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Fallout 76: Challenge Score And Atomic Shop Big Update!

Posted: May 24, 2024

Hopefully, you’re having a wonderful day out there in the Wasteland, friends. I’ll tell you about some updates in Atomic store. But in fact, it is not as we imagined.

Honestly, you can also invest in Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, which will allow you to get a lot of what you want in the game.

Let’s get started.

Fallout 76: Challenge Score And Atomic Shop Big Update!

Did You Notice This Update To The Challenge Score?

As you know, we covered about Caps of Plenty event going on this weekend. But friends, if you look at your challenges and then go to Daily, doesn’t that kind of look like there’s a bit of a double score event or something like that going on? Because right now, I knew nothing about this.

But things have changed because now everything has increased. So it’s not just a Fallout 76 first thing or anything like that. So make sure you are getting into do your daily score challenges because it seems that everyone has a boost. At least for a Thursday, but maybe this entire weekend while Caps of Plenty event is going on.

We are going to be getting more score for the dailies. It does not affect the weekly but look I am absolutely excited to have some more score. Especially for those Vault dwellers that have not finished up the new scoreboards yet. And for those of us who have reached the 100 rank but want to continue on gaining some more tickets.

Big Update About Atomic Shop In Fallout 76

Atomic Shop Update

But let’s draw some attention to Atomic Shop update for today. It’s Free States Defense Bundle. It is 20% off, normally 1,500 but you pick it up for 1,200 Atoms. You get Free States Perimeter Wall Suite, the free states paint for the double-barrel shotgun, free states paint for the 10 mm, which actually looks really cool. It actually looks good. I love every item after the update.

Railroad water tower, free states Gauss minigun paint, free states resistance paint, free states combat knife skin, free states Screaming Eagle skin for the handmade. That is one of the biggest ones that everyone really wants free States Guard Post as well.

But this one is right here, and it’s back for 1200 Atoms. This really surprised me. There are a lot of Paints in there and there are a lot of there for me. Although I do have all of this, I picked it up a long time ago. There is enough for me.

Now this Ant Farm that is showing right here. This is huge, and I bought it when it came out. Let’s see what’s in Pioneer Summer C.A.M.P. Bundle for 1,050 Atoms. You got Birdcage Lamp, a large bird nest display case, giant Ant Farm, budding apothecary, Dinner Bell and Pioneer Mr. Fuzzy plushie. I love plushies.

I’m going to be real with you. This thing is absolutely freaking huge. It is huge and that right there is Herbivores dream. It’s really great. I can’t believe there’s anything.

I don’t think it actually produces anything, but that is not the only one. We have a Season 2 Weapon Bundle for 800 Atoms. And it’s another one that everybody wants is that camo skin right there, but you get the Brickhouse Armor Ace paint for the pump-action shotgun, Tropic Lightning Camo skin for the handmade. Rust Bucket Hammer for the super sledge, but personally, for me.

Now, you may not like the free steak. But you know Paint Scheme, but for 400 extra items, you get a lot more paints inside of this. And you also get a handmade skin but again like while there’s a lot people love this Tropic handmade. So absolutely it’s great. That it’s back, so if you’ve been looking for it, make sure to pick it up and as we went through all of this on Tuesday.

Let’s make sure and just see what we got today. Vault-Tec is the free for the week. Today, he’s got a repair kit. Today is the 50% off the soft serve plasma caster paint. And of course, these are only good for 24 hours as far as the soft serve plasma caster paint and the free repair kit. It is time limited, so we must be quick. I know you’re starting to get excited about the event as much as I do.

What seems to be a double score event going on in the Wasteland? You can go there and get what you want. You all have a great day out.

The above are all the store updates I have compiled for you. I hope you will pay attention to the event time and make suitable arrangements. Of course, if you don’t want to be bothered by tasks, you can also play freely in the game. Just enjoy the game.


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