heal the Lost, but will give Hugo the power to command them. Hugo will tell you that he wants to repair the machine and restart it, not only for his wife but also to gain full control of his Lost army.

However, the player will find a note in Old Crimora Mines that says Hugo must pay. This means that the power and status Hugo wants will cost the lives of many innocent survivors. You need to make a choice here!

If you befriend Hugo and help him complete his plan, he will gain access to another weather machine during Eye of the Storm. He will continue his plan to expand his Lost army to include his detractors, Audrey, Oberlin, and Hilda.

This can be considered an ending, although it doesn’t have much impact on the subsequent content, but it will also cause the other major characters in Skyline Valley to be half dead. In the end, you will see a tyrannical Overseer and an army that does not allow others to question you.

Betray Hugo

Back to the beginning of your choices. If you find out that Hugo has fled to the weather machine, two of his former collaborators will offer you a choice of betrayal - either killing him or imprisoning him. Oberlin suggests capturing him and imprisoning him, while his daughter Audrey suggests killing him.

If you follow Oberlin’s advice and imprison Hugo, then Oberlin will take his place as Overseer of Vault 63. Hugo will have to survive in the Vault’s prison, but he will still be able to continue researching the Lost and the weather machine, but without any abilities.

If you follow Audrey’s advice and kill him, then Audrey will also take his place as Overseer of Vault 63. Research on the Lost will be slowed down, and the survivors of Vault 63 can continue to live and work.

Both options can be called the good endings of Skyline Valley, and it’s up to you which one you want in the end. But it should be noted that Hugo can recover health during the battle with you, so make sure you bring enough Stimpaks and ammunition to deal with a long battle.

But as it stands, Fallout 76 doesn’t tell us what the ultimate fate of Vault 63 will be if players and Hugo turn against each other. After many players’ speculation, Vault 63 will basically remain in a state of stagnation for the foreseeable future, which is neither good nor bad.

No matter what players choose, the rewards for completing the last mission in Skyline Valley are exactly the same. Besides a certain amount of XP, some Bottle Caps, some Fallout 76 Items that can be used for healing, and some explosives, you will also receive V63 Zweihaender. This is a plasma cutter weapon that can deal more damage to some enemies with lower HP and increase your defense while charging.

Although Hugo is very evil, the choice is always in the hands of the player. Some players may feel that he is justified in pursuing his rights and choose to help him complete his “great achievements”. There will also be players who hate evil and feel that Hugo deserves to die, and want to protect the survivors in Vault 63. No matter which one you choose, it’s completely fine.


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