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Fallout 76: How To Obtain And Use Pepper Shaker To Accomplish Your Goals?

Posted: May 27, 2024

Hopefully, you’re having a great and wonderful day out there in the Wasteland in Fallout 76. We’re going to be going over a full health Pepper Shaker build. I find this weapon to be so much fun to use out there in Wastelands of Appalachia. We’ll talk about everything around the Pepper Shaker.

Fallout 76: How To Obtain And Use Pepper Shaker To Accomplish Your Goals?

How To Get The Plan For Pepper Shaker?

Now, the plan for Pepper Shaker can come from two different locations. It can either be earned from Event Grahm's Meat-cook or it can be found in a players vendor or you can use Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to gain it.

What To Do After Meat Week Ends To Get Pepper Shaker?

Now maybe you’re watching this passage after meat week. And you weren’t able to have RNG luck to get it as an event reward. And you weren’t able to find it at a player’s vendor for a decent price.

I want you to know that the weapon itself, as long as it doesn’t have any mods on it, is tradeable. So another player can craft you up some Pepper Shakers and you can roll on them and then earn the mods for yourself.

How Do I Get Mods For Pepper Shaker? Where Do I Go?

And now speaking of mods for Pepper Shaker. There are three locations in Appalachia that you can pick these mods up from and they are all gold Bullion Vendors.

The first location is Crater with Raiders. Now you do have to be allies with Raiders for this plan to show up in Mortimer’s inventory, but remember, you also have to beat Wastelander DLC for Mortimer to show up.

And the next location is the foundation of these Settlers. And you have to be an ally with the Settlers for the plan, the mods and Pepper Shaker, to show up in their inventory with Samuel in the back of foundation. Now grinding out the reputation of Settlers and Raiders will take you some time.

But if you need some help with this, we did an ultimate guide for Settler and Raider's reputation with Duchess Flame.

The Third location is over at Vault 79 with Regs. And once you are done with Wastelander DLC, you will be able to go trade with Regs for gold Bullion.

The Full Health Build For Pepper Shaker

And when I make a build, I like to make it something memorable which could be funny or an Ear Worm to a song. And if you know this Ear Worm that this build is named after your knees and back surely hurt, but here is what we’ve got set up right here.

Let me show you what those are. We are currently using taking one for the team where enemies take 40% more damage when they attack you if you are on a team. We’re using Luck, Agility, Intellect, Perception and Strength. But we’ve got our build.

Now one great thing is we’re going to be carrying around a bunch of everything. So we always max out our traveling Pharmacy but you see Pepper Shaker. It’s a heavy and a shotgun, so you can level up shotgunner with each of those perk cards.

And the heavy cards up to number two. That way you’re getting an extra 15% damage. And those are all going to work with each other because again it is a heavy weapon. And it is a shotgun just like this Skeet shooter.

In Perception, your shotguns have excellent accuracy and spread and of course, we just wanted to put some points into glow sight just in case we’re going up against a glowing enemy. We just want to do a little more 9 points into endurance, just to have Fireproof to take less damage from explosions and Flames attacks.

But here’s the thing a lot of these we don’t really need. We just have the points for them. There’ll be a Pin to nukes and dragon with a level 50 build on the cards that I suggest.

But we also have Lifegiver in here and Chem resistant just in case we ever want to take some Med-X. You know anything like that in Charisma? We have Inspirational Strange In Numbers because we are mutated Suppressors all the way maxed out to reduce your target damage output by 30% for two seconds after you attack and we attack a lot with Pepper Shaker.

Tenderizer, let your target receive 10% more damage for 10 seconds after you attack. And someone is sharing Strange In Numbers, but we can’t guarantee that someone’s going to share that. So we just pick that up for our mutations as long as others are mutated.

Then we have batteries included because on arm Pepper Shaker. We have the laser magazine so that turns it into an energy type weapon as well. But this means that energy ammo weighs 90% less than we are going to be using power armor for this build.

So in power armor, heavy guns gain excellent accuracy and ignore 45% armor. So that is why we are in power armor. We have stabilized, and it’s a heavy weapon and it’s a shotgun at the same exact time.

If you weren’t in power armor, I would suggest maybe any Armor Legendary Effect, but I enjoy quad. Then of course we just have Scrapper just to get a little more when we scrap weapons and armor. Then we have Gunsmith just so our gun breaks slower. But it’s again one of those things that we just put points in there just to have points in there for that.

Then in agility we have action boy. I like to have this because our action points regenerate 45% faster and with this we’re not going to be in a vat. So we’re not really going to be using a lot of AP except for running, but we did maximize our Adrenaline out so we can gain 10% per kill. That goes up to 60%.

That is 60% extra damage when you kill 6 enemies for 30 seconds. And every time you kill, the duration refreshes. And we like to carry around a lot of meat, especially because it’s meat week going on right now. So food and drinks way weight are reduced by 90% and because we’re not going to eat a lot.

Dodgy is my favorite. Now, you can shun 30% of incoming damage at the consume of 30 action points per hit. Actually, we’re not in vats that we’re not going to need it. So this is a great card to put on there in my personal opinion. Especially for a full health or a low health.

Then we have Class Freak and Starched Genes. Because we are mutated and you need those. Now remember, this is a heavy and a shotgun. So heavy guns gain a 12% stagger chance and a 12% chance on a limb.

Then we also put in a bloody mess maxed out 15% bonus damage means enemies may explode at a gory red pace. And of course we just maximize Ricochet, just to gain an 18% chance to deflect back some enemies ranged damage.

Now of course this is not PVP, but to me this is just a great build it’s a lot of fun. Now you’re not going to be one-shotting enemies out there in Wasteland. But it’s absolutely so much fun to use and I’m going to show you why.

Legendary Roll We Tested And The Mods

This is a great role for an Attached Pepper Shaker, a quad faster fire rate, faster reload, so the quad means our capacity on our magazine is going to be four times the original amount, so instead of 50 it is up to 200.

We are using a hex barrel, which gives us more barrels to shoot with and we’re also using laser magazine that way. We have that extra energy damage on top of the normal ballistic damage.

What The Build Can Do In Wasteland?

That’s the beauty of Pepper Shaker. You can either use it as a support weapon or as a damage dealing weapon. It can go against Behemoth. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to the legs, the arms, the head or anything like. We are putting out some damage even without having that adrenaline going.

One thing I like to do is go into a fight with the Scorch Beast with that one gun army on. Because that is going to help you with the wings, are the legs or the arms or anything.

On the enemies around Wasteland, if they survive long enough. We bring the Scorch Beast down to land that way whether we’re in a fight with a Scorch Beast queen or just a normal Scorch Beast, we can do more damage and take them out quicker on the ground.

And as we start stacking up that adrenaline in West Tek, you’ll see that the enemies start going out faster and faster against the level 100 super mutants. Pepper Shaker definitely puts on some work. So if you find yourself lucky enough to earn this as an event reward from Grahm’s meat cook.

You find the plan in a player vendor or if you have a friend craft you some Pepper Shakers. And you roll on them and then go earn the mods yourself. I think you should definitely try this build out.


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