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News Tag: Fallout 76 Bottle Caps

  • Fallout 76: 6 Unique Camp Locations With Stunning Views

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    Enjoy your gaming experience in the Fallout 76 Wasteland by exploring several beautiful Camp locations and building your own unique Camps! Here are some great location to inspire your creativity and help you make the most out of your Fallout 76 adventures. If you like this topic, let's get started!

    West Of White Springs Mall

    The first location, just west of White Springs Mall, is a really nice one. You have a beautiful bridge and you can always build around it. You don't have to build directly on the bridge, but you can tie it to your Camp. You can get a little creative and put some Fallout 76 Items to decorate. I thought it would be nice if it was decorated a little with Christmas Lights.

    The area is open and versatile, providing a great view overlooking the dry lake. A recent Camp I found here skillfully integrated the bridge into a cliff-side base, creating a stunning and cozy retreat.

    Outside Abandoned Bog Town

    Moving on, we have Abandoned Bog Town, just outside of it. This area is a pretty nice area with a pre-built structure, so if you want to tie into that, put a gate at the front, and add some defenses. Especially if you want to have more of that raider style and be a bit more creative. It looks like a little pitstop with the little shack towards the back.

    This location is definitely unique. You can dress it up however you want, put more lights up. It is kind of on the side of the road, almost off a cliff-side, so it's a good location if you want to make it look like an abandoned pitstop or a checkpoint.

    You can do whatever you want here. I would imagine putting up some structures to make it look like a little outpost or a compound-style base. It has a great view, so that's one plus. You can see any nearby nukes, making it a good scenic area.

    There aren't too many resources here. It's more of a scenic area if you want a good view. You can build things behind it and in front. I found this Camp that someone dressed up to look like a little compound, and it looks really nice. I love that they incorporated a more rustic style.

    West Of The Retreat

    This next one is one of my favorites. it's just west of the Retreat. I really like tree house builds and waterfall builds where you can incorporate them into your base. For this one, you can put something special and unique in this location. In this build that I found, someone made it look really homey, cozy, and warm.

    It's one of those areas where you can put your Camp at the bottom and build from the bottom up. Some things are kind of pre-built there, so you can add to it, get creative, and make it look like a modern tree house or an old rustic style, maybe something cozy. This person chose a cozy route, and it's one of my favorite tree houses that I've seen in the game. It's pretty simple, but it does the job.

    Mole Miner Tunnel

    Mole Miner Tunnel offers a unique and intriguing location for building a base in Fallout 76. The cool, open landscape is a significant draw for players, and the underground tunnels add a new layer of depth to any Camp. By building in this area, players can create an immersive base that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

    The interconnected caverns provide natural defenses, making the area safer from potential attacks. The Camp's features highlight the rugged beauty of the tunnels, enhancing the overall aesthetic. To navigate the underground tunnels effectively, players will need to meticulously plan their Camp layout, ensuring functionality and ease of movement within their subterranean haven.

    West Of Rusty Pick

    The next one is just west of Rusty Pick. This one is near a Crane area and has some pre-built structures, so you can get creative again and incorporate them into your build. This is one of my favorite areas because the structures are not too abandoned and are in good condition.

    That's one of the things I always try to look for in pre-built. In this next Camp I found, someone turned it into a nice warehouse-looking style home. It's one of my favorite ones built here and stands out among the others.

    Morgantown Trainyard

    In Fallout 76, the Morgantown Trainyard Camp is an excellent choice for players because of its comprehensive resources and strategic location. Situated west of the Trainyard in the Appalachian Forest, this camp provides an ideal building spot, particularly for lower-level players, thanks to the accessible resources in the area.

    The camp's proximity to Morgantown allows for easy interaction with other survivors and access to the amenities of the Trainyard. The primary objective of establishing a camp at the Morgantown Trainyard is to strike a balance between utilizing available resources and mitigating potential threats from nearby enemies.

    Hope these locations can inspire you to create your own unique Camp in Fallout 76!

  • Fallout 76: How To Obtain And Use Pepper Shaker To Accomplish Your Goals?

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    Hopefully, you’re having a great and wonderful day out there in the Wasteland in Fallout 76. We’re going to be going over a full health Pepper Shaker build. I find this weapon to be so much fun to use out there in Wastelands of Appalachia. We’ll talk about everything around the Pepper Shaker.

    How To Get The Plan For Pepper Shaker?

    Now, the plan for Pepper Shaker can come from two different locations. It can either be earned from Event Grahm's Meat-cook or it can be found in a players vendor or you can use Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to gain it.

    What To Do After Meat Week Ends To Get Pepper Shaker?

    Now maybe you’re watching this passage after meat week. And you weren’t able to have RNG luck to get it as an event reward. And you weren’t able to find it at a player’s vendor for a decent price.

    I want you to know that the weapon itself, as long as it doesn’t have any mods on it, is tradeable. So another player can craft you up some Pepper Shakers and you can roll on them and then earn the mods for yourself.

    How Do I Get Mods For Pepper Shaker? Where Do I Go?

    And now speaking of mods for Pepper Shaker. There are three locations in Appalachia that you can pick these mods up from and they are all gold Bullion Vendors.

    The first location is Crater with Raiders. Now you do have to be allies with Raiders for this plan to show up in Mortimer’s inventory, but remember, you also have to beat Wastelander DLC for Mortimer to show up.

    And the next location is the foundation of these Settlers. And you have to be an ally with the Settlers for the plan, the mods and Pepper Shaker, to show up in their inventory with Samuel in the back of foundation. Now grinding out the reputation of Settlers and Raiders will take you some time.

    But if you need some help with this, we did an ultimate guide for Settler and Raider's reputation with Duchess Flame.

    The Third location is over at Vault 79 with Regs. And once you are done with Wastelander DLC, you will be able to go trade with Regs for gold Bullion.

    The Full Health Build For Pepper Shaker

    And when I make a build, I like to make it something memorable which could be funny or an Ear Worm to a song. And if you know this Ear Worm that this build is named after your knees and back surely hurt, but here is what we’ve got set up right here.

    Let me show you what those are. We are currently using taking one for the team where enemies take 40% more damage when they attack you if you are on a team. We’re using Luck, Agility, Intellect, Perception and Strength. But we’ve got our build.

    Now one great thing is we’re going to be carrying around a bunch of everything. So we always max out our traveling Pharmacy but you see Pepper Shaker. It’s a heavy and a shotgun, so you can level up shotgunner with each of those perk cards.

    And the heavy cards up to number two. That way you’re getting an extra 15% damage. And those are all going to work with each other because again it is a heavy weapon. And it is a shotgun just like this Skeet shooter.

    In Perception, your shotguns have excellent accuracy and spread and of course, we just wanted to put some points into glow sight just in case we’re going up against a glowing enemy. We just want to do a little more 9 points into endurance, just to have Fireproof to take less damage from explosions and Flames attacks.

    But here’s the thing a lot of these we don’t really need. We just have the points for them. There’ll be a Pin to nukes and dragon with a level 50 build on the cards that I suggest.

    But we also have Lifegiver in here and Chem resistant just in case we ever want to take some Med-X. You know anything like that in Charisma? We have Inspirational Strange In Numbers because we are mutated Suppressors all the way maxed out to reduce your target damage output by 30% for two seconds after you attack and we attack a lot with Pepper Shaker.

    Tenderizer, let your target receive 10% more damage for 10 seconds after you attack. And someone is sharing Strange In Numbers, but we can’t guarantee that someone’s going to share that. So we just pick that up for our mutations as long as others are mutated.

    Then we have batteries included because on arm Pepper Shaker. We have the laser magazine so that turns it into an energy type weapon as well. But this means that energy ammo weighs 90% less than we are going to be using power armor for this build.

    So in power armor, heavy guns gain excellent accuracy and ignore 45% armor. So that is why we are in power armor. We have stabilized, and it’s a heavy weapon and it’s a shotgun at the same exact time.

    If you weren’t in power armor, I would suggest maybe any Armor Legendary Effect, but I enjoy quad. Then of course we just have Scrapper just to get a little more when we scrap weapons and armor. Then we have Gunsmith just so our gun breaks slower. But it’s again one of those things that we just put points in there just to have points in there for that.

    Then in agility we have action boy. I like to have this because our action points regenerate 45% faster and with this we’re not going to be in a vat. So we’re not really going to be using a lot of AP except for running, but we did maximize our Adrenaline out so we can gain 10% per kill. That goes up to 60%.

    That is 60% extra damage when you kill 6 enemies for 30 seconds. And every time you kill, the duration refreshes. And we like to carry around a lot of meat, especially because it’s meat week going on right now. So food and drinks way weight are reduced by 90% and because we’re not going to eat a lot.

    Dodgy is my favorite. Now, you can shun 30% of incoming damage at the consume of 30 action points per hit. Actually, we’re not in vats that we’re not going to need it. So this is a great card to put on there in my personal opinion. Especially for a full health or a low health.

    Then we have Class Freak and Starched Genes. Because we are mutated and you need those. Now remember, this is a heavy and a shotgun. So heavy guns gain a 12% stagger chance and a 12% chance on a limb.

    Then we also put in a bloody mess maxed out 15% bonus damage means enemies may explode at a gory red pace. And of course we just maximize Ricochet, just to gain an 18% chance to deflect back some enemies ranged damage.

    Now of course this is not PVP, but to me this is just a great build it’s a lot of fun. Now you’re not going to be one-shotting enemies out there in Wasteland. But it’s absolutely so much fun to use and I’m going to show you why.

    Legendary Roll We Tested And The Mods

    This is a great role for an Attached Pepper Shaker, a quad faster fire rate, faster reload, so the quad means our capacity on our magazine is going to be four times the original amount, so instead of 50 it is up to 200.

    We are using a hex barrel, which gives us more barrels to shoot with and we’re also using laser magazine that way. We have that extra energy damage on top of the normal ballistic damage.

    What The Build Can Do In Wasteland?

    That’s the beauty of Pepper Shaker. You can either use it as a support weapon or as a damage dealing weapon. It can go against Behemoth. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to the legs, the arms, the head or anything like. We are putting out some damage even without having that adrenaline going.

    One thing I like to do is go into a fight with the Scorch Beast with that one gun army on. Because that is going to help you with the wings, are the legs or the arms or anything.

    On the enemies around Wasteland, if they survive long enough. We bring the Scorch Beast down to land that way whether we’re in a fight with a Scorch Beast queen or just a normal Scorch Beast, we can do more damage and take them out quicker on the ground.

    And as we start stacking up that adrenaline in West Tek, you’ll see that the enemies start going out faster and faster against the level 100 super mutants. Pepper Shaker definitely puts on some work. So if you find yourself lucky enough to earn this as an event reward from Grahm’s meat cook.

    You find the plan in a player vendor or if you have a friend craft you some Pepper Shakers. And you roll on them and then go earn the mods yourself. I think you should definitely try this build out.

  • Fallout 76: How To Place And Remove Camp Items Underwater? - 6 Tips

    Posted: May 25, 2024

    Welocme all gamers! Today, I'm here to delve into the topic specifically for those who enjoy building Camps near water and place items underwater in Fallout 76.

    Whether you've encountered the frustration of Camp items becoming lodged in water, seek to float items above the water's surface, or unsure how to place items into water, this guide can meet your needs and provide solutions. Let's dive in!

    Check The Water

    The first thing you need to do is check your water. This should be a no-brainer, but there are 2 types of water: flowing water and still water. Flowing water tends to be water that is flowing, and it will allow you to remove it. As for the still water, which is usually the stagnant water, usually does not suitable for placing items.

    Now, there are exceptions to both of these, so before you even start, you need to take a Fallout 76 Item like the pressure plate and test the water. So, if you place it in and then you can't grab it out, you know that it's the still water. So, you should just move the location of your Camp and start over again.

    Move Items To Dry Land

    You have the ability to move items from water to dry land, particularly those designated for water use only. To accomplish this, simply position your item, whether it's a pressure plate or a stump, and place a large water purifier on top of it. Once placed, pick up the water purifier. Then, the item is effortlessly lifted out from underwater.

    Moreover, you can get creative with this technique, such as levitating your Camp device in the air or even burying it underground, providing you with newfound versatility in your placements.

    Float Items Above The Water

    You can also float items above the water. For instance, you can take a foundation, grab a corner, and move it up until it snaps back, which effectively elevates the item. This allows you to place it above the water, creating the illusion of it floating. This method works for both ground items and wall decoration.

    To do this, grab the foundation corner, let it snap back, and repeat the process a few times to elevate it higher. Once you're satisfied with the height, you can place the item into the water, making it appear to float. It's a straightforward process that results in, for example, a picture seemingly suspended above the water.

    Utilize The Nuka-Cola Sign

    For smaller items, if you prefer not to use a foundation, you can utilize the Nuka-Cola Sign. This method allows you to place smaller items underwater or, more commonly, float them above the water. To do this, attach the Nuka-Cola Sign to your Camp device. Then, adjust its position to float it upward.

    A useful tip is to place the sign in different areas on your Camp device to make it rise faster, avoiding the need for excessive clicking. Once elevated, you can attach a wall item to the sign, making it float above the water. This trick is perfect for those who want to create the illusion of wall items floating above the water.

    Use A Pressure Plate

    For the next trick in Fallout 76, we're going to merge an item down into the water with a pressure plate. One common issue is that you can't add underpinnings to foundations underwater using catwalks. To solve this, we merge a wall down into the submerged stump. Position the wall towards the edge, then use a foundation merge.

    This results in a neatly added underpinning on the side of your foundation, effectively covering up the unattractive parts of foundations when building. This trick is a handy way to enhance the aesthetics of your underwater builds.

    Place Items Into Still Water

    Now onto the main challenge. Despite knowing that the stagnant water is problematic and we've even tested it by moving the Camp device, I'm determined to build. So, let me guide you through the process of placing and removing items from still water - it's going to require some effort, but the result will be worth it.

    First things first, let's head underground. I've constructed a platform using roofs, descending as far down as possible beneath the water's surface. This particular body of water allows us to go beneath it. From this point, I recommend utilizing the ultracite shard.

    By floating this device upwards, I can now position items inside the still water and subsequently remove them. While the ultrasite shard could protrude through the surface, allowing for easy removal, this method is particularly useful for other items that may need to be placed and retrieved from the water.

    This method also proves beneficial in instances where you encounter placement restrictions because of perceived water presence, even when there's no visible water. By employing the same underground technique, you can overcome these obstacles. Simply select any 2 items, float them above or through the water table, and you've circumvented the placement issue.

    Utilizing this technique, you can created a visually appealing bridge by floating multiple tables above the water table.

    That wraps up this water tutorial for Fallout 76. I hope you found it helpful and informative.

  • Fallout 76: How About This Unyielding Fully Healthy Stealth Sniper Build?

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    Welcome all players! I'm excited to show you the unyielding Full Health Stealth Sniper setup in Fallout 76, perfect for those who love staying hidden while dealing massive damage. This build is based on the Bloodied Stealth build and I'm going to make some changes to it. Without wasting time, let's dive in!

    Perk Loadout

    Let's head over to the Loadout changer and make some adjustments. Maintain a heavy focus on Perception, Agility, and Luck, while Strength remains rather lackluster, mainly occupied by Blocker, now upgraded to Level 3. With Blocker at Level 3, I'm mitigating 45% of damage from enemy melee attacks.

    In Perception, I recommend keeping all the Commando, Master Commando, and Expert Commando cards, fully leveled up. I've received feedback that having all 3 may be overkill, but for now, I haven't found any superior alternatives to slot in.

    Concentrated remains in place, as the VATS usage is still heavy. Endurance is straightforward, with Fireproof taking center stage, now maxed out to 3. It can grant us a 45% reduction in damage from explosives and flame attacks.

    Charisma holds little significance in this build. You can get Inspirational, Travel Agent, and Tenderizer there. Intelligence still houses Nerd Rage. Scrapper and First Aid round off the category, just in case.

    Agility sees Action Girl fully upgraded, alongside Covert Operative and Escape Artist - essential for sneaking around unnoticed. Gun Fu remains a staple for the VATS build, and introduced Dodgy - sacrificing 30 action points per hit to avoid 30% of incoming damage.

    Lastly, I've retained 15 points in Luck, although some astute observers pointed out that my Unyielding armor already boosts my Luck significantly. I hadn't considered that. Luck now boasts Better Criticals, Class Freak, Starched Genes, Critical Savvy, Psychopath, and fully upgraded Serendipity, which promises to be a game-changer.

    Armor Setup

    The armor setup for this build is already near perfection. With mostly unyielding armor, I gain all the buffs I need to excel in combat. Now, the focus shifts to fine-tuning the Fallout 76 Items. While I haven't fully committed to either a bloodied or non-bloodied approach, I'll hold onto the bloodied gun and craft a fresh fixer to explore both options.

    Crafting a Level 50 Fixer, I opt for an automatic receiver and a stabilized Long barrel to enhance accuracy and control. The magazine remains unchanged, but a playful touch with a Poker paint job adds personality. Now, onto the thrilling part – rolling legendary effects.

    After a couple of attempts, I stumble upon a combination that catches my eye. With a whopping plus 300% ammo capacity and a significant damage boost while aiming, it's an exciting pick. Adding to the allure, I gain substantial damage resistance and enhanced sneaking capabilities, making it an all-around powerhouse. With 40% armor penetration thrown into the mix.

    Build Testing

    Armed with this newly minted fixer, I'm eager to put it to the test in the field. The prospect of maximizing its potential in combat fills me with anticipation. Let's put the build to the test in action. We'll head to Morgantown Airport, and run the exact same route with this full health loadout.

    I recommend using Berry Mentats so that you can spot enemies easily, which is especially crucial now that to keep the distance. With enemies glowing in pink, thanks to the Berry Mentats, use V.A.T.S. to target heads only and press X before squeezing the trigger.

    Now, let's head to West Tek research center and face some tougher enemies – the super mutants. These mutants are incredibly vigilant, so staying stealthy here is quite challenging. With this build, it's going surprisingly well.

    It's crucial to remember that each build is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I encourage fellow adventurers to experiment, tweak, and discover their optimal setups through trial and error.

  • Fallout 76: Challenge Score And Atomic Shop Big Update!

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    Hopefully, you’re having a wonderful day out there in the Wasteland, friends. I’ll tell you about some updates in Atomic store. But in fact, it is not as we imagined.

    Honestly, you can also invest in Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, which will allow you to get a lot of what you want in the game.

    Let’s get started.

    Did You Notice This Update To The Challenge Score?

    As you know, we covered about Caps of Plenty event going on this weekend. But friends, if you look at your challenges and then go to Daily, doesn’t that kind of look like there’s a bit of a double score event or something like that going on? Because right now, I knew nothing about this.

    But things have changed because now everything has increased. So it’s not just a Fallout 76 first thing or anything like that. So make sure you are getting into do your daily score challenges because it seems that everyone has a boost. At least for a Thursday, but maybe this entire weekend while Caps of Plenty event is going on.

    We are going to be getting more score for the dailies. It does not affect the weekly but look I am absolutely excited to have some more score. Especially for those Vault dwellers that have not finished up the new scoreboards yet. And for those of us who have reached the 100 rank but want to continue on gaining some more tickets.

    Atomic Shop Update

    But let’s draw some attention to Atomic Shop update for today. It’s Free States Defense Bundle. It is 20% off, normally 1,500 but you pick it up for 1,200 Atoms. You get Free States Perimeter Wall Suite, the free states paint for the double-barrel shotgun, free states paint for the 10 mm, which actually looks really cool. It actually looks good. I love every item after the update.

    Railroad water tower, free states Gauss minigun paint, free states resistance paint, free states combat knife skin, free states Screaming Eagle skin for the handmade. That is one of the biggest ones that everyone really wants free States Guard Post as well.

    But this one is right here, and it’s back for 1200 Atoms. This really surprised me. There are a lot of Paints in there and there are a lot of there for me. Although I do have all of this, I picked it up a long time ago. There is enough for me.

    Now this Ant Farm that is showing right here. This is huge, and I bought it when it came out. Let’s see what’s in Pioneer Summer C.A.M.P. Bundle for 1,050 Atoms. You got Birdcage Lamp, a large bird nest display case, giant Ant Farm, budding apothecary, Dinner Bell and Pioneer Mr. Fuzzy plushie. I love plushies.

    I’m going to be real with you. This thing is absolutely freaking huge. It is huge and that right there is Herbivores dream. It’s really great. I can’t believe there’s anything.

    I don’t think it actually produces anything, but that is not the only one. We have a Season 2 Weapon Bundle for 800 Atoms. And it’s another one that everybody wants is that camo skin right there, but you get the Brickhouse Armor Ace paint for the pump-action shotgun, Tropic Lightning Camo skin for the handmade. Rust Bucket Hammer for the super sledge, but personally, for me.

    Now, you may not like the free steak. But you know Paint Scheme, but for 400 extra items, you get a lot more paints inside of this. And you also get a handmade skin but again like while there’s a lot people love this Tropic handmade. So absolutely it’s great. That it’s back, so if you’ve been looking for it, make sure to pick it up and as we went through all of this on Tuesday.

    Let’s make sure and just see what we got today. Vault-Tec is the free for the week. Today, he’s got a repair kit. Today is the 50% off the soft serve plasma caster paint. And of course, these are only good for 24 hours as far as the soft serve plasma caster paint and the free repair kit. It is time limited, so we must be quick. I know you’re starting to get excited about the event as much as I do.

    What seems to be a double score event going on in the Wasteland? You can go there and get what you want. You all have a great day out.

    The above are all the store updates I have compiled for you. I hope you will pay attention to the event time and make suitable arrangements. Of course, if you don’t want to be bothered by tasks, you can also play freely in the game. Just enjoy the game.

  • Fallout 76: Is This Meat Week Community Event Worth Attending In 2024?

    Posted: May 22, 2024

    In Fallout 76, the Meat Week community event is back in a double helping. It starts on Tuesday, the 21st of May at 12:00 p.m. EST, 5:00 p.m. GMT, and running for 2 weeks until Tuesday, the 4th of June, 12:00 p.m. EST, 5:00 p.m. GMT.

    This event differs slightly from others, as there are 2 different events that run simultaneously, called the Graham's Meat-Cook and Primal Cuts. Join me as I walk you through the event guide, highlighting key aspects, providing valuable tips to maximize your experience and showing you some exciting new rewards.

    Graham's Meat-Cook

    Throughout the double helping of Meat Week, the main event is titled 'Graham's Meat-Cook' and takes place in the forest region of the map, south of Vault 76 and northwest of the Moonshiner's Shack. Every hour on the hour, completing this event earns you a range of outfits and a ton of different plans, with a whopping 18 new ones added for 2024 that I'll cover shortly.

    The main event, Graham's Meat-Cook, is simple to complete. It'll start every hour on the hour and reward some of the most sought-after plans, including the Pepper Shaker and Tenderizer weapons. Don't forget that Graham is also a vendor where you can sell unwanted items, but he also holds a load of unique plans.

    Please note there is an additional plan for Chally's feed that is only available during Meat Week from Graham and can be useful for this event. So, make the most of his fixed location to purchase as many of these unique plans as you can afford at the start of the event.

    Graham will ask for help with the festivities, where players will need to help with activities like picking greens, cleaning up Chally the moo-moo, and various other tasks. The meter at the top of the screen will gradually fill with each task completed. The rewards at the end will be based on how full the meter is when the event ends.

    Primal Cuts

    The second event is called 'Primal Cuts', and although not essential to complete, it is very beneficial as you'll earn prime meat on completion that you can exchange for Legendary Scrip. The Primal Cuts events will start every 15 minutes throughout the Meat Week seasonal event and can appear in any three of the 6 regions of Appalachia simultaneously. So, you'll have plenty of opportunities to earn the additional scrip reward.

    The event is equally simple - just head to an event location, bang on the drum at the center of the event to begin, and then fight 4 waves of 'Prime' creatures. The creatures vary based on the region, where wave 1 and 2 contains smaller creatures like Wolves and Mongrels, wave 3 has larger creatures assisted by smaller creatures, and the final wave contains a boss supported by both large and small creatures. The boss has a chance to be a legendary creature, and once it's killed, the event will end.

    The Primal Cuts events have one other unique aspect: every Prime variant will drop double their standard loot pool. For example, if a Legendary Prime enemy is killed, it will drop 2 Legendary Fallout 76 items.

    Therefore, if you're wanting to farm this, it's best to head to the event location based between the Cranberry Glade and the Abandoned Bog Town, as these enemies will have larger loot inventories than most other creatures as standard. The standard reward from this event will be between 3 and 5 Prime meat, 20 caps, and 150 XP.

    New Event Rewards

    The new rewards introduced for 2024 include plans for various parts of a fossilized megalolinx dinosaur, such as the skull, torso, left leg, right leg, left arm, and right arm. Each of these plans is separate, accompanied by a custom display rack blueprint to showcase them at your camp. While the concept may seem unusual, I'm curious to see the final display's appearance and size.

    Additionally, there are plans for a 'Weenie wagon', a contraption designed to dispense canned dog food when constructed at your camp. Other notable plans include a pair of billboards advertising Brahmin flower, a visually appealing Wasteland Hunter backpack blueprint, and 6 new plushie plans. These plushies encompass a ground meat plushie and its rotted variant, a steak plushie and its rotted variant, and a rib plushie and its rotted variant.

  • Fallout 76: These 10 Top Strength Perk Cards You Definitely Deserve!

    Posted: May 22, 2024

    While Fallout 76’s skill and perk system differs from many of its series, SPECIAL stats are still there. Each of these initials represents a different stat, with S for Strength as an example.

    As we all know, Strength stat in Fallout 76 affects the number of Fallout 76 items you can carry and the damage of your melee attacks. There are 32 Strength Perk Cards in the game. While some cards are only suitable for specific builds, most are universally applicable. Here, we’ll talk about the 10 best Strength Perk Cards. Let’s get started!

    10. Master/Expert/Damage Buffs

    These damage-enhancing perk cards include Shotguns, Melee Weapons, and Heavy Weapons, and if your build revolves around using any of these, each of these cards will be crucial.

    While you may not always need to fully max out this bonus, which takes up nine perk points from your Strength, you will almost certainly use a fair share of them.

    These perk cards may not be fancy or particularly exciting, but they will make your weapons incredibly effective.

    9. Blocker

    Blocker is one of the rare perk cards in Fallout 76 that has universal appeal. Most combat situations in Fallout 76 will involve someone or something trying to beat you to death with some kind of melee attack. Blocker reduces melee damage by 45%, halving the effectiveness of all enemies who attempt to melee you.

    This is one of the best perk cards in the game and will greatly improve your survivability, especially when fighting large groups of ghouls or other melee-focused monsters.

    8. Incisor

    The inverse of what Blocker does, Incisor at its highest level, ensures that your melee and unarmed attacks ignore 75% of your target’s armor.

    While this won’t necessarily increase the damage you deal by 75%, it will still greatly enhance your melee attacks, especially against some of the toughest enemies who are usually heavily armored.

    7. Martial Artist

    The highest rank of Martial Artist will reduce the weight of melee weapons by 60% and help you swing them 30% faster. This is actually a damage buff if you’re looking at your damage from damage per second perspective, as it essentially increases your rate of fire.

    This is another perk card that will be included in quite a few different melee focused builds, primarily for the added damage effect. That being said, there are some real conveniences in terms of reducing the weight of your weapons, especially if you happen to carry a few different weapons with you.

    6. Pack Rat

    Everyone has been in that situation where they wanted to pick something up, but they picked up too much junk along the way, and now they have to make a decision.

    Pack Rat will ensure that the decision doesn’t have to take too long anymore. This is an essential perk if you have a problem picking up something that you’re probably definitely going to need, eventually.

    5. Lock And Load

    Lock and Load is a very handy perk card for those who use Heavy Weapons, increasing the reload speed of Heavy Weapons by 30%. Note that Lock And Load is not one of those absolutely necessary perk cards, but sometimes having it can make a vast difference to your quality of life.

    While it may not be necessary for some weapons, other weapons take a long time to reload and this will make them more pleasant to use.

    4. Traveling Pharmacy

    This is another non-essential but very handy perk that reduces the carry weight of all Chems by 90%. There is a backpack mod that has the exact same effect, and if you are looking for extra Strength perk points, you can save on this perk by equipping that mod.

    However, if you have other things you want to put in your backpack, this can make a surprising difference, especially if you use a lot of different Chems.

    3. Ordnance Express

    For anyone who likes to turn one thing into a lot of small things, Ordnance Express will be a big help. This perk card will reduce the carry weight of Explosives by 90% at max level, which will give you a ton of extra inventory space for other items.

    Or, if you prefer, it will give you a ton of inventory space for more Explosives.

    2. Bear Arms

    As one of the higher quality perk cards in the game, Bear Arms is a godsend for those using Heavy Weapons. Bear Arms make them significantly less heavy, reducing their weight by 90%.

    If you use multiple Heavy Weapons, this will make an exponential difference and give you more inventory space for other items.

    1. Iron Fist

    If you use an Unarmed Melee build, Iron Fist can play a key role, increasing the damage of punching attacks. For most players, this perk card isn’t worth a second look given the extremely specific attack type it enhances.

    However, for those with a very interesting Unarmed Melee build, Iron Fist can really change your gameplay.

    The above are the 10 top Strength Perk Cards that you absolutely cannot miss in Fallout 76. Owning them will greatly improve your quality of life and get a better gaming experience!

  • Fallout 76: Let’s Dig Into The Unknown Of Mothman Equinox

    Posted: May 22, 2024

    We’re taking a look at Mothman Equinox event in Fallout 76. Now I didn’t think I needed to do a walkthrough because the event itself just tells you what to do. But now I think about the fun here and the mystery of it. It’s hidden in the mist of it all.

    But today I’m here to be an observer and I hope to Enlighten you on Mothman Equinox. Let’s discover the secrets of Mothman Equinox together.

    A substantial investment in Fallout 76 Bottle Caps can make this event even more enjoyable.

    1. Mothman Equinox Event

    This event has a lot more to it than meets the eye, in my opinion. It has lore. It has a Secret Easter Egg. And ultimately it gives us a pretty good difference between Mothman Cultist that attack us in the game and then these Mothman Cultists. Apparently there’s a bit of Tom Foolery going on with Mothman, but let’s get into it.

    2. Mothman Lore Books

    Moving into our first point of interest, we have to talk about Mothman Tomes. Now I’d be lying if I said I noticed these on my first time doing Mothman Equinox, but as you start getting used to the event, doing it over and over again. You start to notice your surroundings more. There are six Mothmen lore Tomes, each one is written from a different perspective of a prophet in Mothman Cult.

    This specific Mothman Cult. The catch here is you unlock each Tome with each event completion. And each tome needs a specific amount of event completion. Thankfully, our friends over at Fallout wiki have already done the work. No spoilers here, but they were pretty interesting to read, especially that last one.

    And I can’t recommend it enough if you love Mothman lore in this game. And overall it was really nice to find these, you usually don’t get this kind of addition at a public event.

    It’s nice to know that they’re thinking about the lore and this also gives you something to do when the event is down. So if you haven’t checked these out yet or you didn’t know they existed like me at first. Maybe you should go see how many event completions you need and do some reading. It can’t hurt up.

    3. How To Use The Prefect Mothman Egg?

    Next is what I think you would call a secret. Or in my terms I’d call it an Easter Egg. With a capital E on the egg, now one of the biggest questions any person would probably have if they really dive into this public event is what do I do with the perfect Mothman egg. This is a specific Mothman egg that can be received 5% of the time when you open a High Priest Cultist pack. And one of the biggest questions: what do you do with this thing, what is this?

    It does degrade like normal food and when you take it to a cooking station, you can’t cook it like any other kind of normal Mothman egg. And I’m happy to say it is much more interesting than that. Now again, this is an Easter Egg. So it's just a small little detail but a cute one. You can take that perfect Mothman egg head into Point Pleasant during Mothman event.

    And in many cases, there’s a font of Mothman eggs right behind the statue in town. And only during Mothman Event does it have a prompt, in many cases you can click on it and it’ll say you don’t have the requirements. But if you have a perfect Mothman egg, and then it will take it away.

    I’m not developer. I don’t talk to people in Fallout 76 or the people that made this game it. This is just my assumption, but it just seems like a fun little Easter Egg you put this in here and then during the defense phase of the mission.

    Not only will normal Mothman spawn, but you’ll also get Mothman Hatchlings. It’s a fun little addition to the event and I guess ultimately more scrap.

    Because more Mothman and Hatchlings spawn more than usual. So you can get all that kind of scrap. Digging a little deeper, I did find someone who claims that apparently a clone of NPC Aries will spawn in the northern part of town. I unfortunately did not have enough perfect Mothman eggs to test this theory out.

    Sometimes we just got to have a little of fun with the game, but after looking at the Fallout wiki, my theory is this is just an Easter Egg. That they let this font suitable for a mechanic that was delete from the original event.

    Originally in the event, apparently we were supposed to light candles and also pick up Mothman eggs and put them in this font. Now I’m sure they scripted the font, and they just wanted to do it, anyway. So you know, take advantage of the perfect Mothman egg.

    4. Mothman Equinox NPC

    And now lastly, we move on to the host of our ritual, Clarence. Now this is the creepy spooky guy that basically talks to you in your mind while you’re doing the event. This was an amazing great pick, great effects, great put together. This is just amazing. I love hearing this.

    The first time I experienced this event, I just remember getting some kind of cold and afraid. Nonetheless, you can talk to him as much as possible and he will definitely have a lot to say.

    I’ll leave the meat of it up to you. You can talk to him and test your hypothesis during the conversation. But in the short of it, they come from a completely different Mothman Cult. And apparently there’s been some confusion and false prophets and different types of Mothman.

    “Do Not Mistake Us For The Dim Ones! Followers Of The Redyed Pretender” and if that sounds confusing at all, I would definitely recommend you go read those lore tomes that I was just talking about at the beginning of the passage.

    But great addition, I always like to see lore, and little bits added to the actual events. It gives them more meaning at the end of the day and helps them fit into this big world. That they’re trying to develop.

    “We Have Ventured From Our Place Of Study, The Lantern Far From Here During The Time Of the Equinox, Myself And A group Of Observers Make The Perilous Trip To The Wise One’s Homeland.” And then if we could take a second to talk about Wise Charles the Forwarned. I really don’t know what to make of this guy. Is it just a brain tumor or does he really have some kind of power?

    Because the more I kept hearing about him from Clarence is, I don’t know I was kind of getting sad about it. Because it starts to sound as like delusions of grandeur brought on by a brain tumor.

    “He Has Broken From Meager Form And His Vessel Has Become A Cup Overflowing With Vision.” But we’re talking about Fallout 76. So this could be a real supernatural thing. You can click on him much and he has an unexpected amount a voice dialogue. And I’m hoping eventually we get to more of a storyline about these Mothman Cultists.

    I’m fascinated by this event and I hope you are too.

  • Fallout 76: Do You know All About These Special Power Armors?

    Posted: May 20, 2024

    I hope you’re having a fantastic day today. I’m going to be talking about those special Power Armor now. What I said only represents my personal thoughts.

    Purchasing more Fallout 76 Bottle Caps in the game can double your armor power.

    Let’s get into it here.

    Before we start talking about Power Armors, I just want to say that the best effect on Power Armor is definitely Overeaters. You cannot get Unyielding on Power Armor and Overeaters is definitely the way to go if you want to be more tanky.

    The Reason Why I Chose X-01

    Aristocrats and Bolstering, even Vanguards aren’t too bad. But Overeaters is the clear winner. Now for T-45, T-51,T-60 and Raider Power Armor. These are pretty much like the low tier Power Armors. T-60 is like a beefed up T-45. Raider is probably the worst one if I had to pick. The T-51 is actually horrible for radiation. It’s good for ballistic but horrible for radiation. And T-45 is probably best for beginners considering the level you can get it at.

    Now a good decent Power Armor is X-01 I think.

    This is one of the better ones that you can get at the beginning. Especially if you can get this Power Armor for free and I think it looks pretty snazzy. I’ve always liked X-01 myself. You can get a free set of the plans for it from Whitespring Bunker.

    How Can Players Use X-01?

    Now you will have to be a general in order to have access to this. I do highly recommend you do this if you haven’t and from the service entrance.

    And you, like I said, you won’t be able to go into here until you’ve become a General. It’s really not that hard. It just might take you a little. There is a guide on it and once you’re able to come up here click on the schematic and then Prototype Power Armor schematics. And then it’ll basically give you the plans for the X-01 and then you can build one at your leisure. Just want to say the X-01 is best for Energy Resistance.

    But if you have Electric Absorption on, like you really don’t have to worry about energy damage. I should say it’ll pretty much just keep your fusion core is full is what I was going to say.

    The Use Of Excavator

    Another great beginner Power Armor is Excavator, now you can get this one at a fairly early level. I wouldn’t suggest doing the quest until you’re level 25. Because you can’t craft it. But you’re just going to come over here to Garrahan Mining Headquarters, like I said at level 25preferably.

    And then you can just come up to this sign and it will start the quest for Excavator for you. And the good thing about Excavator is that the 3 plus Mining Yield when left and right arms are used in tandem. So if you have the left and the right arm on, I don’t think you need a full set. Maybe you do actually just make sure you have the full set of Excavator on. If you are going to go collect some Lead ore is probably the best example for ammo.

    It does work with every other ore except Ultracite. You will get a lot more collecting it with Excavator. Excluding Ultracite,the ore.

    Disadvantages Of Ultrasite Power Armor

    Ultrasite Power Armor, which is a kind of the opposite to X-01, where it’s more for ballistic Resistance. But this just isn’t the best Power Armor in my opinion. Will it get the job done? It definitely will, but you’re going to need Ultracite to craft it. You’re going to need Ultracite to repair it and you’re going to need Ultracitefor the mods.

    And I just want to say there are better Power Armors. I would go with X-01 or Excavator as a beginner until you can get some of the later Power Armors that I’m about to talk about.

    Hellcat Power Armor Advantages

    Including Hellcat, awesome Power Armor depending how you look at it. This could be one of the best Power Armors in the game. Compiled with Electric Absorption because the ballistic Resistance on this thing is awesome. It minus 2% damage from Ballistic weapons. Now keep in mind, this adds up over five pieces or six pieces, actually.

    To give you 12% damage reduction from Ballistic weapons, so regular ballistic weapons are really not going to do too much to you. You’re going to have so much time to stimpak and that’s even if a bunch of super mutants are shooting at you. And like I said, combined with Electric Absorption, you got the best of both worlds.

    Now to get Hellcat, you will have to do a quest at Fort Atlas with the Brotherhood.You will get a Hellcat at the end of it.

    The Usage Of Strangler Power Armor

    Strangler Power Armor. And the thing about Strangler heart is just a little to craft it like it’s going to cost you some bullion like T-65 does, but you also are going to need Vault scrap steel. I think it is as well to craft it and this Power Armor just isn’t as good as it used to be after Nerf. It’s still pretty good. It still gets the job done, and it’s definitely one of the better looking Power Armors for sure.

    I wouldn’t be putting on any skins over this or anything when I’m making it. It just looks great and you don’t see a lot of people with it. So if you did want to make this Power Armor. It’s definitely a decent one, but there are better ones.

    Now my pick for the two best Power Armors is probably T-65 and the Union even Hellcat. But T-65 and Union are just amazing Power Armors. T-65 is has the highest damage Resistances, and it’s just literally a tank.

    It’s very easy to get. Just need to save up some bullion. It’s very similar to Secret Service as and you just get it with bullion and you follow the main quest to unlock it. And it’s just a tank like this Behemoth could do nothing to me. He actually stopped hitting me after a while, probably realized he couldn’t do anything to me.

    I’ve used T-65 for a while, absolutely. Love it and like I said, you just do the main quest involving Crater and Foundation. It’ll eventually bring you over here to talk to Regs and you will be able to buy the plan with Gold bullion.

    Union Power Armor

    Now, Union Power Armor. This is definitely one of the best Power Armors in the game. I use this one and T-65 it’s just pretty much what I have on me at the time. But the good thing about the Union Power Armor is it has a Poison Resistance and a plus 75 carry weight. That’s what makes it so good as those two unique benefits to having a full set are just amazing. Now, you can usually get Union Power Armor at Whitespring Refuge by using stand to purchase it from Jessup here.

    But unfortunately it is not available to get which I’m sorry to tell you. We need to wait till the upcoming update in June. I think we will be able to get it so hopefully. I wish you could. It really needs to be fixed. Now if you’ve already purchased the plans for um Union Power Armor and you can’t craft it for some reason.

    You see how it says Toggle on lockable at the button. Toggle unlockable and then you should be able to craft Union Power Armor and again just to show like it’s mostly used for people. I would say that are worried about Poison Resistance probably for lower Health Power Armor builds, but it definitely helps against Poison Resistance.

    So if you wanted to use T-65, that might be the best answer for you. That’s my opinion on all Power Armors everybody.

    I hope it helps you maybe pick a Power Armor that you want to use.

  • Fallout 76: A Legendary Weapon That Low-Health Builds Must Not Miss! - Railway Rifle

    Posted: May 18, 2024

    Here I want to talk about Railway Rifle, which is one of the best weapons in the game if it is set up properly.

    Railway Rifle is a home-made steel stake launcher that is loved by many Fallout 76 players. It has high single-shot damage values ​​in both semi-auto or full-auto shooting modes, is incredibly ammo efficient, and is very easy to make.

    This is undoubtedly one of the best weapons in Fallout 76, especially for VATS Commando builds. If you want to buy a Railway Rifle for yourself, here are some places to find it.

    How To Find Railway Rifle?

    Imagine taking a solid block of steel and shooting it at someone’s head. That’s what Railway Rifle is all about. It uses the power of a steam engine to fire solid steel bolts at whatever you want to destroy.

    It makes a cool gurgling sound when you reload. You can find plans to make them starting at level 30 in the southern and eastern parts of the map. But you can also buy plans directly from vendors, including Free States and Shopping Mall Vendors at Whitespring Resort. Additionally, Grahm, a super mutant merchant, and vendors in Watoga, as well as Berkeley Springs Station, also sell these plans.

    Why It’s Good?

    By default, Rifle does 95 base damage per shot. That’s more than Hunting Rifle’s 70 base damage. It also has a very high recoil, so at first glance, it looks like a classic sniper that hits hard but shoots slowly.

    But if you look closely, you’ll see that it only costs 20 Action Points to shoot in VATS, which is less than VATS cost of most snipers. Adding Automatic Piston mod also halves Action Point cost and increases the rate of fire to 75, which is comparable to Handmade Rifle.

    One of the great things about the game is that weapons that hit hard tend to shoot slowly and require a lot of Action Points in VATS. You should use them as precision weapons. On the other hand, fast-firing weapons deal fewer damage per shot, and Machine Guns require a lot of AP in VATS. So you should rely on the rate of fire to take out enemies.

    But Railway Rifle breaks all stereotypes. It does a lot of damage, but it also fires very quickly and is also cheap in VATS. The only downside is the ridiculously high recoil. This makes the automatic Railway Rifle unique.

    How To Use It Properly?

    Railway Rifle almost looks like it was designed specifically for VATS. And that’s exactly how you should use it, because VATS can counteract the recoil.

    It doesn’t have a lot of mods. As I mentioned before, Automatic Piston Receiver increases the rate of fire and reduces the cost in VATS. Outside of VATS, the extra rate of fire will be useless because of the recoil, but when you add the mod, it also reduces AP cost. So it’s a simple choice to go with Automatic Piston.

    Long Barrel gives you more range and accuracy, but at the cost of more recoil. But as we mentioned before, VATS counteracts recoil, so you’ll want Long Barrel as well.

    Also, Longer Scope will make you more accurate, which is very handy, but opting for Reflex Sight will reduce AP cost to 7 per shot. If you have plenty of Perception, then Reflex Sight might be the better choice. Players with low health and a full Unyielding set will be particularly suited to using it.

    Extra Perception will let you hit more in VATS, extra AP means you can shoot more, and extra Luck means more crits.

    But unlike most Rifles, it doesn’t have Armor Penetrating Magazines, so make sure to use Tank Killer to give yourself some ways around armor, and use Critical Savvy perk card to get as many crits as possible.

    There’s no weight saving perks under Perception so you should also be free to use Commando perks for more damage.

    If you don’t have Speed ​​Demon mutation, Ground and Pound should help you reload faster. But if you have mutations, you can replace it with other perks, since reloading is only a little faster and the hip fire accuracy bonus isn’t very useful for Railway Rifle.

    Best Legendary Effects

    As always, which Legendary Effect is best comes down to personal preference, but I’ll give some of my thoughts.

    Since Railway Rifle has a small magazine, with only 10 spikes. This makes Quad effect more useful than other weapon types.

    Anti Armor is also particularly useful, since Rifle doesn’t have an Anti Armor magazine, halving an enemy’s armor makes a noticeable difference. Combine it with Tank Killer and you can reduce armor by nearly 70%, compared to 36% with just Tank Killer.

    Against bosses, you still need Quad effect for a more sustained shot, but Anti Armor does significantly more damage per shot, so it works better in normal play. But both are great as endgame gear.

    For the second star, Explosive effects are always good for marking, but the 25% faster fire rate against bosses will actually give you more damage, especially if you land more critical hits at low health.

    VATS Enhanced is the obvious choice for the last star. Reducing VATS action cost by 25% doesn’t seem like much, but this discount is based on the base AP cost, so the action point cost per shot is fixed at -5.

    With Automatic Piston and Reflex Sight, it costs 7 AP per shot, which is still low, but with the reduced VATS cost, it only costs 2 AP per shot, which is ridiculous.

    It pairs well with any other combination of Legendary Effects, but pairs particularly well with Quad. Therefore, the ideal combination is Quad, Faster Fire, and VATS Enhanced.

    I got 492 AP with my low health character, which is more than enough to throw multiple magazines at a boss without running out of AP.


    All in all, Railway Rifle is a very specialized weapon. For anyone using VATS, especially with a low health build, this is one of the best weapons you can get. It hits hard, shoots fast, and has a very low VATS cost. Once you use an excellent weapon, you’ll understand why it has remained popular with players for so many years. Give it a try!

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