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Fallout 76: New Map Expansion, Quest Line, Boss Fight And More Big Update!

Posted: May 28, 2024

Hello everyone.

In just a couple of weeks, Bethesda is set to release the biggest update for Fallout 76, which I think we’ve ever actually seen. Sadly, there is still no set date on when the update is actually going to be released, but it is usually on a Tuesday.

So it could be the 4th the 11th the earn or even the 25th. Now in this passage, I want to do a brief overview of all the things to expect in this huge new update.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming in.

Fallout 76: New Map Expansion, Quest Line, Boss Fight And More Big update!

New Map Expansion

The first thing first with a Skyline Valley update is of course going to be the new map expansion. We are getting a whole new area added into Fallout 76 for the first time. Properly in not kind of expedition fashion. This is literally expanding the map in the south.

And it’s bringing in a whole load of new locations.

On top of the locations you can see in the sky, it’s bringing in a whole new environment as well to explore and you can also camp down here as well. So a bunch of new camp locations. With enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, there will be more camping spots to choose from.

New Quest Line

Now hiding within this new map expansion, we’re also going to be getting a whole new quest line getting you to explore the remains of Vault 63. And finding out the secrets of what’s happening in there.

I don’t want to cover this too much because I don’t want to give away any spoilers or ruin the quest line for anyone. But it’s definitely really interesting.

When you venture into Vault 63, you will look how dark and creepy it is. It’s a lot of fun.

New boss Fight

Now on top of this new quest line, we’re also going to be getting a new boss fight that’s getting added in bringing in a whole new location where you can actually fight multiple bosses at the same time.

The boss fight as a whole is a lot of fun where you get to meet these new goliaths, which actually are quite challenging, and the map itself where you’re doing it is actually quite fun.

Because it like splits up the kind of a little area that you’re fighting into multiple different zones and you can’t cross into other zones at certain points of the fight. So you’ve got to be quick and kind of work as a team.

Otherwise, you might get trapped and just killed. There’s also other enemies that spawn in there as well to kind of distract you and make it a little more challenging. You will enjoy this process very much.

New Public Event

Now, on top of a new boss fight event that’s getting added, we’re also getting a whole new public event added in called Dangerous Pastimes.

This introduces you to the new lost Vault dwellers, which is a new enemy getting added into the game. It looks a little strange. It’s kind of like a Ghoul Slayer’s Humanoid thing, which kind of embraces electricity flowing through its body and comes after you in a crazy fashion.

Overall, the event itself is quite chaotic and quite fun. So definitely want to look forward to when it gets added in. There’s also a bunch of of new rewards added in with all of this that we’ve covered so far with the quest line and the event to keep an eye out for them.

New Enemies

Now on the topic of new enemies with Lost coming in with that event, we also have a few other creatures getting added in, where you will be able to find when traveling around small Pheasants as well as Thrashers.

There’s also a couple of little things as well pointing towards other creatures where you can find something in a test tube which I’m still unclear what this is. Some people think it could be a baby.

I think someone said, but we have no actual confirmation of this. And there’s also what appears to be a Wanamingo on a table inside Vault. So there are some definitely interesting ones to look out for.

New Season 17

And finally, of course with on top of all of this, with a new update we’re also going to be seeing the new season 17 getting added into the game. Datamine that’s meant to be a kind of rewards for this new season. So definitely go check that out.

Of course, these are Datamine. So they may change they might change them over to Atomic shop. At the moment, these to be seasonal items.

New Daily Ops Locations

Daily Ops is also meant me getting some new things as well with some new locations getting thrown in and new enemies flown in as well. In these new changes, you will be able to fight Overgrown, as well as Fanatics, which are available in Aquarium or Foundry.

That’s all about the new map expansion, new quest line and new boss fight update and so on in Fallout 76. I hope these can be helpful when you play the game and enjoy it.


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