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Fallout 76: Are These Rare Plans & Mods In Minerva’s Big Sale Worth Grabbing?

Posted: May 27, 2024

It’s Minerva’s Big Sale time again! Minerva is a traveling vendor in Appalachia, and she’ll bring you some great deals on rare plans you’ve been hoping for, but you might not have enough Gold Bullions to get at full price. So I hope you’ve been saving up, because it’s time to go YOLO and spend all your money.

Minerva will appear every Monday through Wednesday in one of three locations: Foundation, Crater, or Fort Atlas. This week she’ll most likely be in Foundation.

As usual, I’ll talk about the must-have plans first and the worst plans last. The sale starts on May 27th and ends on May 29th. Note that my server is on US Eastern Time, so for most of the world she’ll appear on the 27th or even the 28th. So you might as well check after the daily challenges reset on the 27th.

Fallout 76: Are These Rare Plans & Mods In Minerva’s Big Sale Worth Grabbing?

Secret Service Armor

If you’re one of the new players joining after Amazon series, this is Fallout 76 item you’ve been waiting for. All of the parts for Secret Service Armor are here, and the total price is about 3200 Gold Bullion (without the helmet).

One thing to note is that the helmet is purely cosmetic. You don’t get any protection or even any bonuses other than protection from the toxic air. The only reason to get it is if you want the set bonuses from legendary perks, but you can usually get that from five pieces of armor, so the helmet is completely redundant. Basically, my advice is to not get the helmet unless you have too much gold.

For Utility mod, either go for Deep Pocket, which you can get from Secret Service mod vendor, which is what I prefer, or Ultra Light mod, which you can get from Minerva in July.

For the chest, you should go for Buttressed mod and Jet Pack. You can only get Buttressed mod from Secret Service vendor in Vault 79 after completing Gold Vault quest. Jet Pack mod will be available on June 10th for 1500 gold.

Fallout 76: How to Get the Secret Service Armor?

Chemist’s Backpack Mod

Chemist’s Backpack Mod is very popular because it functions exactly like Level 3 Travelling Pharmacy perk. So if you lack perks under Strength, then this is an excellent choice. But of course the backpack does not work in Power Armor, so keep that in mind.

In my case, I use High Capacity Backpack Mod because I use all the weight-reducing perks, anyway. But if this mod is useful to you, make it a priority to get it.

Farmable Dirt Tiles

This plan is very useful if your camp is located in a place where there is not much available soil, because it allows you to farm anywhere.

So if you are one of those people who builds a camp on a cliff, looking down at the farmers scratching in the dirt below, then this is the right choice for you. You can get foundations and upper floors of various sizes to build with.

An added benefit is that placing your crops on top of a building protects them from spawning enemies. Unfortunately, you can’t place a Water Extractor on bricks. If that works, it would be amazing.

Gauss Minigun Mods

If you’re a fan of Carl Friedrich Gauss Minigun, then you’ll want to get Gunner Sights to improve your accuracy. This one has no downsides, so it’s a must-have.

There are also Tesla Capacitor and Tesla Dynamo mods for sale here. They’re fun because you get more energy damage and a larger magazine. Capacitor does the same total damage as Prime Receiver and gets a reload speed bonus. Dynamo does less damage and reloads slower, but it has the largest magazine.

I personally still prefer Prime Receiver, but Capacitor is a brilliant choice because you basically do the same damage and get a bonus. You can try both Prime Receiver and Capacitor and see which one you like better.

Fallout 76: Gauss Minigun Mods

War Glaive & Cattle Prod

For War Glaive, I actually don’t recommend this weapon, especially at this price. For melee users, it’s fun if you like Heavy Weapon because it has various elemental mods and the damage is pretty good. Generally, it plays like most other Heavy Weapons.

Cattle Prod gives you a one-shot medium-speed weapon with shock damage. Both are effective, but the new season in June will give you a similar weapon from the questline, so don’t waste your gold just yet.

Super Reactor

Super Reactor is a reskin of Fusion Reactor. They cost exactly the same and give you the same power, so there’s no benefit to buying this one.

I personally recommend getting Fusion Reactor instead. After level 30, you can find it at Free States vendor in Whitespring Resort. It’s a camp item that will cure you of diseases for free. But personally, I don’t think diseases are serious enough to worry about.

One might worry about what happens if a character gets Dysentery? It doesn’t really matter, because you’ll automatically heal after a while, so diseases aren’t something to worry about. But if you happen to care, Whitespring has a free disease cure that anyone can use.

From here, head towards Gazebo. Go all the way to Gazebo. Inside you’ll find a water dispenser. It looks like the other ones, but this one cures diseases. Collecting water does not cure diseases, only drinking it has that effect. Regardless, don’t waste your money on it.

That’s all the useful rare plans and mods you can get in this week’s Minerva’s Big Sale. Which items do you think are the most valuable or the worst? See you next time!


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