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Fallout 76: Let’s Dig Into The Unknown Of Mothman Equinox

Posted: May 22, 2024

We’re taking a look at Mothman Equinox event in Fallout 76. Now I didn’t think I needed to do a walkthrough because the event itself just tells you what to do. But now I think about the fun here and the mystery of it. It’s hidden in the mist of it all.

But today I’m here to be an observer and I hope to Enlighten you on Mothman Equinox. Let’s discover the secrets of Mothman Equinox together.

A substantial investment in Fallout 76 Bottle Caps can make this event even more enjoyable.

Let’s Dig Into The Unknown Of Mothman Equinox

1. Mothman Equinox Event

This event has a lot more to it than meets the eye, in my opinion. It has lore. It has a Secret Easter Egg. And ultimately it gives us a pretty good difference between Mothman Cultist that attack us in the game and then these Mothman Cultists. Apparently there’s a bit of Tom Foolery going on with Mothman, but let’s get into it.

2. Mothman Lore Books

Moving into our first point of interest, we have to talk about Mothman Tomes. Now I’d be lying if I said I noticed these on my first time doing Mothman Equinox, but as you start getting used to the event, doing it over and over again. You start to notice your surroundings more. There are six Mothmen lore Tomes, each one is written from a different perspective of a prophet in Mothman Cult.

This specific Mothman Cult. The catch here is you unlock each Tome with each event completion. And each tome needs a specific amount of event completion. Thankfully, our friends over at Fallout wiki have already done the work. No spoilers here, but they were pretty interesting to read, especially that last one.

And I can’t recommend it enough if you love Mothman lore in this game. And overall it was really nice to find these, you usually don’t get this kind of addition at a public event.

It’s nice to know that they’re thinking about the lore and this also gives you something to do when the event is down. So if you haven’t checked these out yet or you didn’t know they existed like me at first. Maybe you should go see how many event completions you need and do some reading. It can’t hurt up.

3. How To Use The Prefect Mothman Egg?

Next is what I think you would call a secret. Or in my terms I’d call it an Easter Egg. With a capital E on the egg, now one of the biggest questions any person would probably have if they really dive into this public event is what do I do with the perfect Mothman egg. This is a specific Mothman egg that can be received 5% of the time when you open a High Priest Cultist pack. And one of the biggest questions: what do you do with this thing, what is this?

It does degrade like normal food and when you take it to a cooking station, you can’t cook it like any other kind of normal Mothman egg. And I’m happy to say it is much more interesting than that. Now again, this is an Easter Egg. So it's just a small little detail but a cute one. You can take that perfect Mothman egg head into Point Pleasant during Mothman event.

And in many cases, there’s a font of Mothman eggs right behind the statue in town. And only during Mothman Event does it have a prompt, in many cases you can click on it and it’ll say you don’t have the requirements. But if you have a perfect Mothman egg, and then it will take it away.

I’m not developer. I don’t talk to people in Fallout 76 or the people that made this game it. This is just my assumption, but it just seems like a fun little Easter Egg you put this in here and then during the defense phase of the mission.

Not only will normal Mothman spawn, but you’ll also get Mothman Hatchlings. It’s a fun little addition to the event and I guess ultimately more scrap.

Because more Mothman and Hatchlings spawn more than usual. So you can get all that kind of scrap. Digging a little deeper, I did find someone who claims that apparently a clone of NPC Aries will spawn in the northern part of town. I unfortunately did not have enough perfect Mothman eggs to test this theory out.

Sometimes we just got to have a little of fun with the game, but after looking at the Fallout wiki, my theory is this is just an Easter Egg. That they let this font suitable for a mechanic that was delete from the original event.

Originally in the event, apparently we were supposed to light candles and also pick up Mothman eggs and put them in this font. Now I’m sure they scripted the font, and they just wanted to do it, anyway. So you know, take advantage of the perfect Mothman egg.

4. Mothman Equinox NPC

And now lastly, we move on to the host of our ritual, Clarence. Now this is the creepy spooky guy that basically talks to you in your mind while you’re doing the event. This was an amazing great pick, great effects, great put together. This is just amazing. I love hearing this.

The first time I experienced this event, I just remember getting some kind of cold and afraid. Nonetheless, you can talk to him as much as possible and he will definitely have a lot to say.

I’ll leave the meat of it up to you. You can talk to him and test your hypothesis during the conversation. But in the short of it, they come from a completely different Mothman Cult. And apparently there’s been some confusion and false prophets and different types of Mothman.

“Do Not Mistake Us For The Dim Ones! Followers Of The Redyed Pretender” and if that sounds confusing at all, I would definitely recommend you go read those lore tomes that I was just talking about at the beginning of the passage.

But great addition, I always like to see lore, and little bits added to the actual events. It gives them more meaning at the end of the day and helps them fit into this big world. That they’re trying to develop.

“We Have Ventured From Our Place Of Study, The Lantern Far From Here During The Time Of the Equinox, Myself And A group Of Observers Make The Perilous Trip To The Wise One’s Homeland.” And then if we could take a second to talk about Wise Charles the Forwarned. I really don’t know what to make of this guy. Is it just a brain tumor or does he really have some kind of power?

Because the more I kept hearing about him from Clarence is, I don’t know I was kind of getting sad about it. Because it starts to sound as like delusions of grandeur brought on by a brain tumor.

“He Has Broken From Meager Form And His Vessel Has Become A Cup Overflowing With Vision.” But we’re talking about Fallout 76. So this could be a real supernatural thing. You can click on him much and he has an unexpected amount a voice dialogue. And I’m hoping eventually we get to more of a storyline about these Mothman Cultists.

I’m fascinated by this event and I hope you are too.


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