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Fallout 76: These Five Crucial Things Will Increase Your Ability

Posted: May 25, 2024

Posted: May 25, 2024

Source:  IGGM

We’re going to do five things every Fallout player should know about. Some tips for new players and some seasoned people.

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Fallout 76: These Five Crucial Things Will Increase Your Ability

1. Workbench Repair

Now, the first one I want to talk about and the most important is Workbench Repair. I go over because it seems to be the one that gets overlooked quite a bit for new players, especially. This is going to save you real money and do not spend money buying repair kits.

It kind of gets overlooked because it is hidden at the bottom Workbench Repair. Yes, you can repair your guns if you just go scrap and then get the items necessary for each gun. Do not buy repair kits, I mean you can earn them at Atomic Shop.

They like to give them to you for free sometimes as rewards. But make sure you are just getting scrap to repair your guns and if you do not have enough items, you can get them in the world.

Just by going and getting junk, you can do this with your guns and your armor. It is available for everything you need. And if you do not have the available stuff, you can toggle it. So it will show up with a magnifying glass so when you’re out and about in the world.

It will put a magnifying glass next to items and it’ll alert you. You need this to repair your items. So I need adhesive. This tells me when I’m out to keep a lookout for like duct tape things like that glue.

Make sure you’re always aware of that it might just take a little time to go out.

2. Bundling Junk

Let’s talk about the opposite now. If you have so much junk that you don’t know what to do with it and you need some extra or caps. If you look at your junk, you notice that most of it doesn’t sell for really anything. No value whatsoever. But you just are sitting on a bunch of it. What do you do with it ?

If you go over to your Tinker bench, and you bulk it up and make bundles of it. You need to scroll down to bulk and say you have a ton of bulk oil. You will see that it now has a value and you can take it to a vendor. And you can then sell it. So that is an easy way to turn around and make some extra caps at a vendor.

3. Crouch Killing

Next up, crouching in combat. Now this is going to be great for new players especially. But crouching in combat helps to stabilize when you’re aiming and makes you a lot harder to hit and it gives you a little of a boost in damage.

And it gives you a nice little handy thing at the top of your screen. It lets you know if to be cautious it and you’re detected. Or let you know if you’re out of their range. And if they don’t know if you’re there or not. I also run a perk that lets me cloak for a little. So overall, it’s a great little thing to do, especially to help you stabilize your aim.

4. Photomode Trick

If you haven’t already changed your drop bag over or if you lose your bag sometime. You need to be something a little more noticeable. This is something you should definitely try out.

This is also great if you have killed a bunch of enemies. First, there are a lot of grassy areas on the map. Second, if you hit M and you go into photo mode with T. If you zoom out, you can easily find your drop bag. You can find the bodies that you’ve killed. Finally, if you move your field of view, out all the way with the slider.

You can see everything you can find your drop bag. That little brown bag gets easily lost. Skull and Crossbones is not very accurate. You can find the bodies that have dropped everywhere and find your drop bag. It’s a great way to find your missing objects. So you can use that and turn your depth of field off.

5. Posters

Something I find important that some new players might not know about. I know a lot of season players will have picked up on this. But this board right here is covered in not just decoration but posters. So new players, these are important because posters give us missions. They’re not just nice posters to hang on the wall.

Click on these if you see these out and about in the world. They will reward you with some new side missions. Most of these are interesting little things we can pick up now.

And Vault one next to this on this board is really cool. I highly recommend this one.

Lastly, we’re going to be going over Atomic Shop.

Now most people think this is pretty straightforward. This is just where you buy things. But there are some hidden things in here that people are not aware of. We’re going to be talking about the icons section. So a lot of times we unlock things that they give us for free and people are not aware that this is actually where we change our icons as well.

So if you own it, just go in Atomic Shop. And if you do not like the icon that you have on currently,you can also go in the icon section and change it. If you own it in here, but if you don’t like what you have equipped because you just unlocked it. Because it’s what you have on as default, this Atomic shop where you can change it. Same with Emotes, if you own it you can change your Emote wheel in here.

So if you don’t like what you have equipped, you can go in here and change that as well. This is also where you can change your bag if you die to be something more noticeable. So you do not lose it like I previously talked about. You can have it to be your both your drop bag and your death bag. Or you can have it one or the other.

So I highly recommend doing that so it’s a little easier to find or you can use my trick if you would like.

But I recommend doing something a little more noticeable so you do not lose it. And another piece of advice I would like to say is to make sure you are always looking through all of these categories here. To make sure that they did not break down the bundles if you’re tempted to buy one of the bundles for an individual item.

Because a lot of the times actually, they will piece out the items for individual sale from the bundles. But they’re kind of hidden down in here. And a lot of people don’t realize it and will just settle for one of the bundles.

And they’re kind of hidden down here pretty far because people don’t want to spend the time to look way down here. So and they’ll be pretty cheap too, like a hundred points just for an item instead of 1100 to 1200. Make sure you’re spending the time to find if you’re really tempted to buy a bundle for just one or two items.

These are five things I hope you’ll notice in the game. This will give you a closer look at Fallout 76. Hope you enjoy it.


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