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Fallout 76: The 10 Worst Vaults You’ll Ever Visit Once And Never Want To Go Again

Posted: May 23, 2024

Posted: May 23, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Fallout 76 is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as a game thanks to a new TV series set in Fallout 76 series being aired on Amazon Prime. Immersed in the TV series and game characters, it’s easy to be so engrossed in exploring the wasteland that we forget there’s a sanctuary created by Vault-Tec. These vaults appear to be designed to protect people in the game from radiation, but in fact, the “safety” they call isn’t something that many inhabitants have access to.

Vault-Tec designed most of its vaults not to protect them, but to conduct horrific experiments on the inhabitants without their knowledge or consent. Things like Control Vault are relatively lucky, where inhabitants can survive without the interference of Vault-Tec. However, most of the inhabitants hidden in the vaults will become test subjects in cruel experiments.

Fallout 76: The 10 Worst Vaults You’ll Ever Visit Once And Never Want To Go Again

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10. Vault 81

Vault 81 is one of the strangest Vault-Tec experiments in Fallout 4, and the main reason for this is because the experiment that was supposed to take place in Vault 81 never happened. So when you first enter Vault 81, you will still see many active and healthy inhabitants, just like any other vault. But if Vault-Tec’s plans go as planned, the inhabitants living here will begin to get sick and the population will plummet.

This intended experiment in Vault 81 easily makes it one of the most uninhabitable vaults. It may be peaceful when you first enter, but once the experiment begins, there’s no escape. Vault-Tec’s original intention was to use it to create a universal cure that could cure diseases, but the premise was that the inhabitants living here needed to be constantly exposed to the disease first, and then treated before the disease could repeat the process, which was not scientific enough. However, the Overseer assigned to the vaults did not perform this experiment.

9. Vault 77

Vault 77 appears in Fallout 3 and is where numerous social experiments are conducted. The refuge began as a home for a man and a group of puppets, whose mental state gradually deteriorated as he had the puppets as his only source of socialization for many years. The story about him also became a legend, causing the subordinate trader to take a detour.

Additionally, the odds of ending up as an inhabitant in this vault are very low, as there is only one man living in Vault 77. Therefore, it doesn’t rank high on the list.

8. Vault 92

Vault 92 is one of Vault-Tec’s many dark experiments in Fallout 3. On the surface, Vault-Tec promises that Vault 92 will be a home for musicians, where they will be locked inside but can continue to work together. In fact, the purpose of Vault-Tec is to add white noise so that the inhabitants living here can’t stand it until they become violent.

As more musicians enter the vault, more and more white noise is generated. Eventually, one inhabitant became violent, killing three other inhabitants until he was restrained. But Overseer in the vault did not give up. Instead, he decided to increase the volume of white noise in the vault. Eventually, the inhabitants had enough, and their actions led to the collapse of Vault 92.

7. Vault 22

Vault 22 is the vault used by Vault-Tec for experiments in Fallout: New Vegas. Unlike many other vaults, this one actually has good intentions. Vault-Tec’s goal is to create a food source from fast-growing plants so that other plants can thrive as well. But Vault 22 encountered some problems, and he conducted an experiment aimed at controlling pests. Beauvaria Mordicana, a fictional fungus.

The spores of this fictional fungus infect pests and take over their bodies to spread to other pests. Eventually the spore infected humans, killing inhabitants and using their corpses to spread. Although on the surface this was an unpredictable variable during the experiment, evidence found later in the game showed that Vault-Tec knew in advance that humans would die as a result, but he continued the experiment regardless.

6. Vault 94

Vault 94 appears in this Fallout 76, and the fate of this vault is destined to end in death. The inhabitants who live here are peace-loving people who believe in the religion of non-violence.

Vault-Tec devised a plan to allow outsiders to attack Vault 94, even though Overseer revealed the experiment to them and asked them to arm themselves to protect themselves. But the inhabitants rejected Overseer’s advice and firmly believed in the pacifism they believed in.

Fallout 76 Vault 94

Finally, Vault 94 was indeed attacked by outsiders, and none of the inhabitants in Vault 94 were spared. While this is an unfortunate ending, it could also be the purpose of Overseer or Vault-Tec’s experiment.

Look at how some people who believe in pacifism respond to foreign invasion. While Overseers went against their duty and attempted to save the sanctuary, the inhabitants ignored their advice and ultimately met violent deaths.

5. Vault 106

Vault 106 also appeared in Fallout 3. This vault had undergone medical experiments provided by Vault-Tec, which included adding psychoactive drugs to the vault through ventilation ducts. Vault inhabitants are constantly exposed to these psychotropic drugs, which can lead to violence. Until now, the eventual fate of the inhabitants in this vault has not been known.

On the one hand, these psychotropic drugs can alleviate the pain of death for some inhabitants in the vault, because they do not know what is happening around them. On the other hand, it would be very bad if they didn’t die in this state.

4. Vault 108

Vault 108 also appeared in Fallout 3. This vault experiment can be said to be the most disturbing. The experiment began by putting some terminally ill inhabitants in charge of actual power. After their premature death, the power they controlled would expire after 20 years.

In addition, Vault-Tec provided three times the normal amount of supplies to their armory. In addition, Vault-Tec also provided Vault 108 with a cloning device to test what would happen if a person named Gary was cloned multiple times.

In fact, the last straw for Vault 108 was this cloning device. It clones Gary multiple times, and each Gary will have more violent tendencies than the previous Gary. He also hates inhabitants who are not Gary clones. In the end, the clone Gary used violence to kill all the inhabitants in the vault, causing tragedy.

3. Vault 111

Vault 111 exists in Fallout 4, and like most vaults, the inhabitants have no idea whether they are participating in the experiment. Here, Vault-Tec still wanted to study the long-term effects of cryogenic stagnation. Because the inhabitants didn’t know what was going on, the inhabitants were not very cooperative and even entered a stagnant state unwillingly. In fact, the vault was in a semi-abandoned state until a power outage, leaving only one inhabitant alive.

Fallout 76 Vault 11

In theory, the inhabitants in this vault are not the worst. They have not experienced pain or violence. But in fact, inhabitants cannot escape from the vault after a power outage. Their death is relatively quiet, but subjectively the last thing they want to experience.

2. Vault 11

Vault 111 and Vault 22 are both found in Fallout: New Vegas. It’s part of an experiment, but a sad one nonetheless. The inhabitants are told that they need to sacrifice one person every year, otherwise the entire refuge’s inhabitants will be wiped out.

On the other hand, if people decide not to sacrifice anyone, then the vault opens and they can leave. But inhabitants only know the first half and don’t know how to break the game. So they elect an Overseer every year and become that sacrifice at the end of the year.

One year, an Overseer changed the situation by allowing a random inhabitant to sacrifice, which led to an uprising of other inhabitants, causing numerous casualties. In the end, the last five remaining inhabitants chose not to sacrifice anyone, and the true nature of this vault was discovered.

1. Vault 112

Vault 112 is located in Fallout 3. The experimental purpose of this vault is to ensure the survival of inhabitants of the model. It seems like a perfect world, a paradise where inhabitants can live indefinitely. But when Overseer, a sadist, finally took full control of the model, things changed drastically.

Vault 112’s Overseer, who turned this model into a cruel world for his own entertainment. For example, he would torture the inhabitants in the vault repeatedly, causing them to die and be reborn. When Lone Wanderer found the vault, the inhabitants were still in dire straits. According to statistics, this vault has been running for more than 200 years. Even though it’s a game, it still makes Vault 112 the most uninhabitable vault.

The result is horrific reminders of how one company took advantage of people’s desire to live and instead tormented them in the world of Fallout.


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