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Fallout 76: These 10 Top Strength Perk Cards You Definitely Deserve!

Posted: May 22, 2024

While Fallout 76’s skill and perk system differs from many of its series, SPECIAL stats are still there. Each of these initials represents a different stat, with S for Strength as an example.

As we all know, Strength stat in Fallout 76 affects the number of Fallout 76 items you can carry and the damage of your melee attacks. There are 32 Strength Perk Cards in the game. While some cards are only suitable for specific builds, most are universally applicable. Here, we’ll talk about the 10 best Strength Perk Cards. Let’s get started!

Fallout 76: These 10 Top Strength Perk Cards You Definitely Deserve!

10. Master/Expert/Damage Buffs

These damage-enhancing perk cards include Shotguns, Melee Weapons, and Heavy Weapons, and if your build revolves around using any of these, each of these cards will be crucial.

While you may not always need to fully max out this bonus, which takes up nine perk points from your Strength, you will almost certainly use a fair share of them.

These perk cards may not be fancy or particularly exciting, but they will make your weapons incredibly effective.

9. Blocker

Blocker is one of the rare perk cards in Fallout 76 that has universal appeal. Most combat situations in Fallout 76 will involve someone or something trying to beat you to death with some kind of melee attack. Blocker reduces melee damage by 45%, halving the effectiveness of all enemies who attempt to melee you.

This is one of the best perk cards in the game and will greatly improve your survivability, especially when fighting large groups of ghouls or other melee-focused monsters.

8. Incisor

The inverse of what Blocker does, Incisor at its highest level, ensures that your melee and unarmed attacks ignore 75% of your target’s armor.

While this won’t necessarily increase the damage you deal by 75%, it will still greatly enhance your melee attacks, especially against some of the toughest enemies who are usually heavily armored.

7. Martial Artist

The highest rank of Martial Artist will reduce the weight of melee weapons by 60% and help you swing them 30% faster. This is actually a damage buff if you’re looking at your damage from damage per second perspective, as it essentially increases your rate of fire.

This is another perk card that will be included in quite a few different melee focused builds, primarily for the added damage effect. That being said, there are some real conveniences in terms of reducing the weight of your weapons, especially if you happen to carry a few different weapons with you.

6. Pack Rat

Everyone has been in that situation where they wanted to pick something up, but they picked up too much junk along the way, and now they have to make a decision.

Pack Rat will ensure that the decision doesn’t have to take too long anymore. This is an essential perk if you have a problem picking up something that you’re probably definitely going to need, eventually.

5. Lock And Load

Lock and Load is a very handy perk card for those who use Heavy Weapons, increasing the reload speed of Heavy Weapons by 30%. Note that Lock And Load is not one of those absolutely necessary perk cards, but sometimes having it can make a vast difference to your quality of life.

While it may not be necessary for some weapons, other weapons take a long time to reload and this will make them more pleasant to use.

4. Traveling Pharmacy

This is another non-essential but very handy perk that reduces the carry weight of all Chems by 90%. There is a backpack mod that has the exact same effect, and if you are looking for extra Strength perk points, you can save on this perk by equipping that mod.

However, if you have other things you want to put in your backpack, this can make a surprising difference, especially if you use a lot of different Chems.

3. Ordnance Express

For anyone who likes to turn one thing into a lot of small things, Ordnance Express will be a big help. This perk card will reduce the carry weight of Explosives by 90% at max level, which will give you a ton of extra inventory space for other items.

Or, if you prefer, it will give you a ton of inventory space for more Explosives.

2. Bear Arms

As one of the higher quality perk cards in the game, Bear Arms is a godsend for those using Heavy Weapons. Bear Arms make them significantly less heavy, reducing their weight by 90%.

If you use multiple Heavy Weapons, this will make an exponential difference and give you more inventory space for other items.

1. Iron Fist

If you use an Unarmed Melee build, Iron Fist can play a key role, increasing the damage of punching attacks. For most players, this perk card isn’t worth a second look given the extremely specific attack type it enhances.

However, for those with a very interesting Unarmed Melee build, Iron Fist can really change your gameplay.

The above are the 10 top Strength Perk Cards that you absolutely cannot miss in Fallout 76. Owning them will greatly improve your quality of life and get a better gaming experience!


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