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Fallout 76: Where Can We Find The 6 Mysterious Map Fragments?

Posted: May 29, 2024

While playing Fallout 76, you might have found a mysterious map fragment that presents unexpected messages. They are introduced in Wastelanders update and are 6 miscellaneous items in a Fallout 76 unmarked quest called Treasure Unknown. In this guide, I will show you how to get them and everything you need to know. Let's dive in!

How To Start This Quest?

The easiest place to start this quest is from Grafton Station. On the second row of streets, you can go right inside the door. This is an instanced area, but you're just alone to be here now, and just inside the door, you can get a little clue that we are in the right place.

Because you have got an Eviction Notice from Flavia Stabo, and what you have to do is go upstairs, go around the stairs, and there is a sunken area. Then you'll see other things - Detective Case Files, Army Graduation Papers These are just things you can add to your inventory, but they have nothing to do with the quest.

Fallout 76: Where Can We Find The 6 Mysterious Map Fragments?

Turn on the black light, and right on the wall, we have these words - Gasman, Spelunker, Teach, Halo, Cryptid, and The Meat, and these are actually clues that will tell you where all the map pieces are. They are 6 in total, and these are the keys to the locations or clues to the locations. So we're going to go to all the locations, and I'll tell you where they are.

Wren's Fragment (Teach)

So the first location you're going to go to is Morgantown High School, which is where classes are held, so we're just going to go in through the front door and then go up to the second floor. We're going to go through a kitchen area and then go into a classroom.

There's a broken terminal here, and near here, we're going to find Mysterious Map Fragment: Wren. When you pick up the map fragment, you're going to see a message that you'll sometimes get a pop-up message when you log into a server, and this is the first map fragment, there are 6 in total.

Barry's Fragment (Gasman)

Our next location is the Red Rocket Mega Stop, located at the far east end of the map, right next to the Pumpkin House. But where you actually want to go to is Red Rocket filling station across the street. We'll then go inside this station. On the counter is the cash register, and just on the other side of the radio, you'll find another mysterious map fragment - Mysterious Map Fragment: Barry.

Jessica's Fragment (Halo)

The next location we're going to is located in The Mire, and it's called Haven Church. It's just south of Dire Chemical, and you'll hear organ music as you get close. You can walk right in, but you'll run into a Ghoul or 2 or Bloodworms. There are many Fallout 76 Items here and just above the counter, we can find Mysterious Map Fragment: Jessica.

Finn's Fragment (The Meat)

The next location we are going to is General's Steakhouse. There would be The meat. It's right across the street from RobCo Research Center and is near Camp Venture. It's kind of at the top of the Cranberry Bog, and there are full of Super Mutants.

So you need to go right inside the front door, painted wood door, and usually there's a Super Mutant right there. But maybe we could sneak around because really what we want is actually in here. Then, we need to enter the bar. On the edge of the bar, by the cash register, we have another mysterious map fragment, and this time it is for Finn.

Constance's Fragment (Spelunker)

So, the next location we head to is Uncanny Caverns. It is at the kind of the bottom of Forest, right above Ash Heap. That would be the clue for Spelunker. And we actually don't go into the caverns. The building that says gift shop is where we need to go.

After going inside this place, right on the counter, there's another cash register there, and then you can see there's a Mothman Museum poster. That up, we get what we need - Mysterious Map Fragment: Constant, and after having this one, now we have 5 out of 6.

Fernando's Fragment (Cryptid)

The last place we're going to is Point Pleasant, which is the clue to Cryptid. Then the place you're going to is Mothman Museum. The thing about this area is that you can go completely invisible and then fight a bunch of Cultists. But that would take too long because they're on the roof.

Find the Mothman statue next to the giant Mothman sign. Behind the locked door, there's at least one Mothman you need to defeat. Then, right on the counter next to cash register, we'll find the last map fragment we need, and this time is for Fernando.

Go Back To Pawn Shop

Once you have collected all the fragments, you go back to the pawn shop. There's a board in the area where the black light is projected, and it's asking us to add the incomplete or add the map fragments. When you do that, you just click once and it's going to put all the map fragments up there.

Now notice, let's say you don't want to do the mission and you only have one map fragment in your inventory and you want to remove that message. You can actually come here and put one, two, or three. Whatever number you have in your inventory, you can put them here. It's going to remove them from your inventory and you won't get that message again.

So even if you don't want to do the mission just to remove the fragments, you can come here and do that. So once we have that, it looks like we have a map or a partial map. If we use the black light again, you can see that the clue is still there.

That concludes all the key information about Mysterious Map Fragments in Fallout 76 and you can just follow this guide and find them as soon as possible.


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