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General News

  • Fallout 76: How To Complete Gather Personal Effects For Craig Quest In Skyline Valley?

    Posted: Jun 14, 2024

    Quests in games are more or less challenging, and Fallout 76 is no exception. Fallout 76’s latest update, Skyline Valley, introduces a series of new quests. One of the key quests requires you to help an NPC named Craig find his friends.

    However, in the main quest “Into Lands Unknown”, you will find that Craig’s friends have unfortunately died, and what you need to do is to collect their personal effects and return them to Craig. However, there are no direct markers about where to find these personal effects in Fallout 76.

    You need to find three items that are important to Craig to complete Gather Personal Effects For Craig quest. These items are Miles' Hat, Rob's Journal, and Rob's Journal.

    This guide will provide you with information on how to complete Gather Personal Effects For Craig quest.

    How To Start The Quest?

    Before starting the quest, you need to find Craig. Craig is a member of Settlers from the Foundation. In 2105, he led an expedition consisting of Miles, Rob, and Rebecca into Skyline Valley after he saw a tremendous storm that destroyed the area. He intended to see if anyone needed help. However, the group was attacked by Lost and scattered.

    Craig fled with his cat, Catty, to a small post at the entrance of Skyline Drive, where he has remained ever since, fearing further attacks. He also wrote a memo for someone to take care of his cat in case he dies.

    You will naturally encounter Craig by continuing to complete Fallout 76’s main quest “Into Lands Unknown”. Craig will, of course, be at a small post at the entrance of Skyline Drive, which is the first location you encounter in Skyline Valley, Appalachia update.

    Talk to Craig, and he will give you a quest to collect personal effects. More specifically, he wants you to collect personal effects for his deceased friends, which hold sentimental value to him. Craig asks you to use flares to mark their locations. These personal effects are difficult to find, and the locations are very hidden, even near the bodies of those friends.

    Find these personal effects that need to be collected and return them to Craig. Completing this quest will reward you with Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, among other things.

    Where To Find Miles’ Hat?

    The first of these personal effects for friends you need to find is Miles’ hat. You need to head to the quest zone marked on the map, Makeout Point, to find it, but be careful not to be defeated quickly by enemies, as this area is home to powerful enemies.

    Makeout Point is located near the base of a cliff. At the foot of the cliff, you will find Miles’ hat on a lower ledge. You will usually find it right in front of his body, but you can also find it when looking down if you climb over the rope covering his body and walk to the edge.

    Pick up Miles’ Hat and you will have completed the first part of this objective, then you need to follow the blood trail until you find Miles’ body on top, where you will need to fire a flare to mark the location.

    Where To Find Rob’s Journal?

    After finding Miles’ body and personal effects, a new quest zone marker will appear on Fallout 76 map, and you will need to head there to find Rob’s Journal. On your way to the quest zone marker, you will find a tunnel on the road south of Makeout Point.

    You need to follow the path until you find a tunnel with a barrier marked with S.O.S. There is also a lantern in the tunnel. You can see Rob's body on the other side of the barrier. His journal is on the ground in front of a wooden board with white letters painted on it.

    Pick up Rob’s Journal, then make sure to fire a flare at his body.

    Where To Find Rebecca’s Holotags?

    Also, after finding Rob’s body and personal effects, a new quest zone marker will appear on Fallout 76 map. This marker is located in Dark Hollow Manor.

    Go to Dark Hollow Manor. Rebecca’s Holotags is to the right of the stone door at the entrance. When facing the entrance, you will find a body leaning against one of the stone pillars. This is Rebecca. You will also see a large pool of blood surrounding Rebecca’s body. It is obvious that she suffered the most tragic fate of them all. Holotags are on the ground to the right of the body.

    Pick up Rebecca’s holotags and fire the last flare marker at her body. You will complete “Into Lands Unknown” quest.

    Now that you know how to gather personal effects for Craig in Fallout 76, follow these steps and you’ll be able to complete Gather Personal Effects For Craig quest efficiently. Then move on to completing Skyline Valley quest for a richer gaming experience.

  • Fallout 76: 4 Things You Should Expect In Season 17 Skyline Valley

    Posted: Jun 13, 2024

    Fallout 76 has come a long way since its initial release in 2018. Whether you’re a longtime Fallout fan or a newcomer to the hit series on Prime Video, Skyline Valley, the first major update to the game’s universe, is well worth the wait.

    In the latest free update, players will travel across Savage Divide to a new picturesque region in southern Appalachia: Skyline Valley. New locations to explore are introduced here, allowing players to experience the game even better this time around.

    At the recent Fallout 76 preview event in London, Creative Director Jonathan Rush shared that in order to expand the game's reach and make players more comfortable playing, the team has been discussing how to make the game more attractive to both new and old players.

    He touched on specific aspects, such as changes to the initial vault exit experience. From now on, players can choose to exit at level 20 and choose from five different loadouts, or even go the more hardcore route. Besides this, the team is placing more points of interest around the vault as a means of introducing players to combat and different factions.

    Not only does this mean that there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled in the game, but the team needs to spend more time researching the mythology just to find new things to help the game, including the new electrified ghouls that will take over the newly built Vault 63.

    Rush also said that the team’s primary goal is to make Skyline Valley a part of Appalachia and have its own unique characteristics, rather than being an isolated small part.

    For example, the story of Vault 63 just mentioned, the team needs to spend a lot of time researching that space and their backstory, so it will reflect why Vault 63 has become what it is. Speaking of the inhabitants of Vault 63, Rush revealed that they have become “The Lost” because of their nature.

    Rush was obsessed with Vault 63 and wanted to say: "When players find their leader Hugo Stolz and talk to him, do you want to make friends with him or..." Until the development team pulled Rush away, he still wanted to share more about Vault 63. Then wait for the players to explore it themselves!

    There are many places worth experiencing in Skyline Valley, but here are four key highlights to help you get started quickly.

    1. Secrets Behind Vault 63

    The first thing to bear the brunt is secrets behind Vault 63 that Rush just mentioned, which consists of 12 missions at 20 points of interest. Players will find the specific location of Vault 63 in the center of the mysterious red lightning storm and uncover its secrets - learn the truth about the refugees living in Vault 63 and the surrounding “The Lost” electrified Ghouls.

    Vault 63 has an overseer named Hugo Stoltz who is particularly lively and forms a huge contrast with the refugees. “The Lost” will live in their own twisted reality, unable to communicate with people and protect themselves from all outsiders.

    2. Endgame Event: Neurological Warfare

    This new endgame event Neurological Warfare is triggered by nuke and takes place in the arena of Hawksbill Weather Station in the north of Skyline Valley. After being hit by a nuclear bomb, the weather in the entire Skyline Valley area changes.

    The beginning of the endgame event will be signaled by the appearance of three oversized robot brains, which are created by the great minds of Vault 63. After defeating these three Storm Goliaths, players can get legendary loot and Fallout 76 Items from each robot.

    3. Public Event: Dangerous Pastimes

    Dangerous Pastimes is a new public event that takes place at Thunder Mountain Substation TM-03 in the northeast of Skyline Valley. It should be noted that before participating, please make sure that your player level is at level 50 and above, otherwise you cannot participate in this event.

    During this event, players can team up to help some settlers conduct dangerous lightning collector experiments around the substation. The entire event is actually very simple. Players need to run around the substation and collect a bunch of lightning collector parts to power the collector in the middle of the substation. During your collection process, you will fight against waves of electrified Ghouls, and finally, you will challenge a huge Thunder Crab as the ultimate boss.

    4. Milepost Zero Skyline Valley Update

    Blue Ridge Caravan Company in the game has been operating routes along Skyline Drive, and players are needed in this update. The caravans are mainly led by some two-headed mutated cattle Brahmin, and you can pat them to make them run faster!

    In addition, it was announced in Skyline Valley launch trailer that players can play as ghouls for the first time in any Fallout game in an update in early 2025. This is very worth looking forward to and experiencing.

    At this stage, Fallout 76 Skyline Valley update has been officially launched on major platforms on June 12. Jonathan Rush said that he is looking forward to players expressing their love for this update on social media and wishing players a happy exploration.

  • Fallout 76: These Locations Are Ideal For Farming Abundant Lead

    Posted: May 31, 2024

    In Fallout 76, if you want to make your own ammo, you're going to need a lot of materials, one of which is lead. If you don't know how to find them, then I'm going to show you some of my favorite places to get lead. And if you follow this guide, then you should be able to get over 400 lead in less than 10 minutes! Let's get started!

    One thing I need to warn you about is that these items have a spawn limit, so if you take them all in one day, they may not respawn until the next day. You can also try server hopping, but I've noticed that sometimes server hopping doesn't reset them. And there are other players on the server who may have already obtained lead. So before you go there, remember to check if anyone has already entered the area.

    Charleston Fire Department

    First, we can head to Charleston Fire Department. Once there, enter through the front door and quickly turn right. Open the door in front, then turn left for twice and you can reach the gym. Here, you'll find dumbbells of various weights scattered on the ground, including 20lb, 40lb, 80lb, and 160lb dumbbells.

    After collecting these lead weights inside Charleston Fire Department, you can also search nearby for other sources of lead that can be utilized, including tinker's workbench in the corner. If not, utilize any other available benches for scrapping. By scrapping these to collect lead, you will be able to obtain more.

    Vault-Tec University

    Then, we can head to Vault-Tec University, situated on the edge of The Forest, making it a relatively low area. Upon arrival, head through the main gate with 2 red doors. Enter as the team leader to create your own instance, where you can easily obtain lead even in a crowded lobby.

    Once inside, turn right, bypass any enemies you encounter, and take the first left turn to find a small gym. There, you'll find dumbbells similar to the previous location I mentioned. Loot these dumbbells from the floor, as those on the bench can not be obtained. While Vault-Tec doesn't usually offer an abundance of lead, every source counts when looking for resources.

    After collecting dumbbells, you can return to your camp, where may be more conveniently located for scrapping. Though Vault-Tec University may not be the best place to find lead, scrapping the collected dumbbells will still yield some valuable lead resources.

    Monorail Elevator

    The next location we're going to is Monorail Elevator, which is located next to Savage Divide, right next to Cranberry Bog. You can get to the top of Monorail Tower-house via Monorail Elevator, and that's where you need to go. Be very careful once you're up there. Because if you jump off from that height, you'll die from fall damage.

    Then, right in the middle of this big elevator, you'll see a bunch of weights, and among them are 10lb, 25lb lead weights. This is also where you can get a lot of cement. One thing you may have overlooked is the rattle on the ground. Because all baby toys will give you a little lead because the paint on them is considered lead and paint.

    There's also some lead on Monorail Tower-house. If you need to get back over there, you can pop up the survival tent. Of course, if you have power armor, you can also just jump down.


    The last location we're going to is at Bunker Alpha. Before you are there, be aware that in order to access this area, you'll encounter a fight, and you must complete the 'I Am Become Death' mission, which allows you to drop a nuke. Additionally, expect hostile enemies upon arrival, so ensure you're well prepared and have good energy resistance.

    Once there, quickly deal with the enemies and clear the area. In the gym, you'll find an 80lb dumbbell and a few more scattered around. Keep in mind that looting enemies may yield additional lead, but be more mindful of your safety during a fight.

    All missile silos have the same layout, so whether it's Bunker Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie, you'll find similar lead deposits. You can visit all the 3 sites for maximum lead collection. After looting the area, utilize your survival tent to scrap the acquired lead. Each time you visit a bunker, it should yield about 73-75 lead, which is a great contribution for you to craft. The lead amount remains consistent across all sites. After looting all the 3 bunkers and other areas I mentioned before, you should leave with approximately 420 lead.

    The only place you can always find lead is in a bunker, unless someone has already gone there and got it. When you are in a bunker, you can keep fighting the many robots that spawn there, as some of them will drop lead. Keep in mind that lead availability may vary depending on the actions of other players in your server.

    That's all I have to say for today. If you already know how to get it in these locations, you will be able to get over 400 lead in about 10 minutes. Good luck.

  • Fallout 76: Does The Existence Of Fallout 1st Cause The Game To Become Pay To Win?

    Posted: May 30, 2024

    I often see people saying that Fallout 1st is a means of pay to win in Fallout 76. This view seems to come from people who may have played the game a long time ago but have not actually played it for a long time. So, let me answer a question that I think a lot of people may have: Do you need Fallout 1st to enjoy Fallout 76?

    Fallout 1st is a premium membership that you can get benefits by paying a monthly subscription. Obviously, it does give players a better gaming experience, otherwise why would anyone buy it? But is it essential for you?

    So let me break it down so you can know if it is worth it for you to do so. I think as someone who has not relied on Fallout 1st, I can tell you what the real benefits are.

    What Are The Benefits Of Fallout 1st?

    Assuming you subscribe to Fallout 1st, what does it get you? You get two new types of stash boxes. One of them, Scrapbox, allows you to store unlimited garbage. The other type of Ammo box allows you to store unlimited ammo.

    To complement these crates, you also get Survival Tent. This is a mini-camp that you can place wherever you want, giving you access to your stash at all times.

    Depending on the skin you use, you get additional benefits, such as a bed, cooking station, and some workbenches.

    You can also play in private worlds. Private worlds are the same as normal worlds, but only players you invite can enter the world. There are also custom worlds, in which you can tweak the rules however you want.

    Subscribing also automatically gets you Fallout 1st exclusive season items and Atomic Shop items, as well as 1,650 Atoms per month to spend. You also get some free icons, emotes, and Ranger Armor costume as a bonus.

    Do You Really Need A Scrapbox & Ammo Box?

    The above is just a list of benefits on paper, but let’s see how it actually affects your gameplay.

    Fallout 1st is actually designed to entice kleptomaniacs to subscribe with its unlimited Scrapbox and Ammo boxes. So, in theory, you can collect and store all the scraps in every location you visit.

    This synergizes well with the tent. Because it lets you clear a spot, set up a tent outside, and store all your new scrap and ammo without having to trek to your camp or somewhere else with those stash boxes.

    You can also play in a private world if you’re hunting for rare items or something in high demand. Anything you do there carries over to your normal game play, so you can harvest as many Fallout 76 items as possible, knowing that no one else can take it.

    Note that being able to take over all the workshops on the map can give you quite a bit of resources. I was lucky enough to get Fallout 1st Trial during Invaders from Beyond event, which gave me a ton of Circuits.

    And whenever Earle showed up, I’d also try to kill him to get Screws I needed for a long time. That’s not even counting the tens of thousands of Steel and other common materials I just picked up during the trial. But is it really essential?

    When you’re crafting a ton of new weapons or armor, it’s handy to have materials on hand. Once you have endgame armor and weapons, you don’t actually use the stuff in your Scrapbox. As a result, we’re not usually at risk of running out of materials quickly. But even if you do need scrap, you can loot the same place repeatedly by server hopping, so getting scrap isn’t a problem.

    People who build camps frequently will undoubtedly find it convenient to have a large variety of materials on hand. But again, how often do you find yourself building a lot of camps frequently?

    By default, you start with two camp slots. Of course, you can spend Atoms to get more. Let’s say you have 5 camps. Even if you build a lot of stuff at each camp, you still won’t use that many materials.

    For most materials, you can collect them when you need them, with the one big exception being Stable Flux. Each Flux takes up 1 capacity of your stash, so if you collect more than one Flux, it will quickly use up all your available space. Because of this, I personally tend to use up Flux as soon as I get it.

    But if you’re one of those players who often collects Flux and uses it to craft, then Scrapbox will be very useful. But except for very special cases, most of the time Scrapbox isn’t necessary. It’s undoubtedly useful and convenient, but not something you have to have to enjoy the game.

    The same can be said about Ammo box. Especially now that Contextual Ammo drops more frequently, most of the time you’ll find that you have more than enough ammo for your weapons. So stockpiling extra ammo isn’t that great. Or maybe it’s hard to get ammo, in which case you don’t have ammo to stockpile. In either case, you don’t have much use for Ammo box.

    Does It Make It Easier To Complete Challenges?

    A lot of daily challenges and special events involve getting items or scrapping for some material. Spring Cleaning Event a while ago is a good example. Because everyone is looking for the same items, it ends up being hard to find. But if you can create a private world, then you’re guaranteed to find items without having to compete with everyone else.

    The same goes for materials. A lot of challenges involve scrapping for a material, and if you have Fallout 1st, you can simply batch craft an item, disassemble it, and put it back in Scrapbox. It’s the easiest way to win a challenge, and it only costs a little Plastic.

    But recently the developers seem to have realized this, so a lot of challenges are scrapping for materials that can’t be batched, so the benefit that Fallout 1st brought has been weakened again.

    I have to remind you that almost all of these challenges can be completed without Fallout 1st. While having things like private worlds is very convenient, they are by no means essential.

    Unlocking Exclusive Items

    If you look at Atomic Shop and Season Board, you’ll notice that some items are exclusive to Fallout 1st. This means that the only way to access them is to have Fallout 1st perk.

    But in the new Season format, you can spend 1500 Atoms to unlock exclusive items. And since Fallout 1st items contain Atoms, you’ll eventually get them back if you progress far enough, so it ends up being almost free.

    But for Atomic Shop items, you have to subscribe. Some of them can be pretty nice, so this is definitely a benefit for players who tend to collect everything.

    The fact that you also get extra Atoms each month means you can buy more stuff in the shop. And your Scrapbox means you can build more camp items. This is definitely a synergy for collectors and people who like to build unique camps.

    But camp building is not essential, and a pleasant camp doesn’t make you play better. So again, being able to get a bunch of unique items is nice, but it’s not essential.

    Is Fallout 1st A Must?

    So let me get back to the question I originally wanted to answer. Is it essential to have Fallout 1st? Obviously, it’s not. It’s convenient, but it’s not something you have to have in order to enjoy the game.

    But it has to be said that this is actually a good thing for Fallout 76. It means that the barrier to entry for new players is low, and they can enjoy the game just as much as some people who spend a lot of money. This encourages them to stay, which in turn expands the player base.

    On the other hand, some of these players will in turn find the convenience of Fallout 1st worth subscribing, which in turn increases the game’s revenue. This is exactly the kind of virtuous cycle you want, and it’s what makes the game thrive.

  • Fallout 76: Where Can We Find The 6 Mysterious Map Fragments?

    Posted: May 29, 2024

    While playing Fallout 76, you might have found a mysterious map fragment that presents unexpected messages. They are introduced in Wastelanders update and are 6 miscellaneous items in a Fallout 76 unmarked quest called Treasure Unknown. In this guide, I will show you how to get them and everything you need to know. Let's dive in!

    How To Start This Quest?

    The easiest place to start this quest is from Grafton Station. On the second row of streets, you can go right inside the door. This is an instanced area, but you're just alone to be here now, and just inside the door, you can get a little clue that we are in the right place.

    Because you have got an Eviction Notice from Flavia Stabo, and what you have to do is go upstairs, go around the stairs, and there is a sunken area. Then you'll see other things - Detective Case Files, Army Graduation Papers These are just things you can add to your inventory, but they have nothing to do with the quest.

    Turn on the black light, and right on the wall, we have these words - Gasman, Spelunker, Teach, Halo, Cryptid, and The Meat, and these are actually clues that will tell you where all the map pieces are. They are 6 in total, and these are the keys to the locations or clues to the locations. So we're going to go to all the locations, and I'll tell you where they are.

    Wren's Fragment (Teach)

    So the first location you're going to go to is Morgantown High School, which is where classes are held, so we're just going to go in through the front door and then go up to the second floor. We're going to go through a kitchen area and then go into a classroom.

    There's a broken terminal here, and near here, we're going to find Mysterious Map Fragment: Wren. When you pick up the map fragment, you're going to see a message that you'll sometimes get a pop-up message when you log into a server, and this is the first map fragment, there are 6 in total.

    Barry's Fragment (Gasman)

    Our next location is the Red Rocket Mega Stop, located at the far east end of the map, right next to the Pumpkin House. But where you actually want to go to is Red Rocket filling station across the street. We'll then go inside this station. On the counter is the cash register, and just on the other side of the radio, you'll find another mysterious map fragment - Mysterious Map Fragment: Barry.

    Jessica's Fragment (Halo)

    The next location we're going to is located in The Mire, and it's called Haven Church. It's just south of Dire Chemical, and you'll hear organ music as you get close. You can walk right in, but you'll run into a Ghoul or 2 or Bloodworms. There are many Fallout 76 Items here and just above the counter, we can find Mysterious Map Fragment: Jessica.

    Finn's Fragment (The Meat)

    The next location we are going to is General's Steakhouse. There would be The meat. It's right across the street from RobCo Research Center and is near Camp Venture. It's kind of at the top of the Cranberry Bog, and there are full of Super Mutants.

    So you need to go right inside the front door, painted wood door, and usually there's a Super Mutant right there. But maybe we could sneak around because really what we want is actually in here. Then, we need to enter the bar. On the edge of the bar, by the cash register, we have another mysterious map fragment, and this time it is for Finn.

    Constance's Fragment (Spelunker)

    So, the next location we head to is Uncanny Caverns. It is at the kind of the bottom of Forest, right above Ash Heap. That would be the clue for Spelunker. And we actually don't go into the caverns. The building that says gift shop is where we need to go.

    After going inside this place, right on the counter, there's another cash register there, and then you can see there's a Mothman Museum poster. That up, we get what we need - Mysterious Map Fragment: Constant, and after having this one, now we have 5 out of 6.

    Fernando's Fragment (Cryptid)

    The last place we're going to is Point Pleasant, which is the clue to Cryptid. Then the place you're going to is Mothman Museum. The thing about this area is that you can go completely invisible and then fight a bunch of Cultists. But that would take too long because they're on the roof.

    Find the Mothman statue next to the giant Mothman sign. Behind the locked door, there's at least one Mothman you need to defeat. Then, right on the counter next to cash register, we'll find the last map fragment we need, and this time is for Fernando.

    Go Back To Pawn Shop

    Once you have collected all the fragments, you go back to the pawn shop. There's a board in the area where the black light is projected, and it's asking us to add the incomplete or add the map fragments. When you do that, you just click once and it's going to put all the map fragments up there.

    Now notice, let's say you don't want to do the mission and you only have one map fragment in your inventory and you want to remove that message. You can actually come here and put one, two, or three. Whatever number you have in your inventory, you can put them here. It's going to remove them from your inventory and you won't get that message again.

    So even if you don't want to do the mission just to remove the fragments, you can come here and do that. So once we have that, it looks like we have a map or a partial map. If we use the black light again, you can see that the clue is still there.

    That concludes all the key information about Mysterious Map Fragments in Fallout 76 and you can just follow this guide and find them as soon as possible.

  • Fallout 76: New Map Expansion, Quest Line, Boss Fight And More Big Update!

    Posted: May 28, 2024

    Hello everyone.

    In just a couple of weeks, Bethesda is set to release the biggest update for Fallout 76, which I think we’ve ever actually seen. Sadly, there is still no set date on when the update is actually going to be released, but it is usually on a Tuesday.

    So it could be the 4th the 11th the earn or even the 25th. Now in this passage, I want to do a brief overview of all the things to expect in this huge new update.

    Let’s take a look at what’s coming in.

    New Map Expansion

    The first thing first with a Skyline Valley update is of course going to be the new map expansion. We are getting a whole new area added into Fallout 76 for the first time. Properly in not kind of expedition fashion. This is literally expanding the map in the south.

    And it’s bringing in a whole load of new locations.

    On top of the locations you can see in the sky, it’s bringing in a whole new environment as well to explore and you can also camp down here as well. So a bunch of new camp locations. With enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, there will be more camping spots to choose from.

    New Quest Line

    Now hiding within this new map expansion, we’re also going to be getting a whole new quest line getting you to explore the remains of Vault 63. And finding out the secrets of what’s happening in there.

    I don’t want to cover this too much because I don’t want to give away any spoilers or ruin the quest line for anyone. But it’s definitely really interesting.

    When you venture into Vault 63, you will look how dark and creepy it is. It’s a lot of fun.

    New boss Fight

    Now on top of this new quest line, we’re also going to be getting a new boss fight that’s getting added in bringing in a whole new location where you can actually fight multiple bosses at the same time.

    The boss fight as a whole is a lot of fun where you get to meet these new goliaths, which actually are quite challenging, and the map itself where you’re doing it is actually quite fun.

    Because it like splits up the kind of a little area that you’re fighting into multiple different zones and you can’t cross into other zones at certain points of the fight. So you’ve got to be quick and kind of work as a team.

    Otherwise, you might get trapped and just killed. There’s also other enemies that spawn in there as well to kind of distract you and make it a little more challenging. You will enjoy this process very much.

    New Public Event

    Now, on top of a new boss fight event that’s getting added, we’re also getting a whole new public event added in called Dangerous Pastimes.

    This introduces you to the new lost Vault dwellers, which is a new enemy getting added into the game. It looks a little strange. It’s kind of like a Ghoul Slayer’s Humanoid thing, which kind of embraces electricity flowing through its body and comes after you in a crazy fashion.

    Overall, the event itself is quite chaotic and quite fun. So definitely want to look forward to when it gets added in. There’s also a bunch of of new rewards added in with all of this that we’ve covered so far with the quest line and the event to keep an eye out for them.

    New Enemies

    Now on the topic of new enemies with Lost coming in with that event, we also have a few other creatures getting added in, where you will be able to find when traveling around small Pheasants as well as Thrashers.

    There’s also a couple of little things as well pointing towards other creatures where you can find something in a test tube which I’m still unclear what this is. Some people think it could be a baby.

    I think someone said, but we have no actual confirmation of this. And there’s also what appears to be a Wanamingo on a table inside Vault. So there are some definitely interesting ones to look out for.

    New Season 17

    And finally, of course with on top of all of this, with a new update we’re also going to be seeing the new season 17 getting added into the game. Datamine that’s meant to be a kind of rewards for this new season. So definitely go check that out.

    Of course, these are Datamine. So they may change they might change them over to Atomic shop. At the moment, these to be seasonal items.

    New Daily Ops Locations

    Daily Ops is also meant me getting some new things as well with some new locations getting thrown in and new enemies flown in as well. In these new changes, you will be able to fight Overgrown, as well as Fanatics, which are available in Aquarium or Foundry.

    That’s all about the new map expansion, new quest line and new boss fight update and so on in Fallout 76. I hope these can be helpful when you play the game and enjoy it.

  • Fallout 76: 6 Unique Camp Locations With Stunning Views

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    Enjoy your gaming experience in the Fallout 76 Wasteland by exploring several beautiful Camp locations and building your own unique Camps! Here are some great location to inspire your creativity and help you make the most out of your Fallout 76 adventures. If you like this topic, let's get started!

    West Of White Springs Mall

    The first location, just west of White Springs Mall, is a really nice one. You have a beautiful bridge and you can always build around it. You don't have to build directly on the bridge, but you can tie it to your Camp. You can get a little creative and put some Fallout 76 Items to decorate. I thought it would be nice if it was decorated a little with Christmas Lights.

    The area is open and versatile, providing a great view overlooking the dry lake. A recent Camp I found here skillfully integrated the bridge into a cliff-side base, creating a stunning and cozy retreat.

    Outside Abandoned Bog Town

    Moving on, we have Abandoned Bog Town, just outside of it. This area is a pretty nice area with a pre-built structure, so if you want to tie into that, put a gate at the front, and add some defenses. Especially if you want to have more of that raider style and be a bit more creative. It looks like a little pitstop with the little shack towards the back.

    This location is definitely unique. You can dress it up however you want, put more lights up. It is kind of on the side of the road, almost off a cliff-side, so it's a good location if you want to make it look like an abandoned pitstop or a checkpoint.

    You can do whatever you want here. I would imagine putting up some structures to make it look like a little outpost or a compound-style base. It has a great view, so that's one plus. You can see any nearby nukes, making it a good scenic area.

    There aren't too many resources here. It's more of a scenic area if you want a good view. You can build things behind it and in front. I found this Camp that someone dressed up to look like a little compound, and it looks really nice. I love that they incorporated a more rustic style.

    West Of The Retreat

    This next one is one of my favorites. it's just west of the Retreat. I really like tree house builds and waterfall builds where you can incorporate them into your base. For this one, you can put something special and unique in this location. In this build that I found, someone made it look really homey, cozy, and warm.

    It's one of those areas where you can put your Camp at the bottom and build from the bottom up. Some things are kind of pre-built there, so you can add to it, get creative, and make it look like a modern tree house or an old rustic style, maybe something cozy. This person chose a cozy route, and it's one of my favorite tree houses that I've seen in the game. It's pretty simple, but it does the job.

    Mole Miner Tunnel

    Mole Miner Tunnel offers a unique and intriguing location for building a base in Fallout 76. The cool, open landscape is a significant draw for players, and the underground tunnels add a new layer of depth to any Camp. By building in this area, players can create an immersive base that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

    The interconnected caverns provide natural defenses, making the area safer from potential attacks. The Camp's features highlight the rugged beauty of the tunnels, enhancing the overall aesthetic. To navigate the underground tunnels effectively, players will need to meticulously plan their Camp layout, ensuring functionality and ease of movement within their subterranean haven.

    West Of Rusty Pick

    The next one is just west of Rusty Pick. This one is near a Crane area and has some pre-built structures, so you can get creative again and incorporate them into your build. This is one of my favorite areas because the structures are not too abandoned and are in good condition.

    That's one of the things I always try to look for in pre-built. In this next Camp I found, someone turned it into a nice warehouse-looking style home. It's one of my favorite ones built here and stands out among the others.

    Morgantown Trainyard

    In Fallout 76, the Morgantown Trainyard Camp is an excellent choice for players because of its comprehensive resources and strategic location. Situated west of the Trainyard in the Appalachian Forest, this camp provides an ideal building spot, particularly for lower-level players, thanks to the accessible resources in the area.

    The camp's proximity to Morgantown allows for easy interaction with other survivors and access to the amenities of the Trainyard. The primary objective of establishing a camp at the Morgantown Trainyard is to strike a balance between utilizing available resources and mitigating potential threats from nearby enemies.

    Hope these locations can inspire you to create your own unique Camp in Fallout 76!

  • Fallout 76: How To Obtain And Use Pepper Shaker To Accomplish Your Goals?

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    Hopefully, you’re having a great and wonderful day out there in the Wasteland in Fallout 76. We’re going to be going over a full health Pepper Shaker build. I find this weapon to be so much fun to use out there in Wastelands of Appalachia. We’ll talk about everything around the Pepper Shaker.

    How To Get The Plan For Pepper Shaker?

    Now, the plan for Pepper Shaker can come from two different locations. It can either be earned from Event Grahm's Meat-cook or it can be found in a players vendor or you can use Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to gain it.

    What To Do After Meat Week Ends To Get Pepper Shaker?

    Now maybe you’re watching this passage after meat week. And you weren’t able to have RNG luck to get it as an event reward. And you weren’t able to find it at a player’s vendor for a decent price.

    I want you to know that the weapon itself, as long as it doesn’t have any mods on it, is tradeable. So another player can craft you up some Pepper Shakers and you can roll on them and then earn the mods for yourself.

    How Do I Get Mods For Pepper Shaker? Where Do I Go?

    And now speaking of mods for Pepper Shaker. There are three locations in Appalachia that you can pick these mods up from and they are all gold Bullion Vendors.

    The first location is Crater with Raiders. Now you do have to be allies with Raiders for this plan to show up in Mortimer’s inventory, but remember, you also have to beat Wastelander DLC for Mortimer to show up.

    And the next location is the foundation of these Settlers. And you have to be an ally with the Settlers for the plan, the mods and Pepper Shaker, to show up in their inventory with Samuel in the back of foundation. Now grinding out the reputation of Settlers and Raiders will take you some time.

    But if you need some help with this, we did an ultimate guide for Settler and Raider's reputation with Duchess Flame.

    The Third location is over at Vault 79 with Regs. And once you are done with Wastelander DLC, you will be able to go trade with Regs for gold Bullion.

    The Full Health Build For Pepper Shaker

    And when I make a build, I like to make it something memorable which could be funny or an Ear Worm to a song. And if you know this Ear Worm that this build is named after your knees and back surely hurt, but here is what we’ve got set up right here.

    Let me show you what those are. We are currently using taking one for the team where enemies take 40% more damage when they attack you if you are on a team. We’re using Luck, Agility, Intellect, Perception and Strength. But we’ve got our build.

    Now one great thing is we’re going to be carrying around a bunch of everything. So we always max out our traveling Pharmacy but you see Pepper Shaker. It’s a heavy and a shotgun, so you can level up shotgunner with each of those perk cards.

    And the heavy cards up to number two. That way you’re getting an extra 15% damage. And those are all going to work with each other because again it is a heavy weapon. And it is a shotgun just like this Skeet shooter.

    In Perception, your shotguns have excellent accuracy and spread and of course, we just wanted to put some points into glow sight just in case we’re going up against a glowing enemy. We just want to do a little more 9 points into endurance, just to have Fireproof to take less damage from explosions and Flames attacks.

    But here’s the thing a lot of these we don’t really need. We just have the points for them. There’ll be a Pin to nukes and dragon with a level 50 build on the cards that I suggest.

    But we also have Lifegiver in here and Chem resistant just in case we ever want to take some Med-X. You know anything like that in Charisma? We have Inspirational Strange In Numbers because we are mutated Suppressors all the way maxed out to reduce your target damage output by 30% for two seconds after you attack and we attack a lot with Pepper Shaker.

    Tenderizer, let your target receive 10% more damage for 10 seconds after you attack. And someone is sharing Strange In Numbers, but we can’t guarantee that someone’s going to share that. So we just pick that up for our mutations as long as others are mutated.

    Then we have batteries included because on arm Pepper Shaker. We have the laser magazine so that turns it into an energy type weapon as well. But this means that energy ammo weighs 90% less than we are going to be using power armor for this build.

    So in power armor, heavy guns gain excellent accuracy and ignore 45% armor. So that is why we are in power armor. We have stabilized, and it’s a heavy weapon and it’s a shotgun at the same exact time.

    If you weren’t in power armor, I would suggest maybe any Armor Legendary Effect, but I enjoy quad. Then of course we just have Scrapper just to get a little more when we scrap weapons and armor. Then we have Gunsmith just so our gun breaks slower. But it’s again one of those things that we just put points in there just to have points in there for that.

    Then in agility we have action boy. I like to have this because our action points regenerate 45% faster and with this we’re not going to be in a vat. So we’re not really going to be using a lot of AP except for running, but we did maximize our Adrenaline out so we can gain 10% per kill. That goes up to 60%.

    That is 60% extra damage when you kill 6 enemies for 30 seconds. And every time you kill, the duration refreshes. And we like to carry around a lot of meat, especially because it’s meat week going on right now. So food and drinks way weight are reduced by 90% and because we’re not going to eat a lot.

    Dodgy is my favorite. Now, you can shun 30% of incoming damage at the consume of 30 action points per hit. Actually, we’re not in vats that we’re not going to need it. So this is a great card to put on there in my personal opinion. Especially for a full health or a low health.

    Then we have Class Freak and Starched Genes. Because we are mutated and you need those. Now remember, this is a heavy and a shotgun. So heavy guns gain a 12% stagger chance and a 12% chance on a limb.

    Then we also put in a bloody mess maxed out 15% bonus damage means enemies may explode at a gory red pace. And of course we just maximize Ricochet, just to gain an 18% chance to deflect back some enemies ranged damage.

    Now of course this is not PVP, but to me this is just a great build it’s a lot of fun. Now you’re not going to be one-shotting enemies out there in Wasteland. But it’s absolutely so much fun to use and I’m going to show you why.

    Legendary Roll We Tested And The Mods

    This is a great role for an Attached Pepper Shaker, a quad faster fire rate, faster reload, so the quad means our capacity on our magazine is going to be four times the original amount, so instead of 50 it is up to 200.

    We are using a hex barrel, which gives us more barrels to shoot with and we’re also using laser magazine that way. We have that extra energy damage on top of the normal ballistic damage.

    What The Build Can Do In Wasteland?

    That’s the beauty of Pepper Shaker. You can either use it as a support weapon or as a damage dealing weapon. It can go against Behemoth. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to the legs, the arms, the head or anything like. We are putting out some damage even without having that adrenaline going.

    One thing I like to do is go into a fight with the Scorch Beast with that one gun army on. Because that is going to help you with the wings, are the legs or the arms or anything.

    On the enemies around Wasteland, if they survive long enough. We bring the Scorch Beast down to land that way whether we’re in a fight with a Scorch Beast queen or just a normal Scorch Beast, we can do more damage and take them out quicker on the ground.

    And as we start stacking up that adrenaline in West Tek, you’ll see that the enemies start going out faster and faster against the level 100 super mutants. Pepper Shaker definitely puts on some work. So if you find yourself lucky enough to earn this as an event reward from Grahm’s meat cook.

    You find the plan in a player vendor or if you have a friend craft you some Pepper Shakers. And you roll on them and then go earn the mods yourself. I think you should definitely try this build out.

  • Fallout 76: Are These Rare Plans & Mods In Minerva’s Big Sale Worth Grabbing?

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    It’s Minerva’s Big Sale time again! Minerva is a traveling vendor in Appalachia, and she’ll bring you some great deals on rare plans you’ve been hoping for, but you might not have enough Gold Bullions to get at full price. So I hope you’ve been saving up, because it’s time to go YOLO and spend all your money.

    Minerva will appear every Monday through Wednesday in one of three locations: Foundation, Crater, or Fort Atlas. This week she’ll most likely be in Foundation.

    As usual, I’ll talk about the must-have plans first and the worst plans last. The sale starts on May 27th and ends on May 29th. Note that my server is on US Eastern Time, so for most of the world she’ll appear on the 27th or even the 28th. So you might as well check after the daily challenges reset on the 27th.

    Secret Service Armor

    If you’re one of the new players joining after Amazon series, this is Fallout 76 item you’ve been waiting for. All of the parts for Secret Service Armor are here, and the total price is about 3200 Gold Bullion (without the helmet).

    One thing to note is that the helmet is purely cosmetic. You don’t get any protection or even any bonuses other than protection from the toxic air. The only reason to get it is if you want the set bonuses from legendary perks, but you can usually get that from five pieces of armor, so the helmet is completely redundant. Basically, my advice is to not get the helmet unless you have too much gold.

    For Utility mod, either go for Deep Pocket, which you can get from Secret Service mod vendor, which is what I prefer, or Ultra Light mod, which you can get from Minerva in July.

    For the chest, you should go for Buttressed mod and Jet Pack. You can only get Buttressed mod from Secret Service vendor in Vault 79 after completing Gold Vault quest. Jet Pack mod will be available on June 10th for 1500 gold.

    Chemist’s Backpack Mod

    Chemist’s Backpack Mod is very popular because it functions exactly like Level 3 Travelling Pharmacy perk. So if you lack perks under Strength, then this is an excellent choice. But of course the backpack does not work in Power Armor, so keep that in mind.

    In my case, I use High Capacity Backpack Mod because I use all the weight-reducing perks, anyway. But if this mod is useful to you, make it a priority to get it.

    Farmable Dirt Tiles

    This plan is very useful if your camp is located in a place where there is not much available soil, because it allows you to farm anywhere.

    So if you are one of those people who builds a camp on a cliff, looking down at the farmers scratching in the dirt below, then this is the right choice for you. You can get foundations and upper floors of various sizes to build with.

    An added benefit is that placing your crops on top of a building protects them from spawning enemies. Unfortunately, you can’t place a Water Extractor on bricks. If that works, it would be amazing.

    Gauss Minigun Mods

    If you’re a fan of Carl Friedrich Gauss Minigun, then you’ll want to get Gunner Sights to improve your accuracy. This one has no downsides, so it’s a must-have.

    There are also Tesla Capacitor and Tesla Dynamo mods for sale here. They’re fun because you get more energy damage and a larger magazine. Capacitor does the same total damage as Prime Receiver and gets a reload speed bonus. Dynamo does less damage and reloads slower, but it has the largest magazine.

    I personally still prefer Prime Receiver, but Capacitor is a brilliant choice because you basically do the same damage and get a bonus. You can try both Prime Receiver and Capacitor and see which one you like better.

    War Glaive & Cattle Prod

    For War Glaive, I actually don’t recommend this weapon, especially at this price. For melee users, it’s fun if you like Heavy Weapon because it has various elemental mods and the damage is pretty good. Generally, it plays like most other Heavy Weapons.

    Cattle Prod gives you a one-shot medium-speed weapon with shock damage. Both are effective, but the new season in June will give you a similar weapon from the questline, so don’t waste your gold just yet.

    Super Reactor

    Super Reactor is a reskin of Fusion Reactor. They cost exactly the same and give you the same power, so there’s no benefit to buying this one.

    I personally recommend getting Fusion Reactor instead. After level 30, you can find it at Free States vendor in Whitespring Resort. It’s a camp item that will cure you of diseases for free. But personally, I don’t think diseases are serious enough to worry about.

    One might worry about what happens if a character gets Dysentery? It doesn’t really matter, because you’ll automatically heal after a while, so diseases aren’t something to worry about. But if you happen to care, Whitespring has a free disease cure that anyone can use.

    From here, head towards Gazebo. Go all the way to Gazebo. Inside you’ll find a water dispenser. It looks like the other ones, but this one cures diseases. Collecting water does not cure diseases, only drinking it has that effect. Regardless, don’t waste your money on it.

    That’s all the useful rare plans and mods you can get in this week’s Minerva’s Big Sale. Which items do you think are the most valuable or the worst? See you next time!

  • Fallout 76: How To Place And Remove Camp Items Underwater? - 6 Tips

    Posted: May 25, 2024

    Welocme all gamers! Today, I'm here to delve into the topic specifically for those who enjoy building Camps near water and place items underwater in Fallout 76.

    Whether you've encountered the frustration of Camp items becoming lodged in water, seek to float items above the water's surface, or unsure how to place items into water, this guide can meet your needs and provide solutions. Let's dive in!

    Check The Water

    The first thing you need to do is check your water. This should be a no-brainer, but there are 2 types of water: flowing water and still water. Flowing water tends to be water that is flowing, and it will allow you to remove it. As for the still water, which is usually the stagnant water, usually does not suitable for placing items.

    Now, there are exceptions to both of these, so before you even start, you need to take a Fallout 76 Item like the pressure plate and test the water. So, if you place it in and then you can't grab it out, you know that it's the still water. So, you should just move the location of your Camp and start over again.

    Move Items To Dry Land

    You have the ability to move items from water to dry land, particularly those designated for water use only. To accomplish this, simply position your item, whether it's a pressure plate or a stump, and place a large water purifier on top of it. Once placed, pick up the water purifier. Then, the item is effortlessly lifted out from underwater.

    Moreover, you can get creative with this technique, such as levitating your Camp device in the air or even burying it underground, providing you with newfound versatility in your placements.

    Float Items Above The Water

    You can also float items above the water. For instance, you can take a foundation, grab a corner, and move it up until it snaps back, which effectively elevates the item. This allows you to place it above the water, creating the illusion of it floating. This method works for both ground items and wall decoration.

    To do this, grab the foundation corner, let it snap back, and repeat the process a few times to elevate it higher. Once you're satisfied with the height, you can place the item into the water, making it appear to float. It's a straightforward process that results in, for example, a picture seemingly suspended above the water.

    Utilize The Nuka-Cola Sign

    For smaller items, if you prefer not to use a foundation, you can utilize the Nuka-Cola Sign. This method allows you to place smaller items underwater or, more commonly, float them above the water. To do this, attach the Nuka-Cola Sign to your Camp device. Then, adjust its position to float it upward.

    A useful tip is to place the sign in different areas on your Camp device to make it rise faster, avoiding the need for excessive clicking. Once elevated, you can attach a wall item to the sign, making it float above the water. This trick is perfect for those who want to create the illusion of wall items floating above the water.

    Use A Pressure Plate

    For the next trick in Fallout 76, we're going to merge an item down into the water with a pressure plate. One common issue is that you can't add underpinnings to foundations underwater using catwalks. To solve this, we merge a wall down into the submerged stump. Position the wall towards the edge, then use a foundation merge.

    This results in a neatly added underpinning on the side of your foundation, effectively covering up the unattractive parts of foundations when building. This trick is a handy way to enhance the aesthetics of your underwater builds.

    Place Items Into Still Water

    Now onto the main challenge. Despite knowing that the stagnant water is problematic and we've even tested it by moving the Camp device, I'm determined to build. So, let me guide you through the process of placing and removing items from still water - it's going to require some effort, but the result will be worth it.

    First things first, let's head underground. I've constructed a platform using roofs, descending as far down as possible beneath the water's surface. This particular body of water allows us to go beneath it. From this point, I recommend utilizing the ultracite shard.

    By floating this device upwards, I can now position items inside the still water and subsequently remove them. While the ultrasite shard could protrude through the surface, allowing for easy removal, this method is particularly useful for other items that may need to be placed and retrieved from the water.

    This method also proves beneficial in instances where you encounter placement restrictions because of perceived water presence, even when there's no visible water. By employing the same underground technique, you can overcome these obstacles. Simply select any 2 items, float them above or through the water table, and you've circumvented the placement issue.

    Utilizing this technique, you can created a visually appealing bridge by floating multiple tables above the water table.

    That wraps up this water tutorial for Fallout 76. I hope you found it helpful and informative.

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