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Fallout 76: How About This Unyielding Fully Healthy Stealth Sniper Build?

Posted: May 24, 2024

Welcome all players! I'm excited to show you the unyielding Full Health Stealth Sniper setup in Fallout 76, perfect for those who love staying hidden while dealing massive damage. This build is based on the Bloodied Stealth build and I'm going to make some changes to it. Without wasting time, let's dive in!

Fallout 76: How To Turn Bloodied Stealth Into Fully Healthy Stealth Sniper?

Perk Loadout

Let's head over to the Loadout changer and make some adjustments. Maintain a heavy focus on Perception, Agility, and Luck, while Strength remains rather lackluster, mainly occupied by Blocker, now upgraded to Level 3. With Blocker at Level 3, I'm mitigating 45% of damage from enemy melee attacks.

In Perception, I recommend keeping all the Commando, Master Commando, and Expert Commando cards, fully leveled up. I've received feedback that having all 3 may be overkill, but for now, I haven't found any superior alternatives to slot in.

Concentrated remains in place, as the VATS usage is still heavy. Endurance is straightforward, with Fireproof taking center stage, now maxed out to 3. It can grant us a 45% reduction in damage from explosives and flame attacks.

Charisma holds little significance in this build. You can get Inspirational, Travel Agent, and Tenderizer there. Intelligence still houses Nerd Rage. Scrapper and First Aid round off the category, just in case.

Agility sees Action Girl fully upgraded, alongside Covert Operative and Escape Artist - essential for sneaking around unnoticed. Gun Fu remains a staple for the VATS build, and introduced Dodgy - sacrificing 30 action points per hit to avoid 30% of incoming damage.

Lastly, I've retained 15 points in Luck, although some astute observers pointed out that my Unyielding armor already boosts my Luck significantly. I hadn't considered that. Luck now boasts Better Criticals, Class Freak, Starched Genes, Critical Savvy, Psychopath, and fully upgraded Serendipity, which promises to be a game-changer.

Armor Setup

The armor setup for this build is already near perfection. With mostly unyielding armor, I gain all the buffs I need to excel in combat. Now, the focus shifts to fine-tuning the Fallout 76 Items. While I haven't fully committed to either a bloodied or non-bloodied approach, I'll hold onto the bloodied gun and craft a fresh fixer to explore both options.

Crafting a Level 50 Fixer, I opt for an automatic receiver and a stabilized Long barrel to enhance accuracy and control. The magazine remains unchanged, but a playful touch with a Poker paint job adds personality. Now, onto the thrilling part – rolling legendary effects.

After a couple of attempts, I stumble upon a combination that catches my eye. With a whopping plus 300% ammo capacity and a significant damage boost while aiming, it's an exciting pick. Adding to the allure, I gain substantial damage resistance and enhanced sneaking capabilities, making it an all-around powerhouse. With 40% armor penetration thrown into the mix.

Build Testing

Armed with this newly minted fixer, I'm eager to put it to the test in the field. The prospect of maximizing its potential in combat fills me with anticipation. Let's put the build to the test in action. We'll head to Morgantown Airport, and run the exact same route with this full health loadout.

I recommend using Berry Mentats so that you can spot enemies easily, which is especially crucial now that to keep the distance. With enemies glowing in pink, thanks to the Berry Mentats, use V.A.T.S. to target heads only and press X before squeezing the trigger.

Now, let's head to West Tek research center and face some tougher enemies – the super mutants. These mutants are incredibly vigilant, so staying stealthy here is quite challenging. With this build, it's going surprisingly well.

It's crucial to remember that each build is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I encourage fellow adventurers to experiment, tweak, and discover their optimal setups through trial and error.


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